Beauty and the beast: ‘ Not so handsome African Celebs with gorgeous baes

“No one is ugly just broke.” And this wise phrase is proven in a very public way as we see ugly Kenyan male celebs marry very attractive women every day.

In Kenya we say:

Mwanamme ni mfuko, sura watavumilia.”

The criteria is pretty simple. Would any of these men be able to get any of the pretty women they have without the money they have? I don’t think so.

Below is the list of fugly men with very hot women:

Harmonize and Jackie Wolper

Wolper must have seen Harmonize as a worthy and very “attractive” back-up to Diamond after she and Diamond failed to work out. The two share an affinity for coloring their hair blonde.

Maybe, it was love after all for the former lovers.

Harmonize and Wolper

Harmonize and Wolper

Never before seen photos of Isaac Mwaura’s wife looking like a SNACK

Mejja and Erica

The two have been together for close to four years. This truly is love. Look at the size of his head. Biggest rapper in the game? Nah! Biggest head in the game.

Mejja and Erica  Mejja and Erica Erica

Dr. Ofweneke and ex-wife Nicah

The two were married for two years before the comedian split up from his ex-wife. And the way they were such an attractive couple, Huh!!

Dr. Ofweneke and Nicah the Queen Dr. Ofweneke and Nicah the Queen Dr. Ofweneke and Nicah the Queen

Harmo Rapa and his girfriend

Not only is Harmo Rapa a doppelganger of Harmonize but he also shares an attraction to women with blonde hair. One of this days we will do a poll of who is more attractive,,,,.uh uglier between Harmo Rapper and Harmonize. Who will win? Biting my nails.

Harmorapa and girlfriend

Harmorapa and girlfriend
Harmorapa and girlfriend

Harmorapa and girlfriend

Colonel Mustapha and Marya

Mustapa is a balding rapper who had his best days many eons ago. But at least he is tall. That must account for former beauties like Marya falling for his charms. Ama ni mjulubeng?

Colonel Mustapha and Marya

Colonel Mustafa and Noti Flow

Mustafa makes another appearance here with “Kamatia” hitmaker Noti Flow. Maybe she finds him sexy because of his tattoos. Ama?

Colonel Mustafa and Noti Flow Colonel Mustafa and Noti Flow

Prezzo and Noti Flow

What is it with Noti Flow and ugly ninjas. Or is it that she sees a kindred spirit in herself when she goes without make-up?

Noti Flow without makeup

Noti Flow without makeup

 Prezzo and Noti Flow Prezzo and Noti Flow

Vicmass Luodollar and Chimami

This here is the real igwe! Unattractive niggas take notes. Vicmass is your role-model. Repeat after me: “If Vicmass can get an attractive woman, so can I. So can I.” But,,…but,,..but you have to have money! A lot!

Vicmass Luodollar and Chimami Vicmass Luodollar and Chimami Vicmass Luodollar and Chimami

Leonardo da Vinci once said:

“The greatest deception men suffer is from their own opinions.”

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‘Nakupenda tu my backup husband’ Noti flow declares to CMB Prezzo

Noti flow is known not only for her rapping skills but for her controversy in the entertainment industry in regards to her friendships and relationships.

At some point she blasted Prezzo after claiming that he made her lose a lot of cash estimated at Ksh 100,000 after failing to appear for the video shoot of her  song ‘Tupendane.’

Noti Flow reveals Colonel Mustafa has a cucu girlfriend

But in a recent post the damsel proclaimed her undying love and appreciation to the musician. She wrote the message below with a photo of her and Prezzo hanging out;

“I just realized wen am with my real ones we do not often take pics . We’re so caught up with real shit we forget to take em, cuz pics is least of importance . So bitches better spare me with the blah blah..old pic.. blaah.. it’s my IG , to start there 😎

@prezzo254 nakupenda bure 😆 Even wen am mad at yo ass u still ring me and u won’t hang up till am giggling 😳 I done a lotta dumb shit but you forgive me so quick like nothing’s happened 😭 You’ve got a golden heart 💛 Nakupenda tu my backup husband 😁❤ #lepresident”

‘Bi****s Should Keep Off My Man’ – Noti Flow Warns Ladies Thirsting Over Her Man

Noti is not shy when it comes to defending the self proclaimed president. In November 2017 she got into a tussle over Prezzo with Tanzanian beauty Amber Lulu warning her to keep off from her man .

