Gospel singer Betty Bayo shows off her son for the first time since giving birth

Award-winning gospel singer Betty Bayo is a happy mother of two children. The estranged wife of controversial pastor Victo Kanyari, has introduced her second born child, a son, to the online community.

In November 2015, news went viral that Betty Bayo, who was on a music tour in the USA was pregnant after parting ways with Kanyari. The baby shower took place at the Well of Worship Centre in Massachusetts.

“Let us support our sister, daughter, friend and favourite gospel artiste. God bless you and enlarge your territory as you plan to come. Everyone is invited,” Read the wordings on Betty Bayo’s baby shower poster.

A few weeks later, the Siyabonga hitmaker gave birth to a bouncing baby boy and she took to social media to announce the great news. She wrote;


Since then, Betty Bayo has been keeping a low profile on social media an indication that she may be busy taking care of her children and recently, she finally unveiled her son’s face.

“First time on Instagram ..big up son …much love,” she posted.

Check out photos of Betty Bayo’s all grown children



Betty Bayo
Betty Bayo’s son


Betty Bayo
Betty Bayo’s daughter

‘Ongea Mbaya Nikublock,’ Controversial Pastor Victor Kanyari Threatens His Followers

Social media will be the end of us. Instead of people using it for its main aim; socializing, sharing photos and even marketing, many have turned it into something personal. Where they lash out at imaginary haters and threaten them. But why?

It is social meaning everything you write or post will be seen by the public. Why post if you don’t want people to see?

Controversial pastor Victor Kanyari is one of those digital men of God. He is on Facebook and Instagram. And just like any other ordinary being, the ‘controversial’ man of the cloth shares photos on these platforms just to give us a glimpse into everyday life.

Kanyari’s Estranged Wife Betty Bayo Looking Better Than Before, Check Out Her Latest Photos

From posting photos showing off his mansion, cars and even a church full of worshippers, Kanyari is never afraid of doing this even after he was exposed as a not so Christ-like pastor back in 2014.

The founder of Salvation Ministry is living large. While many Kenyans struggle to make ends meet, Kanyari is eating life with a big spoon. The socialite pastor who is known for flossing his big machines posted a photo sitting in front of one of his cars (a Range Rover) with the front doors wide open and threatened to block anyone who comments negatively.

“Ogea mbaya ni kublock.” (say something nasty and I will block you)

Lol! Why is Kanyari threatening his followers yet he has been exposed severally?

Pastor Kanyari and James Ng'ang'a


Meanwhile, Kanyari and his brother in Christ, apostle James Ng’ang’a were recently spotted together and who knows what they are up to.

Here is a photo Kanyari posted on social media

Pastor Kanyari and James Ng'ang'a


The caption accompanying the photo was mocking their haters.

Those who paid for your downfall should go and get their money back..??

Kanyari’s Estranged Wife Betty Bayo Looking Better Than Before, Check Out Her Latest Photos

It’s 2017, many are yet to accept 2016 is gone and are still minding last year’s business. Shinda hapo!

Some people have already moved and it seems the light of the Lord has shone on them.

Gospel singer Betty Bayo is among the lucky ones. While many are still struggling to catch up with life, the 11th-hour hitmaker is blessed. She is indeed doing well.

Life on her side has been great ever since she parted ways with estranged husband self-proclaimed prophet Victor Kanyari.

Bayo’s story is one of rising from grass to grace. She is living a stress-free life and this can be evident from her latest photos. She is indeed enjoying life. The mother of two has been busy of late spreading the gospel and promoting her music.

Kanayari on the other end still operates his church, Salvation Healing Ministry even after being exposed on an investigative series on TV.

The pastor recently purchased a truck for his road shows worth KSh 10m and also built a palatial home in the city’s Eastlands’ area.

But despite that, Kanyari seems to be missing someone special

Pastor Kanyari

He posted this image on his social media accounts. Who could this person be? Is it Betty Bayo?

Only Kanyari himself has the answer to that.

Check out latest photos of Betty Bayo

Betty Bayo


Betty Bayo


Betty Bayo


Betty Bayo


I haven’t seen or heard from my husband since the expose, says Betty Bayo

Betty Bayo, musician and wife to ‘Doctor Prophet’ Victor Kanyari, on Tuesday morning explained her position following KTN’s Jicho Pevu expose on her fraudulent husband.

“I neither go to Kanyari’s church nor live in the house that is shown in the clip being used as a studio,” Bayo stated on Kameme Fm amid sobs.

She said she went to the station to clear her name from “this mess that I have been dragged into because I am just a victim of circumstances.”

Regarding their marriage, she said: “I was not married to Kanyari for money. If he will repent and turns to God I will forgive him, but if he doesn’t, I will divorce him.”

Bayo said she is still too shocked to watch the now famous clip on Kanyari’s gimmicks. The clip, showing how he preyed upon worshipers for money, is trending widely, viewers expressing their lack of trust in men of the cloth.

Bayo said she had not seen or heard from Kanyari who fled after the expose.

Their relationship began when he invited her to sing at his church and together they have a two year-old daughter.

Popular gospel artiste caught up in ‘miracles’ fraud

Gospel artiste Betty Bayo is now in the spotlight after a TV expose aired on KTN portrayed the man believed to be her husband, Prophet Victor Kanyari, as a fraud.

The latest edition of Jicho Pevu by investigative reporters Mohamed Ali and John Allan Namu aired on Sunday night.

It showed exclusive, secretly filmed footage of the said “prophet” coaching his staff on how to give false testimonies of non-existent miracles. These testimonies alongside other tricks would then be used to convince unsuspecting church goers to part with money for miracles.

Many are now questioning whether or not Bayo has been in on her husband’s con game all along.

A post on her Facebook page on Sunday night appears to be an attempt by the 11th Hour hit singer to distance herself from ‘ungodly’ acts.

”Anything that is unholy…anything…that’s is ungodly.. anything that contradict my faith… Anything that mock the God who got me from wilderness humble beginning and raised me for His glory… I rather DIE…That be part of it…” read the post.

Betty Bayo facebook comment
Facebook post on Betty Bayo’s page on Sunday night

The post attracted thousands of comments with most of those accusing the singer of being part of the fraud. Some even went ahead to claim that Bayo’s home was used on some occasions to coach the fake testifiers.

Attempts to reach Bayo for comment were unsuccessful as calls to her cell phone went unanswered.