Copycat! Rayvanny announces plans for marriage like Diamond

Love is a beautiful thing and getting to settle down with the right person makes all the difference.

It seems Diamond Platnumz’ desire to get married ‘soon’ has rubbed off on his croonies.

Diamond has over the past few days been professing his intent to settle down with one woman, and his family were super impressed and urged him to do it.

Diamonds intent became clear on Thursday July 30 and Saturday 1st August, during the wedding ceremony of his sister Esma. While wishing her a happy union, he declared that he too would love to find the ‘one’ to settle down with soon.

I want to marry one woman only – Diamond Platnumz opens up

Rayvanny too has used the two day wedding fiesta to announce he wants to find his forever ever. He shared a series of photos and in the fist said

amani nichagulieni tarehe, Nataka kuoa 

rayvanny at esma wedding

In the second he dropped another hint albeit cheekily saying

Ndoa nasikia tamu mara chugu, sasa nachangnyikiwa ni limao au sukari 🤣🤣🤣 Mlo ionja ndoa yani Mlooa na kuolewa nipeni majibu …


Diamond’s sister Esma gets married as 3rd wife in posh wedding (photos)

Wait! What if he is having a good laugh at Diamonds expense? It will be interesting to see where this goes.

Rayvannys union with baby mama Fayvanny lasted until 2019, when she wrote that he is dead to her and their child.

The baby mama had accused him of having a fling with a video vixen, but he denied it.

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Birthday photos of Rayvanny’s baby mama leaves fans in awe

Fahima aka Fahyvanny is baby mama to bongo singer Rayvanny. She just turned a year older and has treated fans to absolutely gorgeous birthday photos on her social media.

Wishing her the best, Rayvanny, wrote

“More life , more blessings, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mama Jaydan @fahyvanny Enjoy your Day 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹”

Fahima is a fashionista and a CEO of her own fashion company. She came into the limelight thanks to her celebrity boyfriend.

‘From a salon business to ‘simu ya jamii,’ Jobs Rayvanny did before fame

Check out her awesome birthday photos;

‘From a salon business to ‘simu ya jamii,’ Jobs Rayvanny did before fame

Before fame and money, most celebrities have struggled to make it to the top. It’s no different with Tanzanian singer Rayvanny who recently revealed his property was stolen while trying to make ends meet

I loved to do business even before I started singing. I worked in the phone kiosks and they stole what was mine,

Adding that;

I ventured into a salon business and started other businesses. So when you see me in the music industry also know that I have other things that I do on the side but music is in my blood.

Rayvanny is currently one of the most sought after singers in East Africa with a BET award.

Willy Paul ends beef with Rayvanny

Rayvanny hints Diamond could be expecting another baby


We all joke how Diamond Platnumz is a ‘Father Abraham’  and this is because of the many children he has across East Africa.

He started in Uganda, making Zari the first mother of his adorable children, then he cheated with Tanzania’s Hamisa and got a son with her. He broke up with Zari and a year or so later, he was seeing Tanasha, who immediately got pregnant.

Diamond has managed to sire children with the top three east African countries and the joke now because which other country will he ‘take over’.

Seems like this is not a joke because his best friend, Rayvanny took to social media with a bold statement alluding that Simba might be seeking to sire in another East African country.


The Zezeta hit singer realized Diamond wasn’t done with East Africa yet and he corrected himself in another post, which read,


So if he gets a child with a peng Rwandese or Burundian babe, don’t be shocked, it is part of the plan. Though sees like he has plans to really work on his music this year. He has been releasing back to back hit songs and as per the usual, none is below a million views.

Diamond is a man of many talents.

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Rayvanny gifts flowers to fans for Valentines

Tanzanian singer Rayvanny has released a project called “Flowers” one he says is about good and classic love music that is a Valentine gift to his fans.

The singer has indeed shared his feeling on each song in the 8-track project. In one of the songs called “Ex-Boyfriend”, the singer is begging to get back the love of his life who has now moved on.

Late last year, the singer fell out with his baby mama Fahima who together have a son Jaydan Vanny. The two are yet to confirm whether they are back together because the singer refused claims that the whole situation was a publicity stunt.

