Here’s Why Men Cheat

Have you ever wondered why men cheat? Do you ever wonder the reasons why the men cheat on their wives and girlfriend? Even women cheat but the reasons for men and women cheating are completely different. Here are some of the reasons why men cheat.

1. Pregnancy – When a woman is pregnant especially when it reaches the third trimester, it becomes harder for her to participate in sex and may not be as flexible as she used to be. Sometimes the woman might be too tired to have sex and the man might look for it elsewhere.

2. Financial dependence – Men like to be on top of everything so when the woman is the breadwinner it makes the man feel “less”. Chances are they will find a woman who can depend on him for a little support and cheat with her.

3. Because you allowed them – If a man has cheated before and you have forgiven him on several occasions then chances are he will do it over and over again. A cheater will always cheat because he knows that you will take them back.

4. To boost his ego – Should a man feel like he is being undermined or unappreciated he will cheat to find validation elsewhere. Infact cheating will make him feel more attractive and wanted hence his ego will “stabilize”

Reasons Why You Might Never Get Married

Many people want to get married in the long run, but it’s not as easy as it sounds. Ask those who have walked down that path. Those dating and even those who are single need to know that marriage takes more than just love, because its a lifetime commitment.

Others who have plunged into the dating pool seem to wonder why it’s taken so long for them to get the ring. Well, in case you are one of them, here are some of the things that you might be doing that may be preventing you from getting married:

1. Fear of reality – People who’re afraid of reality will never get married if they do nothing to overcome this fear. It’s been proven that every human being is afraid of reality and it’s absolutely normal, because fear is a natural response to danger. But when these fears and deep-seated phobias take over, people become unable to take risks and responsibilities. A bit later these two sensitive and emotional personalities become the victims of their active imagination. I think that this weakness should be eliminated at the earliest convenience. Every person yearns to get married to an emotionally strong and self-confident person.

Diffident personalities should once and for all realize that life is a constant struggle. If you want to reach success in either marriage or career, you should be ready to take up the running and face harsh realities of life with your head held high.

2. Passive lazybones – In most cases lonely people are passive lazybones. The pursuit of happiness and self-cultivation aren’t their pair of shoes. They don’t try to take the initiative, but want to take the best things from life. If they believe that they’ll eventually get married, then their chances are limited. Nothing in this life happens eventually.

Life is a dynamic thing that requires people to be extremely active and productive. If you want other successful people to notice your talents, beauty and the depth of your rich inner world, you should open up and do your best to express yourself.

3. Too judgmental – Nowadays many people have incredibly high standards, especially when it comes to personal life and marriage. Sometimes human principles don’t let people think rationally, but provoke them to judge others for their failures and weaknesses. People who don’t take any effort to find a compromise will never get married, because a healthy marriage is always based on mutual understanding and respect. Wise people say that sometimes it’s necessary to keep silent if you’re at odds with your partner. It will help you keep your love relationship healthy and strong.

4. They dedicate their life to career – Workaholism has become one of the most difficult and actual problems of a modern world. This problem has a lot of advantages and disadvantages. Do you believe that workaholism can make you a happy person? If a successful career is the top priority in your life, then sooner or later, you’ll achieve a desirable result. All you have to do is throw yourself into this work and live for it.

Unfortunately, between two stools you fall to the ground. If you choose career, then you should be ready to sacrifice your health and love. Almost all workaholics find it difficult to build and maintain happy relationships, because they work and think only about their projects 24 hours a day. They have no time for love and romance.

5. They cry for the moon – Today both men and women have blurred vision of reality. Ladies still believe that one day a wonderful knight in shining armor will appear and win their hearts. Men waste valuable time looking for a bachelor’s wife. It’s high time to get rid of this pointless habit and finally realize that perfect people do exist only in your imagination. The only way to find a suitable partner is to set realistic goals. You need to be sure that your dreams and desires coincide with reality.

– D. White – Womanitely

Here Are Some Of The Reasons Why You Are Single

After the drama with your ex, you swore never to love or date again….that’s understandable, but it gets boring with time and you may soon want to start dating again. However for a reason or two you can’t seem to find someone. That happens to a lot of people, but then again you just might be single because of your own doing. Here’s how:

It’s important that we stay positive and true to ourselves in order to find a happy relationship. Here are five common mindsets that could be keeping you from finding the happiness you deserve.

