Tulikosea wapi: Kenyans whose wedding was graced by President Uhuru Kenyatta (List)

Not every body gets the chance of having a President attend their wedding, after all he is a busy man but for some, it was their lucky day.

We look as Kenyans whose wedding was graced by the most powerful man in Kenya

1. Irungu Kangata

Murang’a Senator Irungu Kang’ata solemnised his marriage to his wife Mary Wambui, in a colourful wedding graced by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The wedding was held at Gathinja Catholic Church in Kahuhia constituency, Murang’a county.


2. Nominated Senator Isaac Mwaura and his wife Mukami 

They got married in June,26 2015 in a colorful ceremony attended by the creme dela creme of the Kenyan society.

Isaac Mwaura and Mukami Mwaura

Unataka kumridhi Diamond Platnumz? Otile Brown spotted cosying up with his ex bae (photos)

3. Naisula Lesuuda

Naisula Lesuuda the member of parliament for Samburu West married the love of her life Robert Kiplagat in a colourful wedding.

When she announced her engagement on January 1st this year, Lesuuda posted on her social media:

“Here’s to new beginning….All said and done ,I thank God for the growth that I have experienced both politically and in my personal life…Here’s to love and light in 2018.”

Naisula Lesuuda during her wedding day.

The  wedding took place on November 17th this year at ACK St. Phillips Lesirai church.

Unataka kumridhi Diamond Platnumz? Otile Brown spotted cosying up with his ex bae (photos)

4. Chemeli Chumo

Kenya Power Chief Executive’s daughter, Chemeli Chumo and her boyfriend Kevin Oduor walked down the aisle at a wedding that was attended by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

President Uhuru With The Newlyweds

5. Naeem Balala

President Uhuru Kenyatta  joined hundreds of invited guests at the wedding of Naeem Balala, son of Mining Secretary Cabinet Secretary Najib Balala.

The colourful wedding between Naeem and Safiya Omar Sherman, daughter of prominent lawyer Omar Sherman, was held at the exclusive Vipingo Ridge in Kilifi County and officiated by Ustadh Sharif Abdulqadir Hyder.


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6 media personalities who ditched the screens to join politics and state jobs

Swahili news anchor Kanze Dena is the latest Kenyan media personality to leave her media job and take up a state appointment.

In the last General election, we witnessed former journalists being elected as MP’s, Cabinet Secretaries,MCa’s among other positions.

Here is a list of media personalities who are giving politics a try.

1. Farida Karoney

The laid back Farida came into the lime light after her appointment as the Cabinet Secretary for Lands by President Uhuru Kenyatta. She is the former Chief Operating Officer at Royal Media.

Her appointment came as a surprise to many.

Land CS Farida Karoney

2. Kanze Dena

The soft spoken presenter has been appointed as Deputy State House Spokesperson and Deputy Head, PSCU. Her role includes taking leadership of the core communications teams, including digital, messaging, research, branding and press. With expansive newsroom leadership experience, Ms. Dena has been tasked to focus on the President’s brand positioning, media relations and messaging with respect to the delivery the Big Four agenda.


Newly Elected Kiambu Women Rep Gathoni wa Muchomba at the verge of losing her job

3. Gathoni Wa Muchoba

Kiambu Women rep is a woman of many hats, before ditching the media for politics she worked for stations such as Kameme Fm and later Inooro Fm.

Gathoni who is a first time politician has not had it easy after finding herself on the wrong side with the public due to ‘untamed ‘ comments that did not settle well with her people.


4. Mohammed Ali

Respected investigative journalist Mohammed Ali won the hearts of Kenyans not only on the screens but also on the ballot after emerging winner in the highly contested 2017 elections.

Ali won in the election making him the Member of Parliament for Nyali, something which did not come easy as there was a court tussle.

Is Kiambu Woman Rep Gathoni Muchomba right to advocate for polygamy?

