‘It gives me panic attacks’ Women talk of their horrible experience with P2

Two Kenyan women have shared their experience with the morning after pill commonly known as P2 among them being unwanted pregnancies and painful abdomens.

Three years ago, Erica* (not her real name) missed her period but dismissed it as an after-effect of p2.

She had been engaging in unprotected sex with her boyfriend of about a year, and she would take the pills thereafter.

“I would take them three or four times a week because we rarely used protection. I was completely sure they would keep me from getting pregnant,”

I have carried out 5 abortions, unknowingly killing my twins in the process

He was her first sexual partner, and conversations with her friends suggested the pills were the safest way to prevent pregnancy.

“When I talked to my friends about it, they told me their boyfriends bought the pills for them and it always worked. So I was sure about it.

She started to suspect she was pregnant after experiencing fatigue and nausea.  A pregnancy test came back positive.

“I started getting scared that my sister would realise I was pregnant so I had to get rid of the pregnancy,” she said.

Despite taking the pills again, Erica fell pregnant and aborted for the second time.
Women's eNews
Women’s eNews

Ellen* took P2 for the first time seven years ago, when she also lost her virginity and has been taking them ever since..

“I took all of them together because I was afraid if I took one pill and skipped the other for 12 hours, it would fail.

Once I take them, I feel a pinch in my abdomen and it gives me a lot of anxiety and panic attacks because I don’t want to get pregnant. I’m not ready.”

The pills have never backfired on her.

“I take them once or twice a year. The rest of the time I use condoms or withdrawal,” she said.

Ellen says she is not convinced taking the pills 12 hours apart will work, so prefers to take the dose at once.

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These 5 methods Increase your chances of conceiving a boy

Are you wondering how to conceive a boy?

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If so, you might be interested in finding out the various methods said to struck the odds in your favour, when it comes to conceiving a baby boy. Trying to conceive comes with its fair share of challenges.

That being said, if you are hoping for a boy, there are some ways to improve your odds. Here are five ways to improve your chances of having a boy:

  • The Billings method
  • A diet to help you conceive a boy
  • The Shettles method
  • Avoiding intercourse before ovulation
  • Sperm spinning and genetic testing

1. Conceiving a Boy Using the Billings Method

This method involves becoming very familiar with the way your cervical mucus feels in the days leading up to ovulation and then after ovulation. While the mucus is generally dry and sticky during most of a woman’s menstrual cycle, it gradually changes as ovulation nears.

The method was shown in a study to help couples pre-select the gender of their baby when they timed intercourse based on mucus texture.

To use the Billings method to conceive a boy, follow these steps:

  1. Check your mucus. Take notice of how your va**nal area feels throughout a menstrual cycle. When do you feel wetter, with more watery mucus? When your vagina feels wetter and the mucus has the texture of egg whites, ovulation is about to happen.
  2. Find your peak day. Your most fertile day is your “peak” day. This is the last day that you will have fertile (i.e., egg white or watery) cervical fluid or a wet or slippery vaj. Identify this day in your cycle.
  3. Have bedminton on or after your peak day. Avoid having intercourse before your peak day. Have intercourse on or after your peak day.

2. A Diet to Help You Conceive a Boy

Since male sperm prefer a more alkaline environment, it’s important to make sure you get plenty of the right foods in your diet when trying to conceive. Here are some suggested foods and other ideas.

  1. Eat alkaline foods-Some great ones are apricots, figs, cantaloupe, cherries, fresh lemons,hulled wheat bread, lentils, avocado, royal jelly, pine nuts, almonds, carrots, orange juice, red radish, fresh red beets, alfalfa grass, barley grass, sprouted seeds, and tomato sauce, wheat grass.
  2. Eat a good breakfast-Higher calorie diets that provide more energy have been shown to increase the odds of conceiving a boy. Specifically, eating breakfast cereal appears to boost energy and boost the chances of having a boy.
  3. Eat more sodium and potassium-When used in combination with timing intercourse after ovulation, eating saltier and potassium-rich foods, but less calcium and magnesium may help with the chances of conceiving a boy.
  4. Increase potassium-rich foods-The best one is bananas! Be careful though, bananas are one of the worst fruits for carbohydrate content (meaning it will spike blood sugar levels). If you have diabetes, or want to avoid gestational diabetes, go easy on the fruit. Stick to berries instead.
  5. Reduce foods that are high in calcium-This includes dairy products and supplements.

