‘All men are liars and cheat, settle for a rich one,’ Noti Flow advises women

Singer Noti flow has concluded that she would rather settle with a rich man and cry in a five star than some rugged place.

Well, her conclusion to this is that all men are liars and they will cheat.

She wrote;

I’ve realized all men are liars & cheats. Settle for a rich one. It’s better to cry in a 5 star than in some rugged place.”

She further added that girls who attack other girls and forgives the cheating boyfriends look dump and stupid.

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Recently she said that she would dump a cheating boyfriend and condemned Size 8 for using ‘Prayers’ as a way to forgive a cheating partner.

“Mi si Size 8 ati you cheat on me then we blame it on the devil and pray for it. Bruuh, I know my worth. I know I’m enough and if you can’t see that get out.”


“You cheat on me, i dump your a**. There’s plenty of fish in the sea, right? Let’s explore.”

Size 8 forgave her husband DJ Mo and went for fasting to pray for the marriage.



Noti Flow reveals Colonel Mustafa has a cucu girlfriend

Noti Flow and Colonel Mustafa have been having issues and it all culminated in the femcee collaborating with Colonel Mustafa’s arch-nemesis Prezzo.


So I decided to call Noti Flow and have a conversation about why she has decided to work with Prezzo, why she and Colonel Mustafa have decided to kill their budding romance and whether she and Prezzo are now romantically involved.


But for the sake of today’s story, we will be focussing on a bombshell she dropped on me.

While talking to her about why she and Colonel Mustafa are no longer together, she said,

“He has a sugar mummy! And imagine how old she must be given how old Colonel Mustafa is… He will be with me, leave and go to Dubai to her!”

Listen to the audio of the conversation between us below: