Exposed: Why Ngina Kenyatta is NOT and will NEVER be a slay queen

The fourth President of the Republic of Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta and his wife Margaret, are blessed with three children: Jomo, Ngina and Jaba.

As expected they live their life away from the limelight unlike a majority of us who cant keep off social media the first kids do.

Unlike slay queens here are the things that make Ngina Kenyatta unique.

Tulikosea wapi: Kenyans whose wedding was graced by President Uhuru Kenyatta (List)

Although we’re not sure if Uhuru’s children will follow his footsteps and become powerful politicians like him, we would love to see what kind of a leader his daughter would make.

Well, Ngina Kenyatta is a simple and humble lady and below is the difference between her and slay queens.

1. Has blue blood – Ngina Kenyatta is from one of the powerful families in Kenya. She’s a super rich kid.

2. She’s contained –

She’s not that bubbly lady who behaves like she’s high on a sugar rush. She’s quiet, composed and calm.

3. Unique sense of fashion –

Her dress code speaks volumes. She rocks designer clothes. She doesn’t overdo like some local rich kids do. You’ll rarely find her rocking what slay queens wear (Kenya uniform).

Kenyans you did not know were related to President Uhuru Kenyatta

4. Reserved, no cleavage –

Ngina is from a top family and carries herself around as a role model. We’ve never seen her show off her cleavage and belly in the name of fashion. Dear slay queens, showing off your flesh portrays you in a negative way. Be conservative like Kenyatta’s daughter.

5. Unlike slay queens who litter our timelines with pics from sponsored holidays, free lunch dates to posing inside other people’s cars, Uhuru’s daughter loves a private life. She’s on Instagram na hatusumbui!

6. Natural –

Have you ever come across pics of Ngina with a heavily made-up face? No. The first daughter is not about that life. She loves her make up free face, no fake hairs and nails. And in fact, she rocks simple Abuja braids while slay queens can’t give us space whenever they purchase that synthetic weave or wig. But the problem is when it overstays on the head. They smell like a goat slaughter house..pala Kiamaiko.

Image result for gifs of smelling weaves

7. High maintenance

Unlike slay queens who fall for anyone as long as they have a few coins, Ngina Kenyatta is a high-class woman. She’s rich and can afford to pay rent for 100 slay queens who reside in bedsitters in Roysambu. To win her heart, you must be from the royal family as well. Or else poverty one side.

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Msicatch! Here are 5 Differences Between Uhuru Kenyatta’s Daughter-in-law And Your Annoying Girlfriends

So the other day I wrote an article about the first daughter-in-law Fiona Achola Ngobi Jomo and I was attacked left right and center especially on Twitter for referring to Achola as the future first lady.

Well, the I did not mean any harm. But what will happen if one-day Achola becomes the first lady? Will you withdraw your comments or you will crucify me again?

President Uhuru Kenyatta Celebrates His Son’s Itara To Fiancée Achola Ngobi (Video)

Anyway, Achola is a simple woman despite all the wealth. But some of you have been hating on her because she is too classy to be your girlfriend.
Anyway, here are the differences between Achola and your girlfriend.

1. Her dress code is very simple
They say simplicity is the ultimate sophistication and I agree with that. She is never on top of trendy fashion as some struggling lasses who dress ‘perfectly’ to please people.
Fashion never fades and Acholah/ understands that well.


2. Team natural

While your girlfriends are busy exchanging weaves every week, Achola is a natural woman. She prefers a simple life. She braids her hair. She has a unique hairstyle, mohawk which is easy to maintain. Achola also doesn’t apply make up or if she does, she applies very little, unlike your girlfriends who apply layers of heavy foundation that leave them looking like dead people who have just resurrected.

Fiona Achola Kenyatta
3. Doesn’t walk around with chokers

Nairobi girls will be the end of us. Most of them jump on trendy fashion without even knowing what to wear, where and when. We have seen many walk around with chokers that leave them looking like confused puppies.