3. The Shettles Method

This method was developed by Dr. Landrum Shettles and is based on the notion that male sperm are smaller, lighter, and quicker than their female counterparts. If it were true, this would mean that male sperm can reach the egg more quickly than female sperm. Female sperm, the theory also holds, are bigger and stronger, so they can survive for longer periods of time but they are also significantly slower.

How to have a boy using the Shettles method:

  1. Try to have bedminton close to the time of ovulation. The window for conceiving a boy is from about 24 hours prior to ovulation to no more than 12 hours past ovulation. You should closely monitor your cycle using one or more methods of ovulation prediction. These methods are charting cervical mucus, charting basal body temperature (BBT), and/or using ovulation predictor kits (OPK).
  2. Use an ovulation predictor kit. If you have not been charting your cervical mucus or basal body temperature, then using an OPK may be easiest for you. Ovulation kits work by detecting when your luteinizing hormone (LH) levels increase. The LH levels surge about 12-48 hours prior to ovulation, so the optimal time to have intercourse would be about 12 hours after the LH surge. As you get close to ovulation, do the OPK test two times a day to catch the surge as soon as it happens.
  3. Go deep. You should try to have it in positions that allow for maximum penetration. Some of the positions are; doggy style, standing up and straddling. This will increase the chances of survival for male sperm on the way through the vaj opening, where the environment is more acidic and less friendly to the male sperm.
  4. Get off! Another factor is a woman’s orgasm, which can affect the vaj PH. If the woman has an orgasm, it creates an alkaline environment in the vaj that is more favorable to boys.

Tanasha Donna is reminding us that pregnancy can be very stylish

4. Avoid Intercourse Before Ovulation

If you really want a boy, minimize your chances of conceiving a girl by avoiding bedminton in the few days just prior to ovulation, or as soon as your fertile cervical mucus appears. (If you do, use some sort of birth control.) It is more likely you will conceive a girl if you have intercourse during that time.

5. “Sperm Spinning” and Pre-Implant Genetic Testing

The approach has been in practice since the 1970s. In a lab, sperm are placed on top of albumin, which gets gradually thicker toward the bottom. The sperm swim down into the solution and are then separated by faster and slower swimmers. Behind this method is the belief that female sperm swim slower than male sperm. So if a woman wants a boy the doctor will collect the fastest swimming sperm and use them to artificially inseminate her.

Some fertility doctors offer pre-implantation genetic testing after an IVF procedure. This testing determines the chromosome content of the embryos before any are transferred to the mother’s uterus.

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Study shows pregnant women are not getting enough of key nutrients

One third of pregnant women are taking far more folic acid than they need, a study  published Friday suggests.

Despite their zeal for taking the crucial prenatal supplements, at least 10 percent are still deficient in other nutrients, like vitamins A, D, E and B6, as well as zinc, magnesium and calcium.

Women who take folic acid in pregnancy have been shown to have consistently lower rates of babies born with birth defects like spina bifada.

You can’t take too much folic acid itself, but excess amounts of the nutrient can mask other deficiencies such as lacking B12, which can led to nerve damage.

Purdue University scientists are advising that doctors revise and clarify nutritional recommendations for pregnant women to help ensure that women get balanced nutrition – and aren’t throwing money away on more supplements than they need.

Prenatal vitamins help ensure pregnant women and their developing babies are healthy - but most are getting too much folic acid and iron, and not enough other nutrients (file)

We all need folate, a form of vitamin B contained in folic acid, but it’s particularly essential to women who may become or are pregnant.

Just four weeks into pregnancy – before most women even know they are carrying an embryo – a crucial step in development is happening: the neural tube is closing.

The neural tube will become the entire central nervous system, including the spinal cord and brain.

