Marriage magic! From Uhuru to Raila, politicians married for over 25 years

It’s not every day that we see politicians in successful marriages that have lasted for more than 25 to even 40 years but some are breaking that barrier.

Some might wonder what has made them stick together in this murky world but the truth is they love each other. Below is the list.

1. Barrack Obama and Michelle Obama

Former United States Barrack Obama and his wife Michelle are among the couple who have been married for more than 25 years.

The couple who got married in 1992 recently celebrated their 27th wedding anniversary with Michelle praising Obama for fulfilling all the promises he made to her.

’27 years ago, this guy promised me a life full of adventure. I’d say he’s delivered.

Here’s to our next chapter of becoming empty nesters and discovering what’s next—while still feeling the magic that brought us together all those years ago. Happy anniversary, Barack. 💕’ Michelle wrote

Obama also penned

‘Like the Beatles said: It’s getting better all the time. Thanks, babe, for 27 amazing years!’

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Obama and Michelle on their wedding day
Obama and Michelle on their wedding day

2. Kathy Kiuna and Allan Kiuna

Jubilee Christian Church founders, pastor Kathy Kiuna and Bishop Allan Kiuna have been married for 25 years. The couple has been blessed with 3 kids, two daughters and a son.

She might not be a politician but her celebrity status proves that marriage works when work is put in.

Recently Kiuna penned a sweet post thanking his wife for sticking by him at the darkest moments of his life.

‘I wish I could explain how much the light in your eyes has shone in my darkest moments, I wish I can tell stories of how your smile has transformed my emotions in my toughest times.

You have taught me that marriage is not about thinking alike, but thinking as one and regardless of the many tunes life has played on us, some high and others very low, you have made a commitment to always dance with me.

kathy kiuna

You will forever be my always, and I enjoy doing life with you.

Together is my favorite place to be and forever is the how long I want to be with you. The reason I will always love coming home is because You are my home. Thank you .’

3. Beth Mugo and Nicholas Mugo

Nominated Senator Beth Mugo and her husband Nicholas Mugo recently celebrated their 61st wedding anniversary, yes you read that right 61 years in marriage.

Beth who is President Uhuru’s cousin is a cancer survivor and she recently celebrated her 80th birthday.

beth mugo wedding anniversary
Beth Mugo and her husband (holding a crutch) on their 61st wedding anniversary.

4. Uhuru Kenyatta and Margaret Kenyatta

President Uhuru wedded designer Margaret Wanjiru, daughter of former Kenya Railways MD, Dr Njuguna Gakuo on December 2, 1989, at the Holy Family Basilica in Nairobi.

Maurice Cardinal Otunga presided over the ceremony.

The couple is blessed with three kids namely Muhoho Kenyatta, Jomo Kenyatta and Ngina Kenyatta.

Uhuru and Margaret are now grandparents after their son Muhoho and his wife Achola welcomed their first child.

President Uhuru Kenyatta on his wedding day-
President Uhuru Kenyatta on his wedding day-

5. Raila Odinga and Idah Odinga

Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga and his wife Idah have been married for almost 45 years. Sharing a photo of his wedding on their 43rd wedding anniversary.

Raila wrote,

‘As we celebrate our 43rd wedding anniversary together, people ask what the secret to a long, happy marriage is.’

Raila Odinga and hiw wife Idah-classic 105

40 plus years later and the couple is still going strong.

6. Miguna Miguna and Jane Miguna

Jane Miguna has been married to the controversial lawyer Miguna Miguna for 17 years, and together they have been blessed with 5 children.

Miguna had another wife in the early 90s, but they separated.


Miguna Miguna and his wife-Classic 105

7. Dorothy Nyongo and Anyang Nyongo

Although we are exactly sure how long the Kisumu governor has been married, we are sure that he has been married for more than 30 years.

Nyongo is a father to Zawadi Nyongo, 39 Lupita Nyongo, 36 and Peter Nyongo Junior so you do the maths.

Lupita and Anyang Nyongo
Lupita Nyongo with her parents


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From Uhuru Kenyatta to Itumbi here are guests attending Anne Waiguru’s wedding today

Prominent guests continue streaming it at Anne Waiguru’s wedding to city lawyer Kamotho Waiganjo being held in Kirinyaga.

Among those in attendance include President Uhuru Kenyatta, Muranga Women Rep Sabina Chege and Kirinyaga deputy governor Peter Ndabiri.

Posh and class at Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru’s traditional wedding -Photos

Cabinet Secretary for sports Amina Mohammed, Dennis Itumbi, Former MCA  for Ngewa Wark Karungo wa Thangwa.