Ni Kirathimo! President Uhuru’s Son Jomo Kenyatta And His Wife Achola Welcome A Baby Girl

4. Fake nails

Most of the so-called ‘classy’ city girls are so fake. From hair to toe, some of them walk around with fake bums just to leave Team Mafisi turning their heads. They will flock beauty parlors so as to have artificial nails fixed and later flaunt on Instagram videos and Snapchat.

Fake Nails

5. She is not on social media

You are married to makanga/tout yet you give us sleepless nights. What about if you were married to a rich kid? Unlike your girlfriends who flood our timelines with hundreds of photos and videos from a road trip to Machakos or a retreat to Rongai, Achola is very mature and we haven’t seen her exhibit such bad peculiar behaviors. Achola hatusumbui Instagram with captions such as; ‘woke up like this, slaying, lipstick on fleek, penda wewe sana Jomo/Nina (in-law) etc.

When you want your Instagram followers to believe that you're actually living that lifestyle.

When you want your Instagram followers to believe that you’re actually living that lifestyle.

6. Accepted a traditional Kikuyu wedding

If she was another lady, she would have asked for a million dollar wedding then leave you barely six months after marriage.

Jomo and Achola Wedding Gatundu

So stop hating! Achola is a simple woman just like our female leaders; Margaret Kenyatta, Janet Museveni among others

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Details of President Uhuru and Margaret Kenyatta’s romance

‘My father nudged me to befriend her’, was part of his revelation about his long romance with First Lady Margaret..


Uhuru-Kenyatta and Margaret

Jomo Kenyatta was the cupid holding the arrow that struck President Uhuru Kenyatta’s heart, when he set his eyes upon first lady Margret Kenyatta.


Uhuru in the past has spoken about how he meet Maggie.

“When I met her she wasn’t the First Lady, she was just another wonderful, beautiful girl.”


He went on to advise: “Who you meet today as a friend and a partner may be your First Lady tomorrow. The girl I met in high school is the First Lady…(laughs).”


A romantic Uhuru said Margaret is his friend, partner and a strong supporter of his ideologies.


International women’s day is a worldwide event that celebrates accomplishments, constitutional right to dignity and equality of women.

Hello madam President! 5 Reasons why rich kid Winnie Odinga may just be Kenya’s first female commander in chief

Kenyans ofcourse has something to say about the tweet.‏

@MGrelly: My fren…mi nimeswim swimming pool mingi but sipati mtu. Where does ua dota swim??‏

@GeorgeGasper4: He he,so I need to go swimming often,maybe someday I’ll meet my Margaret and become president #happy women’s day

@AmovahElijah: Kumbe daddy contributed this much in your life?? We ought to remember Mzee in the coming fathers day. Otherwise I just love the confidence, command and the authority that comes out her deep voice while giving speech.

@pgathii2001: How old were you then? Nothing like family friends, Can you swim? Next time you visit USA, i challenge you for a swimming competition>

Rare species! Meet the KBC TV host, Abbih Nguma, who has sacrificed ‘turn up’ to raise his daughter as a single dad

@drowssap89: umbe mzee was a proper wingman pale swimo 🏊‍♂️ sio kusoma gatezi like yote ours.

@josphat_slaks: So should i change my hobby from skating to Swimming? Just asking hehehe

@omosh_w: Truly…That’s how our first Lady met Love of her http://life.Am sure she didn’t know that you will become Mr.President. Kudos Her…Happy women internationally day

@Simba_Richards: Whaaat! You can’t be serious! Hukuendea mtu man solo ujikanganye na mistari? Ghaiiiii.

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Ni Kirathimo! President Uhuru’s Son Jomo Kenyatta And His Wife Achola Welcome A Baby Girl

President Uhuru and his wife First Lady Margaret Kenyatta are the newest grandparents in town.

Their firstborn son Jomo Kenyatta and wife Fiona Achola welcomed a baby girl on Sunday at the Aga Khan Hospital, Nairobi.


The bundle of joy has been named Baby Wanjiru.

Jomo Kenyatta and Achola Ngobi have been keeping a low profile after their traditional wedding which was held in October last year.

