Like a princess! Check out photos of Diamond’s daughter Princess Tiffah as she turns 3

Diamond Platnumz and Zari Hassan’s firstborn daughter Princess Tiffah is celebrating turning 3. The birthday party is already underway in South Africa.

Zari Hassan, Diamond’s family and friends have also sent Tiffah birthday messages. The kid’s grandmother Sanura Kassin expressed her undying love for her in a message on Instagram.

“Like Dad Like Daughter. Wa kwanza ni wa kwanza na hawezi kutokea mwengine zaidi yako, wewe Latiffah ndo ulianza kufungua dimba kuwa mtoto wa SIMBA @princess_tiffah Kila nikikuangalia kiungo kimoja baada ya kingine tunajiona wenyewe wallah Yaan NAKUPENDA SANA PACHA WANGU @princess_tiffah 🎂 Happy Birthday to you Sister TEE ❤MUNGU akukuze vema Mjukuu wangu kipenzi na kamwe sitoacha kukupenda daima❤❤❤,” wrote Diamond’s mother

Photos taken from the birthday party have already started surfacing online.

Diamond Platnumz’ message to the special woman in his life: ‘I love you because you love me more than anything in the world,’

Check them out below;

tif 1

pr 4 tif 3 tiffa 2


Diamond Platnumz’ message to the special woman in his life: ‘I love you because you love me more than anything in the world,’

Tanzanian crooner Diamond Platnumz and Zari Hassan’s daughter, Princess Tiffah has turned three today.

Princess Tiffah

The little girl, who won the hearts of many barely 24 hours after she was born, is a baby boss. Princess Tiffah is working with top banks and baby shops in Tanzania. Isn’t she blessed?

Well, the Utanipenda hitmaker has penned a sweet message to his daughter and it read:

I do love you, not because you are my Daughter…Nah! I love you because you love me more than aything in the World…. sometimes I even wonder why you Love me so….and that is the reason why I can’t sleep without praying for you… I can’t sleep without thinking about you… and most of the time when you come on my mind I feel like I owe you more than a life…Inshaallah, Mwenyezi Mungu akukuze vyema, Akupe akili, Afya, Adabu, Umri mrefu wenye Furaha na Future nzuri baadae…..Nakupenda sana Mwanangu, Nakupenda sana Tiffah angu…. Happy 3 Birthday mama🙏🏻 @princess_tiffah.

Princess Tiffah

Diamond Platnunz is besotted with his daughter and recently after a video of her praying for him and her grandmother went viral, and he was mesmerized. He commented on Tiffah’s message by saying that he loves his children.


The singer’s mother, who loves Zari’s children a lot compared to Hamisa’s also penned a letter to her grandchild.

She wrote:

Like Dad Like Daughter. Wa kwanza ni wa kwanza na hawezi kutokea mwengine zaidi yako, wewe Latiffah ndo ulianza kufungua dimba kuwa mtoto wa SIMBA @princess_tiffah Kila nikikuangalia kiungo kimoja baada ya kingine tunajiona wenyewe wallah Yaan NAKUPENDA SANA PACHA WANGU @princess_tiffah 🎂 Happy Birthday to you Sister TEE ❤MUNGU akukuze vema Mjukuu wangu kipenzi na kamwe sitoacha kukupenda daima❤❤❤

Diamond Platnumz’ mother has always showered Zari with praises for proving wrong those who mocked her son, claiming he was barren.

Princess Tiffah

She likes Zari unlike Diamond’s baby mama Hamisa Mobeto. In a previous interview after Diamond and Zari parted ways, Sandra revealed that she will never allow Hamisa to get married to her son.




Diamond and Zari’s daughter Princess Tiffah embarrasses her uncle Harmonize by doing this

Wololo! Zari’s daughter Princess Tiffah embarrasses her uncle Harmonize by doing this

Tanzanian singer Harmonize is known for murdering the queen’s language. No matter how much he tries, the singer always ends up fumbling and it’s high time he sticks to the Tanzanian national language, which is Kiswahili.

Well, Zari’s 3-year-old daughter Princess Tiffah has already mastered the Queen’s language and she’s very fluent. While kids her age back in the day were still learning how to walk and talk, and spending time at home with their mothers, the rich kid even knows how to use a smartphone.

A video of Princess Tiffah speaking fluent English has left many memsmerized. In the video, two of Zari’s children Princess Tiffah and Prince Nillan can be seen playing with their new puppy and when the little boy hits it, she asks him to apologize.

