Rayvanny’s girlfriend Paula Kajala leaves him for college abroad


Singer Rayvanny’s girlfriend Paula Kajala has left Tanzania for further studies.

Paula and Rayvanny shared an emotional video saying their goodbyes at the airport.

The emotional moment had their family and friends choked up.

Paula’s mother, actress Fridah is accompanying Paula on her long trip to ensure she settles in her college before returning.

Rayvanny had been accused of dating a young girl who was said to be contemplating abandoning her education for him. /He tried to convince people he will pay for her education, and it will be interesting to see if this happens.

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Rayvanny releases song for Paula declaring “Wenye wivu wasijinyonge”


Next Level CEO Rayvanny has released a new song dubbed Wanaweseka dedicated to his girlfriend Paula.

The video features his girlfriend Paula Kajala as the Video Vixen.

In the song he professes his undying love for her. He croons to her that “Wenye wivu wasijinyonge ila wapigwe shoti wafe”

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A post shared by CHUI… 🐯 (@rayvanny)

This song comes hot on the heels of the launch of his new restaurant Havana and his birthday celebration in Kenya with Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua.

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Classic 105 fan gushes about Alfred Mutua and Lilian post breakup friendship



The way Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua and Lilian Nganga have handled their breakup impressed one Classic 105 so much, he called to gush about it.

The fan won tickets to the exclusive birthday party for Mutua and Rayvanny held on August 22nd.

The man was so blown away and urged them to give love a second chance.

‘Love never goes away,’ Governor Alfred Mutua’s advise to young couples

Maina was so glad to hear the moshene he encouraged the man to describe the event.

“Aki Maina I won the tickets last Friday. I was able to attend the birthday, aki this the event nataka warudie, you missed something and the way nilkuwa nimekutarajia. I was able to interact, it was great, it was fantastic, and I will always be grateful to Classic 105.  it was a surpise, everyone was anxious to know who he will briogn to the party, it was a surprise, wacha nikuambie they walked very well kwa red carper. Wote wawili waliningia pamoja vizuri sana in a very jovial way you know it created a very big confusion tunashindwa si waliachana au, they cut the cake perfectly with maturity they had a good discussion it was so mature my friend it was fantastic . Hizi vituko sisi wengine tuko nazo, villager things, the say lilian portrayed herself well,  and am very happy for them wasiachane wakae chini waongee, they are a great couple”

Below are moments captured from the event. Enjoy

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Rayvanny and Alfred Mutua excited about joint birthday concert

Bongo singer Rayvanny and Alfred Mutua have a double birthday concert on Sunday August 22nd.

The two dropped by the Classic 105 studio’s where they excitedly spoke about the anticipated concert.

Mutua said “they’re shooting a video we are going to release a birthday song. I realized these guys are so talented in between making songs he is also writing new lyrics for another song. He is walking around humming tunes for another song. These guys are talented. It’s pure talent”

Rayvanny thanked the Governor saying support for young talent is important.

“Nashukuru mweneyezi Mungu na sasa tuko na President Suluhu who supports us. I did a song for her and she came for the concert and gave me money, so we good our leaders wanatusaidia sana so Mutua is the next level family na tunamkaribisha sana so we are happy and we also invite him to Tanzania”

Alfred Mutua also revealed how he hooked up with Rayvanny and the plans they have for youth more so in music.

“They have asked me to be the patron for next level music. You know we are one. East Africa is one tukiungana ni vizuri it’s an open market, let young men and women make money we are brothers and sisters. I noticed we share a birth date and so I called a friend who called him then he called me and that is when I went to Tanzania then we hooked up . We like similar things and sadly the concert is private because of covid restrictions. So please don’t come if you don’t have an invite . We are adhering to covid measures so only 100 people. But you can catch it on our social media. you can watch the concert live”

He added “I’m excited Rayvanny could come for this double birthday. I am really impressed . There is alot he can teach Kenyans with his team”

Rayvanny was sad because Maina will miss the concert owing to a prior commitment. He told that “I’m excited for the concert ” as he serenaded a woman who won tickets to the concert.