But if it doesn’t close properly, children may be left with openings or protrusions along their spines or skulls.

More importantly than the cosmetic defects and depending upon where along the spine or skull the opening develops, these issues may be accompanied by bladder gastrointestinal problems, heart problems, nerve system issues or even paralysis.

In order for the tube to close as it should, the mother’s body needs to be capable of creating plenty of new cells.

Folate, or folic acid, is crucial to ensuring that that happens.

Foods like nuts, beans and leafy greens like spinach naturally contain folate, while companies add the nutrient to some ‘enriched’ foods, like grains, cereals and pastas.


Real House Helps of Kawangware actress Njambi pregnant (See Details)

Celebrated real house helps of Kawangware actress Njeri Gachomba alias Njambi is expectant with her second child.

She already has a daughter.

Jambi was spotted around Archives, in the CBD, looking all shades of awesome with a baby bump.

She was wearing a blue stripped dress and black dolly shoes.

Waititu finally completes dowry payment for wife after 30 years

Recently Njambi shared a post on how she suffered a miscarriage adding that she was not ready to talk about it yet.

Sharing the photo below she wrote

I might not be ready to talk about it but I still remember…… Goodmorning

miscarriage post

Njambi has in the past talked about battling depression. According to her the one reason she never went through with it is because of her daughter.

Taking to Instagram, Njambi shared a photo of her on a day when she lost every thing she called hers.

I remember when I took this photo, this was the day I lost everything I’ve ever worked for.

 I had sat on the stairs as they took everything from my house.

My mum was so stressed and my brother @kenyan_twist as usual was cheering me up.

Prominent celebs who have openly talked about suffering miscarriages

She adds

I remember he was telling me about how I was used to having my own bathroom in my bedroom sasa na Rudi kutumia choo na kila mtu 🤣🤣(my brother though).


I felt like my life was ending I mean I just got up now am being put down again.

I remember Tam came back from school and she was shocked, “haukuniambia tunahama” she said.

She was asking where our things are especially her toys 😂😂😂typical….. 

Njambi goes on to open up about how she has battled with depression

Anyway, It wasn’t supposed to be a long post but anyways since am half way……

Can I just say something about depression and how sad it is that young people are ending their lives because of love, money and jobs.

KOT praise Simon Cheprot after his heroic act in Nigeria

Njeri Gachomba alias Njambi or real house helps of Kawangware

Adding that

I tell people life is never that serious, you loose some you gain some ..

I’ve been depressed since I was 15yrs I had family drama, I had self esteem, I felt unloved, unwanted, I felt like I meant nothing to anyone.

Njambi with her daughter

I’ve tried it all taking pills, countless times I’ve tried to commit suicide, I’ve wanted to jump off my balcony a million times.

I’ve scars coz I used to cut myself….

But every time I try shit, there comes Tamara complaining about something I said I’ll do and I didn’t.

She goes on to add

If you ever feel depressed and you feel like you want to end your life please find a purpose, every one has a purpose for living.

I think the reason am still alive am still surviving is because of someone somewhere who is going through a lot and has no one to talk to, my DM is always open.

In conclusion Njambi states that she does not understand why she finds pleasure in pain.

I understand, I know how it feels to be worthless, to have self esteem, to feel unloved I know.

I am where you’re…. I get tattoos or piercings just to numb my pain…

 I don’t know why I find pleasure and comfort in pain….. And to friends please check up on your person.

She also advises Kenyans on how to identify a depressed person.

We depressed people don’t know how to talk, how to talk about our problems .

We might look alright but deep down we’re dying. I know I smile alot, I joke alot but when I am alone, I am empty.

Plus, depression is making me so fat 🙊🙊

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‘I will never forget,’ Njeri Kaberere on Kambua supporting her during difficult pregnancy

Its no longer a secret that gospel artiste Kambua is expectant with her first child with husband Jackson Mathu whom she has been married to for 7 years.

Everyone has been taking to social media to congratulate her but Njeri Kaberere is among those who can’t contain her excitement.