“Nee don’t beat him he is a boy, say sorry….”

The video has gone viral and many have praised Zari for doing a great job.

Nee dont beat him he is a boy, say sorry….

A post shared by Latiffah (@princess_tiffah) on

Check out some of the comments from Tiffah’s followers

Priscus_maisha: Hayako fair kabisa wakati tiffah anaceheza na mbwa wa kizungu kitandan kuna mtoto wa jiran hapa nimepita nmemkuta anacheza jalalan kapauka majivu mwili mzima haha

Zarinaisbae: ❤️ ❤️ 💋 Lovely best vid ever in love 😍 ❤️ 💋

Tyna_kimaro: Yaani huyu Mtoto hanimalizi hamu kumuangalia na vituko vyake

Lyonah: @zarithebosslady you should be doing more of this videos of Tee

Wina: Oh so cute… u guys melt my heart.❤️❤️❤️❤️

Lilian_msangi: Wow! Tiffah start to show her boss lady action that’s sweet, congrats mama Tiffah well-mannered kids

Noymgracious: I watch this thousand times a day haki ya mama!! Daaah!!! God bless you sister tee!!

Claramsanga: Diamond ajipange🤣🤣

Pashie: This just made me cry… Soooo cute…

Below is also another video, where Princess Tiffah spoke fluent English.

Listen here, i dont deal with dirty people nor dirty places Nee… fix yourself!

A post shared by Latiffah (@princess_tiffah) on

Apart from Harmonize, Diamond Platnumz, the father of Princess Tiffah and Prince Nillan has also murdered the Queen’s language on several occasions.

‘Samaki Mkunje angali mbichi’, Zari has taught Tiffah how to be a great woman (Video)

Princess Tiffah Dangote is among the most popular celebrity children we have come to know in East Africa. She is 5 years but so far many people know her thanks to the celebrity parents. Tiffah is the first daughter of Diamond and Zari Hassan even though they are no longer together.

She has over one million followers on her Instagram page

She joined school school this year and well, a recent video of her playing the role of a big sister to her brother  excited her followers who credit her mother Zari for raising her in the right way.

Diamond Platnumz' daughter Princess Tiffah
Diamond Platnumz’ daughter Princess Tiffah

Little TIFFAH Is All Grown: See How Diamond Platnumz’s Daughter Speaks Good English (VIDEO)

Check out the comments;

toroitichlucy…@zarithebosslady I will use South African airlines next time so that I can catch up with you I need this motherhood lesson my darling you are a super woman I love you zari you are my one and only role model 😘🤣😂 people should clean their mess nice mama see you just said hei hei and Nillan started behaving himself 😂🤣 voice of a strong mother

simanyally63..Zari Mungu akulinde na familia yako daima wewe ni mama wa kuigwa sana watoto wako wanatia hamasa kuzidi kuwaangalia jinsi unavyowafundisha. Big Up mamaa tee.

caljosv …Tiffah atakuwa anapenda kazi sana mungu amujaliye akuwe ivo ivo.

agenesmgomba…Respect to Mama Tee, endelea kukuza wanao ktk maadil yanayo mpendeza Mungu, na amin Mungu atakulipia kupitia watoto wako. Achana na hawa wanao ixhia kuliwa midenda in the same room, the same bed and the same dick.

cute_superwoman..nikiwa mkubwa nataka niwe kama wew mama tee

igogomilly…Mafunzo mazuri Hongera mama Tifah






Hamisa ameona hii? Diamond Platnumz’ mother reveals the unthinkable about her grandson, Prince Nillan

Diamond Platnumz’ mother Sanura Kassim is a loving grandmother to her grandchildren.

The 50-year-old grandmother’s Instagram account is dotted with photos of Diamond Platnumz and Zari’s children as well as Esma’s (her daughter) kids.


This has always raised eyebrows as to why she doesn’t share photos of her other grandson, who Diamond sired with Hamisa Mobeto.

Diamond Platnumz speaks out after he was dumped by Zari

Word has been going round that there’s bad blood between Diamond Platnumz’ mother and Hamisa, that’s why she never shares photos of her son.

Well, barely a month after Diamond Platnumz and Zari parted ways, the singer’s mother hasn’t talked about the issue but it seems she still loves her daughter-in-law and will do anything to make her go back to her son.

