Chill with the big boys! Photo of President Uhuru looking dapper

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s latest look inspired by safari outfits has captivated the internet.

The photos were taken two days ago by his media team while on a tour of Naivasha Inland Container Depot.

While pictures of his tour were shared, this one above cropped up on Friday, and we love how swagged out he looks. Can your dad even!!

Uhur was touring with his guest Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba, President Museveni’s son.

Uhuru also went on a train ride from Naivasha to Longonot and another picture pointing his finger at something outside captured our attention.

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What’s the one thing you like President Uhuru for? Maina asks

President Uhuru Kenyatta is celebrating his 60th birthday today and in the Classic 105 morning conversation, Maina and Kingangi wished him well. They paid glowing tribute noting his happy nature has endeared him to Kenyans.

Kingangi started off with a kayamba for him

‘As a person, Uhuru he is a very good person kwanza if you invite him to some nyama choma. I have a feeling he will surprise us next year before the elections.  Na pia kayamba ya kufungua hii kitu ya curfew. He is a very good person’

Maina Kageni noted President Uhuru’s good nature ‘he had to deal with devolution. He found this monster called devolution waiting for him. Aki there are some jobs me I can’t do’

‘What I love most about him is his vibe, his connection. Mr President you have done well. Many more happy returns and just remember there is a place up there for people like you’ Maina added.

Maina asked the Classic 105 audience to wish Uhuru a happy birthday.

‘What’s the one thing you like him for?’

A woman noted something interesting about Uhuru


From the Classic 105 family, happy birthday your excellency.

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RIP: The Family of late Chris Kirubi release burial details

President Uhuru Kenyatta on Thursday visited the family of the late businessman and Capital Group Limited Chairman, Chris Kirubi, ahead of his funeral service and burial on Saturday.

A statement from State House said Uhuru condoled with the departed businessman’s family at his Nairobi home.

The funeral service will be held on Friday at the Faith Evangelistic Ministry (FEM) church in Karen.

Kirubi’s burial is set for Saturday June 19, 2021 at his farm in Thika.

The Head of State had earlier in the week mourned Kirubi as a seasoned businessman, entrepreneur and industrialist who founded and successfully ran some of Kenya’s largest corporations.


He added that Kirubi was a successful mentor and coach who helped raise a generation of entrepreneurs and corporate leaders in Kenya.

“The cruel hand of death has robbed our nation of a patriot whose entrepreneurial spirit, hard work and determination saw him create some of our country’s largest enterprises which offer employment to thousands of our people,” Uhuru said.

Kirubi died on Monday June 14, 2021 at his home after a long battle with cancer.

The businessman died aged 80 and has left behind two children.

“It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Dr. Christopher J. Kirubi who passed away today at 1 pm at his home after a long battle with cancer fought with fortitude, grace and courage. He was surrounded by his family,” his family said in a statement.

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If you were President for a day what would you do Maina asks


If you were President for a day and need to deal with rising covid cases, what would you do?

Can we afford another lockdown? That’s the question on many Kenyans minds, as we await the President to address the nation on Friday March 26th.

This formed the basis of the morning conversation on Classic 105, where Main asked Kenyans to place themselves int he shoes of Uhuru and address the nation with measures they will put in place, in light of increasing covid cases.

Maina blasted Kenyans and said if he were President Uhuru addressing Kenyans, he would be tough because that’s what we need. He aid he would impose a total lockdown for four months and a cessation of movement.

“This third wave has become ridiculous, our positivity rate is at over 22 per cent, more than 1500 cases yesterday alone, 18 deaths. This morning I want you to be President for a day, what would you do? what options are we leaving the President? We are not  behaving, we are not even observing the curfew hata wazingu, we are not social distancing, we are not even sanitizing. If you were president what would you do?”

He angrily expressed his frustration adding that

“So we are at a place where we are, now beginning to see that our own behavior is bringing about alot of destruction, this thing that’s killing people in two days it’s crazy, we are not following government laid out prootocol, we are masking up incorrectly if at all,  Me if i was president I would lock up for four months. Here’s the thing we all know what we have to do in as much as covid 19 is concerned, if we do those four things we will defeat this, but we don’t do it, why?