1. You expect to find the “perfect relationship.” – While the perfect relationship simply doesn’t actually exist, many people are becoming less likely and willing to put the required work and effort into building something alongside a teammate. They walk away at the first sign of difficulty, and it’s preventing deep, meaningful relationships from actually developing. There will always be challenges you must face. But that’s what makes you and your partner stronger together.

2. You don’t know your self-worth – Relationships are not only about finding the right person to be with, they are also about being the right person to be with. For many of us, we don’t just wake up one day and instantly become that person. We need to put in the time and effort to develop ourselves accordingly.

The bottom line is that “we accept the love we think we deserve” and you get to decide what you deserve. Someone’s inability to see your value does not make you any less valuable. That’s why it’s called self-worth. It’s up to you, not them. If you do not feel like you truly deserve to be happy, you will always find yourself sabotaging the situations which can bring it to you. Stop being the victim and start being the victor.

3. You are actually scared of finding happiness – How could you be scared of success? How could you be scared of happiness? Both success and happiness require risk. They require much more risk than mediocrity or just settling. Taking the safe path through the woods. Living a ‘beige’ life. It can be scary to think of falling for someone who does not fall for you in return. It can be scary to imagine giving too much to someone without them giving in return. But without risk, there is no reward. Fortune favors the bold, not just in life, but also in love.

4. You never think the timing is right – Life gets crazy. We get busy and it becomes difficult to imagine shifting around our schedule to accommodate that of a whole other person to build a relationship with them. The timing isn’t right, but you will be able to focus more after you reach your next goal. Or, after you make this deadline. Whatever it may be, there is always an excuse that seems to keep us from doing what it is that we really want to do. “Someday” is not a day of the week and it never actually shows up on the calendar.

There is no perfect moment, but what there is, is the ability to take the moment and make it perfect. There will be no wrong timing when you find the right person, but you need to be open to them coming into your life.

5. You are jaded – This may be the most common reason why people do not want to date anymore. They have been burned in the past and have felt unappreciated. They don’t think there are any good people left in the world. No good men and no good women; All men are jerks, and all women are crazy. Keeping your hope alive is the only missing piece in finding the person you are meant to be with.There is no predicting when or where you will meet the person you fall in love with. You may be reading this article on your phone and bump into them on the street. You might be in line behind them in the coffee shop. You might meet them at a party. But, if you are too jaded to give them a chance when they do come along, you risk letting them get away forever. While it’s a risk to put yourself out there and chase after happiness, it’s far less of a risk than spending the rest of your life wishing you had.


Reasons Why People Fall In love

Love is a beautiful thing and happens in the most unusual way and for many reasons. According to the research, your hormones, interests, and upbringing all help determine who you fall for and who falls for you.

Here are some of the psychological reasons two people fall in love.

If you’re alike – Decades of studies have shown that the cliché that “opposites attract” is totally off. According to a study done on couples who met online via eharmony dating site, being alike makes it easier for partners to understand each other.

If you look like their opposite-sex parent – University of St. Andrews psychologist David Perrett and his colleagues found that some people are attracted to folks with the same hair and eye colour of their opposite-sex parents, as well as the age range they saw at birth.

If you smell good – A University of Southern California study of women who were ovulating suggested that some prefer the smell of T-shirts worn by men with high levels of testosterone. This matched with other hormone-based instincts: Some women also preferred men with a strong jaw line when they were ovulating. 

If you keep your hands and torso open – Body-language experts agree that posture speaks louder than words. Keeping your hands stuffed in your pockets and your shoulders turned inward sends the signal that you’re not interested. But talking with your hands and standing in an open stance shows that you’re available.  

If you literally “warm” your date up – Yale psychologist John Bargh performed an experiment in which participants held warm or cold beverages and had to rate whether someone’s personality was warm or cold. Participants who held warm beverages judged the person to have a warm personality, because their minds were already primed to think that way. If you take someone on a coffee date instead of an ice-cream date, they may feel more warmly toward you.


Wrong Reasons For Cohabiting

If you and your partner are thinking of living together, you need to sit down and evaluate the decision and not just bow to pressure because your friends are doing it. Remember it is about the two of you.  If you eventually decide to live together, hopefully it has nothing to do with the following wrong reasons.