Sanura has been sharing photos of Diamond and Zari’s children, a clear indication that she loves her two grandchildren so much.
The Tanzanian crooner’s mother shared a photo of Prince Nillan and captioned: “Mr handsome. Koffi Annan Mzee wa usuluhishi ????”

Diamond Platnumz' son Prince Nillan
Diamond Platnumz’ son Prince Nillan


Could Prince Nillan be the main reason why Zari and Diamond Platnumz will be back together? Or did Diamond’s mother mean that Nillan was the main reason why Diamond Platnumz chose to stick with Zari after many claimed that he was barren and Princess Tiffah was not his?

Or Could Diamond Platnumz’ mother have meant that Prince Nillan, the singer’s first son brought joy to the family after his birth, considering that in African communities a man must have a son?

Also, read:

Diamond Platnumz has not seen his children since he broke up with Zari

 Well, we’re keeping up with the Chibus and will update you on this.

The Tanzanian crooner, who is currently in the country on a business trip, is besotted with his daughter Princess Tiffah.

Diamond Platnumz' daughter Princess Tiffah
Diamond Platnumz’ daughter Princess Tiffah

In a lengthy message he shared on Ig, Diamond talked about his cute daughter leaving many speculating that he was hitting back at his estranged wife Zari Hassan and haters.

“People can be so mean, they say you are so beautiful…and they say you look like me… but then I wonder why they don’t wanna take it when I tell them you got your cuteness from your Dad then..??.” translated to

(Yani Binadam Wanahusda sana… Wanasema wewe ni mzuri…. Wanasema pia Umefanana sana na mie baba Yako… Lakini nikiwaambia basi kama hivyo, Uzuri umerithi kwangu mie baba yako Hawataki….?? @princess_tiffah).

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Adorable Photos Of Baby Tiffah And Prince Nillan Will Leave You Yearning To Be A Good Brother Or Sister

Zari Hassan, wife to Diamond Platnumz have two children together, Prince Nillan and Princess Tiffah. The two adorable babies are the talk of town with their cute pictures together surfacing.

It is so inspiring to have a sister or brother who cares about you and spend time together as siblings having fun and playing together. The two have individual instagram accounts that are run by their parents, and have more followers than moat of us.

Their pages are simply meant to post pictures of them as they grow up to keep their memories from childhood.

Check out this beautiful photos of the two spending time together:



















Drama! Is Diamond Platnumz’s Mother Attacking Zari With This Cryptic Message About Their Daughter Princess Tiffah?

There has been a lot of talk about Diamond Platnumz and Zaris’ relationship in the last couple of weeks, with claims that their marriage was on the rocks, and even after making it clear that they were very much together, trouble still looms for the celebrity couple.

Wenye Wivu? Diamond Platnumz’s Hot Wife Zari Shuts Down SEPARATION Rumours In The Most Epic Way (MUST SEE)

Naseeb Abdul Juma aka Diamond recently accused Zari of cheating after he got hold of a picture where a man was holding her derrière in a suggestive manner, with a caption regretting being a one woman man.

“The reason why sometimes I prefer being a player than a committed loyal man,” captioned the photo below, with a lot of rage.


Later on, the two would reconcile after Zari revealed that the man in the picture was an uncle to the late Ivan Don, while attacking those who had leaked the photo, adding that it was taken by the man’s wife who was present in the spa.

Other than that, Chibu Dangote is also rumored to have impregnated model and video vixen, Hamisa Mobetto, who appeared in his music video Salome, claims that he has vehemently denied, saying that he has never been with the hottie.


But just when we thought that the dust had settled, Zari shocked her fans when she corrected a fan who called her daughter Tiffah Dangote, after commenting on a photo the fan had shared on social media, by saying; “Lattifah Hassan correction.”

Zari is currently in Uganda after her mother fell ill and was admitted after a heart complication, and it looks like the kids are with their grandma for now.

Diamond Platnumz’s Mother Defends Son After Cheating Allegations Emerge


Now, Diamond Platnumz’s another Kendrah Michael has gone ahead to put up a post that seems to contradict Zari. She shared a lovely photo of Princess Tiffah, with a caption that read; “Shkiki tiffah dangotee.”  

Taking Shots At Zari? Diamond Platnumz Professes Love To The Only “REAL WOMAN” In His Life (PHOTOS)

Could she be trying to say that the girl’s name is still Tiffah Dangote and not Hassan, and is there trouble between her and daughter-in-law Zari? I bet we will just have to wait and see.