Also in attendance is Raila Odinga, Terry Mungai, Miss World Kenya CEO.

Below are the photos of the guests

Screen Shot 2019-07-13 at 3.45.04 PM
Former Ngewa MCA Karungo wa Thangwa (In red) ,Dennis Itumbi and friends arriving at Anne Waiguru’s wedding
Screen Shot 2019-07-13 at 3.43.29 PM
Muranga Woman Rep Sabina Chege at Anne Waiguru’s wedding
Terry Mungai ,Miss World Kenya CEO arrives at Waiguru's wedding
Terry Mungai, Miss World Kenya CEO arrives at Anne Waiguru’s wedding


Uhuru Kenyatta,Sabina Chege
Uhuru Kenyatta,Sabina Chege
Sabina Chege greats Raila Odinga
Sabina Chege greats Raila Odinga
Uhuru Kenyatta,Raila Odinga greating each other
Uhuru Kenyatta,Raila Odinga greating each other
Uhuru dancing at Anne Waiguru's wedding
Uhuru dancing at Anne Waiguru’s wedding


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‘My first salary was Ksh 10,000’ Raila Junior talks about his 1st hustle

Raila Junior recently opened up about the struggles he goes through in business due to his surname adding that it does not bother him anymore.

Contrary to what many believe, Junior is a serious businessman who owns a production house and he doesn’t name drop.

I am a businessman who manages his own business. I run a media production house and we mainly deal with the production of TV commercials.

Raila-odinga-junior with his dad and wife
Raila-odinga-junior with his dad and wife

‘We tried bearing a child without success for 5 years’ says Raila Junior

He went on to say that having the Odinga surname has not made things easy for him given that his clients place too many expectations on him.

I cannot say business is easy because when people give me business they have expectations.


Going by my surname the expectations placed on me are much higher compared to expectations placed on other people doing the same job.

Junior, who is a film producer, said people do not give him a job because he is the son of a well-known politician or comes from a famous family, but because of his professionalism and work ethic.

He also confessed that his first salary as an accountant was Ksh 10,000 and to him, that was a lot of cash.

My first job was working as an accountant for an aviation company. The job entailed bookkeeping, handling petty cash and just ensuring that things were running smoothly.

 For that, I was paid Ksh 10,000. That to me was a lot of cash back in the day.

‘Acoustic neuroma, a non cancerous tumor paralyzed my face ‘- Raila Junior

On whether he feels the pressure for being Raila Odinga’s son, Junior, says he is past that ‘stage’.

When I was 18-25 years old there was pressure because I had not fully understood my self as a man, but now I do.

At 39, I now know who I am. I know what I can do and what I cannot do. I don’t feel pressure anymore.

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Exclusive: I wish my brother Fidel was alive to meet my son – Raila Junior

Raila Junior has in a candid interview opened up about some of the things he wishes he could tell his late brother Fidel Odinga.

Raila Junior also opened up on how fatherhood has changed him and why he would never trade that role for anything else.

“The birth of my son is the most special memory of my life. It transformed me as a man and a father I was so humbled.

Fatherhood is perfect, there are days you go home and maybe you are angry and this little soul just jumps on you and you forget all the troubles of the world.

He brings you down to earth (literally).”

‘We tried bearing a child without success for 5 years’ says Raila Junior

RailaJunior and his wife
RailaJunior and his wife

Raila Junior also opened up about how he and his wife tried conceiving unsuccessfully for five years before their son came along.

“We waited for a child for five years. Not once did I pressure my wife because both of us were already being pressured out there by friends.

I thank God because he later blessed us with a son.”

‘Acoustic neuroma, a non cancerous tumor paralyzed my face ‘- Raila Junior

He also confessed that the death of his brother Fidel was the most trying time they had gone through as a family, followed by the illness of his sister Rosemary Odinga.

“The biggest thing I would love to talk to Fidel about is continuation of family.

He died before my son was born and so he never got to meet him. I would have loved for him to have a chance to interact with my son

He would have made a very good uncle to my son, I miss him so much.”Raila added

The late Fidel Odinga with his wife and son in a past photo

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‘We tried bearing a child without success for 5 years’ says Raila Junior

Raila Junior, son to  Raila Odinga, has opened up on the struggles he and his wife went through before they were able to conceive their son.

Speaking during an interview heard by Classic 105, Raila Junior says for five years all they did was hope and wait.

“We waited for a child for five years. Not once did I pressure my wife because both of us were already being pressured out there by friends.