1. To avoid or hasten a marriage proposal: This is specifically for the men, as much as living together means everything except that you aren’t married to her. Slowing down on a marriage proposal or hastening it may be a wrong reason to live together. Besides in most cases once you move in with someone it becomes difficult for a ring to be put on it. You will just hear a ruracio is being organised mostly after parents pressure you and hence you skip the proposal bit …

2. T
o help you discover yourselfYou can never discover your true self by living with your partner. Rather, moving in together would complicate matters for both of you. You’ve got to start learning certain things about your partner which you might not like plus a bit of fights here and there.

3. To save on cash: If you think you’ll save money by moving in with your partner, it’s better to go get a roommate. Couples who decide to do this should have good jobs so one doesn’t become a liability to the other.No one wants a pest in as much as they may be earning much more than you, it doesn’t mean they pay all the bills. 

4. If you see it as a fun challenge: Cohabitation requires a lot of determination on both sides, it’s not like a fun challenge as you might see it. Your different lifestyle behaviors may cause a drift between you two.

Most Common Reasons Why Men Cheat

There are so many reasons why men cheat on their wives. A cheating partner should not be blamed on anyone else but the infidel. I believe that if you are unsatisfied with your relationship it’s best to end it as opposed to cheating. Here are some of the common reasons why men cheat:

1. No romance/Intimacy – Marriage doesn’t have to be boring and simply about having a partner close to you. It’s about friendship, companionship, laughter, romance, passion etc. Sadly after a while many women belive their husband is content and they don’t go the extra mile to be romantic, sexy and fun. They “relax” and drop their spirit of adventure. Unfortunately a man will not stay on and will look for the fun elsewhere.

2. Emasculation – Even the bible says the man is the head of the house, so it’s best to let the man be the man. That doesn’t mean that you cannot step up… it means that as a woman let the man express himself without criticism about everything he does. A man will always want to feel useful, needed and appreciated but when you show him you can handle everything then, chances are he will find someone who will appreciate his efforts.

3. Time – People change as time goes on and it may get to a point where one will feel that they need to be more exciting, adventurous or they may even feel that they need to experiment out of sheer curiosity hence an affair.

4. Routine – Lets face it, we all get bored of doing the same thing over and over again. So the sex has to happen at the same time or day every other week… you have to start and end in a specific manner, same room .. It will eventually get boring and it’s no surprise the mystery and rush will be searched for elsewhere.

5. Nagging – Human beings need peace to just think and relax. If you constantly complain about everything from the food, the seats, clothes, the air we breathe, the water we drink etc someone is bound to get tired and they will eventually get peace elsewhere.

If Your Marriage Is Stressful This Might Be Why…

Marriages are not the easiest relations to have and just like friendships and dating they require effort from both parties in order to work. Once the vows are exchanged whether in a church, mosque, temple or even a traditional ceremony, the relationship becomes an official partnership with implications and a set of “rules”. It will not always be rosy, there will be highs and lows so here’s why it can get stressful;

1. FinancesMany spouses tend to fight about matters regarding money as they don’t seem to be on the same page about finances. If one is a spender while the other is a saver, conflict will always arise. The best way is to agree on how to handle finances prior to marriage as being on the same page will prevent the arguments arising.

2. Children – When children come into the picture, things tend to go downhill if you let them. When the mother concentrates on the children  the man will feel neglected. Sometimes it will take a toll on both of them and they will take the stress out on each because they feel frustrated.

3. In laws – A marriage is between two people, there is a reason why you cannot marry your family. Relatives should not be allowed to meddle in your affairs, sort it out yourselves. Besides if you allow them to meddle it will be crazy.

4. Miscommunication – Say what you feel respectfully, the same way you would want to be addressed. Also, do not assume that your partner is a mind reader, this habit is especially common with ladies. Speak up and let your partner know what’s going on, then discuss it.

5. Sexual Frustration – Just like air is important so is sex, denying your partner sex could kill your marriage because they may just go look for satisfaction elsewhere.

6. Work/ Fatigue – Having to go to work, school, take care of children and run errands will eventually take a toll on your body. The stress and fatigue will eventually make you moody and in turn you might take it out on your partner.

Here Are Some Of The Reasons Why Your Man Is Angry At You

Women have a habit of running their mouths when they are angry and mostly ebd uo saying things that they would never take. While all this happens your man will be looking at you wondering what all the drama is about and may even chose to ignore you.