Cute! Check Out Zari’s Message To Her Munchkins Tiffah And Nillan

Zari Hassan ‘boss lady’ has been going through a difficult time especially after the loss of her ex husband Ivan Semwanga who died while undergoing treatment in Pretoria, South Africa.


Zari sired three children with her late husband and in an interview, she said she’s going to double as a  mother and father to her sons and ensure they never luck.

MUST WATCH: Zari Hassan SPEAKS OUT For The First Time After Ivan’s Death Revealing Juicy Details

She had to fly all the way to Uganda for to bury the man who was once her husband, leaving the young ones behind.

Zari is currently in a relationship with Tanzania’s sensation Diamond Platnumz and together they are blessed with a daughter, Tiffah Dangote and a son Nillan Dangote. It’s still not clear when she will be going back home.


Mother-In-Law Drama!!! 5 INCREDIBLE Reasons Why Diamond Platnumz’s Mother HATES Zari Hassan

However, she took to social media to jot down cute messages to her little ones, considering she hasn’t been home to spend time with them.

She said, “My princess, my heart beats for you. I miss your drama. My shkiki, my one and only💖💕 @princess_tiffah can’t wait to see that cute.

She also had sweet words to shower her youngest one saying, The skwiiiishiest skwiiiishy of all skwiiiishies. You are my skwiiishy, Your missed deeply @princenillan.”

Absolutely Jaw-Dropping! 11 Photos Of Diamond Platnumz’s Alleged ‘Clande’ That Prove She’s Hotter Than Zari

Bongo star Diamond Platnumz has always been very open about the women in his life, more so that he’s now settled down with Ugandan-native Zarinah Hassan.

Diamond Platnumz, real name, Naseeb Abdula Juma is a lucky man, after wooing Zari, who is older than him by 5 years though she doesn’t look it.

The love birds have been blessed with two adorable children, their 1-year-old daughter, Princess Tiffah and their second born, Prince Nillan who is now 3 months-old, and resembles his elder sister.


Diamond Platnumz and Zari are indeed happy, having beautiful kids, successful musical career and businesses, luxurious homes and expensive cars, but there’s an issue about Chibu’s alleged mistress that won’t go away.

Apparently, Diamond once had an affair with stunning Tanzanian model and actress Hamisa Mobetto who also happens to be the main video vixen in his smash hit Salome, with Rayvanny.

DRAMA! Diamond’s Wife Zari Attacks His Alleged ‘Clande’ After She Posted a Photo Wearing His Pants

The sassy lady is a popular model and fashionista and in the last couple of months, she has been indirectly at war with Zari, who seems threatened by the young, sexy girl.

The drama started when Zari found earrings in Chibu’s bedroom, daring the woman who had left them to go for them. Then, later on, Hamisa posted a photo suggesting she was in the same room as the singer.

Mobetto then went on to share a photo wearing pants that were similar to Diamond’s and recently, she put up a photo suggesting she had a temporary tattoo of his name, Chibu.

Has Diamond Platnumz’s Rumored ‘Clande’ Gotten a Tattoo Of His Name? (PHOTO)

Recently, Zari came out to tell off Hamisa Mobetto, reminding her that it doesn’t matter what she puts on or says, she only looks desperate to have Diamond Platnumz, emphasizing that she will never have him, though she sounded a bit insecure.

As the cat fight goes on, how about we take a look at why some people think that Hamisa Mobetto is way hotter and more stunning that Zari Hassan. Though they are both mothers, Mobetto only has one kid and is younger than Zari, who has 5 kids.

Check out Hamisa Mobetto’s breath-taking photos below.





BORN WITH A SILVER SPOON! Check Out 10 Celebrity Kids Who Are Living It Large (Photos)

Call them celebrity kids or boss babies but one thing is for sure, these kids are living large. Well, they must be proud to also have celebrity parents with all the riches in the world and the fame.

Check out this list of the celebrity kids who are living large in East Africa.

1. Princess Tiffah

She is the first born to Diamond Platnumz and the fourth born to Zari Hassan. This cute girl already has over 1 million followers on social media and she is already endorsing a major product in her hometown Tanzania. She must be making money!


2. Ladasha Belle

She is the daughter to gospel singer Size 8, and gospel Deejay, Dj Mo. She recently landed a deal with a local diaper company and for sure she will make some mullah. Did I’s mention she has over 100,000 plus followers?