I thank God because he later blessed us with a son.”

‘Acoustic neuroma, a non cancerous tumor paralyzed my face ‘- Raila Junior

Raila Junior is  married to  Yvonne Wambui whom he wedded in 2011 at a colorful wedding attended by the creme de la creme of the Kenyan society.

Raila-odinga-junior with his dad and wife
Raila-odinga-junior with his dad and wife

According to Daily Mail one in six couples have difficulty in conceiving a baby, and the number of couples seeking medical help to have a family has risen dramatically.

Before, many couples just accepted they could not have children and never bothered to see a doctor. However, there does appear to be a genuine increase in infertility – especially in men.

All too often, women come to see me, on their own, when they can’t conceive.

Somehow, fertility issues are seen as a ‘woman’s problem’. Yet it takes two to make a baby, and problems in the man are just as likely to be the cause of fertility difficulties as those in women. Male factors now account for 30pc of fertility problems – the same as female factors.

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Kenyan sports personalities who turned into politicians (photos)

Every aspiring legislator must have an interest in a completely different discipline which they use as a springboard when pursuing elective posts.

Some of these platforms include music, charity and even sports. In Kenya there are a number of top politicians who happened to be professional sports personalities before diving into politics.

1. Wilson Korir

32-year old Korir a long distance runner, is the current Member of Parliament for Cherangany Constituency elected in March 2013 general elections.

Korir, who doubles up as an athlete and a politician, is the 2012 Boston Marathon winner as well as two time Los Angeles Marathon in 2009 and 2010, where he became the first back-to-back winner there in eight.

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2. Raila Odinga

Former prime minister, Raila Odinga once played as a midfielder for Gor Mahia which was then known as Luo union football club. Raila Odinga popularly known as RAO is an Arsenal die hard fan.


3. Peter Kenneth

Peter Kenneth is a Kenyan politician who served as member of parliament for Gatanga constituency for a decade.

Kenneth was a goalkeeper when he was still in school and he even went on to play for former Kenya Premier League side Reunion FC.


49-year-old Peter Kenneth, once led the then Kenyan Football Federation (KFF) from 1996 to 2000. Kenneth also served in the ministry of planning and national development.

‘Three years on but today is always painful’ The Odinga’s mourn late son Fidel

4. Daniel Wanyama

Wanyama is a Veteran international volleyball player and former long-serving national team captain. According to News24,  Wanyama won the Webuye West parliamentary seat during his second attempt by trouncing his rival after commanding 11,145 votes against his closest rival’s 10,176.

Dan Wanyama giving the other contestants a run for their money during inter parliamentary competitions
Dan Wanyama giving the other contestants a run for their money during inter parliamentary competitions

Popularly known as “Amboseli” during his heyday, Wanyama turned out for Kenya Airways and Co-operative Bank teams at club level and was also the overall team captain for the Kenyan contingent to the 1999.

All Africa Games in Johannesburg, South Africa before he later joined sports management as Secretary General of the Kenya volleyball Federation.

5. Gideon Moi

Gideon Moi, who is the youngest son of Kenya’s second president Daniel arap Moi, has served in the senate, representing Baringo County since 2013 general election.

Moi, who is a professional polo player, made history when he became one of the first African players in the Kenya Polo Association.

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Heaven on earth: Here are palatial homes politicians call ‘shagz’ (photos)

Here are the palatial mansions politicians including Uhuru Kenyatta call home when they are in ‘shags’ Or what the rich and mighty call holiday homes.

Uhuru Kenyatta – Gatundu

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s palatial home is Gatundu is said to be spacious and state of the art. Not much is known about it but a while back, the fourth president of Kenya refurbished his Sh 700 million house next to State House.

The first family’s stylish posh home which is located along Dennis Pritt road is highly secured and bulletproof residence, according to the Star.

“A concrete wall, high-tech electric fence, bulletproof windows and a state-of-the-art alarm system are among the security features. And 24-hour GSU protection.”

Uhuru’s new home which shares a fence with State House is said to be or rather will be the most expensive home in Kenya. The new palace ‘has a spacious basement/lower level for parking, offices and a kitchen.

Well, we have photos of satellite images from Google maps of the home and here is a breakdown of what it’s like;

Uhuru HouseThe ground floor features a living room and dining room, kitchenette and more offices.

The upper floor contains three spacious bedrooms and other rooms.

The wing on the right has a swimming pool, while the one on the left appears to have an unmarked helipad on the roof of the upper level.

