Exclusive: ‘I started off my career as a rapper’ – Rayvanny

Rayvanny has revealed that his career started off with him as a rapper before he joined Wasafi where he is currently signed alongside Diamond.

The singer was in the Classic 105 studio on Monday where he opened up about his career

I used to listen to music in matatus and sing along to it. People would encourage me to start singing because according to them I had a very good voice.

It was at that point that I started teaching myself how to play a guitar.

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 Speaking on his Tetema song Rayvanny says

‘When the idea of Tetema came along I was not sure Diamond would have time to sit down and listen to it as he was busy.

I like giving him a song to listen to when I am with him that way I am sure he will listen to it and he will give me an immediate response.


So one day while in a tour bus nkampa the song askize and he was so excited and I instantly knew he loved it. We then shared it with everybody who was in the bus and the response was mind blowing.

After the show we were going to, we added a few lines to the song and completed the final work while here in Kenya as we had music tours here.

In conclusion his fans says

My fans should expect nothing but the best because I have so many videos that I have not yet released.

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Here is why Diamond and Rayvanny risk a jail term if they perform in Kenya

Diamond Platnumz and Rayvanny have been banned from performing in and out of their country until further notice by the Tanzanian government.

The ban was initiated by a Tanzanian government body that regulates music, movies and other creative works (BASATA)

Rayvanny and Diamond

Rayvanny and Diamond

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In a statement that has gone viral, BASATA has revealed that the action was taken because of Diamond’s rebellious character. Read the statement below

Diamond Platnumz

Statement by BASATA on Diamond Platnumz

‘I always thought men with a big manhood can never go broke, But I am so broke despite my heavy load’ Cries a member of team mafisi

The body called for the song to be pulled down from YouTube barely a week after it was uploaded. Diamond later responded to BASATA, saying that he saddened by the act.

“The song mwanza by rayvanny and diamond has been banned by BASATA. they have been banned from performing it because of it immorality”

In a previous interview, Diamond angrily said that even if his songs were banned in his home country, he would still perform them elsewhere.

“If you ban my songs I will still perform them.If you still don’t want me to perform I will leave and perform else where.

I will move to another country because they wont follow me there.

You can’t block my songs both in Tanzania and Kenya because you don’t feed me or my children.”

Clearly, this is a huge problem for Diamond and his fellow artistes under Wasafi.

They work too hard to create content that people will listen to and love for them to put food on their table.

This is not the first time has been in trouble with the Tanzanian government when it comes to their content.

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Rayvanny shares the most adorable photo of his son

Bongo star Rayvanny is a proud father of one gorgeous son Jaydan Vanny. The Salome hitmaker is dating his baby mama Fahima who welcomed the baby in April last year.

Jaydan is now a celebrity kid with thousands of followers on social media. His recent photos on social media are proof enough that the young man is all grown up.


Rayvanny hit the music charts after releasing the song Kwetu, one that brought attention to his side of Tanzania. Since then, the singer has been releasing hit after hit. He is the only East African artiste that has won a BET award.

Here are photos of the celebrity kid:

Rayvanny Making Moves As He Drops Collaboration With Jason Derulo!

WCB’s Rayvanny has just made a huge wave as he jumped on to Jason Derulo’s remix to “Tip Toe” ft. French Montana.

The Tanzanian crooner took to Instagram to share the great news, amidst lots of anxiety amongst his fans.

In the song, Rayvanny sticks to his Swahili roots but employs a dance-hall feel to the song.

Beef Alert! Bongo singer Rayvanny sparks split rumors with his baby mama

The original music video features exotic scenes of beautiful women dancing to the song, or modeling in nude art. The theme of the video had some Arab influence, especially with French Montana’s part.

Could this be the reason Rayvanny jumped on to the track? In the past, he has admitted to loving Kenyan ladies because they are “women who are an exotic mix of what looks like Arabic blood, Rwandese blood and other ethnic groups.”

Whether or not that was the influence, I must admit that this song is really fire. Check it out.

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Beef Alert! Bongo singer Rayvanny sparks split rumors with his baby mama

There’s trouble in paradise. Another artiste from WCB is breaking up with his baby mama.I’m talking about Salome hitmaker Rayvanny.