 5. Sabina Chege

She is both beauty and brains having worked as a presenter for local channels such as Kameme Fm and Coro Fm apart from being an actress and a video vixen.

She is a second time women rep and her political star is only starting to shine and we hope she makes the sky her limit.

Muranga Women Rep Sabina Chege

6.Walter Mongare

Known to many as Nyambane, the funny man came into the limelight during his days as a comedian with the group Redykulas, and later joined the Nairobi county as director of communication.

A position he served with zeal before being replaced ,he was also a presenter with a local show ‘The Big Breakfast ‘ which he hosted alongside Caroline Mutoko.


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REVEALED: President Uhuru postpones paying of dowry

President Uhuru Kenyatta has postponed paying the dowry of his great-grandmother named Musana from Narok after three centuries.

The president wanted to pay the bride price to correct the wrongs his great-grandfather committed in the late 1890s before the Christmas season.

However, the event, which was slated for this month has been pushed forward after Uhuru’s mother, the matriarch of the family, told the family that she won’t be around. Family members said Uhuru will not be in Mombasa during the Christmas season but will also travel to an undisclosed location for a rest. The details of the holiday remain scanty.

Mama Ngina, who is traveling outside the country, will be back in February next year for the historical family event.

“We feel bad it has delayed for more than 300 years but we will definitely honor it,” Uhuru’s cousin Kungu Muigai told the Star on phone.

“We are prepared for the historical event only that things have been coming up.”

Among the things that delayed the event are the busy political schedules for the president after the disputed polls and his diary.

The family members told the Star that he is traveling for a short Christmas holiday to rest after a tough election season.

Multiple sources told the Star that the dowry event will provide a rare moment for the Uhuru families –both close and extended –to meet at the Great Rift Lodge. It is long since the family came together.

“At the event, we will only have 50 people from our side and we also expect 50 from the other side. It is a private family event and we would like to keep politics away,” he said.

The family, with the help of Maasai Council of elders, established that Agikuyu warriors raided the Maasai village known as Naroosura two centuries ago. They stole a herd of cattle and a girl who was later married to Magana and baptised Wanjiru. She gave birth to Kung’u Magana who was the father of former President Jomo Kenyatta, James Muigai and Kung’u Muigai. The former president gave birth to Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta.

“Because President Uhuru was named after his great-grandfather, Muigai, the onus is on him to pay his bride prize,” Uhuru’s cousin Captain (Rtd) Kungu Muigai told the Star in June last year during an exclusive interview.

On the first week of December, all the family members related to Musana were asked to make their schedules flexible this festive season to honour the tradition of paying the dowry. However, it was postponed on Jamuhuri day.

The family believes paying bride price is mandatory regardless of the time it takes to settle the debt.

Uhuru’s cousins, former Gatundu South MP Ngengi Muigai and his brother Kung’u Muigai, as well as Ole Gilisho family in Narok, are working on the final details of the event. Ole Gilisho family is Musana’s relatives.

The Ole Gilisho family has already constructed a manyatta as per the Maasai traditions at their Naroosura home in Narok West sub-county.

The family will meet at the Great Rift Valley Lodge. It was not clear if the event will be held at the Lodge or at the Naroosura village in Narok.

Sources within the family said they will discuss post Uhuru politics and other family issues.

The event comes after Uhuru promised to trace the roots of his great-grandmother to pay the bride price when he ascended to power in 2013.

The Maasai council of elders played a significant role in tracing the roots of the girl and negotiations.

-Benjamin Imende

‘Usisahau kuconsider team mafisi’ Kenyans plead with President uhuru as new generation coins are unveiled

President Uhuru Kenyatta and CBK Governor Patrick Njoroge have unveiled the new generation coins that begin to circulate today.

Uhuru on Tuesday unveiled the new currency as stipulated under the 2010 Constitution.

The currency becomes legal tender today with the issuance of new coins as it has now been gazetted.

“I am happy that the public views were considered. I am also informed that the coins contain features for visually impaired persons,” he said

“A currency is not just an exchange of value but they present a unique way of history and the celebration of our culture.”

