Sauti Sol’s Bien under attack after bold statement on Raila’s health trip to Dubai

Sometimes an artiste has to take a stance that can either tarnish his image or varnish it.

Bien Aime Baraza just did that this morning after making a controversial post on his Instagram page.

The artiste came out to call out politician Raila Odinga after it was reported that the ODM party leader had gone to Dubai for surgery.

Bien Aime' Baraza
Bien Aime’ Baraza

Bein posed a rhetorical question to Kenyans, comparing the gap that exists between the common Mwananchi and influential leaders who can fly outside the country for specialized treatment any time.

His caption read;

Bien’s statement comes hours after Oburu Odinga who is the spokesman for the Odinga family confirmed that the former Prime Minister had flown to Dubai for a minor surgery.

‘Bien will soon be singing for Jesus,’ Size 8 details convincing reasons why

The post was met with mixed reactions. Raila (as many other politicians), is a darling to many Kenyans and can do no wrong and many asked the singer to focus on his music while others agreed with his general sentiment.


Some of the comments are below;

ritzkotut But you went to SA to shoot your videos and we have producers here? What’s your point? Decry police brutality, poor governance and push for better healthcare, don’t always look for a scapegoat for the poor choices Kenyans make at the ballot.
a.l.v.i.n.___ I hope one day y’all will start blaming your government for your problems, and stop blaming private citizens aka “rich men” for public problems. The government (aka the president) collects your taxes, not rich men.
valrain Start using local producers, talents and creatives as well. Shoot your videos in Kenya. Hire Kenyan models and actors promote from within as well. Empower locals too. Ya’ll are always in SA taking money there instead if using it at home where it is most needed.
kizazimavazi Very bold statement but true.. it takes balls to speak your truth freely.
owuorlorna “The rich man” has nothing to do with police brutality whatsoever.. Gwachana na baba priss. Hiyo lesson iko Civics form 3:)


Bien Aime Baraza on set
Bien Aime Baraza on set

esalimba_brian What else should we expect we voted for the wrong leaders and tolerate the imputy so accept whatever happens till 2022.
kijanayamungu Wachana na baba wewe.
theeventskahuna So sad 😞
dennis_nk Situation imekuwa chafu kwa ground. Kweli Kenya has two tribes the haves and the have nots😢
_creisy The kenya we live in today😢,,,it’s time for a revolution
cherotich_ramadhan Bitter truth
psalms91guy The game is always fixed bro..they will always win and the other team will always lose..we are our own cheerleaders.


Bien Aime Baraza seating
Bien Aime Baraza seating

There are two schools of thought when it comes to entertainers speaking about politics; They are either urged to totally abstain from the process or they are encouraged to use their platforms for change.

Bob Marley is an example of a musician who used his music to speak about social and political ills, while Michael Jordan is the direct contrast-a sportsman who has abstained from making political statements.

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‘My family came together to help me in my darkest period’ Rosemary Odinga recalls

Raila’s daughter Rosemary Odinga has battled something most human beings would dread ever even thinking about – going blind.

Rosemary battled the pernicious malcontent for 3 years undergoing several treatments worldwide to deal with it.  Rosemary, who was a formerly outspoken politician just like her father, revealed in an interview with K24 that the sudden illness shook her to the core and changed her outlook on life.

Rosemary Odinga
Rosemary Odinga

Rosemary, who is a mother of 2, explained in the interview that her family had kept her strong all through those dark days helping in taking care of her two kids.

Her brother and sister Raila Juniour and Winnie took in her two daughters while she still recuperated and got accustomed to a life without her eyesight.

“I have to commend my family because we had lost my brother not too long before. Everybody was very supportive. My younger brother and sister took in the kids. My friends, cousins, uncles and aunts were also very supportive. Everyone came together. I am very grateful for that,” she narrated.

Raila Odinga with his two daughters
Raila Odinga with his two daughters

Her illness first manifested in 2017 when she collapsed moments before addressing a women’s leadership training. She was then rushed to hospital in an ambulance.

She later on related that she had had a terrible headache the night before and all but dismissed it. She was later diagnosed with a brain tumour which was coupled by an aneurysm before she slipped into a coma.

I saw my kids for the 1st time in 2 yrs – Rosemary Odinga regains eyesight

In a past interview, her father Raila explained how a brilliant team of 10 Chinese surgeons had saved her life in a 10-hour operation at prestigious Peking University.

The former PM said that her life was saved in China after three months of unsuccessful treatment in South Africa and Israel.

Rosemary Odinga smiling in a file photo
Rosemary Odinga smiling in a file photo

Mr. Odinga also revealed that Rosemary regained her sight after getting a herbal treatment in India.