3. Akothee’s Kids

She has 5 kids, even with all the controversy she might be receiving from social media, Akothee is definitely working hard for her kids. I must say her two sons are quite adorable. She however has three daughters who seem to be growing up quite fast. Well, work it girls!


4. Kiba Junior

Call him Kiba Junior or Prince Sameer Kiba. He is Ali Kiba’s adorable son who without a doubt has a striking resemblance to his famous dad. Will he take after his father who has amazing vocals?


5. Wahu’s and Nameless’ Kids

These popular Kenyan artistes have two adorable daughters Tumiso Nyakwea and Nyakio Mathenge. Tumiso seems keen take after her parents as she has been seen spitting some rhyms with the dad. Wahu’s song Sweet Love must have been dedicated to her!


6. Morgan Bahati

He is among Bahati’s adopted kids and without a doubt, the gospel singer loves and praises his kids on social media. Morgan hangs out alot with his dad, and will probably find himself in the music industry and the two seem to always get along well.


7. Kathy Kiuna’s Grandchild

This kid is adorable! She is the granddaughter to JCC’s Allan Kiuna and Kathy Kiuna. With her pretty self it is only right to call her one of the most beautiful babies in town.


8. Creme De La Creme Son

He is Jamari and recently landed a huge endorsement deal with a clothing line. You can obviously tell the resemblance between him and his dad and he even featured on Wahu’s song Hadi Lini?


9. Pierra Makena’s Child

She is one of the most recognized Kenya Djs. Well, Pierra is a proud mum of one who has not yet revealed her daughter’s face but from the clothes the little tot wears on her adorable photos, Pierra’s daughter is one kid to watch out for.


10. Marya’s Child

Her new-born son was gifted designer shoes barely a week after he was born. It happened that a few hours after her birth, the Chokoza hit maker decided to go ahead and dress the baby in expensive Jordan basketball Jersey. He is a lucky boss kid!



HOW HEART-WARMING! Check Out Diamond Platnumz And Zari’s Sweet Moments With Son Prince Nillan

Bongo star Naseeb Abdul Juma popularly known as Diamond Platnumz is one lucky man, and not just because of his successful music career, but also for having landed one of the most beautiful women in Africa.

Diamond is currently married to Ugandan-native and former socialite Zarinah Hassan and the two are blessed with two children, the first born, a daughter by the name Tiffah Dangote and a son, Prince Nillan.

The lovely couple welcomed their second child Prince Nillan back in September, and recently celebrated his 40 days in Tanzania, a classy and elegant event filled with pomp and colour.


Zari got pregnant with her second child before Tiffah even turned a year old, something that caused a misunderstanding with her main man Chiba Dangote, who felt that it was too early to get another kid, but later on, the two reconciled and have been blissful since then.

Diamond Platnumz’s Wife Oozes Elegance And Class During Their Son’s 40 Day Celebration (Photos)

Though she still looks so young and stunning, Zari is actually a mother of five children in total, with the other three kids from her former husband, Ivan Semwanga.

The lovely couple has been able to keep their love going despite the glaring attention of the public and scrutiny, and even when Diamond Platnumz was accused of cheating, she stood by her man.


Zari and Diamond Platnumz recently unveiled their son’s face at his 40 days celebration and the newborn is a spitting image of his father.

Diamond Platnumz Summoned By Tanzanian Police After Committing This Devious Offence

Since they already revealed the cute boy to the world, they have began sharing more heart-warming photos of the little one and I can’t help but marvel at how cute he looks.

Check out Diamond and Zari as they spend quality time with their cuddly son below.

Me and my lil man @princenillan doing nyt shiftz😍

A post shared by Zari (@zarithebosslady) on




Diamond Platnumz 3-Day-Old Son, Prince Riaz Bags Thousands Of Instagram Followers But Doesn’t Follow The Singer

The internet went wild with the birth of singer Diamond’s second child, Prince Riaz.

Prince Riaz is the bongo star’s second child with Zari Hassan. Like his big sister, Tiffah, who broke the net, Riaz is quickly working at breaking that record.

Just three days after making an entrance into the world, Riaz has garnered a hardcore following on Instagram. His account has over 26,000 followers and growing.

Prince Riaz

The bizarre thing about this is that the Instagram account follows his mother and sister and not his father.

Could there be trouble in paradise?


Prince Riaz


Before Prince Riaz’ arrival, Diamond and Zari had a nasty fight over infidelity claims.

