Love Don’t Live Here No More: Diamond Platnumz’ kids unfollow him days after his photographer quit

seems to have moved on after parting ways with Diamond Platnumz. The mother of five is currently in Dubai with her three sons and has been sharing photos from their opulent holiday to the annoyance of many.

Raphael, Pinto, Zari and Quincy
Raphael, Pinto, Zari and Quincy

On the other hand, Diamond Platnumz is busy promoting his #AboyfromTandale album back home and last weekend, he and his baby mama Hamisa Mobetto attended a red carpet event and wore matching outfits leaving many speculating that they were back together.

Almost two months, now, Diamond Platnumz has never visited his kids in South Africa raising concern if he has disowned then or not. A few days ago, Diamond Platnumz’ official photographer Mr. KIfesi quit his job and in a lengthy message he shared on Instagram, revealed that he was happy to have worked with the Utanipenda hitmaker and was venturing into something else.

“Leo ikiwa ni siku takatifu na siku ya ibada kwangu ni siku niloamua kufanya maamzi yatayo badili maisha yangu. Nimeamua rasmi kuacha kazi kama mpiga picha wa Diamond Platnumz na mwajiriwa wa WCB. Well, it’s insane to be leaving a stable job you love but that’s reality for me naacha kazi kwa mtu alokua zaidi ya rafiki kwangu. Naacha kazi ambayo ni ndoto ya vijana wengi out there but to me..I see miaka yangu 4/5 ya kufanya kazi hapa inatosha niachie nafasi kwa vijana wengine nimeamua kufata moyo wangu.  Continue reading “Love Don’t Live Here No More: Diamond Platnumz’ kids unfollow him days after his photographer quit”

Hamisa ameona hii? Diamond Platnumz’ mother reveals the unthinkable about her grandson, Prince Nillan

Diamond Platnumz’ mother Sanura Kassim is a loving grandmother to her grandchildren.

The 50-year-old grandmother’s Instagram account is dotted with photos of Diamond Platnumz and Zari’s children as well as Esma’s (her daughter) kids.


This has always raised eyebrows as to why she doesn’t share photos of her other grandson, who Diamond sired with Hamisa Mobeto.

Diamond Platnumz speaks out after he was dumped by Zari

Word has been going round that there’s bad blood between Diamond Platnumz’ mother and Hamisa, that’s why she never shares photos of her son.

Well, barely a month after Diamond Platnumz and Zari parted ways, the singer’s mother hasn’t talked about the issue but it seems she still loves her daughter-in-law and will do anything to make her go back to her son.

Sanura has been sharing photos of Diamond and Zari’s children, a clear indication that she loves her two grandchildren so much.
The Tanzanian crooner’s mother shared a photo of Prince Nillan and captioned: “Mr handsome. Koffi Annan Mzee wa usuluhishi ????”

Diamond Platnumz' son Prince Nillan
Diamond Platnumz’ son Prince Nillan


Could Prince Nillan be the main reason why Zari and Diamond Platnumz will be back together? Or did Diamond’s mother mean that Nillan was the main reason why Diamond Platnumz chose to stick with Zari after many claimed that he was barren and Princess Tiffah was not his?

Or Could Diamond Platnumz’ mother have meant that Prince Nillan, the singer’s first son brought joy to the family after his birth, considering that in African communities a man must have a son?

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Diamond Platnumz has not seen his children since he broke up with Zari

 Well, we’re keeping up with the Chibus and will update you on this.

The Tanzanian crooner, who is currently in the country on a business trip, is besotted with his daughter Princess Tiffah.

Diamond Platnumz' daughter Princess Tiffah
Diamond Platnumz’ daughter Princess Tiffah

In a lengthy message he shared on Ig, Diamond talked about his cute daughter leaving many speculating that he was hitting back at his estranged wife Zari Hassan and haters.

“People can be so mean, they say you are so beautiful…and they say you look like me… but then I wonder why they don’t wanna take it when I tell them you got your cuteness from your Dad then..??.” translated to

(Yani Binadam Wanahusda sana… Wanasema wewe ni mzuri…. Wanasema pia Umefanana sana na mie baba Yako… Lakini nikiwaambia basi kama hivyo, Uzuri umerithi kwangu mie baba yako Hawataki….?? @princess_tiffah).