Jomo Kenyatta

Photos of the newborn haven’t been shared online yet. We will keep you updated.

Congratulations Jomo and Achola Kenyatta.

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President Uhuru Kenyatta is going to be a grandfather (Photo)

Kenyan president Uhuru Kenyatta will soon be a grandpa. His first born son, Jomo and wife Achola Ngobi are pregnant.

The Kenyatta scion and his wifey were spotted recently on a day out. The most notable thing about the outing was that Achola’s baby bump is now very visible.

The Standard’s Pulse have photos of their Sunday day out at the farmer’s market usually hosted at the Marula Manor.

The couple was in the company of the First Lady Margaret Kenyatta. She seemed to be the one who was leading the pack in the shopping expedition.

They sampled a few products from various stalls before they left. In the photos you cannot see the presidential security hovering around the three. Seems they gave them space to actually enjoy their shopping.

It is not clear when Achola is due but she could be in her second trimester.

Achola and Jomo’s Itara was the talk of town. Their traditional wedding trended on all social media.

Check out the photos from the Sunday day out.

Margaret And Jomo Kenyatta

Margaret And Jomo Kenyatta

Achola And Jomo Kenyatta

Photo/ Pulse

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Kenyans RUTHLESSLY ROAST President Uhuru for skipping the debate

Yesterday was a rather entertaining night, don’t you agree? Besides the gentlemen who were gracious enough to grace us with their presence for the highly anticipated presidential debate, others chose to give the debate a pass.

Did you guys notice Abduba Diba wasn’t there too? We surely missed his hilarious comments, Anyway the debate which was held in two tiers was missing President Uhuru, and boy did Kenyans tear him apart for not showing up.

Why did Uhuru snub the debate? Who knows, just check out these hilarious memes from KOT mocking him.

debateke1   debateke2    debateke3


debateke4   debateke5     debateke6


debateke7    debateke8 debateke9 debateke10   debateke11   debateke12

TUBONGE TUESDAY: Maina Kageni Reaches Out To President Uhuru Following Joho Drama

It’s Tuesday and that means we at Classic 105 start our day with Ugandan musician Jose Chameleone’s popular Tubonge hit.

But aside from that, there is one topic on most Kenyans mouths, after a flurry of activities in Mombasa yesterday.

President Uhuru was in Mombasa to relaunch the Mtongwe ferry, and amidst drama with Governor Joho, the President made some remarks that outraged some, with others coming to the Presidents defense.

The President publicly scolded the Governor saying;

“Tufuatane na yeye tufanye nini? Mimi sio bibi yake, mimi sina haja na yeye (Why should we always engage each other? What for! I am not his wife and I don’t need him),”

Kenyans have taken to twitter to comment under the hashtag #JohoVsUhuru.

This drama has caught the attention of Classic 105 presenters Maina Kageni and Mwalimu Kingang’i. Maina has asked President Uhuru to call him for a small get together.

Why? You ask.

Maina believes having a ‘dabo dabo’ will help him relax.

Listen to the audio as he and Mwalimu give their hilarious take on the drama.



Uhuru returns from ICC to warm reception at JKIA

President Uhuru Kenyatta is back in the country after returning from the Netherlands where he had gone to attend a status conference on his trial at the ICC.

A variety of groups had already gathered at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport to receive Uhuru, whose flight touched down at 6:32am Thursday morning.

The Head of State then inspected a military guard of honor, prior to being entertained by various bands and dance troupes that were part of a planned procession to welcome the president.

He then received a briefing from his deputy William Ruto who had been acting president for 48 hours up until  Wednesday evening.

President Kenyatta resumed his official status as head of state on Wednesday at 6pm after having temporarily ceded power to his Ruto on Monday ahead of his Hague trip.

From the airport the president’s entourage which included hundreds of his supporters was set to use Outer Ring – Jogoo Road – Landies – Haile Selassie Avenue – Harambee Avenue route to Harambee House.

Source: The Star Newspaper