Among other songs in this project are I love you, Naogopa, Teamo ft Messias maricoa Mama la mama ft Mr Blue,Sweet melody, Vumilia, One ft Karen.

Willy Paul ends beef with Rayvanny

Willy Paul ends beef with Rayvanny

Willy Paul accused Tanzanian singer Rayvanny of stealing his song “Chuchuma” when the WCB singer shared a teaser of the song online.

After the two songs were released they were two different songs but the beef continued.

“Okay, what’s up people. I would like to bring this to the attention of people. [rayvanny] is trying to steal from a kenyan. Yet all along kenyans have supported their music. I have gotten support from his country as well.

 Someone is stealing my idea. It is so painful. You cannot do that to a brother. You cannot steal and get away with it.My friend listen, nobody steals from pozee!” He said in a video

Well, Pozze seems to have let things cool down as he stepped into 2020 saying he didn’t want to go on holding a grudge.

He shared the song to the collabo he did with Vanny Boy called “Mmmh”.

“Anthem!! Tag this guy.. ajione song ilivo kuwa kubwa.. big up to everyone one kwa support yenu.. #mmmh1 I dont want to end the year with grudges manze. God said, learn to forgive right? So haijalishi nini ama nini. Wacha kazi iendelee.. this song is still a masterpiece manze. Big up brother Rayvanny”

Seems the beef is over and we are happy for them.

I’m not a homewrecker – says woman romantically linked to Rayvanny

Is Rayvanny’s baby mama Fahyma pregnant? Fans think so (video)

WCB singer Rayvanny’s baby Faima ‘Fahyma’ Msenga. might be pregnant again. The speculation was fueled by a video she shared on her Instagram page.

Fahyvanny and Rayvanny
Fahyvanny and Rayvanny in the past

Fahyma who has more than 1.8 million followers left them wondering whether she was pregnant or just playing around, after she captioned the video with a pregnancy emoji, which she later removed.

View this post on Instagram


A post shared by FAHYVANNY (@fahyvanny) on

Her post divided her followers with some claiming that she was doing it only for publicity, while others congratulated her for the good news.

Rayvanny and baby mama Fahyma snob each other in public

Don’t forget that this comes a few days after the rumour that she had parted ways with her fiance’ and father to her son, Raymond Shaban who is popularly known as Rayvanny.


In the quest to clear the air, the Tetema hit-maker came out deny allegations that they were chasing clout and that the two really had genuine issues. He said,

‘Kusema kweli nitafute kiki kwa kipi sasa wakati mungu amenijaalia natoa ngoma zangu watu wanapenda. Lakini kama ni kiki , kuna mambo mengi ya kufanyia kiki , sio swala ambalo ni sensitive kivile. Sisi tumegombana hata kabla ya ile deal yake ya juzi ya Diapers. So kwa wale wanasema tulitengeneza kiki si kweli. Sisi familia itabaki kuwa familiana muziki utabaki pale pale. Na kilichotokea kimeonekana na kibaki hivyo maana sina time ya kuongelea famiy life yangu sasa hivi,’ said Rayvanny.

Fahyma in white
Fahyma in white

Vanny Boy also denied having an affair with the video vixen who appeared in his latest song dubbed “I love You” who is the alleged cause of his separation with Fahyvanny.

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I’m not a homewrecker – says woman romantically linked to Rayvanny

Nana, the video vixen linked to WCB singer Rayvanny says she is not a homewrecker and that she is in a serious relationship with her boyfriend of four years.

“I heard that Fahima (Rayvanny’s baby mama) had shared a post about me. I was just doing my work and nothing else. I have had a headache since that issue occurred,” she said.

“We took many photos and that was part of my job. Rayvanny and I are just friends, there is no romantic relationship.

“I am in a public relationship with my boyfriend so I cannot do stupid things because we’ve been together for three to four years now.”


Rayvanny has a son with fashionista Fahyma. In a recent post shared by the singer, Fahima had sent him a text telling him to consider them dead to him.