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Fahyma allegedly sends spies on Rayvanny and new girlfriend Paula


Leaked voice notes suggest Rayvanny’s ex wife sent a boda boda rider to spy on her man and his new girlfriend Paula.

The rider claims Fahyma wanted details of how the two live, what they eat, anything that she can use to win back her man.

The leak was done by Tanzanian tea master Juma Lokole who mocked Fahyma for being obsessed by her ex, urging her  to respond to the claims.

Rayvanny and baby mama Fahyma

This is even said to  ne the reason why Rayvanny assigned a bodyguard for Paula, fearing her life is in danger  because of suspicious people following her.

A few days ago, Rayvanny showed off a mansion he was building for Paula and her mother Frida. It is also alleged that Rayvanny and Fahyma started the project together, but abandoned it when they split.

Rayvanny has asked fans to help him name the house. Possible names that he has thought of include Chui mansion, Vanny village or Hollywood.chui house (1) (1)

He was praised for it, and Diamond and his sister hinted Rayvanny and Paula will be happy there, congratulating them.

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Next Level Music CEO Rayvanny to celebrate his 28th birthday in Nairobi


Tanzanian singer Rayvanny will jet into Kenya on August 22nd, announcing that special date is his birthday that he gets to mark with his Kenyan fanbase.

He excitedly wrote ’22/8 Special day my birthday I will be in Nairobi”.

After announcing this, he shared videos of how he is co parenting taking his son on a shopping spree, where the little boy got to pick out whatever he wanted. They then proceeded to a lunch date and Rayvanny captioned the sweet moment ‘My G Jaydanvanny”
rayvanny and son (1)

Rayvanny has been trending after going Instagram official with his new girlfriend Paula Kajal, and even serenaded her on her birthday last week in Zanzibar on vacation. Her mother Fridah attended the celebration and shard her joy at her daughter being loved.

And a couple of days later, it was Frida’s  birthday and Rayvany returned the favor and ‘chopped money’ on her.

Vanny has also dropped a collabo with Nigerian singer Guchi titled Sweet on July 29.


Dear Classic 105 fam, are you excited for Chui?

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Diamond finally speaks on beef between former mentees Rayvanny and Harmonize

Without WCB president Diamond Platnumz, singers Harmonize and Rayvanny would most likely not be as successful as they are right now.

The two singers are currently locked in a vicious back and forth that has deteriorated so much so that the Tanzanian authorities have had to get involved.

But what does the man who originally mentored them think? For the past year, Diamond has been remarkably silent and well-behaved, nary being involved in any scandal starting to look a distinguished and experienced older gentleman.

The man has finally weighed in on the current hullabaloo involving former signee Harmonize and Next Level Music CEO Rayvanny.

In an interview, Chibu advised the two to focus on creating good music instead of getting personal with their beef. He said that they should emulate the competitive musical ‘beef’ with Alikiba with whom they have always been pitted against each other at Tanzania’s top dogs.

“Naskia mara sijui wanapelekana Polisi…sio kitu ambacho unaweza sema niliwafunza ama …ukitizama hata kwetu sisi kaka zao wakubwa Mimi na Alikiba hatukuwahi kuskia kuna mambo ya kupelekana polisi ama Mahakamani , tulikuwa tunashinda tu kwenye maswala ya kazi….washindane kujua huyu ana views zake sijui ngapi, huyu naye sijui subscribers ngapi, yaani ivo” said Diamond in part.

For those not in the know, Harmonize and Rayvanny have trended on social media over the relationship drama involving actress Frida Kajala and her daughter Paula Kajala.

It started earlier in the year when Harmonize claimed that Rayvanny was hitting on Kajala’s 19-year-old daughter, with even the likes of Hamisa being dragged in.

Harmonize with Rayvanny
Harmonize with Rayvanny

But in a crazy case of role reversal, Rayvanny came out with his own receipts on his Instagram where he presented screenshots showing that alleged private chats and nudes between Harmonize and Paula.