But then later on you apologise and then he just pulls away from you. There are things you might have said that may have led to this ‘withdrawal” :

Here are a few words considered offensive which you shouldn’t say to your man:

1. ‘You spend so much on your friends’: They are his friends and not yours and telling him he wastes money on them would make it look like you are in charge of his finances. He is likely to stop discussing money matters with you if you both get back together.

2. ‘You don’t measure up to my brother/father’s status’:You shouldn’t have considered a relationship if he didn’t meet your family’s standards in the first place. Reminding him of his current position could make him resentful towards you.

3.Cursing with the ‘F’ word: He may understand if you are having a conversation about something, as long as it’s not directed at him. Directing the ‘F’ word at your boyfriend could cause a gradual breakdown of your relationship.

4. Snide comments about his mother: His mother is a no-go area for you. Doesn’t matter how much he disagrees with her, it doesn’t give you the right to make derogatory remarks about your partner’s mother. He may see you as a disrespectful person generally.

5. ‘You are still hung on your ex’: Doesn’t matter how obvious it is, reminding him of his past relationship could bring about some unexpected reactions. Let him tell you about his past when he’s ready.


Reasons Why You Don’t Have Friends

We are all born to live with people and not be alone. The first people we get to interact with are our sibling, cousins and then neighbours. Those are our relations and our first friends before we get to know the world.

Not everyone is born friendly and chatty but as we go along the way we learn to create and make friends. However some of us are unable to keep and maintain friends for a reason or two. If you ever wonder why you may not have any friends, though you desperately seek for one and constantly lose the ones you have. Retracing your steps and knowing why your friends leave you is one step to mending such broken relationships. here are some reasons you do not have friends:

1. Your friends don’t trust you – For whatever reason could be a betrayal in the past that you didn’t make an apology for or because you are constantly lying to them.

2. You expect too much from your friends and end up disappointed when they don’t meet up to your expectations. They are your friends not your saviour, besides its not always about you.

3. You often abandon your true friends especially when you enter a new relationship. The world is suddenly about you and your man.

4. You turn down friends invitation to spend time with them since you are always “busy”.

5. You enjoy complaining and nag a lot about any and everything that it becomes tasking to deal with the negativity.

6. You keep scores, something a friend did in 1964 is still alive in your mind in 2015 yet they apologised for it.

7. You are not friendly and you don’t even make an effort to be.

Two Reasons Why You Are Stuck Being Single

Being single can be a matter of choice or a matter of circumstance. Sometimes it can also be a matter of our fears stopping us from falling inlove. It may be a subconscious thing and at other times it may be a conscious thing.

There are a lot of other reasons why we may be single, but here are the two main reasons why we may be stuck single:

1. Fear of Being Abandoned – At one point in our lives we suffer from a heartbreak of some sort and for some it makes them afraid to want to start afresh so it seems like a better option to be alone. Being in a committed, loving relationship involves taking risks. Fully knowing another and creating intimacy, requires vulnerability. The minute you commit to someone and sharing love with them, you also open yourself to the risk of being left. It’s a very scary premise—that you can let someone into your heart only to have the relationship not work out.

2. Fear of Being Smothered – As much as you may genuinely want a lasting, loving relationship, part of you might be afraid that having such a relationship is going to take away your freedom. Being single allows you to do what you want and not have to explain who is chatting you up etc. The common “other half” mentality actually leads to fears about getting into a relationship—by suggesting that we are each somehow incomplete until we find a partner, we might feel that we have to compromise a great deal. Being single comes with a lot of freedom you get to decide what to do with your time and what your priorities are. The prospective of a close relationship presents another kind of threat: the potential loss of individuality, autonomy, and personal space.

How To Know If You Have Either Of These Fears

Fear of being abandoned and being smothered show up in a lot of ways. Sometimes people are very picky about a mate, or they check out of the whole dating process altogether. Others create unnecessary expectations for relationships, or inadvertently stir up tension in a relationship when they do get into one.


Reasons Why You Need To Cut Off That Friendship

Friendships are born out of common likes and with time it can either prosper of fizzle out. Sometime a friendship will die of natural causes, not to mean that you no longer care about each other but to show that you don’t view things the same way.

In other cases people change or you finally get to see the other foot, at this point its important o be objective with yourself , accept the situation and let go. But at what point does one do this?

