Fatuma Gedi goes to police after alleged assault by MP

Wajir East MP Rashid Amin has assaulted Wajir Women representative Fatuma Gedi at Parliament buildings.
Rashid reportedly accosted Fatuma at Parliament parking lot and engaged her in a heated discussion before physically assaulting her as legislators and security officers watched helplessly.

Fatuma Gedi recording at the police station
Fatuma Gedi statement at the police station

Star established that Rashid demanded to know why Gedi – a member of budget committee – did not allocate any money to his Wajir East Constituency during the recent visit by the budget team. The Budget and Appropriation teanm was in Wajir east for budget public hearing.
“It was about 9.50 am I was with Gladys Wanga (Homabay woman representative) when I met the Honourble member. We just said hello and he asked me how comes we did not put anything for him in his constituency and I told him you were not there and you were the host MP and you mobilized your people to come and present their case,” Fatuma told the Star.

“He called me stupid and nonsense and then he beat me. I was shocked, I could not believe it. He came again and hit me. ”
Wanga who was with Gedi confirmed the assault.

Fatuma Gedi at the police station
Fatuma Gedi at the police station

“We were going to Protection house, when we got there we met Rashid Amin who is my colleague in PIC. They started to converse in Somali so I just stood by to wait for Gedi. A few minutes into the conversation I just saw him hitting Gedi on the cheek, she was crying and bleeding. I didn’t know what could lead to that. I was surprised that a colleague can assault a female member,” Wanga said.

Gedi was rushed to Karen Hospital where first aid was administered before recording statement at Parliament Police Station under OB 20/13/6/2019.
Contacted Amin did not deny or confirm the assault allegations only saying he will respond to the Police.
“Treat it as a rumour, I will respond to the police,” he said.

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