She wrote

“You are talking about that bi*** calling herself Amber Rose. Who even calls herself Amber Rose when we all know that there can only be one Amber Rose. The truth is that Prezzo was not in Tanzania to see her but to record collabos with the likes of Fid Q and other hip hop guys.

Noti Flow and Amber Lulu
Noti Flow and Amber Lulu

Besides, I know b****s keep on chasing him the way nig*** chase me and so I wouldn’t be shocked if she hits back and claims he was with her. Thing is, girls…bi****s should keep off my man as they know where his heart is,” said Noti Flow.”

Prezzo is said to have dated Amber but things went down south after the damsel admitted to having aborted the musician’s baby.

She admitted to it during an interview with Clouds FM. She claimed that it was a bad decision and she is feeling bad about it.

Noti flow is said to have been dating Nairobi D cast Colonel Mustapha but the two parted after Noti claimed that he was going out with a cougar something she could not stomach.

‘I aborted Prezzo’s child ‘ Amber Lulu confesses during an interview


Maybe with the latest sweet message written to him, Prezzo might reconsider dating Noti Flow.

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‘I aborted Prezzo’s child ‘ Amber Lulu confesses during an interview

Prezzo’s girlfriend Amber Lulu is in trouble after blurting out that she aborted the musicians kid during an interview with Clouds FM.

The damsel opened up stating that it was not planned and that she is feeling guilty about what happened;

“Tulikua home tuna-vibe. It wasn’t love. It was an accident. I thought about prezzo. He is the man that I’m in a relationship with. I disappointed him. We’ve started arguing even with his friends and family.”

RIP!!!!!Nyamira governor John Nyangarama’s son dies of menengitis


Prezzo and girlfriend Amber Lulu
Prezzo and girlfriend Amber Lulu

Lulu goes on to add that she is unhappy with how things turned out. She narrated

“He is my lover, I thought about him all that time when the video leaked. Imemkosesha raha na amani pia. Prezzo ni mume wangu.”

Other than Prezzo, Lulu says she has in the past slept with former Ya Moto Band singer Aslay, who she terms as ‘kiboko‘ when it comes to bedroom matters.

“I have also dated Aslay. Yeye ni kiboko yao. Kwenye game yuko noma. Aslay kiboko kabisa”

Amber is also said to have dated a musician by the name Young Dee who later trashed her and said he did not want his name to be drugged into the mud for being with Amber as it was ruining his current relationship.

Amber Lulu

Former Nairobi D cast member Risper Faith accidentally reveals she is pregnant

Meanwhile, the video vixen has responded to claims she aborted Prezzo’s unborn baby. Speaking to Ijumaa Wikienda, Amber told the paper that she is still in a relationship with Prezzo.

She responded

 “Ndio niko naye bado na kuhusu kushika ujauzito siku si nyingi.”

Asked if she aborted, Amber said,

“Kero ya nini sasa maana mimba ningebeba mimi lakini siyo yeye (Prezzo). Mimi sitaki kuzungumzia hiyo habari bwana.Nani amekwambia maana ungeniona hapa na kitumbo.”

In 2017 socialite Vera Sidika was accused by her South African based Nigerian boyfriend Oriyomi Johnson of aborting his child after the two broke up in what Vera termed as an abusive relationship.


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Issa Girl! Check out gorgeous photos of Michelle Yola’s big baby bump

Michelle Yola is almost giving birth. Mpasho can confirm that it’s a girl, if the revelations of our close source is anything to go by.

Yola came into the limelight when she was introduced as rapper Prezzo’s girlfriend in a popular reality show. The two dated for months after which they split with each citing infidelity.

Well, she’s already moved on and in a past interview with Mpasho, Yola revealed that she’s in a serious relationship with a Mzungu man, whom she’s kept on the low key.

Well, let’s check out her sexy baby bump photos;

1.michelle yola babay bump


Michelle Yola pregnant
Michelle Yola. photo credit: instagram/Michelle Yola


Pregnant Michelle Yola glowing as the bump grows


Michelle Yola and her man
Michelle Yola and her man. photo credit: instagram/Michelle Yola



Michelle Yola
Michelle Yola. photo credit: instagram/Michelle Yola

Prezzo is very “close” with Amber Lulu. How close is close exactly?