If you were president for a day what would you do? Classic listeners responded with just as similar thoughts.

The first man said “Kwanza I want to deal with Kericho county, here we are doing nothing, psv is overcapacity, if we are supposed to be 14 passengers, we carry 20. Ati the matatus are few so people just jump into any to avoid waiting too long. . People here are behaving as if corona is not there”

Another upset man was clear what he would do “Mimi nikiwa rais wa kenya i will start with 1. political gatherings must be doen away with in totality 2. bars zote mahali watu wanakunywa maian an kingangi huko westlands zikfungwe na iwe kwa dirisha 3. watu wakule managu zile mboga za kienyeji kwasababu immunity yetu iko juu because of our food, our foods are oroginal and unquestionalble int erms of uquality, na wakule ngwaci tuwache hizi kuku na chips za mafuta ya transofrmer, so fromt here ni malize na mungu awabariki”

Dear Classic 105 fam, are we ready to admit that every one of us has dropped our guard. Either a little, or a lot. I doubt there’s anyone conducting their lives exactly as they did a year ago. Do we need an urgent rethink?

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These are the photos of Kanze Dena that got KOT bodyshaming her

Being in the public eye means that you are constantly scrutinized by Kenyans. what you say, how you dress, the car you drive will be criticized, and they come down hard on famous people.

While briefing journalists about President Uhuru’s weekend plans, State House spokesperson Kanze Dena caught the attention of Kenyans online.

People noticed she had added alot of weight, and this may be because she recently gave birth.

She was trolled and the comments were fast and swift.

kanze 3

The scrutiny resulted from how she looked while working at Citizen Tv and how she has gained weight while working at State House.

kanze 4

The criticism leveled at her made several celebrities come to her defense and clap back at the bodyshamers.

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The one thing President Uhuru goes without everyday


One of the things that we know about President Uhuru is his love of watches.

He has an insane collection with some costing as much as Sh25million. This particular one he wore during Mashujaa day celebrations in Mombasa in 2018, while dancing KOT spotted what is a black A Lange &Sohne datograph perpetual tourbillion watch.

He has also been spotted with a Patek Phillipe Aquanut watch worth 3million. And we can go on and on about the others, but today it’s about one thing that some Kenyan men also don’t have or chose to go without.

A wallet. Maina Kageni revealed that President Uhuru doesn’t carry a wallet with him, EVER.


“Uhuru doesn’t have a wallet, he stays like that”. This was during a discussion on Wednesday about men who always say they are broke when wives ask for money. So one curious person asked what Uhuru does when First Lady asks him for money.

Maina shrugged. But come to think of it, does Margaret Kenyatta even ask him for money?

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‘Stop telling lies’ Uhuru lookalike denies getting rewarded with car


Michael Njogo Gitonga, the man who looks like President Uhuru has denied he was rewarded with a flashy car, and pleaded with people to stop spreading rumors.

In an audio heard by Classic 105, Michael Njogo Gitonga said ‘waache kunongea uongo’.

He added that

‘Hello fellow Kenyans  hii story watu wanasema nimepewa gari hiyo ni uongo mtupu, I’m still in the house relaxing I am practicing social distancing and sanitizing. People should stop lying and say the truth. I am the real Michael Njogo Gitonga’

An amused Maina and King’ang’ said he should have just gone with the flow rather than deny.

ungeseme ulipewa gari tuongezee zawadi, what is wrong with this man Maina exclaimed, argh. 

uhur lookalike gets car 3
In an interview with Inooro Tv Michael said he lives in Umoja and is a father of three who works as a mason.

He spoke about how people mistake him for Uhuru and hides behind face masks because resident harass him for handlouts yet he is broke.

‘I cannot walk out of this estate without people asking me for handouts, I have suffered with this name, I’m confused as to why I look like President Kenyatta, it is very unusual,’.

He spoke about how his mother worked as a security guard in Gatundu, that KOT found very funny. He doesn’t know his father.