Uhuru said they depict an aspect that best describes Kenya.

Tulikosea wapi: Kenyans whose wedding was graced by President Uhuru Kenyatta (List)


The new-look notes are fashioned to enable the visually-impaired to use them.

They are expected to be in notes of Sh50, Sh100, Sh200, Sh500 and Sh1,000.

New Generation Coins launched by President Kenyatta at CBK

KES 1 coin = Bears the image of a Giraffe

KES 5 coin = Bears the image of a Rhino

KES 10 coin = Bears the image of a Lion

KES 20 coin = Bears the image of an Elephant.

Unataka kumridhi Diamond Platnumz? Otile Brown spotted cosying up with his ex bae (photos)

The new generation coins unveiled on December 11 2018 by President Uhuru Kenyatta. /COURTESY

Kenyans have reacted differently to the new coins and below are some of their reactions.

@Neshkin92: Kuna mkikuyu mahali who is planning to go round in villages buying the old KES 20, 10, 5 and 1. These guys are real opportunists 

@jjomoro :I’m just disappointed this wasn’t a warthog. I mean it was there… Ngiri.

 @ jay_mycals :When growing up we used to think that Kenyan money belongs to Kenyatta family.. But now my kids will grow thinking that money belongs to

Honourable Jimmy Mwamidi : Hope it will have Noordin Haji’s face on the currency so that when you loot it, he is there looking at you and arrest you.
Joseph Kinuthia: You mean the old ones have all been looted???
Julius Matei Moga :I hope on of the notes has an image of a hyena to represent team mafisi.

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TBT photos of President Uhuru Kenyatta as he celebrates his 57th birthday today

Today is Uhuru Kenyatta’s big day as he turns 57. Hard as it may to believe he has lived for more than five decades despite his youthful looks.

Different celebrities have taken to social media to celebrate the BOSS with these messages

mainawakageni…A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you Mr. President, sir!!

shaffieweru…#TeamShaffie help me wish our Commander in Chief @ukenyatta a happy born-Day as he celebrates his 57th Birthday

jalangoo..Happy Birthday Mr. President


Below are some TBT photos to celebrate President Uhuru as he turns 57:

Photo of Muranga’s sexiest barmaid emerges, Vera Sidika kando









Local radio presenter Cate Rira left embarrassed after her wigs falls off while on air(Video)




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President Uhuru’s niece Nana Gecaga throws mega rich party to celebrate 40th birthday

President Uhuru’s niece, Nana Wanjiku Gecaga, celebrated her birthday over the weekend in a flashy invites only party in Malindi.

Her brother Jomo Gecaga, Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko, socialite Lola Hannigan, family and friends were among those who graced the lavish party.

Nana Gecaga, who is the managing director of Kenyatta International Conference Centre (KICC) was gifted Giuseppe Zanotti’s (Cruel Crystal Sandal worth Sh215,056 meaning if you earn 30k per month, this will translate to your 7 months salary).

Giuseppe Zanotti cruel crytsal sandals
Nana took to social media to flaunt the pair of shoes and she wrote”

“You only turn 40 once and my goodness look at these beautiful @giuseppezanotti (Cruel Crystal Sandals) I got as a birthday gift 😍 every girls dream…..they complete my birthday outfit for tonight…thank you sooooo much.”

Here’s the photo of her shoes.

Giuseppe Zanotti cruel crytsal sandals
Nana Gecaga’s Giuseppe Zanotti cruel crytsal sandals

The rich kid in another post thanked her family and friends for making her birthday a success.

“I just want to say thank you to everyone for a lovely time and I’m truly blessed 🙏🏾 special thank you to Kristeen Kuria for making me a Queen for one night 🙏🏾 the face beat and hair 😍 thank you to @billionaireresort and @lioninthesun for hosting us and making it magical,” read Nana’s message.

