Migrants:Women and child found drowned along with survivor clinging to shattered migrant ship in the Mediterranean

Bodies of a drowned woman and a toddler have been found, along with a sole survivor; still clinging to a shattered migrant ship on Tuesday.

This happened after Libyan coastguards ‘left them to die’ in the Mediterranean on Monday.

Distressing photos of the two corpses, slumped on the remains of a table from the boat, have been published on social media by Proactiva Open Arms- a non-governmental organisation based in Barcelona.



Libyan coastguards had sent out a message to the Maritime Rescue Co-ordination saying they had ‘rescued’ 158 Europe-bound migrants on Monday.

However, two women and a child having been left behind on board, was not said.

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Proactiva Open Arms claim the migrant ship was deliberately sunk after the three refused to board the patrol boats.

Rather,to be returned to the North African nation.



According to Daily Mail, the founder of Proactiva,Oscar Camps, said:

‘When we arrived, we found one of the women still alive.’

Then continued:

‘We could not do anything to [save] the other woman and the child, who apparently died a few hours before we found them.’

Proactiva Open Arms, posted images and videos of the wreckage and the dead bodies on social media.

Accusing both; A merchant ship sailing in international waters and, Libya’s coast guard of failing to help the three migrants.

Daily Mail