When their character becomes questionable and you can no longer trust them for several reasons its best to keep distance. Eg. Someone who makes a pass at your man, one who is available only during good and happy times and not when you need them etc this is someone you need to cut off as they aren’t doing you any favours.

Jealousy/Negative – A friend who will never support your dreams or amtiouse and encourage you through things is not a friend. These type of people will always negate your thoughts and will always advice you on how much of a bad idea it is plus how it won’t work.

One sided – Just like a relationship it takes two to make it work. However if you are constantly the one making plans, calling to check up on them , asking for a meeting etc then you need to re-evaluate your friendship.

Honesty – You can’t tell if this friend is genuine or fake and far as the friendship goes it’s not crystal clear so you are unsure of their intention. It’s time to move forward

Different goals – Ever heard of this “Show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are” the company you keep tells a lot about you. I you don’t have goals aligned in making yourselves better then there’s no point of that friendship. This you will realise as you age, that even friendships are meant to push you to become better.

When you feel that you have reached the end of a friendship, do not feel guilty leaving them behind as you forge forward. Life doesn’t stand still and not everyone will make it to the finishing line.

Top Seven Reasons That Lead To A Failed Marriage

Marriages can work or fail depending on the way that a couple act with each other. It’s a partnership and hence requires effort from both parties to make it work or even fail.

There are various reasons as to why a relationship or marriage will fail, forget the finances or even infidelity. The little things we tend to ignore are some of the reasons why marriages fail. Here are some of the reasons:

1. Speaking negatively to (or about) your spouse – When couples start nagging or insulting each other or complaining to their friends about their spouse, they’ve put themselves on the fast track to divorce. The tone of your words will set the tone of your marriage.

2. Taking on a Win/Lose mindset – Couples in trouble tend to see every disagreement with their spouse as a fight where there will be a “winner” and a “loser.” Healthy marriages recognize that a husband and wife are united and will always share the same fate, so in every disagreement, they will either win together or lose together, so they work together to find a solution where they can both win.

3. Confiding in a “friend” of the opposite sex -Once you find yourself having a conversation or sending a text message that you hope your spouse doesn’t find out about, you’ve stepped way out of bounds. Most affairs start as “friendships” that cross the line.

4. Surrounding yourself with negative voices – People who choose divorce usually have friends who celebrate the “pursuit of happiness” even at the expense of your marriage and family. Surround yourself with people who love you, love your spouse and love God and their influence and wisdom will lead you in a better direction.

5. Basing your choices on your feelings instead of your commitments – Our culture seems obsessed with Hollywood love stories and movies based on the feelings of love. This creates a huge problem, because our feelings are fickle (which is why most Hollywood marriages fail). A strong marriage is built on commitments, not feelings. If you make your choices based on commitments, your feelings usually have a way of catching up eventually.

6. Starting off the wrong way – So many marriage problems could have been prevented before the marriage even started. If you’re reading this and you’re not yet married, please commit to starting your marriage off the right way.

7. Giving up – The couples who make it aren’t the ones who never had a reason to get divorced; they are simply the ones who decide that their commitment to each other is always going to be bigger than their differences and flaws.


Reasons Why You Should Consider Dating A Man Who’s A Mess

We are always advised to date a man who has his life put together, has a good job, is focused, has his future planned out, handsome and puts on the bespoke suits etc. But what about the man who is messed up? Who will date him?

Well it may seem like a messy man is not the ideal candidate to date but before you brush him off, I will give you reasons why you should consider dating him.

1. He’s a re-born man – Given his past experiences and the present life, this man has learnt how to maneuver around life and has all sorts of tricks and survival tactics around. Rest assured that you will never lack a solution.

2 He makes every penny count  This man can roll on a budget of 1k and you will have the time of your life. He knows how to maximize with little resources, so you don’t have to worry when you have less. He will make it work and besides he can help you save as he knows the places where he can get better prices.

3. He’s confident in his decisions – If employment is not working for him, he will quit and make it work while making his ends meet with his hustling. He doesn’t let opportunities go that easily.

4. His emotional status is good for you – He is fun, outgoing, spontaneous, life of the party and is socially intelligent so he can blend with any crowd etc. His life has taught him how to make the best out of any situation and he therefore sees the bigger picture.