“We got to a point where we nearly gave up as a family after unsuccessfully visiting many hospitals including in Germany, China and South Africa before she was finally healed in India,” he said

He added;

“Doctors in South Africa said she will never regain her sight. However, a friend introduced us to a doctor in India who used herbal medicine to help her recover,” he said

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Kenyans amazed at video of Raila cooking German breakfast

Raila Odinga is one of the most charismatic politicians in Kenya with the former prime minister having a knack for hilarious speeches. He might also be a great cook. Might being the operative word!


The video was shared by Mr. Odinga’s daughter Winnie who said that the video was taken when he decided to prepare a German breakfast for his family.

Kenyans were amazed by the skills showed by Raila and said as much. Some of their comments are below;

peter omondi Love it in German It’s called bauernfrühstück, or farmers breakfast.

Advocate Oduol Aluoch German breakfast in Kenya!!Kenyans are just taking Kenyan breakfast which in essence is fasting as leaders take German breakfast.Upto you 2022.

James Magayi Yayee advocate!! Ich lit jo Luo owe maki gi jakom. In be donj e jikon ited ne jogi.

shoraah Kimani Si afungue mdomo aki ongea aki.

AkelloOliech Always be kind with your words! Happy holidays!

Obi™ Merry christmas and Happy new year, enjoy breakfast made by Baba wa taifa. We celebrate you as a family
cliff mat riang’a

Taeediya Ismail Iyo si ni mashakura.

Sulley Muntari Winnie: So dad, what are you making for us today?

Baba: trfgdhhjssbcyyujjmmf.eeejj gdghjst🤣

WinnieOdinga 🤣🤣🤣 our souls understand each other

Roy Odhiambo Great man…..Family man

dalai_kip my president, as u humbly fix breakfast the Sugoi master is looting our nation dey🎂🎂

Living Life Real dads are made of this 👏👏👏

Isaac Okoni I am hungry because I can’t afford a Meal 😢

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You are the true doctor of love! Maina tells Fred Obachi Machoka about wife

Today’s early morning conversation was a fascinating one where Maina and King’ang’i spoke about a variety of issues. The most interesting one was about Raila’s comments yesterday in Kibra while campaigning for Imran Okoth.

The former premier as is his nature, had the crowd in stitches when he spoke about how the Kamba community are honest in their support.

He said in Swahili, ‘Wakamba ni waaminifu, ni kama wamama, wakisema watakupatia, watakupatia! (The Kamba community is trustworthy, they are like women who when they say they are giving you, they do!’

Raila with Imran Okoth
Raila with Imran Okoth

The audience was visibly amused but there are those who complained bitterly online. Maina was at a loss for words as to why the statement by Raila was taken so badly?

One of his listeners called in trying to explain why his comment elicited reaction. He told Maina,’ The statement was fine until he threw the term mama. It’s like he disrespected the Kamba community by using the term women. Baba will always be baba. It’s never that serious,’ he finished by saying.

‘I miss Raila,’ Huddah Monroe astonishingly proclaims

The host also had some poignant words for Fred Obachi Machoka, the veteran radio presenter who has been a ficture on the airwaves from the mid-’70s.

Fred Obachi Machoka
Fred Obachi Machoka

Maina celebrated the relationship Fred has with his wife, Sophie Machoka, saying that the way he loves his wife has also infected his own son who shares that same love for his wife.

‘Fred Obachi Machoka. You have been a mainstay in our lives. The way you love your wife is so much that it has even sipped to your son, who also loves his wife that much. You are the true doctor of love.’

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‘I miss Raila,’ Huddah Monroe astonishingly proclaims

Huddah Monroe is known for her controversial remarks online. The socialite who has in the past made her political stances known (a very dangerous thing for an entertainer to do) has come out with a very interesting claim.

Maina Kageni defends Huddah and Vera Sidika from trolls

Al Huddah says that she misses ODM party leader Raila Odinga.

First, let’s go down memory lane.

The entrepreneur has had the privilege of meeting one of the most influential men in Kenya’s political history. She posted the image on her Instagram page in 2014.

Huddah posing
Huddah posing on a seat

After the photo received some heat, the provocateur hit back with a scornful caption about dirty minds saying;

Flashback Friday with Kenya’s former Prime Minister Hon. Raila Amollo Odinga! It’s never that serious. I don’t understand why people should call their dads to ask them why he took pics with me! Satanic and demonic thoughts are created by you! I command RESPECT where I go no matter the intensity of your hatred!