The chats even included alleged nudes that Harmonize had sent Paula. This led to Frida Kajala and her daughter Paula Kajala being arrested hours after landing in Tanzanian from Dubai.

They were then taken to Central Central Police station in Dar es Salaam, where they were questioned, before being released on bail.

Frida Kajala with her daughter, Paula
Frida Kajala with her daughter, Paula

Before that, Rayvanny and Wasafi FM Presenter cum singer Baba Levo had also been questioned by detectives.

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Rayvanny’s baby mama goes on bitter rant warning singers new woman

Singer Rayvanny’s baby mama Fahyma aka Fahyvanny isn’t in a happy place at the moment. And the source of her contention is her baby daddy, Rayvanny.

Yep, the musician who has been busy beefing with Harmonize seems to have dropped the ball as far as taking care of his responsibilities.

This according to Fahyma who said that she had been subjected to social harassment by the father of her son, Jaydan.

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A post shared by FAHYMA (@fahyvanny)

In a number of Insta-stories, Fahyma explained that Rayvanny has neglected his own family and given his attention to his new woman and his beef with Harmonize.

She went on to say that Ray should just forget about her and their son and concentrate on his new relationship, instead of frustrating her for no good reason.

“Kwa kukurahisishia sina mahusiano na wewe tena maana umenidanganya vya kutoshaa, endelea na hiyo familia yako mpya mimi na mtoto wangu tuwache, hatukuhusu kaa mbali na hao Malaya zako”

“Usinifanyue mtu mjinga Kwaajili ya Manufaa yako. Mimi nimekaa kimya kwa muda mrefu lakini inatosha siwezi tena kufanywa mjinga” said Fahyma in part.

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A post shared by FAHYMA (@fahyvanny)

The two have had a hot and cold relationship over the years, leaving many wondering whether they were still together.

“Nasema tena njia ya muongo ni fupi. Mtakapo sikia ukweli kutoka kwangu kila mtu ata wachukia wanaume. Nilikuwa nikidanganywa kwa muda sasa ila inatosha siitaji kudanganywa tena baki na huyo huyo mimi staki tena, nitaendelea na Maisha yangu na mtoto wangu siitaji kifanywa mjinga tena. Naongea kifupi ila nitaongea kwa kirefu”

“Nimekubali kutukanwa kubeba maumivu yote nikijuwa navumilia kwa mtu ambae ni wa muhimu kwangu kumbe najidanganya mwenyewe. Imetosha sasa siwezi tenaa endlelea na huu mchezo ambayo hauna mwisho sitakii” added an upset Fahyma.

Rayvanny and Fahvanny in the past
Rayvanny and Fahvanny in the past

The light-skinned lady also had a warning for her replacement; “Na wewe unaejiona umepata labda nikwambie kitu, ujui chochote kile utaenda kufanywa mjinga na mpumbavu mpka kufa kwako #Maliponihapahapaduniani”

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Rayvanny not satisfied with Harmonizes apology after cheating scandal

‘I will still respect you’ Harmonize addresses nasty breakup with actress Kajala


Konde Gang CEO Harmonize has confirmed his breakup with Actress Frida Kajala.

Frida and Harmonize were alleged to have broken up after the actress deleted all their photos together.

Harmonize also responded to Rayvanny who called him out for allegedly wanting to date Kajala and her daughter Paula.

In a long post yesterday, Rayvanny leaked a screenshot of a  private conversation which included nude photos from Harmonize to Paula.Eywxu4PWEAEVjRt

Rayvanny wanted the ‘Atarudi’ hitmaker to apologize.

Well, Harmonize has responded saying he respects all women including those he has ever dated.

He mentioned that Jackline Wolper, Sarah and Kajala are the reason he is Harmonize today.

He appreciated them for being in his life.

Harmonize also called out all those who wanted his relationship with Kajala to end saying he will continue respecting her despite their breakup.