It turns out that the Bongo kid has called it quits with long-term girlfriend cum b-aby mama Fahyma. The two welcomed their firstborn Jaydan Vanny in April this year.

Early this week, they exchanged blows on Instagram where they let fans know their love is no more.

Fahyma, the baby mama posted,


Rayvanny then took to social media to pour out his heart



Before wishing her the best in future endeavors, the Unikumbushe hitmaker told his baby mama to change her name. On IG, Fahyma has joined her name with that of the singer calling herself Fahy Vanny.



This comes months after Kenyan reality star Mishi Dorah revealed that she and Rayvanny made love in a popular hotel in Dar Es Salaam. A bitter truth that Rayvanny admitted to when interviewed by this writer.

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Diamond Sued For Jacking Beats For The Zilipendwa Hit Track

Diamond Platnumz’s Tanzanian record label has been sued by a legendary band dubbed Msondo Ngoma after they used their saxophone melody without the consent of the band.

The song Zilipendwa, which has brought about all the infringement issues was released last month and has since then acquired over nine million views on youtube.

The song is sang and performed by all members of WCB among them Diamond Platnumz, Rayvanny, Harmonize, Rick Mavoko, Queen Darleen, Lava Lava and former Ya Moto band member Mboso.

WCB are to pay the band a total of over Ksh 13 Million which is an equivalent of Tsh 300 Million.

Another Hit! WCB Family Came Together To Bring You ZILIPENDWA

In the past, Matonya, another Tanzanian singer has accused record label members of using his idea of Zilipendwa in a song he did five years ago.

Eish! After Unveiling His Cologne, Diamond Launches Yet Another Product

Diamond Platnumz is all about making money left, right and centre. He is actually the true definition of a real hustler.

Any opportunity he gets, he works his magic and makes things happen. A few months ago, he launched his first cologne, Chibu, and from the look of things, Tanzanians are grabbing their bottles at any given chance.


Having a new cologne and an empire that has signed some of the greatest artistes in Tanzania, Diamond has yet again decided to go beyond his means and launch a new product.

‘It Is Not My Pregnancy’ – Diamond Platnumz Shuts Down Rumors About Alleged SIDEPIECE

He has now moved away from scents and launched peanuts, which he’s calling Diamond Karanga (Peanuts).

He took to social media to show his fans what he can do, and together with Rayvanny, they did an advert for the peanuts using their mega hit Salome.

diamond and rayvanny

King Raymond! Diamond Platnumz Becomes Rayvanny’s ‘SLAVE’ After The Artiste Won a BET Award (PHOTO EVIDENCE)

It’s pretty clear that Diamond is ruling the market at the moment, and we wouldn’t be shocked if he says he’s launching his own car. He calls himself Simba (Lion), and we might as well just agree that he is one.

King Raymond! Diamond Platnumz Becomes Rayvanny’s ‘SLAVE’ After The Artiste Won a BET Award (PHOTO EVIDENCE)

Diamond Platnumz’s protege Raymond popularly known by his stage name Rayvanny made his country and East Africa proud when he scooped a prestigious award at the recently concluded BET Awards 2017 in the US.

The Salome hitmaker took home BET Viewer’s Choice Best New International Act 2017, making him the first Tanzanian to bring a BET award home, making his friends, family and musical counterparts happy.

God is good all the time. Asante Mungu wangu Ulieniumba,Unaejua mwanzo na mwisho wangu.Uliyaona machozi yangu nilipokua mpweke sina furaha na mwenye majonzi mengi.WEWE NDIYE MUWEZA… Asanteni wadau Wote mlio VOTE kwa Ajili yangu Ushindi umerudi Nyumbani. SITOACHA KUSHUKURU UONGOZI MZIMA.


But there’s no doubt that the happiest person after Rayvanny’s win was his boss and fellow singer Diamond Platnumz, who couldn’t keep calm after Rayvanny big milestone in Bongo’s musical history.

Rayvanny is signed to Chibu’s music record, Wasafi Classic Baby (WCB) after he met him a few years back before he even started the record label, but the journey has not been easy for the singer.

Rayvanny Shows Off His Baby’s Face For The First Time (Photo)

Diamond Platnumz decided to share a post he had put up back in 2015, revealing how he had met Rayvanny and admired his incredible talent, and for some reason, he knew that the young man’s singing would take him to great heights in the future.