Prezzo is known as the bad boy in media circles and that’s why we love him. From his stint on Big Brother Africa in 2012 where he dated Nigerian singer Goldie, to him dating and marrying the mother of his only child Daisy Kiplagat to him having a veeeeeeery controversial and stunt-filled relationship with Michelle Yola.

Prezzo And Michelle Yola
Prezzo And Michelle Yola. photo credit:file

This man brings the drama to his relationships.

Prezzo posing
Prezzo . photo credit: instagram/ prezzo

Maybe it is his charm or charisma, but he definitely lands women who are very attractive. Why all this about his dating history? A lady that he has been closely linked with from Tanzania and is a socialite came out recently to claim that Prezzo ni “bwana yake”. That lady is Amber Lulu.

Amber Lulu
Amber Lulu. photo credit: instagram/Amber Lulu

Mpasho had an exclusive interview with El Presidente recently and we HAD to broach the subject of whether Amber Lulu “alikuwa ni bibi yake?” 

Amber Lulu
Amber Lulu. photo credit: instagram/Amber Lulu

Prezzo was as coy as one can be saying that they were close. Repeating this statement a couple of times. For those of you who can read between the lines, you will tell that he isn’t denying the claim by Amber. He said:

“Me and Amber Lulu are very close, you know. we are very good friends.”

When asked to expound on this closeness, he responded in a guarded manner. He added:

“Very close. Very close.”

As you well know, Mpasho does not give up until we get the dirty. So we pestered the president for a more elaborate explanation of close. On this question we needed spoon-feeding. He coyly responded:

“Use your imagination…..hehehe!”

Prezzo-and-Amber-Lulu. photo credit: file
Prezzo and Tanzanian socialite Amber Lulu
Prezzo and Amber Lulu
Prezzo-and-Amber-Lulu. photo credit: file

There you have it, people. They have a close relationship. What is that? You are the jury. But I know what I believe. Closer than a brother,…….

‘Bi****s Should Keep Off My Man’ – Noti Flow Warns Ladies Thirsting Over Her Man

Noti Flow and Prezzo have been rumoured to be in a relationship for a while now, and the rumours kept swirling after they released a song together called Tupendane.

Well, from the look of things, it’s not a rumour no more as Noti recently shared a screenshot of their conversation when Prezzo went to Tanzania for business.

prezzo and noti flow

But that’s not what many think as it is claimed that he went to Tanzania to meet up with Amber Lulu, who has been rumoured to be eyeing Prezzo.

Noti Flow is not having all that talk, as she has come blazing hot to shut down the rumours.

Speaking to Pulse, she made it clear that Prezzo went to Tanzania to record collabos while shouting that women should keep off her man.

prezzo and amber lulu

You are talking about that bi*** calling herself Amber Rose. Who even calls herself Amber Rose when we all know that there can only be one Amber Rose. The truth is that Prezzo was not in Tanzania to see her but to record collabos with the likes of Fid Q and other hip hop guys. Besides, I know b****s keep on chasing him the way nig*** chase me and so I wouldn’t be shocked if she hits back and claims he was with her. Thing is, girls…bi****s should keep off my man as they know where his heart is,” she told Pulse.

When asked what makes her so sure that his heart is with her she said, “Because we have been together for a while and I understand how he thinks.”

She further explained that she is not declaring Prezzo as hers because all men are players and a man has to live his life.

noti flow

It is not like am trying to declare a territory because, hey, a man has to live his life. All nig**s are players and so I take a day at a time. I have been approaching this thing with precaution as sometimes what I hear is different from what he says. I told you (Pulse) some days ago that I am not looking for a mama’s boy but a king,” she stated.

Noti Flow was in a relationship with Colonel Mustafa, but later on called it quits after revealing that Mustafa was being kept by a sugar mummy and she found it gross for him to sleep with the mama and then sleep with her.


Pregnant Michel Yola is glowing as she cradles her baby bump

Michelle Yola is pregnant and looking really good. She seems to have come into her own after leaving Prezzo and finding a new man and then getting pregnant.