A Tanzanian paper reported that Zari threatened to terminate her then, four-month old pregnancy after rumours surfaced that the Utanipenda hitmaker is dating one of his video vixens; Irene Hillary ‘Lynn’, who signed a deal with Diamond’s Wasafi Classic Baby (WCB) Records early this year.

Responding to those rumours, Diamond told the publication, “Unajua uhusiano una changamoto nyingi sana lakini ninachoweza kushukuru ni kwamba leo hii mimba ya baby wangu ina zaidi ya miezi minne na Mungu akijaalia mwezi Desemba nitapata mtoto mwingine wa kiume, hayo mengine tuyaache. Unajua watu wanaongea sana hasa kwenye mitandao ya kijamii lakini sisi ni waelewa na hatuwezi kuwapa watu nafasi watuharibie.”

Could this the reason why the account, created by Zari is not following Diamond?

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Diamond Platnumz’s Wife Celebrates Her Baby Shower As She Finally Reveals The Baby’s Name (Photos)

Zari Hassan has always looked stunning while pregnant even when she was heavy with Tiffah. She has mastered the art of being pregnant and looking sexy all at once. We have seen her even working out and looking fit while pregnant; something that many woman have not yet mastered.

Zari Pregnant

Her daughter Tiffah has been on the limelight for a long time even before she was born and her little brother is following her footsteps closely.

Zari has been preparing for the coming of her son and we’ve been keeping tabs with her journey. Well, a pregnancy is not a pregnancy without your friends and family throwing you a baby shower.

Zari has quite the clique as she was thrown a baby shower fit for a goddess. With the theme colour being blue, of course, everything looked amazing and from the look of things, the shower must have been expensive. But money isn’t a problem for Zari or her friends. They are literally swimming in millions.


Apart from celebrating the coming of the baby boy, Zari and Tiffah also revealed the baby’s name and it’s a name that no one would have guessed. The little ninja will be called Prince Riaz. Quite a catchy name, right?

Anyway, check out the photos from the glamorous baby shower;


Bongo Star Diamond Platnumz Talks About Where He Got His Stage Name From (Video)

Naseeb Abdul Juma, better known by his stage name Diamond Platnumz is a big name in Africa but the Bongo star did not become an overnight success.

The Number One hitmaker’s humble beginnings started in a small town called Tandale, where life was hard and tough as his family struggled to make ends meet.

Diamond grew up with a single mother and two siblings – a sister and brother – and without a father to act as a breadwinner, they faced challenges, but that did not stop him from working hard towards his musical goals.


From his Mbagala days, the super talented singer has become one of the most celebrated and renowned artistes from East Africa, with a lot of nominations and awards under his name, including the coveted MTV Africa Music Awards and Europe Music Awards.

The 27-year-old star is also one of the richest singers in Africa, with an estimated net worth of Ksh405 Million (USD4 Million) and he attributes all this to his resilience and never giving up. Well, hard work sure does pay off!

Diamond Platnumz is also a family man, who fell in love with South African based Ugandan socialite Zarinah Hassan, who he started dating after breaking up with long-time girlfriend Wema Sepetu late 2014.


The love birds are blessed with a cute baby girl, Princess Tiffah, who turned a year old back in August and before the little one celebrated her birthday, Zari was already pregnant, and now they’re expecting their second child together, a baby boy.

She Looks Radiant! Diamond Platnumz’s Wife Proudly Shows Off Her Baby Bump

Diamond Platnumz is doing well for himself, a good career, a gorgeous wife and cute daughter and another kid on the way, not forgetting he has two lavish homes, one in Tanzania and another in South Africa.

So, how did the Salome singer come up with his stage name, Diamond Platnumz?


While going through an interview at Coke Studio South Africa, where he teamed up with popular artiste Casper Nyovest for a dope mashup, Diamond Platnumz revealed how he got his stage name.

He reveals that before he was popular people around his hometown would compliment his spectacular voice and call him Almasi which means Diamond in English.

Deeply In Love: This Is What Diamond Platnumz And His Hot Wife Talk About When They Are Apart

Chibu also talks about how artistes should not forget their background and for the up and coming ones, they should never give up on their dreams.

Check out the video interview below as he shared it with his fans. Amazing story!