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Netizens React To This Beautiful Photo of Tiffah Drinking From A Wine Glass

Over the Christmas holiday, Africa’s popular celebrity couple Zari Hassan and Diamond Platnumz threw a lavish party for their second child, Prince Nillan.

The swanky affair was hosted at the couple’s mansion in South Africa.

The who is who was invited to the all-white party that cost Diamond a pretty penny. Pundits estimate the cost to be TSH 20m.

Mafikizolo were in attendance as well as the top brass and talent from Wasafi Label.

When the photos of the party went viral, one in particular caught the eye netizens. It was a photo of Princess Tiffah drinking what looked like red fluid – most likely cranberry juice – from a wine glass.

Here are some reactions to Tiffah’s wine glass drinking etiquette.

Mugisha Patricia: Slaying is not magic but in born.

Shamirah Nannozi: Yes.. the real boss.

Mariam Kibe: Daddy’s girl can slay banange look at the way she holds awine glass.

Ashley Kauthal Powers: Oooh Amor…cheers drink to that…boboo.

Marion Kesiime: Tee taking wine😆😆😆.

Violet Heavens: Wow.

Here are photos from the party.

Adorable Photos Of Baby Tiffah And Prince Nillan Will Leave You Yearning To Be A Good Brother Or Sister

Zari Hassan, wife to Diamond Platnumz have two children together, Prince Nillan and Princess Tiffah. The two adorable babies are the talk of town with their cute pictures together surfacing.

It is so inspiring to have a sister or brother who cares about you and spend time together as siblings having fun and playing together. The two have individual instagram accounts that are run by their parents, and have more followers than moat of us.

Their pages are simply meant to post pictures of them as they grow up to keep their memories from childhood.

Check out this beautiful photos of the two spending time together:



















Cute! Check Out Zari’s Message To Her Munchkins Tiffah And Nillan

Zari Hassan ‘boss lady’ has been going through a difficult time especially after the loss of her ex husband Ivan Semwanga who died while undergoing treatment in Pretoria, South Africa.


Zari sired three children with her late husband and in an interview, she said she’s going to double as a  mother and father to her sons and ensure they never luck.

MUST WATCH: Zari Hassan SPEAKS OUT For The First Time After Ivan’s Death Revealing Juicy Details

She had to fly all the way to Uganda for to bury the man who was once her husband, leaving the young ones behind.

Zari is currently in a relationship with Tanzania’s sensation Diamond Platnumz and together they are blessed with a daughter, Tiffah Dangote and a son Nillan Dangote. It’s still not clear when she will be going back home.


Mother-In-Law Drama!!! 5 INCREDIBLE Reasons Why Diamond Platnumz’s Mother HATES Zari Hassan

However, she took to social media to jot down cute messages to her little ones, considering she hasn’t been home to spend time with them.

She said, “My princess, my heart beats for you. I miss your drama. My shkiki, my one and only💖💕 @princess_tiffah can’t wait to see that cute.

She also had sweet words to shower her youngest one saying, The skwiiiishiest skwiiiishy of all skwiiiishies. You are my skwiiishy, Your missed deeply @princenillan.”

Absolutely Jaw-Dropping! 11 Photos Of Diamond Platnumz’s Alleged ‘Clande’ That Prove She’s Hotter Than Zari

Bongo star Diamond Platnumz has always been very open about the women in his life, more so that he’s now settled down with Ugandan-native Zarinah Hassan.

Diamond Platnumz, real name, Naseeb Abdula Juma is a lucky man, after wooing Zari, who is older than him by 5 years though she doesn’t look it.

The love birds have been blessed with two adorable children, their 1-year-old daughter, Princess Tiffah and their second born, Prince Nillan who is now 3 months-old, and resembles his elder sister.


Diamond Platnumz and Zari are indeed happy, having beautiful kids, successful musical career and businesses, luxurious homes and expensive cars, but there’s an issue about Chibu’s alleged mistress that won’t go away.

Apparently, Diamond once had an affair with stunning Tanzanian model and actress Hamisa Mobetto who also happens to be the main video vixen in his smash hit Salome, with Rayvanny.