Prezzo on his part believed the child in question to be his but he eventually accepted Michelle Yola’s denial of the rumour and has since moved on.

But Michelle Yola no doubt doesn’t spend too much time thinking pf Prezzo, seeing as she is loved up and happy with her new man and the child she insists is his.

She recently posted some photos of herself enjoying life and I couldnae help but be impressed by her glow up. Check her out below:



Broke? Me? Nah Brah! Prezzo Rubbishes Claims That He Has Financial Problems

Kenyan rapper Prezzo is said to be broke after he failed to afford the studio fees of top recording studios in Tanzania. According to The Reverend’s column on the Star Newspaper, the rapper was even offered a 75% discount but it was too high for his pocket.

It is said that he walked from studio to studio looking for a cheaper offer.

A source whispered to the Reverend that he gave out all his accessories to be allowed to record at a Tanzanian based record label

“Braza, huyo msanii alitupea hizo bling bling zaka kwa sababu hakua na hela. Jameni, hatuwezi msaidia. Tulidhani yeye ni big deal huko Kenya, salala kumbe hana chochote!”


Prezzo Caught With Tanzanian Socialite After Nasty Split With Yola

Prezzo spoke to Kiss Fm website exclusively on the said matter. He rubbished the allegations and added that he instead bought more jewellery while over there.

“Thats not true. I can even give you my video director’s number. They can confirm that I went there and bought even more jewellery. I came back with more and not less jewellery. I had my own stylist and I had everything intact. As a matter of fact with three people, we flew there, we didn’t even drive.”

The My City My Town hitmaker further says he is not using drugs and for him to fly out his crew to Tanzania means he is financially fit.

“All these allegations gives people a rush when they point fingers at me. They will say Prezzo does drugs but then I’ve never been to rehab even ones in my lifetime. All these allegations are formulated out of  jealousy. For me to travel with my crew already goes to show we are financially fit. If  I wouldn’t be, then I wouldn’t be able to accommodate two other people with me.”

He went ahead to say he will not reveal the price of the jewellery he bought while in Tanzania because that is like an investment for him

“I cease to reveal such information. My jewellery speaks for itself. Ever since 2003 I’ve been wearing jewelery, I love them and its been like an investment.”


Prezzo Reveals Why he Isn’t Actively Involved In His Daughter’s Life

I come from a community that believes and insists that the children belong to the father.

That was a way of ensuring that no matter what happens, the children are fended for and taken care of in a world where bastards and orphans are left to suffer.
The long and short of it is that a man wasn’t considered a man if he wasn’t taking care of all his offspring. And that is something I am proud of my Luhya culture.

But back from my tangential tale, Prezzo has a child whom he sired by his ex-wife. And after the couple divorced, Daisy Kiplagat accused him at one point of being a deadbeat dad. So recently when he sat down in an interview on k24 where he opened up.

Here is what Prezzo had to say with regards to his ex-wife Daisy Kiplagat and their child together:

“Marriage life was good because I got a beautiful baby girl out of that. But Daisy loved Jackson Ngechu Makini but hated Prezzo but I couldn’t let go of the brand since I took so long to build it.

I never ever went to court to claim (my daughter) because whatever is put on Google will never be erased. I don’t want my daughter to go on Google and see this conflict between her mum and her dad.

“It’s complicated. I think Daisy just needs some time to exhale. I would never ever talk ill about Daisy because she is the mother of my child. There was no violence. She gave birth to a beautiful girl for me so I have never laid my hands on a woman.”

Prezzo Opens Up About His Life And The Lessons He’s Learned Along The Way

Despite him being a bully and killing us with his swag, Prezzo was born at Pumwani Hospital and raised in Eastleigh, Muyuyu section one until he turned ten.


During an interview on Talk Central, the king of blings remembered the life of being brought up in Eastleigh because it taught him the street life and its the kind of place even at ten or eleven at night is as good as day time and guys are up and about.


Being brought up by a single mother, Prezzo describes his mother as the love of his life because she has  been there for him ever since his father passed away and this is what caused the close bond between mother and son.


Whatever he needed, his mother would do everything to make sure he has it to avoid him going on a hunger strike. He later realized how his mother was struggling to make sure he attends school and to make sure she gives him what he wanted. His father passed after being with and his mother had a debt to pay at Nairobi Hospital.


