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There is growing alarm over gender violence worldwide. Let’s talk about the culture that allows rape to thrive.

Women are taught not to walk alone in the dark instead of men being taught to not prey on a lone woman.

They are taught to never leave their drink alone instead of being taught to not drug a human.

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Women are taught to pull their skirts down as the skin of our legs simply makes a man too ravenous, he won’t be able to resist them.

Everything is put on the woman, it’s their fault if they get raped. Others claiming, ladies drank too much or didn’t wear enough to cover up.
Ladies! let no one ever blame you. There should never be a time that you fear for your safety for having a bit of cleavage on show.

Rape culture is him getting let off. Rape culture is not being able to wear the outfit that you want to wear.

Rape culture is being told that after he touched you, no one would ever want you again. Rape culture is ladies getting the blame.

Let yourself be a man’s worst nightmare. Unleash your light, unveil your power.

You are not a “pretty little thing”. You are not your bum or the size of your boobs.

‘Ladies quote high’- Ciku Muiruri advises women on unwelcome advances


You are so much more than that. You are not someone that needs to cover up. You are an exploding light of flames and sparks.

Society better cover their eyes because you’re not playing along anymore. Do not allow yourself to play by the tune of a man just because he thinks he has power over you.

Your existence is not about how desirable he finds you.
Let yourself be free.

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‘My rapist asked me to pray to God for forgiveness for tempting him ‘ Woman narrates

Many women are opening up about sxual assault and how it’s affecting their lives.

From Hollywood celebrities to ordinary wanjiku, these horrific experiences tell of the untold suffering, and the process to healing.

According to online reports, these are the countries with the highest rape cases being reported.

  • United States
  • South Africa
  • Sweden
  • India
  • United Kingdom
  • Germany
  • France
  • Canada
  • Sri Lanka
  • Ethiopia

‘My lungs collapsed for the 19th time but God has kept me,’ Jahmby Koikai


A rape survivor took to social media to narrate how a man of the cloth raped her and went ahead to ask her to pray to God and ask for forgiveness for having tempted him (pastor) to sin.

She sadly narrates how despite her reporting the matter, those who were supposed to protect her turned against her and opted to protect the pastor given the fact that he was a man well known by the public.

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‘My husband never cheated on me’ Size 8 finally addresses infidelity rumor

Due to the constant abuse, the woman goes on to add that she fought depression, and how the ‘pastor ‘committed suicide followed by his wife who left behind a letter addressed to her as the rape victim.

She says





















These powerful stories help break the silence on stigma on rape, to also help other survivors out there.

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Rape survivor writes powerful open letter to Mike Sonko

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has been the talk of the town barely four months in office. Sonko recently threatened to use Mungiki to rape Embakasi East MP Babu Owino, who allegedly made demeaning comments about President Uhuru.

Well, a Kenyan man by the name Josaya, has written an open letter to Mike Sonko and below is what he had to say;

“Dear Governor Sonko,

I am disturbed by a clip I saw of you threatening to send men to gang-rape Embakasi East MP, Babu Owino.

You were going at him for disrespecting President Uhuru Kenyatta. You were defending your boss.

Gov, you crossed a line any leader should never cross. It was politics, but you turned it into a sick twisted freak show, as you frothed and twisted your hands, demonstrating how your opponent would feel the wrath – and rods – of the said act.

That was not a low blow. Heck, we will need to find another name for that blow. Because? You sunk so low we will need to request petroleum prospectors to help us find where you are at.

Gov, let me tell you why this bothers me. It was business, but you took it personal. Personal because I am a rape “thriver”. (Not a rape survivor).

I am a rape victor: not a rape victim. I was raped in 1983. I was 11-years-old. That ugly accident happened in this beautiful city.

It happened in Makadara Estate, of Makadara Constituency, which you once represented in Parliament.

For about 27 years, I did not speak about it. I never shared it with my family. It ate me up. Tore me up, it did.

But, like Patti La Belle said, “I am here, still here, despite the odds”. Which is why I would love to think that I am thriving despite this traumatic event.