DRAMA! Diamond’s Wife Zari Attacks His Alleged ‘Clande’ After She Posted a Photo Wearing His Pants

The sassy lady is a popular model and fashionista and in the last couple of months, she has been indirectly at war with Zari, who seems threatened by the young, sexy girl.

The drama started when Zari found earrings in Chibu’s bedroom, daring the woman who had left them to go for them. Then, later on, Hamisa posted a photo suggesting she was in the same room as the singer.

Mobetto then went on to share a photo wearing pants that were similar to Diamond’s and recently, she put up a photo suggesting she had a temporary tattoo of his name, Chibu.

Has Diamond Platnumz’s Rumored ‘Clande’ Gotten a Tattoo Of His Name? (PHOTO)

Recently, Zari came out to tell off Hamisa Mobetto, reminding her that it doesn’t matter what she puts on or says, she only looks desperate to have Diamond Platnumz, emphasizing that she will never have him, though she sounded a bit insecure.

As the cat fight goes on, how about we take a look at why some people think that Hamisa Mobetto is way hotter and more stunning that Zari Hassan. Though they are both mothers, Mobetto only has one kid and is younger than Zari, who has 5 kids.

Check out Hamisa Mobetto’s breath-taking photos below.





Has Diamond Platnumz’s Rumored ‘Clande’ Gotten a Tattoo Of His Name? (PHOTO)

Diamond Platnumz and his Ugandan wife Zarinah Hassan seem like the perfect couple that we all envy.

The power couple has a beautiful family, blessed with two lovely children, a boy, Prince Nillan who recently celebrated his 40 days and the first child, daughter Princess Tiffah Dangote.

Other than just having a beautiful family that makes most celebrities turn green with envy, the lovebirds live a flamboyant lifestyle thanks to Diamond’s wealth and a successful music career.


But we all know that there’s no relationship that will ever be smooth, and in the recent months, there have been rumours of Diamond having an affair with a sassy and stunning Tanzanian model and actress, Hamisa Mobetto.

The said lady was actually the main cast on Diamond Platnumz and Ravanny’s hit song Salome, and there’s no doubt that she’s indeed beautiful.

Zari recently took shots at Mobetto after she apparently shared a photo dressed in pants similar to Diamond’s, saying that it doesn’t matter what she does, she will never have her man.


Hamissa has however never came out to talk about the allegations or comment on them, but this time round, she has raised questions after posting a peculiar photo, where she reveals a rare tattoo on her back.

In the photo, Hamisa Mobetto is covered in a white bed sheet and from her back, you can see a temporary tattoo that spells, Chi, almost reading like Diamonds moniker name, Chibu.

Fans reacted after seeing the ink, and even with all the speculations, Hamisa has not deleted the picture. Check it out below and be the judge.


DRAMA! Diamond’s Wife Zari Attacks His Alleged ‘Clande’ After She Posted a Photo Wearing His Pants

Diamond Platnumz is doing very well when it comes to his musical career, his family and not forgetting his business ventures.

The Bongos star, real name, Naseeb Abdul Juma is married to Ugandan socialite Zarinah Hassan popularly known as Zari and they have been blessed with two adorable children, a boy, and a girl.

SWEET! 6 Photos That Prove Diamond Platnumz And Zari Are Still In Love Despite Paternity Wrangles Rumours

Zari gave birth to their first child, daughter Princess Tiffah back in August 2015 and before a year was over, she was pregnant with their second child, a baby boy who was born in December 2016, by the name Princess Tiffah.


Diamond and Zari have been together for almost 3 years now and are still very much in love, but with all the celebrity lifestyle, you can’t miss out on one or two dramas.

There is a certain Tanzanian model and video vixen who has been rumored to have had an affair with Diamond Platnumz. In fact, she featured in his hit song Salome, featuring WCB artiste Ray Vanny.


The model goes by the name Hamisa Mobetto and there were rumors that she hooked up with Diamond at some point, but Zari doesn’t seem to care and is not threatened at all.

There’s a photo that emerged on a top Tanzanian blog where Hamisa is seen wearing Diamond’s pants or rather similar to his, which looks like she was fuelling the rumors that she had an affair with the Number One hitmaker.


Zari went on to post a comment after a fan shared the picture online, talking sarcastically but you can feel the insecurity in her writing.