Here are the photos from Nana Gecaga’s birthday party


Nana Gecaga
Nana Gecaga with Jomo Gecaga (L)


Nana Gecaga


Nana Gecaga
Nana Gecaga with family and friends at her birthday party


Nana Gecaga's birthday party


Nana Gecaga
Nana Gecaga


Nana Gecaga


Nana Gecaga
Nana Gecaga turns 40


Nana Gecaga


Nana Gecaga
Nana Gecaga with Lola Hannighan


Nana Gecaga


Nana Gecaga


Nana Gecaga


Nana Gecaga


Nana Gecaga


Nana Gecaga


Nana Gecaga


Nana Gecaga





Funniest memes inspired by President Uhuru Kenyatta’s official photos in 2017

Whenever President Uhuru’s official photos are released I tend to wait in anticipated breath. Why? Well his photos have a way of becoming a meme.

After an official function, President Uhuru’s communication team post his photos and here is a list of those that have caught the eye of KOT, who have blessed us with many memes as a result.

Go through;


Uhuru Inaguration





uk 6

uk 3


uh 2



Ni Kirathimo! President Uhuru’s Son Jomo Kenyatta And His Wife Achola Welcome A Baby Girl

President Uhuru and his wife First Lady Margaret Kenyatta are the newest grandparents in town.

Their firstborn son Jomo Kenyatta and wife Fiona Achola welcomed a baby girl on Sunday at the Aga Khan Hospital, Nairobi.


The bundle of joy has been named Baby Wanjiru.

Jomo Kenyatta and Achola Ngobi have been keeping a low profile after their traditional wedding which was held in October last year.

Jomo Kenyatta

Photos of the newborn haven’t been shared online yet. We will keep you updated.

Congratulations Jomo and Achola Kenyatta.

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‘We Were Left With Only One Son And A Hospital Bill Of 11.2m,’ Young Politician Isaac Mwaura Mourns The Death Of His Two Children In Moving Tribute

Kenyans have joined young politician Isaac Mwaura and his wife in condoling over the death of two of their children months after they were welcomed into the world.

According to Mwaura who had welcomed triplets a few months back, the two, a boy and girl died leaving behind a boy.


He broke this news via Facebook in a statement that read in part: “Mukami and I even lost two of our triplets (a boy and a girl) and we were left with only one son and a hospital bill of 11.2 million to clear not forgetting that we were in the middle of party primary campaigns. It was really tough but we kept the faith.”

Baraka Tele! Kenya’s Most Romantic Mp Isaac Mwaura turns 35

The triplets were born in January and the news was celebrated countrywide with Mwaura posting on social media saying “Feeling grateful!!! Mukami and I have been blessed with triplets. This is the best day of our life. Our God is truly faithful.”


Beside the sad news, the politician also counted his blessing saying, “Our GOD is faithful and HE plans all in HIS time. How do you explain this…”

Adding, “Exactly a year later on 25th August 2017, President Uhuru Kenyatta has nominated me to the Senate under the Jubilee Party via a Kenya gazette notice. The impossible has happened in the history of Kenya. That in one election 2013, one is nominated by Raila Odinga via ODM in the National Assembly and in the next election 2017, the same person is nominated by President Uhuru Kenyatta under a different party, Jubilee in the Senate.”

Isaac Mwaura and Mukami

He continued, “This is the making of the LORD and HE looks at us deeply. HE and only HE knows the intentions of our hearts. HE makes a way where there seems to be no way. HE lifts and exalts HIS own and HIS word shall surely come to pass.
For in His TIME, HE makes all things beautiful. How else would you explain this coincidence? There is a GOD in heaven and I know He never lets down HIS own. Lets learn to trust and believe in HIM and never ever give up even when there is evidence to the contrary. HE gives favour to whom He so desires for HIS promises are yeah and amen!! Thanks to all those who have believed in me and who have prayed for and with me. #PrayersWork.”

Isaac Mwaura and Mukami


Here are some reactions from Kenyans online.