My #CokeStudioZA interview Part 6

A video posted by Chibu Dangote (@diamondplatnumz) on

My #CokeStudioZA part 7

A video posted by Chibu Dangote (@diamondplatnumz) on

Deeply In Love: This Is What Diamond Platnumz And His Hot Wife Talk About When They Are Apart

Tanzanian star Diamond Platnumz and his beautiful wife Zarinah Hassan are one of the hottest couples in Africa.

They have managed to keep their romance and relationship going strong despite the age factor with Zari being a few years older than the Number One hitmaker.

Zari and Diamond were first seen together in 2014 when photos of them cuddling made rounds on social media. Though they denied the speculations about their union at first, they later officially came out to reveal that they were indeed an item.

Before dating the Ugandan beauty, Diamond Platnumz was in an on and off relationship with former Miss Tanzania cum businesswoman, Wema Sepetu, and their break up was marred with speculation that Wema’s infertility was one of the main reasons for the separation.


Well, the power couple was blessed with a beautiful baby girl a few months into their relationsip, which was a very happy moment for the Bongo singer. Baby Tiffah Dangote recently turned one year old and surprisingly, the couple are now expecting another child.

Rumours of Zari’s second pregnancy with Diamond Platnumz came out about 2 months ago after it was revealed that Diamond had instructed her to abort because he was not ready for another child since Tiffah was barely a year old then; something that Zari furious about; to the point of going back to South Africa where she resides with her other three children.

Finally! Diamond Platnumz And Wife, Zari Hassan Confirm That She’s Pregnant With Their Second Child

The two later reconciled and eventually revealed that they were expecting a baby boy. Zari has since been flaunting her baby bump on social media, making this her 5th child including three boys from her previous marriage to a Ugandan tycoon.

Diamond and Zari have been appreciating each other a lot on social media and when Diamond is away for shows and performances, they keep in touch via video and message chats.

Zari, Diamond And Her Children

Zari shared a pic as they had a video chat with Chibu and revealed what they talk about. Diamond expressed his love to his stunning wife on the post, and she posted a sweet reply to her better half. So, this is what the lovely couple talk about when they are apart:

“Spring just sprung and love is shinning brighter….😍😍😍😍🌸🌹🍀🍁 our long convos are about love, how to make more money and how to build this family. And of course we fool/joke around a lot what would life be without being alil silly @diamondplatnumz😍”

Check out Diamond and Zari’s picture and convo below;

Zari and Diamond Platnumz

Zari and Diamond Platnumz

True Beauty! Diamond’s Wife, Zari Hassan Was Still Gorgeous Back In High School (Photo)

Bongo flava artist Diamond Platnumz is the biggest East African musician at the moment, with numerous hits and awards to his name. Not forgetting the many collaborations he has done with other African musicians.

Diamond is also a family man after he stole the heart of South African-based Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan, and the two are blessed with a beautiful daughter.

The couple were overjoyed when their bundle of joy, Princess Tiffah Dangote, was born. She will be celebrating her first birthday soon and already has endorsements to her name at such a young age.


This is not Zari Hassan’s first child though, as she has three sons from her previous marriage to Ugandan tycoon, Ivan Semwanga, who was alleged to be Tiffah’s father last year, but DNA tests have proven naysers wrong.

But despite all the bad talk, the mother of four and business-woman continues to live her life happily while embracing every moment with her family, and even getting endorsements with her hubby, the latest being the deal with Vodacom.

What we all have to agree with is that Zari is indeed beautiful, stunning and has a hot body for her age. Her beauty is timeless even when she was in high school.

I came across a photo of her as a teenager and you can see her cuteness, through the afro hairstyle she effortlessly rocks and a warm smile. Check it out below.


Diamond Platinumz Sends Sweet Message To His Lover Zari On Her Birthday

Tanzania music king, Diamond Platnumz may have just given us a snippet of why he fell in love with top businesswoman and socialite Zari The Boss Lady with his latest Instagram post.

Diamond has shared a sweet message for his lover Zari as she celebrates her birthday today. The celebrated power couple have one daughter together, Princess Tiffah whose face was unveiled for the first time to the public last Sunday.

She Is Adorable! Diamond and Zari Unveil Face Of Their Daughter Tiffah

The couple started making headlines late last year after Diamond ditched his then girlfriend Wema Sepetu. Diamond and Zari have been inseparable since.


There is speculation that Zari who is a mother to three other children may be turning 35 or a bit older but Diamond has proved that age is nothing but a number.

He shared a sweet message in Swahili about his lover Zari on Instagram saying, “I respect, treasure and love you and my actions are proof of that.”

Read his full post below