5.  He pushes you – Everyone has a cocoon that they like to hide in because it’s comfortable and we are used to it. This man will push you out of it and make you try things you could never try. If you’re afraid of heights he will take you to the top of Times tower or to bungee jump in Sagana. Afraid of water he will push you into the pool, afraid to get a new job? He will help you apply for one and maybe even offer to escort you for the interview.

Top Ten Reasons Why “Nice” Girls Don’t Succeed

If you are an avid reader then you must have come across or seen reviews on these books by Dr. Frankel; Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office; Nice Girls Just Don’t Get it; Nice Girls Don’t Get Rich, See Jane Lead and Stop Sabotaging Your Career. 

These books have one thing in common, getting women to know more of what they want from their lives and their careers and how to get it and mostly about dropping the habit of pleasing everyone and being a “nice” girl.

According to an article published on the Huffingtonpost by Emma Isaac, Dr. Frankel said that nice girls don’t aggressively pursue their goals because they don’t want to threaten others. They don’t ask for what they really want. They believe it’s their job to take care of everyone else. When given a compliment they say “Oh, it was nothing” instead of “Thanks for noticing.”

These are some of the things that make them stay down below as others scale the heights. She went ahead to state the top ten mistakes nice girls make:

1. They just don’t get it. They wait to be invited/asked. They don’t get that you have to act differently.

2. They work too hard. You’ve got to work up to the baseline (the average of your company’s work ethic/culture) but not above it.

3. They don’t set boundaries.

4. They always strive for perfection.

5. They ignore the ‘look and sound’ of success. 50 percent comes from how you sound, 40 percent comes from how you look, and only 10 percent of your credibility comes from what you actually say.

6. They are unclear about their personal brand or vision – what do you want people to say about you when you’re not around?

7. They stay too long in bad situations.

8. They wait to be given what they want instead of chasing it.

9. They use way too many words to articulate what they’re trying to say.

10. They entrust their financial security to someone else.

Reasons Why Dating Becomes Harder As You Age

We all know people who are divorced, widowed or never married and the most common statement from them is that it’s hard to find an interesting date when you are no longer young.

It may not be true 100% but it does get harder to date as you age. Here are some of the more interesting reasons why.

Baggage – This happens to be the range of experiences both good and bad that accumulate over the course of a person’s dating life which affect a person’s reactions to people and circumstances. Nobody in their twenties really has any baggage, which makes it easier to hop on a train. However as you age there are fewer trains pulling into the station at midlife.

Bodies – It is easy for people in their teens and 20s to be physically attracted to lots of people their own age because they are physically fit and active. Few of us in middle age would consider ourselves to be head-turners, except for the narcissists among us. But physical attractiveness is only one facet of a person or potential date out of many, thankfully.

Success and Financial Stability -Back in high school and college, no one had any idea if a particular person would eventually become a big success or a failure. Everybody had potential. But fast forward a few decades and your date’s accomplishments or lack thereof are laid bare for all to see because at that point in life, everybody has a track record. At that point in life, hopefully your date is finally “what he wants to be when he grows up.”

Former Spouses or Partners – My friends in the dating world tell me that no one wants to hear about their date’s former spouse or partner but it is probably hard to talk about your life without ever mentioning the person you shared your life with for many decades. It is no doubt even harder to feign interest in hearing about a date’s former spouse or partner, especially if the date has had more than one. More than one ex doesn’t even qualify as baggage. That’s cargo.




Here’s Why Men Marry “Bossy” Women

Many people tend to associate women who know what they want and go for it as “bossy” or worse “b#@$%^& .

However have you realised that a majority of men end up marrying these type of women? Do you want to know why?

Here are amazing reasons why they make the best wives:

Bossy girls are business savvy – More often than not they know what works where, how and what to do or who to go to incase you need an alternative.

Even when confronted with sexist queries, like “What’s your favorite position– A bossy girl will know how to answer you in smart way you won’t realise you’ve offended her.

A bossy girl isn’t afraid to speak up – Whether in the face of injustice or in a work related situation this girl will speak her mind whether you like it or not.

Bossy girls will never agree to anything they don’t want to do – If she does not want to go with an idea that she deems unfit then its plain and simple she will not do it.

Nothing gets between a bossy girl and what she wants – This girl is not afraid to reach for success and not even pregnancy can stop them.