Senior Chaplain Mulyungi: You are destined for great things coz thou have made Christ, the rock of ages as your stronghold.

Ruth Onesmus: This brought mixed tears in my eyes 1. Tears of sorry for the loss of the two babies and the huge hospital bill at hospital. 2. Tears of joy because of what the Lord did to you. You’ve encouraged me so so much. My president is the best,he never for gets the people who stand with him.

Ken Okoth: The loss of your boy and girl broke my heart. All else aside, may God take care of your family.

Rose Owuor: I love the Lord for who He is and what He does. Thank you for this testimony. We shall overcome the enemy by the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony. May the good Lord repay you like He did to job. God bless you sir. And bless the President for doing this. I am inspired ….

Joseph Ndegwa: Grief is not easy. No way one prepares us to handle the loss of a child, it is painful more for a mother and coming at a time when a spouse is away in campaigns. I feel your pain Isaac and my sister in law, Mukami. It is sad that I didn’t get to deliver the baby gift items I had bought for our little angels at Burlington Store in New York. When I was finally told of what had happened, how long Mukami and the babies stayed in hospital, the emotional trauma you went through and the financial challenges that came with it, I new it would have been insensitive of me to come over with the items during that period of loss. Mwenyezi Mungu aliye juu atawarehemu na baraka zake ni tele. Hold onto that faith. Keep believing in God and His will for you and your family.

That aside, congratulations on your nomination to the Senate. Your statement on this post is what I call celebration in HUMILITY and ask all Kenyans to do so. Kongole ndugu Mwaura. God Bless You.

This CANDID photo of Raila Odinga cradling the late Chris Musando’s son will warm your heart

NASA leader Raila Odinga has won the hearts of many after photos of him paying a visit to the family of the late IEBC ICT manager Chris Musando emerged online.

Mr Odinga visited the wife and children yesterday, and paid a glowing tribute to the late Musando.

Raila said: ‘It’s an unbearable pain to his young family and a Kenyan tragedy’.

Kenyans thanked Raila for taking time out to visit the family. Here are the heart-warming photos as Mr Odinga cradles the youngest in the family.





Enemies To Friends: Esther Passaris Shows Her Caring, Mature Side By Visiting AILING Shebesh In Hospital (PHOTOS)

Rachael Shebesh, the current Nairobi Woman Representative for Nairobi County has been unwell and hospitalized, which explains her absence on the political scene in the last few days.

The Jubilee Party member has been nursing a leg injury and actually, she was presented with her nomination certificate while still in her hospital bed.

Rachel Shebesh shared a photo while receiving her nomination, with a warm message that read;

Today I received my Jubilee Certificate in Nairobi Hospital where I am recuperating from a leg injury. Thank you Nairobians for your continued support

This is when her fans finally knew what was keeping the ‘Mama Wa Nai’ away from the political activities, which are at their peak.


Rachel Shebesh is set to go head to head with Esther Passaris aka Mama Taa, who is also an aspirant for the Nairobi Women Rep chair in this year’s election.

Despite their varied opinion and parties, Esther Passaris showed her mature side as she took upon herself to visit the ailing politician, putting aside all political rivalry.

Esther Passaris shared photos with Rachel Shebesh on her hospital bed, proving that politics cannot come in between true friendship and girl power.

The ODM party nominee put the photo as they hugged and smiled while looking at the camera, with a sweet caption that read;

Earlier this afternoon, I paid a courtesy visit to Hon. Shebesh who is recuperating. My supporters and I wish you a full recovery.


This gesture attracted a lot of attention from Kenyans, who took to social media to congratulate Esther Passaris on her political maturity and her sense of responsibility.

She even explained why she brought her Chevra after a fan asked: “Yes. It’s what she craved. Indian sweet chevra. I like taking patients what they desire not the norm- fruits, flowers, lucozade, chocolate.”


