Ghanian artiste Budukusu narrates horrifying bee attack in South B

Ghanaian hip hop artiste Budukusu has narrated how he was attacked by bees in South B, an experience that he wishes no one else goes through.

Speaking about it on Classic 105 he said;

“We came back from the States last week and so we have been indoors for a while. I decided to step out to take a walk around South B. All of a sudden a swam of bees came out of nowhere.

They were on my face, my back and they stung me like crazy.

I have never run so hard in my life like I did on that day. The funny thing is that there was a baby and her mum passing by but I could not help them.”

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Quata Budukusu
Quata Budukusu

He added;

“At the end of the day I just wanted to sit down and enjoy a cold Tusker to calm the pain but a call came and the person on the other end convinced me to go see a doctor.

According to him,

“Kenyan bees are crazy and I might have ended up dead. That was my worst experience, but all the same I think Kenyan bees like me.

I think I should actually do a song about Kenyan bees.”

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Below is his narration of that traumatizing event;

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