In the beginning of his career in music, his mother was so affected with all the negativity about her son and he decided to sit down with his mother and explain to her that he is a public figure and such things are bound to happen and she should try and adopt to them.


He further said, “I have no regrets for some of the things I have seen written about me reason being whatever it is that you go through being good or bad is for a reason. I don’t believe in coincidence. There is no such thing in this world like coincidence. Its God’s grace.”

Prezzo added that his past women became famous when they were with him and he still talks to some of them. “I talk to Huddah because she is cool and we go way back. I know she go my back. Vera once in a while. The rest of them, No.”

Speaking about his marriage to Daisy Kiplagat, he said, “Marriage life was good and the best part of it is that I got a beautiful baby girl out of it. Daisy loved Jackson Ngechu Makini and she hated Prezzo. I spent so much time into building Prezzo brand and I could not drop it. I have never used drugs in my life.”


Random thoughts everyone has when watching Nairobi Diaries

Watching reality shows can be addictive and Kenyan reality shows are no different. Are you a Nairobi diaries fan? Last night our eyes were glued on k24 for Nairobi Diaries.

While the cast engaged in the usual beef, fans of the show were on social media, jotting down their thoughts. Find below random things everyone thinks when watching the girls do their thing.



Socialite Pendo’s Boyfriend Involved In A Horror Car Crash (PHOTO)

Nairobi Diaries reality star Luwi Capello needs your prayers. The handsome lad escaped death by a whisker after he was involved in a grisly accident in Mombasa yesterday.

Luwi Capello

Although details are still scanty, Luwi was rushed to hospital and according to a close friend, Mr Msanii,  the reality star is out of danger.

“I was in the hospital with him this morning, he’s strong, God is with him,” HE SAID.

Fans of Luwi among them fellow reality star Brian took to social media to wish him a quick recovery and here are some of the messages they had for him

Monica: Quick recovery

Vince: Oh my god. Blood of Jesus. Please bless him n give him life to live and get back to normalcy. I warned him n many others several times in Africa to wear their seatbelts religiously. I warned them but ppl chastise me saying i was a hater. I pray to god that he recovers from this in God almighty name🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏😢😢😢

Luwi Capello and Pendo

Fab: This is so sad. Get well soonest Luwi



Mercy: Oh my God. Get well soon Luwi, may the almighty God take care of you und strengthen your Family

Nancy:May God heal him

Meteri:Get well soon

Reina: Woi pole zangu to both Pendo and Luwi. God is in control

Done and Dusted? Prezzo Introduces His New Bae After Getting Rid Of Michelle Yola’s Tattoo

Prezzo was in the headlines all of last week and with good reason; his life’s our entertainment. And trust that is entertaining enough to keep me constantly checking in on him.

From people writing articles feigning concern for him in weekly value ads in the Standard newspaper to accusations from his ex that he is constantly harassing her to verbal assaults from Colonel Mustafa, Prezzo is just that guy.

And this time round, I want to focus on his new catch whom he introduced rather coyly perhaps to counter Michelle Yola’s assertions that he is constantly blowing up her phone trying to get back with him.

And the crazy thing about it is even with all the drama surrounding el Prezidente, he still manages to find lasses willing to risk it all and date him.

Anyway, here she is:

Prezzo Addresses Michelle Yola’s Statement That He’s Threatening Her

Prezzo and Michelle have been making news this week after Yola took to social media to blast Prezzo for threatening her and telling him off.


She said in part, “Jackson Ngechu, listen very carefully. Don’t let that smile fool you because I have phone recordings and messages to prove every single word you said to me! I have been quiet for so long and if I start to talk, Lord knows! I hate it that I’m even addressing you but enough is enough!”

Well Prezzo has come out to address the issue, stating that he wants to set the record straight and distance himself from this whole issue.