President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto also visited Rachel Shebesh in the hospital, which got her by surprising, putting a smile on her face: “Your kindness cannot be measured or expressed in words. You visited me by my bedside. What a pleasant surprise!”

Pole Sana: Ailing Nairobi Woman Rep Rachel Shebesh Expresses Surprise After President Uhuru Visits Her In Hospital

Check out some comments from fans and Kenyans below.

Pole Sana: Ailing Nairobi Woman Rep Rachel Shebesh Expresses Surprise After President Uhuru Visits Her In Hospital

Nairobi Woman representative Rachel Shebesh has been missing from the public for a while now.

Rachel, who is popularly known as mama nai, has been an active figure in the political scene, and her absence as the election campaigns heat up is quite noticeable.

Rachel Shebesh has now taken to her social media to explain why she has been missing in action.

She has been admitted in hospital recovering from a leg injury. She was even presented with her nomination certificate while on her hospital bed.

She updated her social media with the said news;

“Today I received my Jubilee Certificate in Nairobi Hospital where I am recuperating from a leg injury. Thank you Nairobians for your continued support”.


Kenyans of all walks of life are wishing her a quick recovery, with plenty of messages below.

rosieapishPole mama wetu get well soon,

wagurahPole sana Shebesh. Get well soon.

ayanumirugiPole sanaaa SHEBESH get well quickly

shuznigaarPole xna utapona haraka in Jesus name

daima_mkombodziOur mom , get well soon .

brendaclooneyGet well soon. Pole sana Shebesh..

sarah61karanjaWe are behind you,quick recovery

eunymbuguaPole mama Nai.Get well soon.



gilkipkiruiQuick recovery mum

President Uhuru and Deputy William Ruto also visited her in hospital to wish her quick recovery.

Here is what President Kenyatta said;

“Visited Rachel Shebesh who is recovering at a hospital in Nairobi. Get well soon dear sister.”


Rache Shebesh responded with kind words as well.

“Your kindness cannot be measured or expressed in words. You visited me by my bedside. What a pleasant surprise!”..

naomyboboQuick recovery mom

misswavuoQuick recovery

dickson.mwangiQuick recovery mama Nairobi .

paula_trapeeMama nairobi

ngugi2528Quick recover


nyambura.mwauraQuick recovery

mbithek82Get well soon

mwas_gramWishing u a Quick recovery mama wa nai.

puritiepuritieGet well dear One my prayer for you.PSALMS 143:3.he heals the broken hearted. So that place that is broken Christ is healing you.AMEN.

monicaweruGet well soon

andreaobondoQuick recovery

frankchege37get well soon

ann_baby_dollQuick recovery sister

lewniskyGet well soon

aggykuiBe healed in Jesus name

mwangongGet soon well



Daring thugs killed after stealing at funeral service attended by Uhuru

Two daring thugs, who broke into a vehicle at a burial attended by President Uhuru Kenyatta, were shot dead by police in Karen.

Police recovered a Ceska pistol and a laptop from the slain robbers.

The two smartly dressed men had disguised themselves as mourners at the funeral of former PCEA moderator John Gatu.

Hundreds of mourners attended the church service at PCEA Muteero Church in Karen last Friday.

The thugs were in black suits and were spotted moving around the parking yard, where mourners had packed their vehicles.

With the President in attendance, dozens of police officers, including the elite Recce Squad members, were deployed strategically at the church and in the vicinity.

Police said the two men unsuccessfully tried to unlock a vehicle, but the car’s alarm went off, drawing the attention of plainclothes officers.

After a few minutes, the two men were seen fleeing from the parking with a laptop and one shot at police officers. They were shot as they fled.

Cases of theft of motor vehicles have been reported during presidential functions.

In February, two Probox vehicles were reported stolen from the parking yard during a police pass out parade at the Kenya Police College, Kiganjo.

The President was at the function and as such, it is expected that the security should be very tight.

