Attention Maina Kageni! Jose Chameleone has a new Range Rover please


Maina Kageni’s Ugandan Best friend Jose Chameleon has been gifted a 2021 Range Rover.

He shared a video of the car while making a political announcement telling Bobi Wine he has ditched his political party and rejoined the country’s main party.

The celebrated singer was welcomed back to the ruling party and gifted a brand new Black Range Rover Sport.

He was gifted this car by President Museveni’s younger brother called ‘mr toyota’.

Chamelone was led to the new car and knelt down weeping in a joyous moment.

Jose said

“My greatest witness can be Mr. Toyota, my friend, I am still your family, I have never left NRM. If you doubt that, put up your cameras and record me. I am still NRM,” Chameleone said.

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Excitement as Eldoret funeral parlour introduces Range Rover limousine as hearse

Death and funerals might be sad affairs for those who have lost their loved ones but that doesn’t mean everyone at it is feeling bad.

There are those who are smiling all the way to the bank, getting wealthy from the business of carrying the dead to their final resting places.

This story is just a case in point of a funeral parlour that is doing so well that they have added a new hearse to their collection.

The Range Rover hearse

A pimped-out Range Rover limousine to be exact. Delight Funeral Directors recently unveiled the maroon vehicle, a first of its kind in Kenya.

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Using their Facebook page, the funeral parlour wrote. “A life well-lived deserves an outstanding celebration, and that’s why at Delight Funeral Directors, we got you covered. For the first time on this side of the Sahara, we are introducing this Range Rover limousine hearse. Sleek, spacious, outstanding,” the post read.

The Range Rover hearse (2)

Not only that, a dedication ceremony was held for the vehicle on May 17 by preachers who laid their hands and prayed for the vehicle before a cake was cut to celebrate its acquisition.

The car was originally a 2018 Range Rover Evoque, but the chassis was elongated to make a limousine. It also features falcon doors, similar to those found in the Tesla Model X.

The Range Rover hearse 3

From the comments section, most Kenyans were amazed by the Range Rover hearse saying that it was a game-changer. Watch the video of the hearse being dedicated below;

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