 Rayvanny’s baby mama opens up about marrying the superstar

Well, here are the photos of Ravanny and the video vixen that got his relationship with Fahima on the rocks;

Rayvanny and baby mama Fahyma snob each other in public

Rayvanny and his baby mama Fahima aka Fahyvanny have been having issues which the two of them have spoken about on social media.

At first, it looked like a stunt from the singer to promote his new song ‘I Love You’ claims that he rubbished,

“I don’t know anything to do with stunts. I’m living my life. When I release the music, my fans receive it well, since I started, I don’t do anything like a publicity stunt. I’m not here for the stunts. Whatever you saw, that’s how it is.” He told Wasafi media.

Rayvanny and baby mama Fahyma

The rain started beating the two after Fahyma accused Rayvanny of being with another woman.

The singer then shared cosy photos of himself and a Tanzanian video vixen called Nana.

He later rubbished these rumours saying the lady in question has a boyfriend.

“Nana and I are not in a relationship. She is in a relationship that she respects so much, I thank her for shooting the video with me. The video is nice because it is real and romantic. I wanted it to be the way it is.”

His sentiments came just after exposing his baby mama on social media for inappropriately texting him asking him to consider her (Fahyma) and their son dead to him


When asked about each other by journalists, the two have been downplaying the question.

Rayvanny recently walked out on an interview when asked about Fahyma.

Willy Paul reveals inside details of beef with Tanzanian singer Rayvanny (exclusive)

Willy Paul reveals inside details of beef with Tanzanian singer Rayvanny (exclusive)

Willy Paul released his song Chuchuma yesterday. The singer, who was a top gospel artiste, has decided to take his business over to the secular side and is doing so with the solid offering of Chuchuma which is Kiswahili for ‘squat’.

Willy Paul posing
Willy Paul posing


But the real highlight of the song is the gem he drops into the mix, right at the end of the second verse. At this point, we can now infer who he has been accusing of stealing his music:

Usiwe mjinga ka kijana mnono mfupi na mwizi mround (FUNNY BOY)

For those of you who know WCB’s Rayvanny, his adlib whenever he drops a song is Vannyboy.

I called the singer and asked him who the song was directed at (yes and with all that proof!). Despite the above-mentioned verse, Willy refused to reveal the name of the artist but instead gave me the backstory of the song and the resulting controversy. He said;

I will not give you the name of the singer but I have worked with him before and he is someone I respected a lot.

Willy went on to explain that the previous song he had done with that artiste had been a huge hit and so it made sense to work with the unmentioned artiste (whom we shall now call Rayvanny henceforth after Willy’s Chuchuma song dropped).

The two had worked on the chart-topper Mmmh! which was released in February this year.

Willy Pozze explains that he played two songs for Rayvanny when he came to his Saldido studio but that an elated Ray couldn’t record his verses while still in Kenya.

So Willy then sent the song with his own verses to Rayvanny who was now in Tanzania. Rayvanny took two days to record and sent the song back with his own verses added in.

Willy Paul posing
Willy Pozze

Willy says he then finished editing the song and sent it back to Rayvanny. He says that Vannyboy then suggested that they should not only shoot a video but also change some of the verses in the song.

The Sitolia singer said that he wasn’t happy with that suggestion as he felt that the song was great as is. Thus ensued an exchange of differing versions of the song between the two artistes.

Nandy or Alaine? Willy Paul answers who he would date (Exclusive)

‘He changed everything in the song! I refused. Then I thought to myself that this was a small issue that we shouldn’t have. We are brothers, our friendship should be more important. Let’s continue being friends but I will do my song alone because I love my song as is.’ Willy Paul told me.

Rayvanny hairstyle
Rayvanny with the noodle hairstyle

Willy added that after he told Rayvanny this, he says the Tanzanian forbade him from using the recordings he had sent, to which the Kenyan artiste agreed.

After that Pozze said that Vannyboy blocked him. ‘I was shocked! It has now become personal,’ Willy explained. The singer, who has had many successful collabos with different artistes, told me that a few days later he was shocked to see the same song that he had sent to Rayvanny being promoted on the Tanzanian’s Instagram page.

‘His (Rayvanny) verse was done with ideas he got from the recordings I sent him. It’s not good what he did,’ he finished.