-Kamore Maina


ROYALTY! First Lady Margaret Kenyatta Proves She’s The ‘QUEEN OF FASHION’ In These Latest Elegant PHOTOS

Kenya’s First Lady Margaret Kenyatta is not your average woman, she’s not just intelligent and extremely stunning, but also a fashionista who knows how to dress up in the most elegant and classy clothes, in the right way.

Margaret Kenyatta is a lover of African wear, mostly Ankara and Kitenge and there’s no doubt that her stylist and sense of style per se is completely on point and magnificent.

The Kenyan First Lady has severally been invited to fashion events and coincidentally, her second born son Muhoho Kenyatta is a fashion lover and designer, whose work has been featured on several catwalks and fashion events.


President Uhur’s wife’s sense of style is however very simple but elegant, uniquely classy and most of the time, it must have an African touch, which shows her love and respect for the Kenyan culture.

10 Times Margaret Kenyatta Totally Slayed With Her Dress Sense

Margaret Kenyatta is also known for her exemplary work for Beyond Zero campaign, which is meant to improve maternal and child health outcomes in Kenya.

There’s no doubt that Mrs Kenyatta is the First Lady Of Fashion, a moniker name she’s been given due to her impeccable fashion taste and represents Kenya well in trips abroad with President Uhuru Kenyatta.


Just recently she completely wowed everyone recently is during an audience with Prince William at Buckingham Palace in London and during a welcome banquet in Beijing, China.

Margaret Kenyatta’s killer fashion sense is truly to die for. Look at some of her latest dashing and phenomenal styles below.





Kenyan Boy Band Sauti Sol Send Out A Sincere APOLOGY To President Uhuru Kenyatta After This Happened (PHOTO)

Kenya’s top boy band Sauti Sol have over the years proved to be the best in the game after a successful musical career since it’s formation back in 2005.

The BET nominess may however might have found themselves on the wrong side of the government after their lead vocalist Bein Aime Baraza shared his views on a recent project launched by the government, dubbed Studio Mashinani.

According to Bien, the group were the initial brains behind the major project which was launched a few days ago by renowned Jamaican stars, Etana, Richie Spice and Luciano.

Sauti Sol

Studio Mashinani was launched by the Ministry of ICT to provide modern recording facilities for talented youth to record their music and other creative products in terms of entertainment, film or showbiz.

According to Bien, the group had presented the idea to President Uhuru Kenyatta back in December 2015 as a way of introducing music studios, community radio, ICT Centers and Libraries with the spirit of community service.

They were further instructed to give the project to former YouthFund Chair, Bruce Odhiambo and together with other industry players, they embarked on the logistics and then sent the proposal to the involved parties.

On December 29 2015 I had the honor to meet with His Excellency The President in Statehouse Mombasa. The agenda was Kenya Music Industry and Youth. Myself and my @sautisol brothers shared a proposal called STUDIO MASHINANI with His Excellency. It was an extensive project involving Music studios, community radio, ICT Centers and Libraries with the spirit of community service. We were further instructed to give the proposal to Bruce Odhiambo who was at the time Chair of the Youthfund office. We teamed up with Raphael Obonyo @raph_obonyo Cedric Kadenyi tighten the whole proposal with budgets and standard operating systems for the project. The Proposal was sent to the relevant parties. Only to wake up today a year and some months later to see the project being launched countrywide by a JAMAICAN ARTIST!!!!!! NOT EVEN A KENYAN!!!!!I am not in any way implying that The President has a hand in this because he deals with millions of things and this may just be one of those that he delegated. I feel so robbed. I plan to make everything public soon. Just so that the ones who want to can learn from it.”


Bien’s rant elicited mixed reactions from fans and fellow musicians, who rallied behind him, but now, it looks like his voice was finally heard as it turns out that the band is in talks with the State over the Sh80 Million project.

But first, Sauti Sol had to apologize for any offensive remarks Bien had made about the government and more so, President Uhuru Kenyatta. Check out the press statement below.