Check out his post;

‘This one from the bottom of my heart…..!!!! sikuzote naheshimu na nitaendelea kumuheshimu kila mwanamke aliewahi kuwa katika mahusiano na mimi niukweli usiofichika nilianza na (jack ) then (saraah) kisha (kajala) kila 1 kwa wakati wake ….!!! na kwa hakika hawa ndio wanawake walionifanya leo hii nikawa (harmonize ) kwa pamoja tumepitia mazuri mengi na mabaya pia ….!!! mara nyingi siziangalii tofauti peke…!! naangalia zaidi nyakati za furaha tulizo pitia ndiomana sijawahi kumdharau au kumuongelea vibaya yeyote kati yao itoshe kusema nawaheshimu na kuwathamini na naamini ni zaidi ya marafiki na ndugu niowahi kuwa nao tofauti hutokea muda wote bila kujali ni za aina gani au zinatokea wapi ila moyoni naamini haziwezi vunja upendo tulio utengeneza kwa muda mwingi myoyoni …..!!!!! siku zote nitaendelea kuwapa kipaumbele kama wanawake wenye nafasi kubwa sanaaa ukiacha mama yangu mzazi ningependa kuwaona wenye furaha ili hata kesho na kesho kutwa tuje kuzikana maaana hakuna aijuae kesho yake ….!!!!! naaamini kuachana ni mwisho tu wa maridhiano kutokana na sababu husika lakini sio vita wala uhasama …!!!! au chanzo cha kudhalilishana na ningependa kuongea zaidi kuhusu (k) ….!!!!!! ambae naweza sema ndio mtu wa mwisho kumiliki moyo wangu …!!!

He added;

leo tupo wazima lakini hakuna anaeijua kesho haina sababu ya kuonyeshana nani ni zaidi nani, kaumia , au nani kakosea zaidi, kuliko mwingine kwani haina maana yeyote lakini pia ni kuwapa ushindi watu waliokuwa wakipambana kuona haya mahusiano hayapo tene…..!!!!!! kama ilivyo ada nitaendelea kukuheshimu na kukuombea mafanikio mema umekuwa mtu mzuri kwangu hususani kwa kipindi tulichokuwa pamoja ..!!! kwakuwa mimi sio mtu wa kueleza eleza sana ilikuwaje ikawaje nafunika kombe mwana haramu apite lakini pia niwashukuru engineers wote mliofanikiwa kulikamirisha hili ….!!! dat was good plan na imefanikiwa ….!!!!! ila niombe tu iwe kwa amaniii …!!! isiwe #vibaya ….!!!! link on my bio

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Rayvanny posts screenshots of Harmonize hitting on the daughter of his former GF Kajala

Rayvanny has escalated the beef between himself and Harmonize to another level with some outstanding claims about his behaviour.

Just days after Kajala unfollowed Harmonize and deleted pictures with him, it seems that he has decided to hit on her daughter Paula, something that Rayvanny is not taking lightly.

Harmonize and Frida Kajala
Harmonize and Frida Kajala

It’s important to note that Harmonize also lectured Rayvanny months ago, on trying to date Paula and he was well and happy to return the favour.

”Dunia ina maajabu yake lakini sijawahi ona mtu wa ajabu kama wewe my bro @harmonize_tz. Ni binadamu wa aina gani wewe ambae unataka kua na mama na mtoto pia tena kwa nguvu zote na unatuma hadi utupu wako bila hata kuogopa nafasi ulionayo kwenye jamii kujidhalilisha kua kama ulivyozaliwa na angali wewe ni kioo cha jamii. Ni roho ya ajabu sana ulionayo yani KILA NIKIKUWAZA SIPATI JIBU NDUGU YANGU. Ulikua unawapigia simu viongozi mbalimbali juu ya swala langu mimi sasa nawaza leo hii utawaangaliaje ?? Wewe ni balozi wa kampuni na zimekupa heshima kama balozi sasa nawaza unapata wapi ujasiri wa kutuma utupu wako. Ni kampuni gani inakubali fedheha hii na je wanakuonaje kwa kitendo hiki ulichokifanya kinachodhalilisha wanawake hasa mama?