What do you think?

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 Rayvanny’s baby mama opens up about marrying the superstar


Rayvanny and his baby mama Fahima are couple goals to many.

They stay away from controversy unlike their peers in the Wasafi team.

Recently his girlfriend Fahima says she has converted to Christianity from Islam. She opened up about her faith for the first time in an interview with Yo Fave.

Rayvanny girlfriend Fahima

“Honestly, I have changed my religion. I didn’t change because I want to forcefully get married. I changed because my boyfriend and kid are Christians, my grandmother was Christian and my mum was brought up in a Christian home,” she said.

Asked about tying the knot, she said,

“The wedding is there, people should just wait. It will be as soon as possible.” Fahima has sired a child for the WCB signee rapper.

Rayvanny, wife and son

Apostasy in Islam is commonly defined as the conscious abandonment of Islam by a Muslim in word or through a deed. Islamic scholars differ in their opinions on the definition and whether and how it should be punished.

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The ugliest hairstyles ever worn by East African celebrities

Celebrities are always trying to widen their spheres, musically and also in the way that the public perceives them.

One of those ways can be in their fashion and style. Hairstyles are a wonderful way for a celeb to show off their uniqueness and individuality to the watching public.

But there are times when the celebs go wrong in the hairstyle that they choose. Some of those celebs are below;

Otile Brown

This singer is the one who has caused me to write this article. The abomination on his head is not only terrible to look at, it is also a crime against humanity!

Otile Brown posing with his ugly dreads
Otile Brown posing with his ugly dreads


This is another celeb who cannot stick with one style and should be on this list several times as a serial offender. The fake locks epidemic have been popularised by East Africa’s most popular singer but they just don’t work on him.

Diamond with the ugly locks
Diamond with the ugly locks

I don’t get how he has been able to keep them despite the many women he has around him who can advise him against the style!


I think you are noticing a pattern here. Fake dreads are bad! Bahati decided to try out a new style when he went to Dubai with his wife Diana Marua.

Bahatis new look
Bahati’s when he had the ugly hairstyle

The backlash he received was so bad that even his wife Diana campaigned for that ugly mop of hair to be removed. Bahati acquiesced and a toddler somewhere smiled.


The singer put one of most egregious hairstyles I have ever seen with his blonde noodle hairstyle. Again the fake dreads make a comeback.

Rayvanny hairstyle
Rayvanny with the noodle hairstyle


The crooner is often recognised for his blonde hair but there are times that he has tried to forego the style in favour of Ghanaian lines that he wore at the Wasafi festival late last year.

Harmonize donning the hairstyle
Harmonize donning the hairstyle

I am torn on this one I must say.

Willy Paul

The ‘Haleluyia’ singer loves dying his hair, with blonde and white being a favourite for him. The singer also seems to be copying a lot of the styles that Diamond has tried out. It isn’t like Diamond has a stellar record at choosing wonderful hairstyles.

Willy-Paul looking in his ugly style

As you can surmise the common thread among all these hairstyles is that the celebs who are trying them are stitching fake hair onto their sculpts, a result that is not pleasant to the eye.

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Why Diamond Platnumz and Harmonize will pay more for video vixen wigs


The Kenyan government has been kind to us girls and not added taxes for the beauty industry.

Sadly for our Tanzanian counterparts this is not the case.

They will have to dig deeper into their pockets to buy that wig or hair extension.

Both synthetic and human hair wigs can cost anywhere from $15 to over $1000.

While no Tanzanian celebrity has spoken out about this, we know several who wear wigs. From Wema Sepetu, to Hamisa Mobetto, Vanessa Mdee and Ray C, these are amongst women who will have to break the bank to slay.


The Tanzania government has proposed new taxes on wigs, drivers’ license fees, and sanitary towels in its new budget.

The Tanzanian minister for Planning and Finance Philpo Mpango read the budget in Parliament in a move highly supported by MP’s.

Wigs manufactured locally will now attract a tax of 10 percent while the imported ones will face a 25 per cent tax.

The minister also reinstated tax on sanitary pads because as he argues previous measures to exempt the items from taxes has not been passed down to consumers as businessmen continued to benefit from lower taxes.