She took to social media to share about a time when Kambua used to visit her after she lost her husband Peter Kaberere.

Celebrities who rock Ankara designs like African goddesses!

Njeri Kaberere and Peter Kabererere

Kambua also went to see Njeri when she had an appointment with the gynecologist, a move she says she is forever grateful for.

What a mighty God we serve!
When I lost my husband one thing about @kambuamuziki that I will never ever forget is that she always came home to mourn with us.

This really touched my heart of hearts.

Even when I had visits to the gyna she made sure made her way to the hospital to see me.

kambuapregnantShe adds,

I am so happy that God’s ways are bigger than our thoughts and ways.
He is the final say.

He works behind the scenes to prove that He is the only Creator and giver.

Congratulations @kambuamuziki and God loves you and that miracle baby is blessed to have you as their mum.

What then can we say? If God is for us who can be against us!

Asante Yesu! Umemtendea Kambua mema🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🙏🙏🙏👏👏

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Blessings galore: Njugush left in tears over Kambua’s pregnancy

The news of Kambua’s pregnancy has been celebrated by many. Even her husband Jackson Mathu was not shy to flaunt his excitement.

Here is his message to the love of his life.


Jackson Mathu's message to Kambua
Jackson Mathu’s message to Kambua

Here are encouragement messages from her fans and celebrity pals.

alicekamande: Ooh dear! 😭😭 God is amazing. He surely is amazing. In his time , he makes all things beautiful. He is not a man that he should lie. Looking so lovely siz 😍

sowairina: Look at the Gorgeous Mama🧡Congratulations once again Sweety😘

blessednjugush: Congratulations. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭bless you.

aminaabdirabar: This is such wonderful news!! Congratulations 🎉🎈

Congratulations: Kambua unveils cutest baby bump


revkathykiuna: Aririririririririririririririririri with the loudest voice. Jehovah reigns. He alone is worthy of praise. Ewooooooooo. I’m jumping right

ciikuwasoxxy: In His time, he makes everything beautiful. And look at you.. Congratulations mummy!!

jackyvike: 😫😫😫 Gorgeous!!! Welcome to Motherhood Hun, sooo happy for you ❤️❤️❤️😘

alekyemumo: See God… aaaha 🥳🥳🥳 Mwiyai ataiwe. Congratulations 🎉🎉🎉🎉

caroline.mutoko: Yaaasssss!! ❤❤❤❤💃💃💃💃

lilmuli: Yay….congratulations beautiful I’m so Happy for you

truthslinger:Congratulations Kambua. Eish. Unakaa vibesht sana.

judymuriithi: Chills!! I can’t recall being so happy for someone I have never met. This feels so personal 😩. Congratulations Kambua. Godspeed to you and your growing family ❤️

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‘My husband and I are waiting on God to give us a child,’ Evelyn Wanjiru

Gospel artiste Evelyn Wanjiru has revealed that she does not get any pressure from her husband of seven years over the fact that they have not sired a child.

The artiste has been married for the last 7 years.

She says just because her husband is supportive does not mean everyone else is. She added that some friends are brazen enough to ask her when the baby will come.

My marriage has really been an interesting journey, I don’t worry because I don’t have children because my husband has been supportive.

He really gives me strength.

If I was getting pressure from him I would have been worried.

However, I do get pressure from other people including close friend.

‘My husband ignored me for 8 months’ Evelyn Wanjiru painfully recalls


She adds,

There is a day someone told me ‘Evelyn you travel so much how about one day you just close yourself in a closet and ask God to give you a child’.

That really hurt me but my husband asked me not to be stressed about it.

He has advised me to wait for God’s time.

Evelyn goes on to add that she is now hopeful given that her fellow gospel artiste Kambua is now expectant after being married for seven years.

Kambua and I got married the same day and I am so proud [of her pregnancy] and hopeful [I will have a child of my own too].
It has given me hope because I know my miracle is on the way.

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‘My arrogant house help is pregnant for my husband’ Cries city woman

A city woman has been left in a tight spot after finding out disturbing news about her ex house help.

*Jane* the woman, feels betrayed by both her husband and the help.

