Top 10 countries to shop for a Rolex and other luxury pieces

It is a fact that many Kenyan men love to wear Rolex watches. From President Kenyatta to Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho to Radio King Shaffie Weru, they have all flaunted these expensive pieces.


And so if you have some coin, here are the countries where you will get genuine items.

Don’t get me wrong I haven’t traveled to these countries, but with a little research, I am making your work alittle bit easier.

18carat everose gold with chocolate dial

On 27th April, the Day-Date 40 in 18ct Everose gold with chocolate dial indicates the weekday in Italian. The Day-Date is available with the day of the week display in 26 languages.

Eastern Europe/The Balkans: Romania, Hungary, Poland, & Greece 

Usually, one can only claim VAT on “NEW” items. However, in some Eastern European/Balkan countries (like these), rules can be slightly flexible. It is Possible (dependent on your negotiation skill) to get them to “package” your used item to “look like new with a receipt” so you will be eligible for the VAT Refund. (as if it were a new purchase)

Obviously don’t walk into an official Rolex retailer and ask for this service. I’m referring to the local owned watch retailers. If you’re afraid of fakes, get them authenticated, just like what you would do in Singapore. (Yes, you can get authentication in these countries, they aren’t that backward)

These countries are more generous with their VAT refunds than that of their Central European neighbours. On top of that, you can add in yet another “shop discount.” (bargaining, a Singaporean favourite) Here’s some information on what VATis, and VAT refunds.

Southwest Europe: Spain

And as for Spain? Well, the economy has hit them pretty hard in recent years and their retail prices are reflecting the disparity between them and their richer Central European neighbours. Forget about Rolex in Spain though. Rolex guards their prices very firmly worldwide, and there isn’t as generous a VAT refund (like Scandinavia) to make it a worthwhile place to get yourself a Rolex. For brands like say Tudor (Rolex’s sister company) and Hublot, very decent discounts can be gotten. By decent, I mean you could easily sell them at a good profit in Singapore.

On March 24th , rolex released the Day-Date 40 in 18ct white gold with an olive green dial features a weekday display that is available in 26 languages.


18ct white gold with an olive green dial

 Asia: Japan, Hongkong & Singapore

The Japanese are huge colletors of vintage timepieces. It is not difficult to find a used watch shop in Japan. And i’m not saying you have to venture all the way to say Hiroshima or some far away district to get a watch at a decent price.

Previously with a stronger Yen, it was expensive to visit Japan, let alone shop for luxury items. Thanks to Shinzo Abe, the Prime Minster of Japan, and his Quantitative Easing program (QE), the Yen has been devalued to stimulate the economy. This results in not just Japanese exports becoming cheaper, but also making it more affordable for tourists and watch collectors to pick up a used Rolex or Seiko in Japan.

In Hongkong, prices of watches are not as cheap as they used to be. The plus point for Hongkong though, is that there are so many used watch shops you are spolit for choice. Rather than just the big players, a lot of these shops are family owned used watch shops. They don’t report to anybody and you can negotiate your discount to the best of your ability.

Singapore, has a great deal of used watch retailers. Prices are pretty much fixed give or take $200 – 500 (depending on the list price of the watch), with not much room for negotiation. However, because of the materialistic mindset of Singaporeans (you’ll find a person earning as low as 3-4k a month wearing a Rolex) who enjoy taking up installment plans to fund a perception that they are well to do, it’s not difficult to get one at fire sale prices in local watch forums (just google watch forum Singapore) who need an urgent sale once they realize they can’t keep up with appearances.

The Scandinavian Countries: Norway, Sweden, Denmark

The Scandinavian countries!?! (except Finland) Well, to be honest, everything is expensive in Scandinavia. For smaller ticket items like your Chanel or Prada (yes, these brands aren’t a big deal just so you know), just stick to Paris or Milan.

Have you ever had friends who said, “im going to Switzerland to buy a Rolex?” I’m sure you have. And those friends of yours? They’re the biggest carrot there is. Luxury watch retailers in Switzerland have people like them for lunch.

You know, there is this logic that luxury goods are cheapest in the countries they are produced? For example, Prada is cheapest in Milan, Chanel in Paris, Ralph Lauren in USA, Loewe in Spain, and Rolex in Switzerland? Well, that’s probably true for all of them, except in the case of Switzerland and its many luxury watch brands. (not just Rolex)

Switzerland is an expensive country.

– Scandinavian countries are expensive countries.

– The INITIAL cost of a Rolex is SLIGHTLY Cheaper in Switzerland than in Scandinavia.