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A post shared by CHUI… 🐯 (@rayvanny)

Hivi hukumfikiria mama ambae aliekupa heshima wewe na kukuweka karibu na kukutambulisha familia yake? Yani unataka ukatembee na mwanae wa damu yani mwanae wakumzaa? LEO HII MWANAO WAKIKE AKIKUA AKASIKIA UCHAFU HUU ANAKUONA NI BABA WA NAMNA GANI WEWE UNAEMTAKA MAMA NA MTOTO ?


Rayvanny has also exposed WhatsApp chats of Harmonize hitting on Paula. Check the out below;

Rayvanny exposing Harmonize Rayvanny exposing Harmonize 1 Rayvanny exposing Harmonize 2 Rayvanny exposing Harmonize 3


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“Don’t burn bridges” Rayvanny says as he unveils new record label


Singer Rayvanny has reminisced being mentored by Diamond Platnumz among other great men and women when he was a newcomer to the industry.

Speaking while unveiling the offices for his new music label, Rayvanny showed off mounted pictures of all those who mentored him and had a big influence to make him the successful singer he is today.

He took several people to tour the offices and among them was Babu Tale a former manger of Diamond Platnumz now turned politician. He praised Babu Tale for instilling discipline in him as a father figure.”Ni mzee wangu ni baba wangu amenifundisha mengi kwenye muziki discipline, kujitunza, kumheshimu kila mtu yani hicho ndio kikubwa na ndo maana alikuwa bungeni mheshimiwa lakini kaasema Rayvanny kwa heshima yako nachukuwa ndege kwa hili kisha kesho narudi Dodoma.”

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A post shared by CHUI… 🐯 (@rayvanny)

He also revealed that Sallam SK is his manager, who makes fun of his broken english but hustles hard to make sure he has gigs. Rayvanny also joked that Sallam works so hard he is the one who told him he is wanted by the police for making a teen drunk and possibly dating her.

“Don’t burn bridges kwasababu kuna kipindi uko mbele itafika ile wakati itafika uko mbele ili ufanikiwe itabidi urudi nyuma uchukuwe funguo gate ya kwanza lakini usha vunja madaraja yote, utarudia wapi?”

“sasa hiyo yote ni familia yangu Diamond has mentored me , he has showed me the way, he showed me where he started off to where he is now, so it has been easy for me to follow in his footsteps, he gives me the strength even all this property”

“So I respect my family and I respect my territory my boundaries unajua.”

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Rayvanny apologizes to Harmonizes girlfriend for getting her teen daughter drunk


On 15th February, Rayvanny and  Hamisa Mobetto were accused by Harmonize’s new girlfriend Kajala Masanja of allegedly getting her student daughter Paula drunk and recording her.

In a video clip that was shared on social media, Rayvanny was seen kissing 18-year-old Paula.

Rayvanny, however, deleted the video shortly afterwards.

In a lengthy post, Kajala said that on February 9, she allowed Hamisa to take her schoolgoing daughter for lunch but she took her to Rayvanny’s house, where they allegedly got her drunk and then recorded her.

She asked relevant authorities to take action.

Hamisa hit back saying she took Paula for lunch then dropped her off at her mother’s gym.

“Even if Hamisa Mobetto is the ugly place where you dump your garbage it has to stop. Kajala on the 9th your child asked me to take her for lunch. I told her I had to talk to you first, and I called you and you saw that it was alright.

“Don’t you see you’re lying publicly without fear? The day I went with Paula, did she have the same hair in the videos? I beg to be blamed for accepting the request to take your child for lunch and not otherwise,” she posted.

“I am a mother, a business person, stakeholder and ambassador for various companies. I have built my brand for a long time, so I would like to be respected and not tarnished by false accusations like these. I am also a parent and a child to my mother just like you,” she added.

She threatened Kajala with legal action over the allegations.

All through this Rayvanny kept quiet and on March 4th he responded on Instagram saying he is sorry for his actions.