A bossy girl knows who she is and won’t change herself to fit the mold of anyone, especially not anyone inferior.

A bossy girl is never hesitant to ask for what she wants – The worst thing that could happen is get a “NO” so what’s stopping you from asking? Yes even in the bedroom she is not one to shy away from what she wants.

A bossy woman has no time for your nonsense – with a long list if goals to achieve, entertaining nonsense is not at the top of a bossy lady’s list.

Bossy ladies rule relationships – because even men who like to think they wear the pants will submit (if they know what’s good for them).

A bossy woman knows that she really isn’t bossy at all – She’s a BOSS it comes naturally to her. She maintains poise and grace even in situations where many would expect her to flip. She’s got it all covered.


Reasons That Could Lead To A Divorce

Have you ever wondered what it is about marriage mistakes that can easily lead to divorce?

Research suggests that friends are often more upset when they think their best friend is being mistreated than when they’re experiencing the same mistreatment themselves.

The lack of understanding on how men are wired differently  from women is one of the leading factors as female friends often lead to husband-bashing, which helps nobody.

The solution is to limit talking about your marital problems to just two people.

All too often, women think that talking to our husbands is the way to make them see how their behavior affects us.

If the behavior doesn’t change when we first bring it up, we want to talk more, longer, or louder because we think maybe they didn’t get it the first time.

One of the biggest pet peeves for men is that feeling of being nagged or badgered, especially if they don’t know what the problem really is.

Also, the rules of polite, kind, nice conversation that women try to follow often come off as indirect, manipulative and mysterious to men.

Women often conclude that their husbands don’t care because they haven’t changed after a particular conversation.

Research has shown that happiness does increase when your husband changes for the better, but that change originates with you.

Paradoxically, the women who focused on becoming the person they want to be, rather than on how to get their husband to change, were happier down the road.

Living parallel lives with your husband is the slippery slope to disconnecting completely.

The bonds of marriage thrive on having interest in one another, working toward common goals and spending time with one another.

Couples who are trying to reconnect after their children have left home often come to realize that they don’t know each other anymore.

One of the most difficult scenarios you come across is a couple in which one or both people are stuck viewing each other through a negative lens, expecting the worst.

Our brains do a wonderful job of seeing what we expect to see, and we are much more likely to view our husbands as doing everything wrong when we have developed a negative view of them.

The mentality that goes along with using words like “I deserve” includes a form of entitlement that kills the softness needed for a couple to cherish one another.

Saying “I deserve” is inherently a demand.  It’s very different from knowing internally that you are worth more, and having the communication skills necessary to ask for more.  Knowing what you’re worth helps you inspire your husband to cherish you.

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Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Be Dating A Married Person

Married men are attractive, seem to have their lives in order, are caring, dedicated, focused etc. so they seem like the perfect guy to be with.

After all they possess what many women want right? The thing is he is MARRIED hence in layman’s language taken, off the shelves, not available to date, not yours etc. He belongs to his wife.

So why would you want to date them? Many would say he’s nice, he doesn’t love his wife, he’s frustrated, he feels trapped bla bla bla. Have you ever asked yourself why he won’t leave because of the reasons he gives you?

You still believe he’s the one for you right? Ok. Here are reasons why you should drop him/her.

Hotels are your new joints – You cannot meet at their place for obvious reasons. Their spouse might pounce on you unexpectedly and we don’t want that do we? So you are entirely limited to hotels and motels for everything.

No show – Many of your planned dates will end up with you being disappointed because he could not make it. Something had to be done for his family or his wife was suspecting something so he had to keep it on the down low and he hopes that you understand.

Limited calls – When you are feeling down and want to vent or have a bad day or just maybe when you want to chat about nothing, they are the last person to call because they will either not pick or simple ask to call you back which they never do. You will probably have an agreed time frame to which you can call.

You have limited time – You can’t meet up whenever or wherever as their time is split between the numerous “meetings”, his family and you. Of course you get the least amount of time, infact you are like the 30 minute tea break.

Trust issues – You will always be second guessing where you belong in his life because, one day you’re in love the next day he won’t pick up your calls. Besides are you sure you are the only side dish they have?

They will not divorce – It’s highly unlikely that they will leave their spouse for you and by sheer miracle if they do then you will always suspect him. You will wonder is he finally had it from being “unhappy” or if he was dumped.