Here is the satellite photo of President Uhuru’s new palatial home

President Uhuru Kenyatta
Satellite image of President Uhuru Kenyatta new mansion

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Raila Odinga – Bondo

Five years ago, it was reported that the former Prime Minister Raila Odinga was putting up a Sh1 billion hill-side palatial residence in Riat Kisumu.

raila home in riatConstruction of the palatial, almost stately 74 roomed residence begun nine years ago and was completed sometime in 2015.

The home is crested in Kanyakwar, Riat Hills overlooking Kisumu International Airport. It affords the former PM a near-aerial view of Kisumu City, the base of his political power.

“At some point, the PM was under pressure from family members to convert it into a hotel facility but he stuck his ground on the home idea. His will has prevailed to date,” a source close to Raila said yesterday.

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The residence has close to 10 bedrooms- including Raila’s master bedroom all upstairs. It has four expansive kitchens, two main conference rooms, two small conference rooms and many offices.

The main contractor is said to be a foreigner who subcontracted local contractors. Currently, the contractor is doing final touches on the facility and at the same time doing landscaping outside.

Other sources said the construction is behind schedule as it was intended to be finished last year.

The political icon also has another home in the leafy suburbs of Karen.

Here are photos from today’s event where he hosted the president in his Bondo home.

William Ruto – Mombasa

Lap of luxury doesn’t begin to describe the new mansion of Deputy President William Ruto.

Details have emerged of a Ksh 50m home that is set to be refurbished for Ruto a.k.a the hustler.

The government is in a bid to refurbish DP Ruto’s Mombasa-based second home at a cost of Sh46.5 million.

This is a far cry from the shack he used to live in.

Below is the ‘cheap-looking’ house where the Deputy President used to live in as a true hustler. This was way before the big mullah checked in.


According to Business Daily, the former Coast PC and a past Coast Regional Coordinator Samuel Kilele was the last occupant of the house.

 Cost details on refurbishing the home come days after it was revealed that taxpayers will pay Sh50 million to build a second office in Mombasa for the second most powerful man in the country.

During official working tours to the Coast, Mr Ruto is expected to put up at the new residence as opposed to staying at beach hotels like has been the case in the past, while President Uhuru Kenyatta spends time at State House in Mombasa.

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ruto eldoret home1
Ruto’s Eldoret home

Beside this, Ruto also owns a home in Nairobi’s leafy suburbs of Karen and Eldoret.

The palatial Karen property sits on a 10-acre piece of land.
He uses the Sh400 million Karen residence for official functions, especially when hosting delegations, besides his main office in Nairobi located on Harambee Avenue.
The Karen residence will be refurbished at Sh15.6 million.
His plush, multi-million-shilling residence in Eldoret town, was the talk of town when the aerial video of the estate went viral.

ruto eldoret home
Moving on, Ruto’s Sh450 million residence has spacious bedrooms, an office block, garage, swimming pool, gazebo, generator house, staff residence and a comptroller’s unit.

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Ali Hassan Joho – Mombasa

It’s no secret that Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho, popularly known as ‘Governor 001’ is filthy wealthy.

Joho is very rich and he recently confirmed this fact when he told off another politician – who is also known to have deep pockets – saying the latter can’t afford to buy him. Ouch!

According to reports, the 40-year-old has invested in diverse sectors including shipping and logistics, environmental management, healthcare, manufacturing, just to name a few.

He recently invited Citizen TV’s Kanze Dena for an interview at his lavish house and many of us could not help but admire its grandeur. Joho really does live like a King folks!

Here are the photos, be the judge.




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Aden Duale – Garissa

National Assembly Majority Leader Aden Duale hosted President Uhuru Kenyatta on Tuesday January, 24 at his Garissa home.

The president was on a tour of the county to urge more Kenyans to register as voters ahead of the upcoming General Elections.

During the visit, Uhuru together with other Jubilee officials dropped by Duale’s home where they shared a meal before taking a few photos which were later shared on social media.

Its so hard to ignore Duale’s palatial home which stands firmly behind them. Don’t even get me started on the immaculately lawned garden.





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Uhuru, Raila handshake was Kenya’s top achievement in 2018 says Senator Moi

Baringo Senator Gideon Moi has pointed out the handshake between President Uhuru Kenyatta and Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga was topmost remarkable achievement in 2018.


In his New Year wishes to Kenyans sent to newsrooms last evening, Moi said it is worthwhile as we come to the close of 2018, to reflect the things that shaped us as a country.


“Handshake changed the landscape of the country, as the two leaders taught us that as Citizens of this great nation, selflessness triumphs over selfishness and personal ambitions” he said.