He wrote “ Nichukue nafasi hii kumuomba radhi dada angu @kajalafrida na kuwaomba radhi wazazi na yoyote ambaye nilimkwaza kwa kupost video ambayo inawezekana imetafsiriwa vibaya …kwasababu sisi ni binadamu na kamwe hatuwezi kukamilika”


“I wore 1 pair of clothes for a whole month!” Rayvanny discloses sad journey to stardom

2021 hasn’t started well for WCB star Rayvanny. The man has been at the center of a controversy this past month where it is alleged that he might have spent some intimate time with a Tanzanian teen.

Read more of that story below:

Harmonizes blasts Rayvanny for dating his girlfriends teen daughter

But while a scandal like this might make some go into hiding, Ray has decided to speak about his crazy rags to riches story. In a recent post, the singer like his boss Diamond Platnumz explained to the world that life was very tough way before fame.

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A post shared by CHUI… 🐯 (@rayvanny)

Rayvanny narrated that he travelled to Dar Es Salaam from Kigoma after completing his O-level education where he found people were unwilling to help him get there.

That forced him to hitch a ride in a lorry that was heading that direction and could not be more grateful to the driver who happened to know him.

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A post shared by CHUI… 🐯 (@rayvanny)

But he was to face some misfortune along the way as the clothes that he had packed were all ruined by some liquid that didn’t get off even with the strongest detergents.

”In the lorry my clothes were ruined, so I tried to clean them but I could not, so I was left with only one pair of clothes,” he added.

The musician said he was forced to spend an entire month with the only pair upon arriving in Dar Es Salaam. ”I have never said this anywhere before but I stayed at a place for like a whole month with just one pair of clothes. It was a Purple T-shirt and a red Pencil trouser. I used to turn the clothes inside out whenever they got dirty and I had to show change,” he explained.

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A post shared by CHUI… 🐯 (@rayvanny)

The “Tetema” singer noted that that period had been the lowest in his life but also taught him resilience and gave him the hunger to work hard and succeed.

But later on, his dreams would come true after Rayvanny met with Diamond’s manager Babu Tale who took him in and as they say, the rest is history.

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Harmonizes blasts Rayvanny for dating his girlfriends teen daughter

Harmonize has warned Rayvanny he risks ending up in jail just like R Kelly, for dating a minor.

This is after news went viral that Rayvanny has been seeing Film actress Kajala Masanja’s teen daughter. A video was leaked online on Valentines day of Rayvanny and the girl getting cosy, sending shock waves because of her supposed age.

The actress has begged the Government to take stern action against Rayvanny as she is a minor.

Harmonize wrote

Kwanini Usiendelee Kuimba Muziki tuu Huihitaji Kujiingiza Katika Kuhatalisha maisha Yako Kama Hivi Tazama mifano Ya Wasani Wakubwa Akina R KELLY Mpaka Leo wana Sota Ndani Kwajili Ya Mambo Hizi za watoto Wa (Shule) Kama Tatizo Lilikuwa Ni Mimi Kumpenda Mama Yake (P) Na watu wengi wakavutiwa Na sisi si Ungetafuta Mkubwa Mwenzio Why

Reactions condemning Rayvanny were fast with fans digging in below:

Annet Night
Baby Sky please help me with this question; how old is Paula and if she is over 18 years she’s considered an adult. Also what if Ravvyn loves this girl? Has Kajala asked herself this? And if so would she be happy to know who is dating her daughter than not knowing? Kajala shouldn’t make the mistake, Wema s mother made when she rejected DP for her daughter and ruined their future love. Kajala should talk to her daughter and Ravvyn to find out what’s going on then decide on her next move

There has to be more to the story than just the video tukumbuke kwamba kama Mama Ake paula decided to air this issue out there it’s got to be more than just a video post aren’t you all worried about wat might have happened to the young girl


View this post on Instagram

A post shared by KONDEBOY (@harmonize_tz)

Bruno Deche
Mbona wanaendana Sana,jamani acheni vannyboy apate raha duniani

Bora batangaya
She is above 18 has decided wote wapewe hadhbu hakuna mtoto hpo Kajala mwenywew anavuliwa hovyo

Moanah Lavidas
wewe wanapendaana hawa huyo ni over 18 na ukute mamake anajua

Buguli Mulinja
Cha msingi ni kwamba mtoto anamuonesha mama kuwa aache kutembea na wanaume size yake, sidhani km kunatofaut ya umri kati ya Rayvanny na Harmonize

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Tew Much! Harmonize and Rayvanny are dating mother-daughter


Tanzanian singer Harmonize is dating a new woman while Rayvanny is dating the teen daughter of that woman.

