‘NEVER Hug a fellow man tightly ‘ Here are unwritten rules for men

In this day and age it is important for one to educate themselves on the ‘do’s and “don’ts” that should guide the way men relate.

This is because societal morals have gone down and people no longer know how to relate with each other thus upsetting other people in the process.

People no longer respect each others personal space and Burale gives them tips on how to relate.

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Burale highlighted 7 unwritten laws for the gentlemen. The first rule is betrayal, he warns men against snitching on fellow men to their wives and girlfriends.

“1:NEVER Ever go behind your friends back and talk to his wife/girlfriend..The joke will eventually be on you

2:NEVER Hug a fellow man tightly unless ABSOLUTELY necessary

3:Never hold a fellow man’s hand When talking casually

4:NEVER Ever place your hand on a man’s thighs when stressing a point during conversation …If you want to grab anything ..look for a stone ..(if you do THAT to me I will shoot you 😂😂😂)”

5:NEVER allow this statement “awwwwwwwww” when talking to a fellow man

6:Never ever try and get with your fellow man’s EX ….

7:::Bro CODE ….LEAVE NO MAN BEHIND … The Coach


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