The story of a woman who fought for right to be a prostitute in India

On 1 May 1958, a young woman was an unusual cynosure of all eyes in a courtroom in the north Indian city of Allahabad.

Husna Bai, a 24-year-old woman, told Judge Jagdish Sahai that she was a prostitute.

Invoking the constitution, she had filed a petition challenging the validity of a new law to ban trafficking in human bodies.

By striking at her means of livelihood, Bai argued, the new law had “frustrated the purpose of the welfare state established by the Constitution in the country”.

It was an act of radical public defiance by a poor Muslim prostitute. She had forced the judges to look at women on the street at a time when life in India had excluded prostitutes from civil society.

Their numbers – 28,000 in 1951, down from 54,000, according to official records – had dwindled, as had public support for them. When prostitutes offered donations to the Congress party, Mahatma Gandhi refused and told them to take up spinning instead. All this despite the fact that they were among the few groups of people who were allowed to vote because they earned money, paid taxes and owned property.

Not much is known about Husna Bai’s personal life – and a search of the archives turned up no photographs – apart from the fact that she lived with her female cousin and two younger brothers who were dependent on her earnings.

But the largely forgotten story of her struggle for the right to ply her trade is part of an engrossing new book by Yale University historian Rohit De.

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‘I Found Out That My WIFE Was a Prostitute’ Confesses a Troubled Kenyan Man (AUDIO)

A Kenyan man has come out to reveal he found out that his wife was doing dirty business at night when he goes out to work on night shifts.

This came out during Maina Kageni’s breakfast show, where the top radio presenter was asking why married men are always telling bachelors not to get married.

During his conversations in the morning, Maina Kageni revealed that he has realised that men who have settled down always advise their single brothers not to get married, and he couldn’t help but wonder why.

Ati Ki? Kenyan Man Reveals How His Wife Is Jealous To The Point Where She Doesn’t Trust Him With Her Mother (AUDIO)

So, as usual, Maina gave the opportunity to Kenyan men, so that they can finally speak out and open up on what really goes on in their marriages and why having a wife is apparently such a bad experience.

That’s when a troubled Kenyan man decided to share and talk about his ex-wife, who was apparently a prostitute. According to the man, he found his wife taking a shower at 2 am when he was coming from work.

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When he asked the lady, she didn’t answer him, then he decided that he will do his investigation, and true to his doubts, he found out that the lady was actually leaving the house when he went to work at night.

The 33-year-old added that even his neighbors confirmed that the woman would go outside immediately he left the house for work, and after he had gathered enough proof and found out that she used to be a sex worker, he decided to call it quits.

Listen to all the shocking details below.