R Kelly’s daughter calls father a ‘monster’ and voices support for victims

The oldest daughter of R Kelly and his ex-wife Andrea is speaking out for the first time since multiple women made accusations of rape and abuse against the accused pedophile on the Lifetime docuseries Surviving R Kelly.

In a lengthy and emotional post that was shared on her Instagram page, 20-year-old Joann Kelly explained why she has remained silent about the allegations being made about her father while showing her support for the singer’s alleged victims.

‘The same monster you all confronting me about is my father. I am well aware of who and what he is. I grew up in that house,’ wrote Joann, who performs under the name Buku Abi.

r kelly cover pic
R Kelly

She then explained her silence by stating: ‘My choice to not speak on him and what he does is for peace of mind. My emotional state. And for MY healing.

‘I had to do and move in a manner that is best for me.’

Joann’s mother Andrea, who participated in the Lifetime series, filed a restraining order against her ex in 2005 following an altercation.

One year later she filed for divorce, and in 2009 the split was finalized, at which point she claims Kelly chose not to be a part of his children’s lives.

‘Before I start I just want it to be known that I am speaking from the heart, nothing I say or do not say is to hurt any party affected by this,’ wrote Joann at the start of her post.

r kelly
R kelly

‘I just want you all to understand that devastated is an understatement for all that  I feel currently.’

She later noted: ‘I pray for all the families & woman who have been affected by my father’s actions. Trust, I have been deeply affected by all of this.’

Joann went on to say that she is not fond of discussing her personal life in a public forum, but felt that she had no choice.

She explained that it ‘has been years’ since she or her siblings had any contact with the singer, and that they and her mother Andrea ‘would never condone, support or be a part of anything negative that [Kelly] does.’

At the end of her message, she took time to thank those people who showed their support for the family during this difficult time.

Andrea said her relationship with Kelly began to disintegrate after the release of the sex tape that allegedly featured the singer and an underage girl.

That resulted in Kelly’s arrest on charges of child pornography and his subsequent trial in 2008.

The Lifetime series featured interviews with a number of the women who were involved in the scandal, including the person who stole the videotape from Kelly’s library and got it in the hands of a Chicago journalist.

That was Lisa Van Allen, who was just 17 and believed that she was Kelly’s girlfriend at the time due to the fact that she spent all her time with him and they were having a sexual relationship.

r kelly at concert
R Kelly in a past concert

She was one of the few victims to break free from Kelly on her own terms, and says in the episode that she started seeing the singer in a different light after he convinced her to have a threesome with another girl but did not reveal her actual age.

It was that same girl, who was just 14, that Kelly could be seen with on the tape Allen claimed to have lifted from his library.

Allen struggled to maintain her composure while recalling the events, and at one point suddenly shuts down and begins to silently cry.

She then said: ‘I just didn’t know there was a point in time they were talking about killing me.’