Let me educate you, buddy. The rape was an event. But healing ain’t. It’s a lifelong process. You never really heal from rape. You just take it one day at a time. You take it one emotion at a time.

And when you hear a man threatening he will send a gang on a rape mission, you are taken back to that event.

Emotions get the best of you. You are raped again. You are defiled again. That’s the power of words, Gov.

Strangely, I did not feel sorry for you as much as I did those sickos who were cheering you on.

Rule 93 of the Geneva Convention prohibits rape and other forms of sexual violence in both international and non-international armed conflicts.

Yet you were threatening that you would send goons to rape a supposed enemy, and they found it funny? Some were religious leaders.

Some were parents. “Respectable” people. Yet they did not find your diatribe vile in any way?

Let me break it down for you, Gov. What you spewed was not an empty threat. When you boasted about your – in not-so-many words – you were giving carte blanches to all the rapists in this county.

You were emboldening them. Telling them they can do as they damn well please. That you got their blasted backs.

Here’s the deal. Nobody deserves to be raped; whether they are serial rapists or saints. Nobody deserves to go what I go through.

Nobody deserves to live in fear of rape. Nobody deserves to be robbed of their innocence. Nobody should stagger even a fraction of a mile in these my pinching shoes. Nobody.

Rape is not a revenge weapon. Many kids who are raped blame themselves for what has befallen. They think they were bad, and the rape is their comeuppance.

I have been there, Gov. Still, I would not want the kids of the man who raped me to be raped. I would not wish this on anyone.

And I am sure you would not wish this ill to befall your adopted son, Gift Osinya.

Yours sincerely,



This article was first published on Sde.

Read this granny’s account of how she’s been raped repeatedly by teenagers

A 90-year-old granny in Witeithie Estate, Juja Constituency has narrated how she has been sexually assaulted by several young men for more than five years.

Joyce Wanjiru Wangai said some of her rapists are so young to be her great-grandchildren.

In a faint sound, Wangai said only one of the attackers was recently arrested after he was nabbed by neighbours while allegedly raping her during the day.

He lifted me from where I was basking in the sun and took me to the house. He raped me several times before I was rescued by neighbours, she painfully narrated.

Gladys Nyaguthie Gitungo, a member of a Community Health Workers said the latest incident happened last month.

The suspect, who is now in police custody, was in the company of three other who managed to escape.

Nyaguthie said the old woman has endured this pain for long as the rapes occur almost on a daily basis.

‘I Was Raped By A Family Friend And Was Forced To Terminate The Pregnancy,’ Woman Shares Heartbreaking Story About Her Past Which Still Haunts Her

It has been going on for quite a long time. The cases I personally know of are seven, Nyaguthie said.

She explains that the granny’s nephew whom she once lived with in the same compound was the first to start raping her.

When residents knew about it they attempted to lynch him but was saved by the authorities.

His house was demolished and ordered to live elsewhere.

I don’t know where he lives now but he is still a resident of Witeithie even as we speak, she said.

It is alleged that the boys take advantage of a cucu’s inability to scream due to her age.

Sometimes they use their hands to cover her mouth.

They usually break into cucu’s house where she lives alone by drilling a hole through the mud walls and open the door, explains Nyaguthie.

Wangai is currently under medication after she was recently diagnosed with syphilis and gonorrhoea.

It has been very hard for us as she has to be attended to by a doctor twice a week which is expensive. We fear that these boys might end up killing her she said.

The granny has been living alone for more than 40 years after the death of her only son.

Cucu can barely remember her relatives. She says that her rural home is in Ndakaini village, Gatanga Constituency in a place called ˜Kwa Njiri wa Karanja. Unfortunately, she vows that will never go there due to personal differences with her maternal relatives, Nyanguthie said.

She is, therefore, appealing to the authorities to transfer her to a home for the elderly where she can live peacefully in her old age.

Nyanguthie blamed insecurity and high immorality rate on drug and substance abuse among the youths.

The rate of insecurity has skyrocketed with so many muggings and robbery cases being reported. The worst hit are M-PESA traders who report robberies every week, Nyaguthie said.

Courtesy James Wakahiu