Said his mom wa was administration police onetime worked at gatundu police post, we are thinking the same Smiling face with open mouth and cold sweat
angela keddie..May b Uhuru Kuna shamba alilima mahaliRolling on the floor laughingRolling on the floor laughing

uhurur lookaliek gets car 2
Asymptomatic Kiongos…
Uhuru was 15 years old when this guy was Born..Face with rolling eyesFace with rolling eyes
Charles MK..
He doesnt know his dad but he knows his late mother worked in Gatundu
He is the president’s look alike and his mother once worked at Gatundu, the homestead of the founding father? That’s interesting!!

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MehMeh! President Uhuru tells Kenyans he has seen all your silly jokes about him


Saturday June 6th was a tense day for Kenyans as they awaited President Uhuru to announce he was lifting the lockdown and curfew.

KOT shared praise messages to the President in a bid to soften his heart, but sadly it ended in premium tears.

To this end, many memes trended online to express the excitement Kenyans were anticipating with that announcement.

But lo and behold, he disappointed many. He instead extended the lockdown for another 30 days.

In his speech Uhuru said he was aware Kenyans had created memes about him, leading many to speculate if he has a parody account since deleting his official social media handles.

He told Kenyans in a State House Press conference that

nimeona mehmeh mingi ambazo mume tuma huko sijui ati freedom day ati independence day. 

Here are some memes that are taking over the internet.






Here are more hilarious memes to crack your ribs:

uhur curfew meme 5

Disappointment tupu according to the person who shared this meme below

uhur curfew meme 4

KOT have jokes saying ‘Uhuru ametupanga ukweli’

uhur curfew 3

Try and calculate to understand this meme below

uhur curfew meme 2 uhur curfew meme 1

Dear Classic 105 fam, are you disappointed or feeling meh, about the extension? Drop your comments below.


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Kenyans mercilessly mock Tanzanians after beef over border shutdown (MEMES)

Hawaelewi kizungu (They can’t construct a simple English sentence) and have tactfully withdrawn from our online beef, are the confident words KOT declared after taking on Tanzanians with hilarious memes making fun of them, following the closure of borders between Kenya and Tanzania.

President Uhuru closed the borders with Somalia and Tanzania on Saturday because of increased cross-border infections, resulting in a sharp reaction from Tanzania.

The cross border conflict spilled to social media, where Kenyans are sharing memes making fun of Tanzanians.

The trending hashtag #KenyaVsTanzania is being used to share memes and other funny thoughts about this beef.

From comparisons of musicians like Khaligraph Jones and Diamond Platnumz, to Nadia Mukani and Nanady, no one has been spared not even socialites Vera Sidika has been voted as better than Hamisa Mobetto.

“You repeat boxers even when I give you clean ones!” Diana Marua shades Bahati

One social media user put it quite simply:
Tanzanians,don’t dare fight a loosing battle with Kenyans On Twitter. We will give you Stevo Simple Boy to bully you and still you won’t win…#KenyaVsTanzania is a very small match to us…in fact,we already won.

Do you agree? Have a look at the hilarious meme’s below

kenya vs tanzania 1


kenya vs tanzania


kenya vs tanzania 3

Former Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu spotted trying on clothes at a Nairobi stall 


kenya vs tanzania 4


kenya vs tanzania 6


kenya vs tanzania 8

He is still in hospital with Sh11 million bill, Babu only paid Sh5 million – Dad of DJ evolve

kenya vs tanzania 6


kenya vs tanzania 5

Photos emerge of Omar Lali’s alleged daughters (Inside)

kenya vs tanzania 7
kenya vs tanzania 5

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Details about the 130 year old gift Bob Collymore owed President Uhuru


Before he died, the late Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore had a gift for his pal President Uhuru.

The gift is now the subject of debate on social media after Uhuru hinted that Collymore could have given it to his boys club.

While the gentlemen in the boys club chuckled about it, President Uhuru notified them that they will have to return it, ASAP.

Uhuru said, “I was supposed to have gone back to collect my gift reserved for a special friend from Bob and so Peter Kenneth, Oigara and crew, you will pay. That did not belong to you.”

Uhur addreses mourners at All Saints 4th July, 2019

What is this gift you ask?