I have been married to my husband for some years now, and we have beautiful kids together.

I recently just found out that my ex house-help is pregnant for my husband.

I had to let her go about few months ago, because I wasn’t comfortable with her behavior, she was becoming to comfortable in my home.


After that she and her brother kept on calling me and raining insults on me.

Some days go, I got a text from her, saying I should tell my ”useless husband that has impregnated her, to pick her calls.

Adding that she doesn’t blame me, because I am a good woman, but my husband isn’t.

From orga*m to slippery nipple, here are funny names of cocktails – List

Jane adds that she forwarded the message to her husband but she is torn on what to do.

I forwarded the message to my husband, who denied ever having anything to do with her.

I was going to let it slide, not until I got another text from her, which confirms that she is pregnant for my husband.

At this point, I don’t know what action to take, as I  am so broken and hurt. I wouldn’t leave my home because of this.

I wont give her the victory of watching her see my home scattered.

How do I handle the situation?

What would you advice her to do?


Spouse from hell: Kenyan man carries wife’s 5 pregnancies

I have always known that the the world is a strange place but now I am more than convinced that Kenya is it’s headquarters.

This is because of the number of bizarre stories that people share involving witch craft and rituals, total madness!

One man by the name Martin has taken ‘madness’ to a whole different level, am talking outer space level.

Martin left many in shock when he narrated how he used to carry his wife’s pregnancies. I am talking five of them. I know this is where all of you scientists start thinking am bluffing but he attests all these to witch craft.

He says his aunt brought him a wife whom he did not love and for that reason, he used to beat her in order to get rid of her for good. Instead, the lady sought mganga services in Uganda in retaliation.

He says his wife was given some weird medicine which she was instructed to apply on his belly, and the result would be that everytime his wife was expectant, Martin would carry the child for eight months then ‘hand over’ the duties to his wife.

Martin says he did this five times and had to run away from his matrimonial home because he had ‘bebad’ enough!

Read his confession below.

Nilioa bibi ambaye nililetewa na dada ya mamangu na ilifika mahali akaenda kwa mganga. Alipewa dawa ambayo yeye akipata mimba mimi ndio nitabeba.

Kuna dawa eti anakupaka kwa tumbo na akipata mimba wewe ndio unabeba kwa miezi minane.

Nilikuwa nampiga kwani sikuwa nampenda kwa sababu nililetewa bure, sasa nilikuwa nampiga ili aende na badala aende alienda kwa mganga.

Nilitoroka kwani niko Ng’ong kazini naye ako western. Nimebeba mimba ya watoto watano kwani ukiniona nikivaa koti unadhani nimenona lakini ni mimba nimebeba na unaona kitu inatembea tu.

Mbele ya mungu ni ukweli alienda kwa mgongo fulani sijui kutoka Uganda.

Nikiwa nimebeba mimba mimi hujihisi mzito na kitu inatembea na pia hutaki kuona mke wako, sasa baada ya miezi minane anasema sasa anachukua mwezi mmoja kisha anazaa.

Tuna watoto watano na sijaongeza kwa sababu nilibeba nikaona hiyo imezidi.

Listen to his confession HERE

‘Is he possessed?City woman cries after her man reacted this way just because she asked him to use protection during intimacy

Men are cunning when it comes to bedroom matters, with a majority giving countless reasons why they shouldn’t wear protection.

Despite the fact that condoms protect against pregnancy and s3xually transmitted diseases, some men will go to all lengths to make sure they do not put them on.

Oh God!University student arrested for sexually abusing 13year old cousin

Young couple in bed, man sitting up with arms crossed, portrait
Young couple in bed, man sitting up with arms crossed, portrait

One city woman has been caught in a dilemma given that her man has crazy tactics when he is denied conjugal rights for not wearing protection.

She wrote
“Each time I tell my boyfriend to use withdrawal method, he will start crying and begging that he wants a bond with me. If I refuse he will try to hurt himself. I told him to be doing withdrawal method but he said withdrawal method use to give him headache that will make blood to full his head. So I allowed him to be pouring inside of me until I got pregnant 3 times and he did not give me money for abortion.”