The March 9, the two leaders Uhuru and Raila decided to throw behind their political antagonism and they shook hands to symbolize unity and readiness to work together in moving the nation forward.


Senator Moi, son of retired president Daniel Arap Moi, said it was a defining year for the country in two fronts-the unity of the country and the fight against corruption.


He said the handshake was a momentous opportunity for the country “as it set the nation on the trajectory of national healing, reconciliation” he said.


Rumors have it that the Senator might later on declare his ambition to battle Deputy President William Ruto to takeover presidency after Uhuru’s term elapses in 2022.


Next year 2019 thus Moi said should be a gifting momentum in the fight against things that divide us as a country, impoverish our people and stagnate the growth of our nation.


Leaders should seize the good will and support by Kenyans and ensure the country feels the impact of the full realization of fruits of the handshake which include continued fight against corruption by ensuring those tasked with public resources maintain fiscal discipline, stop wastage and pilferage of public funds.


“We should also not forget the challenges the Kenyan farmer faced this year by putting in place policies that will make his sweat in the blistering sun in the farm to count”  Senator Moi said.


He asked Kenyans and leaders to work the path together this coming year so as to restore the sense of nationhood among Kenyans in our motherhood.


Furthermore he took the opportunity to wish all Kenyans Happy New Year 2019.


‘Chinese medical workers saved my daughter ‘I would have lost her’ Raila

Raila Odinga has revealed how a 10 hour operation by ten Chinese professors saved his daughter, Rosemary’s life after a three-month nightmare.

They had first sought medical intervention in South Africa and Israel .

The African Union special envoy for infrastructure on Thursday night opened up for, the first time, on the family’s battle with Rosemary’s ordeal and the Chinese technology that saved her life.

The ODM leader recalled how a simple scan by a Chinese physical therapist revealed Rosemary’s condition and consequently set her on the path of treatment and healing.

The 10-hour operation was conducted at the prestigious Peking University.

‘I am getting more confident now on my new life after losing my sight ‘Rosemary Odinga opens up after she went blind

Raila Odinga's family

Rosemary is partially blind but she can walk and talk.

Raila said that had it not been for the Chinese technology, his daughter might not have survived.

“The therapist discovered something was not adding up. So he took a scan and discovered an aneurysm, which had burst and was recurring. There was another one next to it and a tumour,”

‘I just collapsed onto the help…’ Rosemary Odinga on discovering she is partially blind

According to, an aneurysm occurs when an artery’s wall weakens and causes an abnormally large bulge. This can rupture and cause internal bleeding.

After the diagnosis, Raila said, the therapist sent the scan for further analysis to Peking University in China. The family was informed that Rosemary’s condition was an emergency and they urgently sent her to Beijing.

During an interview at his Opoda home, Siaya county Raila added that his daughter stayed in the ICU for three hours before she was transferred to a general ward.

“They took two days examining her, then they decided to do a three-in-one operation … about 10 professors…It lasted about 10 hours. By the time they wheeled her out of the theatre, she was conscious and she could talk.

After six days they removed the stitches… seven days later she was discharged from the ward and put into rehab, where she was discharged three days later,”


Raila said in a span of 12 days after Rosemary was airlifted to China, she had been operated on, rehabilitated, discharged and flown back to Kenya ­­ — this time talking and walking.

Initially, he said, the family was thunderstruck in the middle of his presidential campaigns when Rosemary fainted in Naivasha and went into a coma for eight days.

Raila said he was on a flight to Turkana with his other daughter Winnie when she (Winnie) received a text message informing them of the tragedy.

“We had to send her by air ambulance to South Africa where she stayed for three months. Her mother Ida had to take up an apartment in Johannesburg,” he said.

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A few weeks ago, Rosemary opened up about her illness that devastated her family and left her partially blind. She said trouble started last year.

During a workshop for women political aspirants in Naivasha, which she attended with her two daughters. “My head was just aching. I just had headaches,” Rosemary said.

She said that after collapsing in her room, she was airlifted to Nairobi where doctors said she was lucky to be alive. Had she been transported in an ambulance, she may not have made it.

In an interview she said she was lucky to be alive

“To me it was something new. I had a tumour and two aneurysms. They were able to clip the two aneurysms here in Kenya, but they were unable to get to the tumour.

Eventually, my friends described a place for treatment. So we went to China where they were able to get to tumour and cut it out. We were lucky it was benign.”

Raila Bondo house

To end speculation on her health condition, Rosemary had said she cannot see with her left eye.