Now that his prediction has come to pass, Diamond decided to give a brief history of how they met in a post where he also congratulated Rayvanny;

Earlier 2015 I met Rayvanny in one of the studios in Tanzania and realised how talented and humble he is… since my Record label’s plan wasn’t ready that time i couldn’t do anything… i flew to Germany for my tour…on the 9th of May 2015 when i was at the Backstage i started thinking and i felt sorry for him the way he was talented and humble he was, but with no help… then i posted him on my Instagram
“i believe God see your daily hustle and struggle…Never give up, Keep praying everyday…i believe one day God will open the Doors and let the World recognize your talent!”….
Right after starting my label i signed him and today he is the BET VIEWER’S CHOICE BEST NEW INTERNATIONAL ACT 2017 and for the First time bringing the BET trophy to TANZANIA!!!!….Thank you GOD its all because of you🙏 … Thanks a lot to the all media and fans for the major support


As if that was not enough, Diamond Platnumz has now become Rayvanny’s servant, after a photo emerged while he tied his shoes. Rayvanny shared the photo with this caption; “Comment chochote maana binafsi nimeshindwa kabisa kuelezea.”

Diamond Platnumz has only come close to winning a BET Award after being nominated in the Best International Act: Africa category in 2014 and 2016, so this win for Rayvanny has clearly shocked him.

Here’s the photo as Chibu ties Rayvnny’s shoe, treating him like a king.





Rayvanny Shows Off His Baby’s Face For The First Time (Photo)

WCB’s youngest signee Rayvanny, made headlines the better part of the beginning of 2017 when he was linked to a Kenyan socialite and reality star Mishi Dorah.

Mishi had stated in an interview with Mpasho that she had slept with the megastar when she went to Tanzania, even claiming that Rayvanny gave her a ring.

rayvanny an baby mama

As all this took place, it should be noted that Rayvanny had a girlfriend, Fahyma, back home who was pregnant for him. She’s lovely and pretty. I wonder how she coped with all the shenanigans that evolved around her baby daddy.

Well, even with all the drama, the two were finally blessed with a baby boy, Jaydan Vanny. Rayvanny broke the news on his social media writing, “Hongera fahyma Umekua Mama sasa Acha utoto ???????????? NAKUPENDA!!”



After the baby was born, Rayvanny and his baby mama didn’t show his face to the public, but finally they have finally unveiled his face and I must say he’s a cutie pie.

Rayvanny took to social media to post a photo of the youngster with the caption, “Mungu Akukukuze Mwanangu, Katika Mema na Mafanikio Katika Maisha Yako.Wewe Nifuraha Yangu Na pia Wewe Ndio sababu Ya Mimi kumwaga Jasho Nakufanya Kazi kwa Bidii Kila Siku. Ni bora Nikose Vyote Lakini Sio Wewe Mwanangu. I LOVE YOU SON.”

rayvanny son

Jaydan also has his own instagram account that has over fifty thousand followers. He’s going to be a superstar even before he learns how to pronounce his name.


Is Bahati Working On A Collabo With A Secular Artiste From Tanzania?

Bahati has been making headlines for a while now. He even started a trend that went on for almost a month, Prayer Partner. He’s been hanging out with a lass, Diana Marua on social media and when asked if they were dating, he said she’s his prayer partner.


The public knew exactly what he was doing and everyone went ahead with the flow. After the whole issue died down. he went ahead to apologize to his fans on social media, who in turn lashed out at him for always seeking public sympathy.

But it seems Bahati is now back to doing what he does best and from the look of things, he might be cooking up a collabo with Tanzania’s controversial artiste, Rayvanny.


Rayvanny has been linked to a Kenyan socialite, Mishi Dorah who revealed that she’s slept with Rayvanny and is even expecting his baby. Mishi Dorah on the other hand is also known to be too controversial always seeking the publics attention.

Bahati posted photos on social media with Rayvanny giving hints that EMB (his record label) and WCB might be working on something.


Rayvanny is a secular bongo star and Bahati is a gospel artiste.

The question here is, is Bahati trying to copy Willy Paul, considering he also did a collabo with a Jamaican secular artiste Alaine? We will just have to wait and see how all this unfolds.