– The INITIAL cost of a Rolex is MORE Expensive in Scandinavia than in Switzerland


– The VAT refund in Scandinavian countries is BY FAR more generous than that of Switzerland’s, resulting in Scandinavia being “CHEAPER than Switzerland to purchase a NEW Rolex.”

(The variety of models might be fewer than that of say Switzerland, Spain, etc….Don’t expect stock on popular models. If you’re there for the basic Datejust, great. Batman? You’re out of luck. Better luck getting one 2nd hand)

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President Uhuru’s niece Nana Gecaga throws mega rich party to celebrate 40th birthday

President Uhuru’s niece, Nana Wanjiku Gecaga, celebrated her birthday over the weekend in a flashy invites only party in Malindi.

Her brother Jomo Gecaga, Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko, socialite Lola Hannigan, family and friends were among those who graced the lavish party.

Nana Gecaga, who is the managing director of Kenyatta International Conference Centre (KICC) was gifted Giuseppe Zanotti’s (Cruel Crystal Sandal worth Sh215,056 meaning if you earn 30k per month, this will translate to your 7 months salary).

Giuseppe Zanotti cruel crytsal sandals
Nana took to social media to flaunt the pair of shoes and she wrote”

“You only turn 40 once and my goodness look at these beautiful @giuseppezanotti (Cruel Crystal Sandals) I got as a birthday gift 😍 every girls dream…..they complete my birthday outfit for tonight…thank you sooooo much.”

Here’s the photo of her shoes.

Giuseppe Zanotti cruel crytsal sandals
Nana Gecaga’s Giuseppe Zanotti cruel crytsal sandals

The rich kid in another post thanked her family and friends for making her birthday a success.

“I just want to say thank you to everyone for a lovely time and I’m truly blessed 🙏🏾 special thank you to Kristeen Kuria for making me a Queen for one night 🙏🏾 the face beat and hair 😍 thank you to @billionaireresort and @lioninthesun for hosting us and making it magical,” read Nana’s message.

Here are the photos from Nana Gecaga’s birthday party


Nana Gecaga
Nana Gecaga with Jomo Gecaga (L)


Nana Gecaga


Nana Gecaga
Nana Gecaga with family and friends at her birthday party


Nana Gecaga's birthday party


Nana Gecaga
Nana Gecaga


Nana Gecaga


Nana Gecaga
Nana Gecaga turns 40


Nana Gecaga


Nana Gecaga
Nana Gecaga with Lola Hannighan


Nana Gecaga


Nana Gecaga


Nana Gecaga


Nana Gecaga


Nana Gecaga


Nana Gecaga


Nana Gecaga


Nana Gecaga





‘I will not tolerate jokers,’ Mheshimiwa Jaguar revives beef with Babu Owino

Remember when Starehe MP Jaguar and Embakasi East MP Babu Owino almost came to blows?

Well, that standoff is about to be revived again in the second session of the 12th Parliament.

Speaking to the Star yesterday, Jaguar accused Babu of hurling insults at President Uhuru Kenyatta and Interior CS Fred Matiang’i and hiding in Parliament to escape arrest.

“We are warning some of our leaders who use Parliament as a hiding den after hurling insults to Uhuru and Matiang’i. We are now back to business and will not tolerate jokers,” Jaguar said.

“If they continue insulting Uhuru’s administration, we will be smoking them out of Parliament and handing them over to the police.”

babu-owino-12On Wednesday last week, Babu sought intervention from House Speaker Justin Muturi after receiving reports that Flying Squad officers were eagerly waiting for him outside the precincts of Parliament Buildings.

Sitaki mama yangu! Teenager hangs self after being denied chance to live with her dad

He claimed that police officers in three vehicles wanted to arrest him for remarks he issued during the NASA’s Baba Dogo rally.

“They want to arrest me but I don’t think I will get out. If matters worsen, I will spend the night here,” he said, “This is total witch-hunt. An abuse is not a crime. That’s a civil matter. If Matiang’i feels I abused him let him proceed to a civil court instead of using police to round us up.”

In January, the MP was arrested outside Parliament buildings over assault and malicious damage to property. He was detained for two nights at Parklands police cells and released after Nairobi senator Johnson Sakaja intervened.


Has Jaguar bought a brand new Range Rover Sport? Starehe constituents react (Photo)

On November late last year, Jaguar apologized to his constituents following a fist fight with Babu at Parliament buildings. Sergeants at arms had to separate the two.

Jaguar is said to have asked Babu to stop insulting the presidency before the fight.

He apologised, citing his counterpart’s alleged reference to President Uhuru Kenyatta as mtoto wa mbwa.

The first time lawmaker however promised to “square it out” with Babu if he continues to insult Uhuru and the presidency.