“I see mostly from my right eye, but it is half vision. It is foggy. It is like looking through water in a glass. It is hazy. I see things that are very close to me,” she said.

The illness forced her to shelve her political ambitions for the Kibra MP seat last year.

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‘I just collapsed onto the help…’ Rosemary Odinga on discovering she is partially blind

Weeks after word went round that Rosemary Odinga has lost her sight she has come out to talk about the day her whole world changed forever.

In an emotional interview with Citizen TV, Rosemary Odinga recalled how she had traveled to Naivasha, where she was mentoring young women in politics and it’s there where she knew about her blindness.

She said;

“I was doing a workshop for ladies who want to be politicians ,and my head was just aching then I remember I was called for breakfast and I couldn’t open the door.

Eventually after knocking and opening the door I just collapsed onto the help who was there.”


Commander-in-love: Photos that prove President Uhuru Kenyatta is a natural romantic

She added;

“My older daughter ran to the clinic and they sent an ambulance which came and picked me up. Then they said we could drive to Nairobi but I said I couldn’t make it so they sent for a chopper which brought me to Nairobi.”

The second child of Mama Ida and Raila Odinga also addressed rumours that she was totally blind and couldn’t see anything.

She said;

“I don’t really see out of the left eye, I can see through the right eye but its foggy. It’s like looking through a glass with water in it.

So I see mostly though the right eye but its half the vision and I can see things that are very close to me.”

Image result for photos of odinga and his grandkids
Idah Odinga with her grandchildren

Rosemary revealed she lived in denial and cried every time after she realized she couldn’t see again.

“The transition was very challenging sometimes I could give up and find myself crying all the time.

I am using to living a certain lifestyle where I am very independent, making my own choices in life then suddenly I was not able to do that.

I was feeling hopeless and helpless during my first stages of partial blindness.”

Her family is very supportive of her and she revealed that even community members have been there for her and occasionally visit her to pray for her.

Rosemary during a past event with her parents Idah and Raila Odinga
Rosemary during a past event with her parents Idah and Raila Odinga

‘I am getting more confident now on my new life after losing my sight ‘Rosemary Odinga opens up after she went blind

The brave mother of two said she has ‘now adapted to her new lifestyle and can even find her way around the house and choose her own outfits’.

“I draw strength from my daughters because of them I’m alive. I said to myself If I give up now what am I teaching them?

I’m teaching them that whenever you have a hiccup in life to give up? And I said, ‘NO I have to continue and try and be successful’.”

Rosemary is still determined, when asked about if she would ever go back to politics, she responded;

“If GOD gives me an opportunity and people are willing to support me, then I will not shy away from a leadership position.

There are so many examples in the world of persons with disability who are able to provide leadership to the community.”

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Forget Okoth Obado’s mansion worth more than Ksh100 million ,here is Sonko’s million dollar mansion(PHOTOS)

Trouble seems to be following Migori governor Okoth Obado following the fate of campus girl Sharon Otieno.

Insight into the cause and motive of her death has unearthed the soft underbelly under which Okoth has been operating on even as she was laid to rest on Friday.

Despite his calm and collected nature Obado has been accused of milking  Migori County Government dry.

OMG! Ctheck out the similarities between Sharon Otieno and Monicah Kimani’s HORRIFYING deaths

According to EACC documents filed in court, Obado and his associates registered about 30 companies soon after he became governor through which they have pocketed Sh2.5 billion in “fictitious” contracts.

It has also newly built palatial home estimated to be worth more than Sh100 million located at Uriri.

 Migori Governor Okoth Obado's rural home.Photo Courtesy

Nameless reveals the reason he is planning on buying a gun

This where you say ukistaajabu ya Musa utayaona ya firauni, this is because despite the fact that most Kenyans are living from hand to mouth while their leaders are busy enjoying public funds.

Others named as the governor’s associates who have allegedly benefited from fraudulent deals include Joram Opala Otieno, Patroba Ochanda Otieno, Beatrice Akinyi Ogutu and Kennedy Odhiambo Akello.

He is still in remand as he awaits appearing in court for the hearing of Sharon Otieno’s murder.

Among other politicians living in Mansions worth millions include,Evans Kidero,William Ruto,

1.William Ruto

The Deputy President is living in the Sh450 million official residence for a deputy president in Karen, Nairobi.

William Ruto’s home

2.Evans Kidero’s home


3.Raila Odinga’s home  0fgjhs22q7kvu6r0e.89ce4cdf





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Photos of music icon Joseph Kamaru’s send off, attended by Uhuru, Raila and Ruto

Music legend Joseph Kamaru received a hero’s send-off at his home in Kaharati home in Maragua, Murang’a county on Thursday.