Heartbreaking stories of Pipeline residents where slayqueens abort and feed babies to dogs

woman crying

She further adds

“I used my money to terminate it,he then came back to beg me and threatened to kill him self. So last week we were getting intimate and I told him to wear protection and he refused, so when he was about to c#m I pushed him out and he started crying. He ran to my kitchen I took a knife to kill himself, so I had to beg him, I had to lamba lolo to bring him up again and allowed him c#m inside me. I am tired, how do I make him use protection? Is he possessed or is he just selfish?”

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Mother In Law’s, Listen Up! This Is Why Your Son’s Wife Isn’t Reproducing

Women have fewer children if they live with their mother or mother-in-law, a major new study suggests.

Researchers found, on average, females who live just with their spouse have more children than those who share a bathroom with their relatives.

The findings dismiss widely held theories that sharing a house with a mother or mother-in-law would encourage women to have more children.

Austrian scientists made the conclusion after assessing statistics attained from 2.5 million females across the world.

Until now, biologists assumed that a woman who lives with her mother or mother in law would have more children.

But the new study, ‘dubbed interesting’ and published in the journal Royal Society Open Science, discovered the opposite effect.

Writing in the journal, the researchers said: ‘Our data thus point to lower fertility in case of the presence of any mother in the household.

‘This is interesting, as one would expect that both mothers should have “some biological interest” in a higher number of grandchildren. 

Experts blamed reproductive competition behind why many women choose not to have children while living with their own mother or in law.

The University of Vienna team noted how the grandmothers tended to be younger if they were still living with their daughter, or son’s spouse.

They suggested that a younger grandmother may have children on her own which is more important than raising their own grandchildren.

This may cause a woman to avoid becoming pregnant, as they would perhaps feel they wouldn’t receive enough support with their newborn.

How was the study carried out? 

Researchers used census data of 2,478,383 married women between the ages of 15 and 34 from 14 countries, including the US, Iraq and Argentina.

Analysis showed a stark cultural difference between which women tend to live with either their parents or in laws. All of the participants lived with their spouse.

Some 1.47 per cent of American women live with their husband’s mother, compared to 53 per cent in Iraq, the results revealed.

While the amount of those living with their own mother ranged from 0.79 per cent in Malawi to 17 per cent in Thailand.

The analysis bracket included all women still in their reproductive years, in theory, meaning they had yet to complete their family.

Education, where they lived and their partner’s education level were also assessed for any potential effects on the number of children.


‘I had A Period While I Was Pregnant,’ Reveals Tennis Legend Serena Williams

Serena Williams says she had a period just before finding out she was seven weeks pregnant.

The tennis pro was competing in the Australian Open when a pregnancy test came up positive – a week before she went on to win the tournament.

In a new interview with InStyle, she insists she was as surprised as her fans, having not seen her now-husband Alexis Ohanian in a month – and she only took the pregnancy test to ‘shut up [her] friend’ who was suspicious.

‘I literally had a cycle just before. So I was surprised when I saw the result and even more surprised when the doctor said I was seven weeks along,’ she told the magazine.

Gynecologists have rushed to clarify that it is not possible to have a menstrual cycle while pregnant, because a period is the shedding of uterus lining that is not needed for pregnancy.

However, it is very common for women to experience vaginal bleeding that seems like a period, but is actually the result of something else.

In fact, female athletes are particularly at-risk for surprise pregnancies because regular heavy exercise has been shown to affect the regularity of ovulation.


Woman, 38, gives birth to baby boy after receiving a uterus transplant from her twin sister

A 38-year-old woman who received a uterus transplant from her twin sister has given birth to a baby boy.

The infant was born via c-section on Thursday at Sant’Orsola Hospital in Bologna, Italy, weighing about 6.5 pounds.

According to several media outlets, this is the twelfth successful birth in the world due to a uterus transplant and the first such transplant conducted between twins.

Experts say this breakthrough in surgery and technology could provide hope for thousands of women with the same condition to fulfill dreams of motherhood.