The socilaite with Raila-Odinga
Raila-Junior-with Huddah

Since then Miss Monroe and the former Premier seemed to have drifted apart, especially after the 2017 general elections when Raila advocated for mass action from his supporters.

The light-skinned beauty was against Raila’s message to his supporters and called him out at the time.

The socialite doing the duck face
The socialite posing

But it seems that she has forgiven the old man, speaking about him in a post that will surely raise some eyebrows. her post read, ‘I miss Raila.’

She also added, ‘Don’t judge me, I just woke up missing the old man lol! Missing is a feeling we should all embrace ….’

The socialite's screenshot
Huddah’s screenshot

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Check out Raila Odinga’s palatial mansion in Bondo (Photos)

President Uhuru Kenyatta was hosted for breakfast at ODM leader Raila Odinga’s home in Bondo on Friday. Uhuru arrived in Kisumu on Thursday where he was given a hero’s welcome. He is on a two-day working tour of Nyanza.

Tycoon businessman Jimi Wanjigi attended the breakfast meeting. He went bearing gifts, which he presented to the hostess – Ida Odinga.

President Uhuru started his tour by launching the Universal Health Care pilot in Kisumu. UHC will be piloted in four counties: Kisumu, Nyeri, Machakos and Isiolo.

After the breakfast at Raila’s home, Uhuru is expected to preside over the Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University of Science and Technology graduation. The university will confer honorary degrees on the President and Raila.

Five years ago, it was reported that the former Prime Minister Raila Odinga was putting up a Sh1 billion hill-side palatial residence in Riat Kisumu.

Twist in case of Vihoja Mahakamani actor, Jamal Nassul killing (Update)

raila home in riatConstruction of the palatial, almost stately 74 roomed residence begun nine years ago and was completed sometime in 2015.

The home is crested in Kanyakwar, Riat Hills overlooking Kisumu International Airport. It affords the former PM a near-aerial view of Kisumu City, the base of his political power.

“At some point, the PM was under pressure from family members to convert it into a hotel facility but he stuck his ground on the home idea. His will has prevailed to date,” a source close to Raila said yesterday.

The residence has close to 10 bedrooms- including Raila’s master bedroom all upstairs. It has four expansive kitchens, two main conference rooms, two small conference rooms and many offices.

The main contractor is said to be a foreigner who subcontracted local contractors. Currently, the contractor is doing final touches on the facility and at the same time doing landscaping outside.

Other sources said the construction is behind schedule as it was intended to be finished last year.

The political icon also has another home in the leafy suburbs of Karen.

Here are photos from today’s event where he hosted the president in his Bondo home.

‘I’m not leaving,’ widow causes drama in Nakuru, sits on husband’s grave

Raila Bondo house

Raila Bondo house

Raila Bondo house

Raila Bondo house

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‘She was in so much pain’ Raila whispers about Joyce Laboso

Opposition leader Raila Odinga has revealed that contrary to what people might think, Bomet Governor Joyce Laboso was a woman in pain.

Joyce, as she is fondly known, had been battling cancer for years. Raila is among the people who had visited her while she was hospitalized abroad.

I visited her in London and we talked about so many things,after that she was taken to India and then she was brought to Nairobi Hospital.

Joyce Laboso
Joyce Laboso with her husband Edwin (seated) and her sons

10 days ago I visited her while here in the ICU.

She could not recognize me and she was in so much pain.

To the entire Laboso family ,Bomet people we stand with you ,.May God rest her soul in perfect peace.

In Conclusion Raila says

I would urge the government to act quickly and put up centres for cancer treatment all over the country.

So that citizens can go anytime and get tested.

Laboso’s husband Edwin revealed that the reason why they kept her condition a secret was because she did not want her ailment to affect her work.

joyce labosos husband

We have to be strong for her,she has suffered for long but we kept it under wraps she did not want it to deter her plans and duties.

We can only reciprocate that by being strong for her in this moment, Give the family to mourn her.

To my family we have to be strong for her.

You have given her such great support against all odds and we are grateful for that.

But for now please allow the family to mourn.

I know you are all sad about her passing but please let us mourn Joyce.

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Fena Gitu meets Raila Odinga and she goes crazy!

Fena Gitu acted like a giddy teenager yesterday. What could have made the normally calm and easy-going rapper get all bubbly? A meeting with one of the most powerful people in Kenya.

Fena Gitu meets Raila Junior
The rapper meets Raila

The man in question is Raila Odinga. The two met on a Kenya Airways flight that they were both on, yesterday. She even joked on her Instastories that her fans should now address her differently following her brush with “real power”.