The burial was attended by President Uhuru Kenyatta, DP William Ruto, leader of opposition Raila Odinga and a host of dignitaries from the entire country.

Scores of artistes, both gospel and secular, also attended Kamaru’s burial. The late popular artiste is credited with mentoring many of the said artistes.

The artistes collectively led the mourners in songs.

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joseph kamaru 2

Thousands of fans trickled into Muthithi secondary school compound where the ceremony was held, causing a serious traffic along Kaharati-Kigumo road.

Kamaru passed away on October 3 after developing breathing complications at MP Shah Hospital where he had been admitted.

Rest In Peace! Legendary Kikuyu musician Joseph Kamaru dies in Nairobi

The 79-year-old musician’s career started in 1965. He was suffering from Parkinson’s disease and was in and out of hospital since last year.

 Kamaru’s remains will be interred at his late second wife Teresia Wanjiku’s home. His first wife Susan Wangari lives in Kangema sub-county. He had four children.
Below are some photos of the ceremony
Joseph Kamaru laid to rest
Joseph Kamaru laid to rest


May he rest in peace

Raila Odinga’s wife Ida reveals where he was during the birth of their daughter Rosemary

Rosemary Odinga celebrated her 41st birthday in a private party attended by some of Kenya’s bigwigs.

The silent member of the Odinga family threw a party which was cowboy themed had everyone try their best to match up to the theme and they all looked good.

Raila Odinga and Ida Odinga are proud parents to their second-born daughter who has tried to make the best of herself in her career. Her career choice is extremely rare for a Kenyan as she grows snails so she can sell them.

Well, away from her busy life, she can also hold down a party.


Rosemary’s parents had a lot to say as they remembered the day she was born.
According to Raila Odinga, Ida insisted on going early to the hospital and he had to go with the flow because she was the patient after all.
Ida said that Raila was not there in the hospital. It was a Saturday where Gor Mahia was playing -we all know how much of a Gor Mahia fan Raila is- and when he came back, Rosemary had already been born.


Raila denies that gospel saying that is her gospel. The truth is he was around, zururaing he says.


Raila Odinga joins daughter Rosemary as she turned 41 in a lavish birthday party held over the weekend (Photos)

Raila Odinga joined his second born daughter Rosemary Odinga over the weekend as she celebrated her birthday.

The party, which took place at Deeps Riding School in Spring Valley, was attended by the who’s who in the  Kenyan society.

Among those in attendance were Ida Odinga, Raila Jnr and Winnie Odinga among other distinguished guests.

Here are photos of how the birthday party went down

Photo Document7

Photo Document6

Photo Document5

Photo Document4

Photo Document3

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RIP!!!!!Nyamira governor John Nyangarama’s son dies of menengitis

Nyamira Governor John Nyagarama’s son Ndemo Nyangarama has passed on after a two month battle with Acute Menengitis at the Nairobi Hospital.

Ndemo passed away aged 44 and according to The Star close family are still in shock with the shocking news of losing one of their own when least expected.This unfortunate incident occurs when the Nyamira boss is  also hospitalized  in the U.S.

Relatives of Governor John Nyagarama check on Ndemo Nyagarama at Nairobi Hospital, June 2018. /ALVIN RATEMO
Relatives of Governor John Nyagarama check on Ndemo Nyagarama at Nairobi Hospital, June 2018. /ALVIN RATEMO

House girl who stabbed woman to death in Kisumu arrested in Uganda

The county boss has been away for almost a month with the county under the stewardship of deputy governor Amos Nyaribo.

“He could not breathe with ease and has been complaining of chest pains. The situation was not good at all. Let him rest in peace,” the family member, who asked not to be named, said.

Nyamira governor Nyangarama

Among other politicians who  have lost their children in the past include Opposition leader Raila Odinga who lost his son  in 2015, Njeru Githae who lost his son Brian Karanga  in 2012,Dalmas Otieno who lost his son through a plane crash in 2008 and former Internal Security Minister Julius Sunkuli who lost his son this year under  unclear circumstances after postmortem carried out showed that his son had been hit by a blunt object.


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Luo Man Defies Baba And Votes! Dear Raila, What Is The Way Forward, Jatelo?

A Luo man who identifies himself as Samson Ogola has taken to social media to defy Baba.

This comes after the official leader of Kenyan opposition, Raila Odinga transformed National Super Alliance into a national resistance movement. In his last address to his supporters on Wednesday before today’s repeat presidential election.