The mother, a Serbian woman living in Italy, was born without a uterus due to a congenital malformation, reported Bologna Today.

Although it has yet to be confirmed, it’s likely the woman was suffering from Rokitansky Syndrome, or MRKH (Mayer Rokitansky Küster Hauser), a congenital abnormality characterized by the absence of a vagina, womb and cervix.

Women suffering from the condition will have normally functioning ovaries and will experience the normal signs of puberty – but will not have periods or be able to conceive.

It is said to affect one in 4,500 female births worldwide.

The transplant was conducted in March 2017 at University Children’s Hospital in Belgrade by the Swedish medical team of Dr Mats Brännström, director of the Stockholm IVF Clinic and a pioneer of the uterus transplant technique.

Also assisting were doctors from the Serbian hospital as well as physicians from Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School, both in Boston, Massachusetts.

Dr Brännström was behind the first successful birth from a transplanted uterus in 2014 in Sweden and is responsible for eight of the 12 births.

He added at a press conference on Thursday that one woman is currently pregnant from such a transplant.

The first uterus transplant birth in the US occurred in November 2017 at Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas led by a doctor who was part of the original transplant team in Sweden.

The technique has also been carried out in China, Germany and Turkey and, this year, the UK is preparing for its first womb transplant operations to take place.


Coffee in pregnancy raises risk of an overweight child

Women who drink just two cups of coffee a day while pregnant risk their children being overweight, a study has found.

Babies exposed to moderate or high levels of caffeine in the womb have a higher chance of being overweight in early childhood, the research says.

The findings call into question NHS guidelines which say expectant mothers can safely consume up to two cups of coffee a day.


Researchers looked at the link between caffeine intake during pregnancy and the weights of children up to the age of eight.

Studying 51,000 mother and infant pairs in Norway between 2002 and 2008, they measured the expectant mothers’ daily intake of caffeine – found in chocolate, tea and many soft drinks as well as coffee – at 22 weeks of pregnancy. More than four in ten were classed as having an average caffeine intake, consuming the equivalent of up to two cups of coffee a day, while 7 per cent were classed as high intake (up to three cups) and 3 per cent were considered to have a ‘very high’ intake (three or more cups). Just under half of the mothers-to-be were classified as low caffeine intake, consuming the equivalent of half a cup of coffee.


Their children’s weight and height were then measured at six weeks old, at three, six, eight, 12 and 18 months old, and then at two years and every year up to age eight. Those whose mothers had been classed as average caffeine consumers were 15 per cent more likely to be heavier – but not taller – than those whose mothers avoided caffeine, the researchers found. This correlation grew to 30 per cent among the children of high caffeine consumers, and 66 per cent among the children of very high consumers, according to the study in medical journal BMJ Open.

Children of very high caffeine consumers weighed up to three ounces more between three and 12 months, rising to a pound more at age eight.

But Professor Jean Golding, of the University of Bristol, said: ‘It will be important to determine whether any effects of high maternal caffeine intake are apparent at later ages, or … confined to the pre-puberty ages.’

  • Some yogurts contain nearly as much sugar as the maximum amount children should consume in a day. Muller Corner has the equivalent of 4.9 cubes of sugar, and Aldi’s Brooklea has 4.7, according to Public Health Liverpool. The NHS recommends those aged four to six consume no more than five cubes’ worth a day.

Has Avril given birth? Marya congratulates her on social media

Avril shared her baby bump photos on social media recently for the first time and by the look of things it seemed like the singer is about to pop. She has a few days to go before she welcomes her new born.
The singer has kept her pregnancy a secret from the public eye and hasn’t shared much detail about it.
Question, has she delivered?
Her long time friend and colleague Marya whom they have had a collaboration with years back dubbed Chokoza might have spilled the tea.
She shared a post of Avril’s baby bump congratulating her but we can not tell if it’s because she’s shared a picture of her baby bump or if she has already given birth.
Screenshot from 2018-04-16 07_12_17_17
“wow you know I’m still speechless Yaani my gal congrats sana sana gosh I’m so happy may God guide you in this journey sweetie. Many blessings.”
We can only sit back and wait for Avril to give more details abut baby M.