Prezzo Finally Removes Yola Tattoo And Replaces It With This Beautiful Art (Photo)

He said, “The common saying “it’s never too late” is a misleading one for many since there are times when it is in fact too late. Sometimes, it is too late to change who you are, too late to do the right thing in telling the truth. I have decided to address this issue about me “allegedly” posing a threat to Michelle’s safety for the sake of clarity and because I want to distance myself from whatever games or plans she has.‎”

Prezzo Makini
‎He continued, “It is quite a sad thing to see an individual tell lies to have power over the masses so that she can control circumstances and dictate events. To brainwash the masses with your selfish agenda by feeding them lies and harnessing the outcome for yourself is a mean thing to do. ‎Misinforming the masses to believe in ur mythical notions that are conveniently and selfishly crafted in your own imagination might give you temporary comfort…. but genuine permanent inner peace and happiness ONLY stems from knowing that the truth is factual, pure and uncompromised. Instead of going to vote so we can bring change in this beautiful nation, someone is out there talking gibberish SMH.”


Prezzo Finally Removes Yola Tattoo And Replaces It With This Beautiful Art (Photo)

Prezzo and Michelle Yola have been trending of late after Yola took to social media to tell Prezzo to stop calling and contacting her because she’s over him and she’s moved on.

She has since been flaunting her new bae, a German national, on social media.


A while back Prezzo and Yola got tattoos of each other’s name as a sign of love, and just like lovers do they flaunted it all over social media. But after their breakup, Michelle went ahead and covered up Prezzo’s tattoo.

Prezzo on the other was not about that life. When asked if he’ll get rid of Yola’s tattoo he said, “The tattoo stays because you have to understand that when I was getting this tattoo she was a very big part of my life.We dated for like two and a half years and the problems that I came across she was the only one there for me. Me saying I’m gonna remove the tattoo because she has another man is petty and immature.”


Well it seems Prezzo isn’t living up to his words as he has since shared a photo on social media of new ink. He went ahead and covered Yola’s tattoo with art of Nairobi city. He didn’t say much about it other than, “My City My Town, The Heart Of The City Going Everywhere With Me.”

Check out the photo below:

Prezzo Tattoo

Ita Wazimamoto! Prezzo Calls Mustafa A Cheap Attention Seeker, Reveals Juicy Details (EXCLUSIVE)

Jackson Ngechu Makini alias CMB Prezzo has spoken out about his beef with fellow artiste Mustafa. In the past, Prezzo was seen threatening to beat up Mustafa with his belt if he didn’t leave Michelle Yola alone.

When this writer asked if he was willing to extend an olive branch to Mustafa by recording a single together, Prezzo revealed that that would never happen in a million years, calling the Dodoma Singida singer a human being “filled with negative energy.”

“It will never happen because I don’t like people with negative energy and Mustafa is an attention seeking human being full of negative energy. So, that will never happen, not in a million years to come.”

El President added,

“I don’t even know the guy, I hear about him from other people, If I don’t know him I definitely don’t know the reason of any beef out there. I’m a grown up man, I really don’t have time to beef with anybody out there but only have time to contribute to building this beautiful nation as the President.”



The rapper is currently working on launching a new studio called the Makini Music Group, one that is set to help uprising artistes.

“There is so much talent out there and they don’t get the platform to showcase their talent, so that we can help the people who need to be helped. What I’m looking for is A class talent, the talent that has not been heard f before. We are not going to make a launch for it but a launch for the hits that will come out of it,” Prezzo said.

It seems this has only just begun!


Is He Over Michelle Yola? Prezzo Still Mourning His Late Lovers Death Four Years On

Prezzo and his former Nigerian lover Goldie sparked rumors of a love affair back in 2012, but they did their best to keep it hush hush.

Perhaps this was on the down low because Goldie Harvey was married and it was likely to cause friction. Their sizzling romance was apparent to many in the 2012 season of Big Brother All Star.

The Nigerian singing sensation’s husband had severally warned Prezzo to keep off, after it was reported that Prezzo jumped onto a plane to the West African country the minute he learnt of her death.

Her memory still remains etched in Prezzo’s memory and four years on it’s still hitting him hard. He took to his Instagram to remember her, with this sweet tribute, simply saying:

“Memories……. #24k”

People responded with the following comments.




Goldie died after she complained of a severe headache and was rushed from her Park View residence in Lagos to hospital where the doctors pronounced her dead on arrival at 7.30 p.m, February 2013.

Prezzo and Goldie’s feeling for each other grew and they started dating. It is further said that at some point, Prezzo was preparing to pay dowry and make wedding arrangements.

It is worth noting that he pays tribute to her often.