“So what do we do tomorrow (today)? Do not participate in any way in the sham election. Convince your friends, neighbours, and everyone else not to participate. Instead, we advise Kenyans who value democracy and justice to hold vigils and prayers away from polling stations,” said Raila.

A file photo of NASA flag bearer Raila Odinga and President Uhuru Kenyatta.

But Facebooker Samson Ogola will have nothing to do with that. He has penned a letter to Raila Odinga asking his four pertinent questions.

He also defied his Baba’s proposal to NASA-rites not to vote.

Samson wrote, “Just exercised my democratic right to vote. Don’t just sit there, go out and vote. It’s your right and NO ONE CAN STOP YOU FROM VOTING!”

Here is Samson’s letter.

“Dear Hon. Raila Odinga,

I watched you turn NASA into a Resistance Movement (whatever that is) and I have no problem with that. In fact, you may call it Odinga Resistance Army…still it won’t bother me.

Baba, my reservations touch on the second part of your “earthshaking announcement” election eve announcement i.e boycotting products from government and Uhuruto supporters. Why? I’m glad you asked.

I, like thousands of Luos living Nairobi (your target audience)…

1. Live in a rental house owned by an Uhuruto supporter…Do I move out beginning tomorrow? If yes, where to?

2. Commute to and from work via Matatus (mostly owned by Okuyu). In the spirit of resisting Uhuruto and his supporters, do I start trekking from tomorrow or is the resistance going to provide Resistance Bus Services?

3. Is in the Juakali sector, where 70% of my clients are Uhuruto supporters. What should I do? Pack back to Nyanza or the resistance has enough clients to replace the ones I have.

4. Use household products and foods from companies and businesses owned by government and supporters of Uhuruto. What’s the way forward jatelo? Is milk from Luo Nyanza Creameries ready for shipping? What about the Luo Unga Group, is the flour ready for shipping to Nairobi? Sir, where will I get bread…tell me the Gor Mahia bread is still in circulation.

I could go on and my Supreme Leader, but for now…just answer the 4 questions. And thanks in advance.

Yours Truly,

Samson Ogola
Luo Living in Nairobi (Your Target Audience)”

See The Challenge Kenyans Gave To Wavinya Pose After Raila Gave Her A Shoulder To Lean On

Kenyans on social media will always make something out of nothing.

On Tuesday, NASA leader Raila Odinga and former Kathiani MP Wavinya Ndeti melted the hearts of Kenyans after they struck a pose together while having lunch at Pronto Hotel.

A picture of Wavinya leaning on Raila while taking a selfie of the two has gone viral on social media with some Kenyans even doing a new challenge dubbed #RaopiteChallenge on twitter.

Raila shared several photos on social media while passing a message to his supporters, but the photo which Wavinya was leaning on him was the one which went viral.

Raila Odinga wrote on his fan page.

“Good things come to those who wait, and we shall continue unwaveringly in our quest for justice. That was the message we shared with our fellow Kenyans, who reached out to us uncertain about what the future holds. We were delighted to engage with them and we look forward to better days ahead. Let’s all keep the faith and may ‘Justice be our shield and defender’,” Raila’s message read.

See some of the photos from #RaopiteChallenge:












Apart From Politics Here Are The Kenyan Politicians Devoted To Their Families

Most politicians spend their time in office doing what they were elected to do forgetting that they have families to take care of at home.

This is so sad because when you dont have time for your family, you will never know what happens around them and even the progress of your children in school and their performance in school activities.

Family should come first in whatever one does because they play a very big role in one’s life. It is the backbone to any happy person.

Whether a politician or not, one should give his or her family first priority.

Here are the Kenyan politicians devoted to their families apart from being into politics:

1. Ababu Namwamba.

Heading his own legal practice called Ababu Namwamba & Co, based in Nairobi, he is also the chief council at the chambers of justice which is a public interest foundation he founded in 2002 and currently the leader of Labour Party of Kenya.

He is married and has four children.

Ababu Namwamba

family namwamba

2. Raila Odinga.

Also popularly known to his supporters as Agwambo, Tinga, Baba, RAO and Jakom is a Kenyan politician who was the Prime Minister of Kenya from 2008 to 2013 and opposition leader since 2013.

He is the leader of the Orange Democratic Movement and a principle in the National Super Alliance ( NASA). Raila is married to Ida Odinga and together they have four children.




3. Isaac Mwaura.

He is a Kenyan Politician and the first member of parliament living with Albinism and is married to Nelius Mukami.



isaac mwaura