‘I am 12 Weeks Pregnant!,’ Janet Mbugua Reveals She Is Expecting Baby Number Two

Celebrated media personality Janet Mbugua on Friday evening took to social media to announce that she is expecting baby number two!

She posted, #BabyNumber2OnTheWay and we thank God 👶🏾🙏🏾❤️Link in bio for that video! Eddie, Huru and I are thrilled.


The Trend host, Amina Abdi also posted a video of Janet Mbugua holding her baby bump with the former Citizen TV News anchor refusing to reveal the gender of the baby or whether she expecting twins.

Janet Mbugua who is married to Eddie Ndichu then made an official announcement on The Trend show where she revealed that she is twelve weeks pregnant.

An excited Janet could not hold back her joy saying she cannot wait to be a mom again with her first born child, Baby Huru set to become a big brother.

“Yes I am twelve pregnant this week, I am super excited like a child, I am excited that baby number two is on the way.” She said.

Janet further went to state that the journey has not been rosy so far which saw her take a short break from social media. She however promised her fans that she will be documenting her pregnancy journey just like she did with baby Huru.

“I also took a little of a break like a few weeks online because I have been very sick. It has been tough but I am thrilled and I thank God I can’t believe that Huru will be a big brother and I am just very very excited. I will be documenting the journey online.

Yes I’m gonna be a mom again! I can’t believe it! Feels like it was just the other day.” She added.

Below are some of the reactions from her fans.

vikey_mutile congrats. great fan.

CJ Flow: Aaawwhh Wow…I’m so happy for you Janet.

Anita Kiarie: Wow! Bravo cutie. You are really blessed

Congratulations Janet and Eddie!



REVEALED: Is This Trick The Secret To An Easier Child Birth?

While every birth experience is different, some Australian mothers are claiming there is one simple technique that can ‘reduce’ discomfort and ‘mental pain’ throughout the process.

The trick? Hypnosis.

Australian lifestyle hypnotist, Mark Stephens, and new mother Eva discussed the benefits of hypnotism on Today.

‘Hypnotism gets rid of the fear that you have of the birth and prepares you, especially mentally, for the arrival of the baby,’ the first time mother said.

She also said that the technique helped with her contractions as it reduced her ‘mental pain’ – the mother claiming it’s ‘all in your mental state’.

Forget all of your preconceived ideas about hypnosis, as Mark said it has nothing to do with ‘clicking your fingers’ or ‘chickens clucking’.

Instead, it involves a type of meditation allowing women to focus and breathe their way through the stress and pain of childbirth and can result in women being a lot calmer.

‘It’s about learning how to meditate and changing the idea of pain into a feeling and changing the idea of a contraction into a wave,’ Mark said.

‘As each wave comes along breathe with that so in between those waves (contractions) it’s a mindful breathing, a mindful meditation.’

Mark explained that when contractions come along, women should breathe deeply and when they are ‘deep into this state’ their ‘body releases serotonin and endorphins while also reducing the cortisol and adrenaline’.


Nairobi Diaries Mishi Dora makes a startling confession about her pregnancy

Mishi Dorah has had her fair share of public scrutiny for a very long time, well ever since she came to the limelight as a cast member of the popular reality show Nairobi Diaries on K24

For a while now, people have been questioning her pregnancy, with many saying that she’s actually not pregnant and has been deceiving the public perhaps to gain fame.

Mishi belly

Well, Mishi has always made it clear that if no one has lost a child, they should not question her pregnancy.

Queen Of Stunts: Is Mishi Dorah Pregnant Or Is This A Pot Belly?

According to our source, Mishi revealed that she apparently had a miscarriage a while back, but at the moment, she is three months pregnant.

“I had a miscarriage, but I’m 3 months pregnant now,” she told our source.


She was also spotted sipping wine in a club, and this tends to raise questions if at all she’s pregnant.

But Mishi Dorah never cares what people say about her and she’s made that clear since day one. So no one’s opinion really matters.