Fena Gitu meets Raila Junior
Fena Gitu meets Raila Junior

She wrote,

Baba while we were away… 😎🇰🇪 For a few hours in my lifetime, I sat next to one of the most powerful men of our time. What a humbling, dumbfounding… Mind blowing experience. 🙏😭 Na kwa hayo machache, I think it’s now safe to say birthday season is FINALLY officially over… on a very high note ❤ More life, greater heights, more blessings. ❤ Sasa, Huduma number tunachukulia wapi? @railajunior1 super photobomb 😅

Fena Gitu meets Raila Junior
Fena Gitu meets Raila Junior

Raila Junior was also on the same flight as the two and photobombed Fena’s picture with ‘Baba’. The politician and his son were in West Africa for a three-nation tour to discuss the continent’s infrastructure agenda.

Fena Gitu meets Raila Junior
The rapper meets Raila

The African Union envoy met DR of Congo President Felix Tshisekedi, Niger President Mahamadou Issoufou and Ghana President Nana Akufo-Addo ahead of the AU Special Summit scheduled for July 2019 in Niger.

Fena was in Accra, Ghana for the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards where the award for African artist of the year award was won by Burna Boy.

Fena Gitu posing at the Awards show
Fena Gitu posing at the Awards show

This is not the first time that two famous Kenyans have met on the same flight. Moses Kuria had the fortunate (or unfortunate) luck of being on the same Dubai-bound flight with Miguna Miguna after the latter was kicked out by the Kenyan government.

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TBT: Raila Odinga shares a throwback that will warm your heart

Raila Odinga has left his fans in tickles after sharing a throw back picture when he was a young man in Germany.

Raila has gone way back to his archives to unleash a picture when he was a young ‘mans’.

He wrote about it

Hanging out and catching a train ride in Magdeburg, Germany#Tbt

rraila tbt in germany train
Raila Odinga TBT

The second TBT was also pretty impressive

raila shares tbt pi
Raila Odinga

Hehehe woooow that’s really TBT, such a good way to go down memory Lane Our beloved Right Honorable PM!! Hongera

Josiah Habwe..

Hizo swags..

Cavin Sahm..
Yes Baba, that’s nostalgic.

Lukas_mkora wwe master..
😂😂waah you mean u didnt fear Hitler atokee kwa iyo bush

These images alone will inspire many, LONG LIVE JAKOM

Here is proof the Odinga’s make the best hosts


When it com es to hosting guests, no one does it better than the Odinga’s.

From politicians to family get togethers, Raila and his wife Ida, are the perfect hosts making sure their guests have the best time.

Here are five things good hosts do to make sure everyone has a good time.

1. Everyone looks and feels relaxed

The Odinga’s host US Amb Godec

2. Pampering guests: from offering drinks to gifts, and comfy chairs guests find themselves leaning back and being in a happy place.

Raila and Ida host US Amba Godec in their Karen home

3. Plenty of food:  a good hosts ensures their guests are well fed, and go the extra mile to put out a feast fit for a king.

CORD leader Raila Odinga in his Karen home

4. Good hosts don’t rush their guests. From the Odinga’s, you can see them taking guests to the field to talk some more suggesting they are not in a hurry to kick out anyone.

The Odinga’s

5. Enough seating. if you take a closer look at the Odinga’s while they host, no one is standing because they have ensured everyone is seated.


How Raila’s daughter Winnie Odinga plans to spend her birthday

Winnie Odinga, daughter to Kenyan’s opposition leader Raila Odinga turns an year older. She will be 28 years old.

She posted a powerful message on  social media appreciating her parents and she chose to celebrate it by helping those in need.


“Thank you Lord for bringing me this far. Special thanks to the greatest parents on earth for all the opportunities they’ve given me. I’m blessed and this year on my day of birth I would like to donate to a charity/family or sick person in need, please help me decide by posting the name in the comments below.”

Shes a graduate with a degree in political science and has a double major degree in international business and corporate communication international business.

Stunning! Check Out Photos Of Raila Jnr’s Sexy Wife

Political analyst Professor Mutahi Ngunyi believes there is hope for Raila’s daughter Winnie Odinga to be the first female president in Kenya.

Last year in an interview with Pulse live she declared that she doesn’t want to be a politician.

 ” There won’t be any need for me to join Parliament to be called Mheshimiwa just for the sake of it yet I don’t get to bring forth or contribute to any meaningful policies five years down the line. I want a fulfilling life that I can get to do something meaningful with.”

She is a hard working, free spirit young woman who will always be on her family’s corner.

We wish her a happy birthday full of Blessing and good memories as she helps the unfortunate during her special day.

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