Am I making sense? The two are both dating a mother and her daughter. I mean I have to stress this part because it’s tew much!

The news became all too real on Valentines day after a video of Rayvanny getting cosy with a girl said to be film actress Frida Kajal’s high school daughter went viral.

Screenshot at 2021-02-15 15-59-39
Rayvanny and Paula

The daughter is called Paula and is friends with Hamisa, Zuchu among others.

Frida Kajala now blames Hamisa Mobetto for introducing her daughter Paula to Rayvanny and life on the fast lane, saying they gave her alcohol and took videos of her.

But Hamisa has disassociated herself from the scandal.

A fan was thoroughly disgusted and wrote

Miss Reen
All these people dating from the same circles as if unwanted pregnancies and mostly STDs aren’t real 🤮🤮🤮🤮 another episode of The Kardashians and recycling men ah

Harmonize and Frida Kajala
Harmonize and Frida Kajala

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Rayvanny is more talented than him – Babu Tale declares about Diamond Platnumz

Diamond Platnumz has done a lot in his career. The man is arguably the most successful musician in East and Central Africa in the last generation.

The man with the Midas touch has done it all, with album sales, breaking YouTube records and being the mainstay for most concerts that he goes to.

He is a tour de’ force to all and sundry. Hate or love him one can’t deny the influence he has had on the entertainment scene the past 10 years even as a mentor to the likes of Harmonize, Rayvanny and Zuchu.

While this might be so, his own manager, Babu Tale is of the belief that Diamond’s mentee Rayvanny is more talented than he is.

In a recent interview with Salama on her show Salama Na, Tale claimed that WCB’s most talented artiste was not Diamond but his protégé, Rayvanny.

This he made public when he was asked by Salama to mention the most talented artiste in the record label. Many people expected him to mention Diamond’s name owing to his vast success in the industry.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by CHUI… 🐯 (@rayvanny)

His short and succinct answer was that Rayvanny was the best. He was not given the chance to support his answer but his message had already gotten out.

Tale also used the opportunity to make it clear that he is still Diamond’s manager and that his salary keeps coming like before even though he had become a politician in Tanzania.

The man also touched on personal issues refuting claims that he had used black magic and killed his wife so that he could clinch the parliamentary seat.

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Shakilla alleges that she and superstar Rayvanny have been chatting on DM’s

It seems that controversial Kenyan socialite Shakilla is expanding her reach into the neighbouring borders. The lady, who has in the past alleged that she had liaisons with famous Kenyan male celebs like Willy Paul and Victor Wanyama, has done it again.

Done what again? She is claiming that she and Tanzanian superstar Rayvanny have been in direct contact via Instagram.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by CHUI… 🐯 (@rayvanny)

She said, “At the beginning, Rayvanny wasn’t replying to my DMS but nowadays he is.”

The 19-year-old also revealed details of her long time crush on the Tanzanian artist.

“I admire Rayvanny very much and I keep on saying that. Let’s start with his hair, his body physique, his eyes and above all his magical voice.”

She claimed that although she was speaking to the artist, that she still hadn’t expressed her feelings to him, warning ladies about the danger of hitting on a man first.

“Don’t ever tell a man openly that you love him because he is going to use it as a weapon against you in future. if you love a man take it step by step and then give your all at long last now.”

Everyone who knows Shakilla will take this admission with a pinch of salt as she has already been bursted in the past alleging her liaisons with celebs like Victor Wanyama and Khaligraph Jones.

Rayvanny himself doesn’t seem to be in a nice place relationship-wise as he recently blasted his baby mama, Fayvanny when she tried to claim him as her man on her Instagram page.

He instantly told her to delete his image! Ouch!

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