President Uhuru Kenyatta Shows Off His Dancing Skills At State House (Video)

President Uhuru Kenyatta has yet again proved why he’s the coolest President Kenya has ever had, and especially his levels of energy when he’s hanging out with young peeps.

Yesterday he was chilling with young celebs at State House, in a bid to mobilize more youth to register as voters in the forthcoming general elections.

What caught everyone’s attention was when he was photographed doing the dab.


Some of the top entertainers who were invited at State House include; celebrated Radio Jambo host Mbusii, singer and Lampstand Media founder Roy Smith Mwatia aka Rufftone, and Kenya’s top dance group, FBI Dance Crew.

Check Out Former President Barack Obama’s Vacation Pictures with his billionaire pal

President Uhuru’s interaction with them was so amazing, it got everyone talking.


At the state House visit, the FBI Crew decided to teach him a few dance moves, including the popular “dab”.

President Uhuru Kenyatta did not shy away from the challenge, as he showed off his dancing skills, and people could not stop talking about how His Excellency was the coolest leader ever.

But there are those who disagreed saying he should instead focus on matters such as the doctors and lecturers strike. The photos caused an online frenzy. See them below;

Meanwhile, check out President Uhuru Kenyatta burst a move in the video below.

Happy Wife! Janet Mbugua Is Ecstatic After Hubby Eddie Ndichu Achieves This HUGE Milestone

Janet Mbugua seems to be having one of the most successful marriages in the media fraternity with her soul mate, Eddie Ndichu.

There’s no doubt that they make a very cute couple, and to top up all that cuteness, they have an adorable son, Ethan Huru Ndichu, who recently turned a year old. It was also the big moment for the adorable family when they finally revealed his face.

Janet Mbugua walked down the aisle with her main man back on May 30, 2015, which means they are almost celebrating their second wedding anniversary, and a few months later, she gave birth to their first child in October.


Eddie Ndichu is a popular banker at KCB and has also worked with Standard Chartered Bank, Chase Bank Kenya Ltd, and SEMA Mobile Services Limited.

The dapper looking man is also very fashionable and is always looking sharp in suits and when he goes casual, he knows how to keep it cool and simple. He always puts his family first, celebrating his sexy wife.

Janet Mbugua Reveals How She Lost Friends When She Got Married

Janet Mbugua recently turned 30 years with her twin brother Timothy Mbugua, where they shared the good and the ugly about being fraternal twins. The couple really do love spending time with family and friends.


Now, Janet Mbugua just got another reason to adore and appreciate her man after he interacted with President Uhuru Kenyatta, one on one. This was at the launch of a new mobile-based job applying platform. Eddie had the honour of taking the president through the details of the app.

Eddie Ndichu can be seen talking to His Excellency Uhuru Kenyatta during the convention, and when Janet shared the picture, she gushed with this sweet post;

Just my husband with the President of Kenya 🙌🏾 🇰🇪 Well in @de.bank.ed. Here he’s talking how youth can access jobs on a mobile platform. #FinTech

How sweet! Talking of having not just a handsome, but an intelligent and witty husband. Check out the pics below;



A look inside President Uhuru Kenyatta’s wedding invitation to his son’s itara

This surely is expected to be the wedding of the year hands down.

Jomo Kenyatta and his fiancée Achola are set to walk down the aisle soon.

Achola Fiona Ngobi the wife of Uhuru Kenyatta’s first son Jomo is the daughter of Raychelle Omamo’s sister.

News of their relationship broke when photos of their families went viral on social media in late October this year.

Below is a photo of the dashing young lad as he visited Machakos Governor Alfreed Mutua last week.

President Uhuru Kenyatta and First Lady Margaret Kenyatta have started sending out wedding invitations for their son, Jomo’s, traditional wedding.

The wedding in Kikuyu is referred to as Itara and symbolises that the couple are married.

Check out the invitation below to see how a President invites guests to his/her wedding;

WhatsApp Image 2016-11-04 at 20.10.28