-The Star

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‘President Uhuru is a coward!’ Boniface Mwangi shouts. Kenyans react.

Boniface Mwangi is know for shooting from the hips and taking no prisoners. In his recent Facebook post he called the president of Kenya a “coward”.

Here is his post.

“President Uhuru Kenyatta is a coward. Deporting Miguna Miguna is an act of cowardice and against the constitution. Miguna is a Kenyan Citizen by birth. He didn’t commit any crime because if he did, we have enough laws to jail criminals. He was deported illegally for speaking truth to power. If treason was committed then he should have Raila Odinga arrested but since Uhuru is a coward, he won’t. To those of us Uhuru can’t deport, prepare to be killed for speaking the truth. #TeamCourage.”

Boniface Mwangi
Boniface Mwangi

Ngeos! Lupita Nyongo’s Kitenge fashion is all the inspiration we need today

 Here are the varied reactions. Some have veiled threats.
Debbie Rose Anne: When the truth hurts one ethnic group, they’ll hurl insults… Wisdom is not borrowed, it is obtained. Most people lack wisdom.

Simon Maina: Bible tell’s us that when the devil and his loyal angels wanted to sit on the throne, God dealt with them mercilessly. He jailed all the loyalists in abyss, but spared the devil himself, till judgement day. The scenario applies. All the loyalists to your demigod will face the music as the govt finds a better way to deal with Lucifer. This will also prepare his followers.

boniface-mwangi at TED talksAnthony G Mwaniki: Bonnie, I’ve admired you for long. And so do many of us. Please concentrate on real issues and stop the personalised hate for Uhuru. We all know what NRM was for and it was not anything benefiting our country. This taking sides will only harm you!

Martin Murithi: Hehe you might have to go hide in the USA for a while again if you keep insulting the president. Theirs a difference between insulting someone and being an activist!

Njoki Waigwa: You have a point. Can we just all take a moment and put ourselves in Miguna’s shoes? Ati umefukuzwa Kenya. If your parents fukuza you, even of you have a mansion in Nairobi to live at, you will get depressed. Now, imagine you, in another country.

Steven Kariuki Mburu: Dissent has its limits,you cannot purpot to operate outside the law threaten peace every now and then and expect the govt turn a blind eye.

Lillian Muli reads the riot act at “hateful” trolls: ‘You are a fan in denial!’

bonifaceKhadar Abdi Cige: Uhuru is not a Coward . He knows what is best for him and what is not . He knows the day he will arrest Raila ,it will be the end of his illegitimate regime .atabeba mzigo yake ,if he dare arrest Raila. Uhuru is cleaver and knows what is good for him .

Maggy Wa Dan: Boniface Mwangi am your big fun ..but why don’t you use this platform to unite Kenyans? Always remember many youths read n follow whatever you post.

Alice Wambui Wanjama: Btw Miguna has not been DEPORTED but APPOINTED as the new NRM ambassador in CANADA.other appointments will follow

Hon Frank Gathu: The state must use all resources at disposal to restore order.Gun is also an option,coup plotters must be dealt with once and for all.

Matu Nyaga: Stop being a keyboard warrior and go rant this at the Statehouse gate if you want us to believe you are a brave heart as you are trying to make us believe…. #BiggerCoward

Evans Oduor: Let the jubelee government arrest the bigger fish, His excellency Raila Amollo Odinga then be ready for the real actions and reactions from the general public.
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GRACIOUS! Alfred Mutua’s Wife Oozes Maturity And Elegance While Meeting President Uhuru Kenyatta (PHOTOS)

She goes by the name Lilian Nganga and there’s no doubt that she’s the most beautiful and youngest First Lady in Kenya, but there’s more to her than just beauty.

Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua’s wife has established herself as an iron lady who has taken it upon herself to make a good name for not just her popular husband but for herself too.

The elegant and classy lady has been beside the Governor throughout his projects and campaigns and as the election day nears, Lilian Nganga is at the center of making sure that he gets back the gubernatorial seat in Machakos county.


Lillian is actually Alfred Mutua’s second wife after he fell out with his first wife, and over the years, she has proved that it takes beauty and brains for a man like him to notice you and keep you by his side.

Well, other than that, Mutua’s wife is known for her beauty and amazing looks, not forgetting her sense of fashion and style, where she shows off her curvy body and figure, but when it comes to official events, she knows how to dress the part.


Over the weekend Alfred Mutua endorsed President Uhuru Kenyatta during his official Maendeleo Chap Chap party for the coming elections.

Lilian Nganga kept it simple in a charming and chic black dress with white patterns, showing her mature yet modish side as she kept her makeup toned down, with a nude lipstick. Check her out below.