Well it turns out it is a Johnnie Walker Directors Edition brand that Uhuru is said to love (The oldest blended scotch whisky ). It’s not available to the public.


According to the Whiskys auctioneer:

Johnnie Walker The Directors Complete Collection 6 x 70cl

Never available at retail, this collection was only given to very important Diageo types. Very few bottles made it to the secondary market and collectors have fought to get hold of this essential part of Walker history.

Incredibly rare, this is the complete 6 bottle collection consisting of annual releases between 2008 and 2013, each with their own unique, presentation, design and character, yet all unmistakably Johnnie Walker.

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5 bucket list worthy places President Uhuru can visit while in Canada

President Uhuru Kenyatta left the country last night (Sunday) for Canada to attend a three-day global conference which will focus on addressing gender equality and well being of women.

Uhuru was invited to attend the conference by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

He is scheduled to give a keynote addresses at several of the sessions during the meeting on gender equality issues.

Uhuru will also hold talks with the Canadian PM on the sidelines of the global conference.

When he does get spare time, here are places President Uhuru can tour briefly and represent Kenya well.

Banff National Park, Butchart Gardens, West Edmonton Mall, Hopewell Rocks, and Niagara Falls are some places you can consider visiting in Canada.

1. Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls With Rainbow in Canada

If there is one destination you’d find in every ‘best places to visit in Canada during summers’ list, it is the Niagara Falls. Built along the spellbinding waterfalls by the same name, this famous city is an ideal place to explore if you’re looking for a magical experience.
Have a great time enjoying the views and clicking pictures of the cascading falls.
Things To Do:

  • Witness the gorgeous waterfalls
  • Get your game on at the Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort
  • Spend time at the MarineLand

2. Quebec City

Romantic places to visit in Canada

Renowned as North America’s oldest walled city, this is amongst those Canada tourist places, which you must visit with your partner if magic, romance, and all things french is what tickles your fancy the most. Have an amazing time with your partner in the magical Quebec city.

Things To Do:

  • Visit the historic attractions like The Citadel
  • Relax at the BattleFields Park
  • Walk along the scenic Terrasse Dufferin

Location: Québec, Canada

3. Stanley Park

famous parks to visit in vancouver canada

Vancouver is one of the most famous French cities in Canada which is a popular destination among travelers. If the red-orange colored trees shown in movies have always tickled your fancy, Stanley Park is one place you have to visit in Canada. The red cedar and Douglas fir trees around with a gorgeous view of the city would not only leave you spellbound but also make you fall for nature again. Do visit the park on your next Canadian vacation.

Things To Do:

  • Walk through the majestic cedars and firs
  • Indulge in biking or rollerblading
  • Take a ride in the Miniature Train

Timings: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM every day

Location: Vancouver, BC V6G 1Z4, Canada

4. Butchart Gardens

Popular gardens to visit in Canada

Of all the top tourist attractions in Canada, Butchart Gardens is the best place to explore with a camera in hand. With an enchanting display of flowers around, fun boat tours, night illuminations & more, there’s a lot to see and do here that will make your holiday vibrant! Ready to capture some Instagram worthy pictures?

Things To Do:

  • Capture the gorgeous flowers around
  • Witness the fireworks show designed by Disney
  • Indulge in ice skating

Timings: 8:45 AM to 10:00 PM

Location: 800 Benvenuto Ave, Brentwood Bay, BC V8M 1J8, Canada

5. CN Tower, Toronto

famous places to visit in Canada

Looking for the best places to visit in Toronto, Canada? Touching and beautifying the Toronto skyline, CN Tower is will be the perfect destination for you. Be it dining at the 360 Restaurant, indulging in edge walking on the glass outside, or just admiring the views of the city from the top, this iconic landmark is the most apt place to visit. Do add it to your amazing list of places to visit in Canada.

Things To Do:

  • Indulge in the world’s highest ‘hands-free’ walk
  • Eat at the award winning 360 Restaurant
  • Capture the beauty of Toronto from the top of the tower

Timings: 8:30 AM to 10:30 PM

Location: 301 Front St W, Toronto, ON M5V 2T6, Canada