Here are several reasons why wigs are expensive

1. The Hair Quality

The quality of hair which was made for human hair wigs determined 80% of the wig cost.

2. Use or no use of a Lace Cap

3. If it’s a frontal, full lace, density of wigs determine cost

Lace front wigs and 360 lace wigs both made by lace frontals (or 360 frontals) and hair bundles, so they are hand tied plus machine made, take less time than full lace wigs. If you want to make a full lace wig, it needs about 40 hours (working all the 40 hours), and also if you want single knot hairline and silk base, it will need more than three times as long. If you want 150% density even 180% density will need long time because the manufacturers must knot more hair on the lace cap.


4. human hair vs synthetic hair

Synthetic hair is much cheaper than human hair, it can be made very straight texture. Synthetic hair is pressed, cut and predesignated, it is very straight, not easy to change the style. But it is not human hair, it is not soft and smooth, even though it has gloss. I just learn about synthetic hair cannot make other styles which you want, it cannot make by hair curler, it is not controlled by heat.

What’s worse, human hair is natural so far than synthetic hair, and the lifespan is longer. Synthetic wigs can only last less than 3 months, but human hair wigs can last more than 1 year with proper care.

Making a human hair wig need to spend lots of money and energy, so the selling price is higher than other hair products.

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Wedding bells! Rayvanny set to get married to long time girlfriend

Rayvanny is set to marry his long time girlfriend and baby mama Fahima. The WCB artiste has been dating this particular lady way before he made headlines as a big artiste.

Asked about tying the knot with the queen of his heart, Ray said;

” Yeah, Mungu akijaalia tutafanya.”

But when is it going down?



Well, at least, he has given her some type of assurance. However, the baby mama, has been making headlines lately for her striking beauty.

If you are talking fashion, check.her.Style. Check. Actually make that, everything?

Fahima Rayvanny

Forget Zari meet Rayvanny’s beautiful baby mama Fahyma

She and the singer welcomed their son, Jaydan Vanny in April 2017. Jaydan is now a celebrity kid with thousands of followers on social media. His recent photos on social media are proof enough that the young man is all grown up.

jaydan Rayvanny

Rayvanny hit the music charts after releasing the song Kwetu, one that brought attention to his side of Tanzania. Since then, the singer has been releasing hit after hit. He is the only East African artiste that has won a BET award.

GOSPEL TIME! Maina Kageni Confesses His Unwavering Love And Support For BAHATI And His Music (AUDIO)

Maina Kageni is very selective when it comes to music and if you listen to his breakfast show frequently, you know he’s a big supporter of East African music and a little of Western songs.

The celebrated radio personality is a lover of local music, from gospel to secular songs, but his preference is gospel tracks.

When it comes to Bongo music, Maina Kageni is a fan of artistes like Diamond Platnumz, Christina Shusho, Alikiba and Harmonize. Uganda’s music legend Jose Chameleone who is best known for songs like; Wale Wale and Badilisha is another one of his favorites.

When it comes to Kenyan music, Maina Kageni has his favorites like; Willy Paul, Sanaipei Tande, Daddy Owen, and Mercy Masika. But now, the renowned radio host has revealed his undying support for one, Bahati.


Kenyan gospel singer Bahati real name Kevin Kioko is one of the youngest singers in Kenya and over the years, he’s proved to be among the best in the local music scene. He also happens to be Willy Paul’s nemesis for the longest time.

Bahati recently revealed a new song with Wasafi signed-singer Rayvanny, known for his collaboration with Diamond Platnumz dubbed Salome, which is a massive hit in Africa.

The new song goes by the name, Nikumbushe, which is a reminder of their background before all the fame and money. It basically tells people to remain humble even after the fame, and not looking down on other people.


Maina Kageni revealed that he’s a huge fan of Bahati and his music, and though he took a long time to introduce his fans to the new collaboration, he confessed that he loved the song immediately he heard it.

The radio presenter also congratulated Bahati for his efforts to work with artistes from other countries, revealing that the song is already has 1.2 Million views on YouTube. Listen to the audio below.