She went on to attack the stunning model, saying that it doesn’t matter even if she posts a picture with his boxers, or even with dreadlocks, she will never have her man, and that she should stop trying too hard to prove that there’s something that went on.

Afuge dread, avai na boxers apige picha sehemu zote in madale to have her point seen…the thirst is real, that awkward moment when you desparately try hard. These ain’t loyal nawaooo

Check out the screenshot below.







HOW HEART-WARMING! Check Out Diamond Platnumz And Zari’s Sweet Moments With Son Prince Nillan

Bongo star Naseeb Abdul Juma popularly known as Diamond Platnumz is one lucky man, and not just because of his successful music career, but also for having landed one of the most beautiful women in Africa.

Diamond is currently married to Ugandan-native and former socialite Zarinah Hassan and the two are blessed with two children, the first born, a daughter by the name Tiffah Dangote and a son, Prince Nillan.

The lovely couple welcomed their second child Prince Nillan back in September, and recently celebrated his 40 days in Tanzania, a classy and elegant event filled with pomp and colour.


Zari got pregnant with her second child before Tiffah even turned a year old, something that caused a misunderstanding with her main man Chiba Dangote, who felt that it was too early to get another kid, but later on, the two reconciled and have been blissful since then.

Diamond Platnumz’s Wife Oozes Elegance And Class During Their Son’s 40 Day Celebration (Photos)

Though she still looks so young and stunning, Zari is actually a mother of five children in total, with the other three kids from her former husband, Ivan Semwanga.

The lovely couple has been able to keep their love going despite the glaring attention of the public and scrutiny, and even when Diamond Platnumz was accused of cheating, she stood by her man.


Zari and Diamond Platnumz recently unveiled their son’s face at his 40 days celebration and the newborn is a spitting image of his father.

Diamond Platnumz Summoned By Tanzanian Police After Committing This Devious Offence

Since they already revealed the cute boy to the world, they have began sharing more heart-warming photos of the little one and I can’t help but marvel at how cute he looks.

Check out Diamond and Zari as they spend quality time with their cuddly son below.

Me and my lil man @princenillan doing nyt shiftz😍

A post shared by Zari (@zarithebosslady) on




Diamond Platnumz Summoned By Tanzanian Police After Committing This Devious Offence

Bongo artiste Diamond Platnumz is not such a controversial man, other than a few stories of his beef with one or two fellow artistes from his home country.

Recently, several Tanzanian artistes and celebrities including his ex-girlfriend Wema Sepetu and his official deejay, were arrested on suspicion of using and trafficking drugs, and rumor had it that Chibu Dangote was among those in police custody.

But Diamond Platnumz’ manager Sallam Sharaff came out to clarify that the Number One singer wasn’t among those arrested, maintaining he has a clean record despite tabloids and media insinuating otherwise.


But now, it looks like trouble eventually caught up with the Bongo star after he was instructed to report to Tanzania’s traffic police headquarters for carelessly driving without a seat belt, thus threatening his own life and the passenger.

Living In The Fast Lane! Diamond Platnumz Shows Off Sexy New Ride (PHOTO)

Diamond Platnumz reported to the police to answer to the charges, admitted to the offence after which he was fined and given a warning, as per the traffic laws.

The singer took to his social media to urge his fans to always fasten seat belts while driving, and also ensure that the passengers are also safe by doing the same so that they don’t endanger their lives in the case of an accident.


From the look of things, the video that Diamond Platnumz was talking about could have been where he was with his wife Zari Hassan before their son Prince Nillan’s 40 days celebration, where he looked distracted as he drove while looking at the camera.

Diamond Platnumz’s Wife Oozes Elegance And Class During Their Son’s 40 Day Celebration (Photos)

In the video, the musician is dancing while driving the car as his lover takes a video, which was posted in Zari’s social media. Diamond shared a picture while at the traffic headquarters with the inspector, with this caption;

Earlier today when i went to report a the HQ of traffic police due to the clip was posted am driving the car without fastening my seat belt…. my dear fans and Friends make sure you fasten your seat belt before you start driving your car…


Check out one of the videos from Zari’s social media as they sing along to his latest song Marry You featuring Ne-Yo, while Diamond is still driving but gets distracted at some point.

#Mood #Nillan40

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