Corazon Kwamboka assures new mums on postpartum insecurities

Mother of two Corazon Kwamboka is six weeks post partum and loving her snap back journey.

On her Instagram, she shared somem of the things she is excited to resume in her life after giving birth.

‘I’m almost 6weeks postpartum and couldn’t wait any longer to resume gym. It’s been about 7months since I worked out. I got my doctors approval to do ‘light workouts’ but mimi ni ule msee.

Anyway, I listened to my body, broke a sweat and felt good. My gym wear is from @genio_sport’

One woman noted her perfect body. said ‘The way you bounce back like nothing happened is amazing 😍🔥🙌’

Other similar responses got Corazon to assure that it takes time and it’s damaging to expect to have the same experience as another mother.

‘snapping back is purely a genetic thick,if you store fat on your belly snapping back wont be immediate. so there no need to panic about something you need have control of. i genetically store fat on my thighs that’s my challenge area’

she also added ‘As long as you’re healthy and happy don’t worry about snapping back give yourself time. enjoy being a mom .appreciate your new body. don’t compare your snapback with instagram people. we’re all different’

Another caption read ‘forget about these myths about overeating while breastfeeding and eating for two wwhile pregnant , you can eat healthy and have enough milk. mboga and cereals plus lots of fluids. I did my research . do yours n whats best for you’

‘the goal is to snap back to life honey not snap back body. its about getting your life back on track after a borderline traumatic experience. going back to doing the things you love and focusing on you’

‘I’m not a doctor, gynae or fitness expert.consult thee people please i don’t know the answers’

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Jackie Matubia hilariously sums up how she got pregnant again

Being pregnant is such a beautiful thing.

And actress Jackie Matubi knows this all too well, as she is pregnant with her second child.

And when announcing the pregnancy last week January 5th, she shrugged it off. ‘Blessed! #babynumber2ontheway’ she captioned the post.

‘But now in a reel, Jackie sums up how things went down.

I mean she is growing a whole human, how cool is that? Using Inaya’s song suga daddy, which goes something like this

‘But I took one too many shots to the head
But got back to the room, pop-pop threw me on the bed
And he came alive, I’m surprised he ain’t dead’

The other lyrics would get me banned on Google, so go check out what else she sings.

And the video on her channel has amused many.

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Do home pregnancy tests using salt actually work?

Nowadays there are many easy and over the counter pregnancy tests that are easy to use, accurate and affordable to use.

But there are other methods that were used in the past before modern pregnancy tests that are classified as more traditional. While their adherents swear by their efficacy, modern medicine doesn’t support the methods as much.

The salt pregnancy test is just one of these many DIY pregnancy tests that are experiencing a resurgence in popularity online.

Here’s how it’s done and whether you should give it a try.

The salt pregnancy test is a do it yourself(DIY) pregnancy test that requires two ingredients: salt and your urine, which you then mix together in a clear, clean bowl.

Those who swear by this test claim that if someone is actually pregnant, the salt will react with a hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), which enters your bloodstream and urine after an embryo implants in your uterus.

This is also the same hormone that is detected in home pregnancy tests, which you can buy at the chemist.

The procedure

All you have to do is combine a tablespoon or two of salt with a sample of your morning urine and wait a few minutes to a few hours.

If your urine turns “milky” or “cheesy,” then you’re supposedly pregnant. If the mixture doesn’t change appearance, then legend has it that you’re not pregnant.

11 common causes of bleeding during pregnancy you need to know about

But while its proponents might endorse the method saying that hCG will react with salt, causing the mixture to curdle or change texture, there’s no scientific explanation to back it up as there’s zero evidence backing up that theory, and no reason why salt and hCG would cause this reaction.


The pregnancy test with salt is not accurate at all, just as other DIY pregnancy tests aren’t accurate either.

There’s no reliable evidence — either from studies or major medical organizations — to suggest that the salt pregnancy test can accurately tell you if you’re expecting.

And for the women who say it worked for them, they got lucky. Why? There are only two results from a test-either positive or negative, a 50-50 split that can be explained in their results.

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Cristiano Ronaldo and girlfriend make cute pregnancy announcement


Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo and his partner are expecting twins.

The footballer in a sweet announcement on Thursday social media, told that his Spanish model girlfriend is pregnant.

The couple wrote on social media: “Delighted to announce we are expecting twins. Our hearts are full of love – we can’t wait to meet you.”


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Vera Sidika gets a pregnancy belly cast in countdown to birth


After a successful baby shower held on 10th October, Vera Sidika is counting down the days to the birth of her baby girl.

And to prepare for that process, Vera showed fans she was getting a pregnancy cast. She also told that her pregnancy journey will make part of her reality show when it premiers.

She noted it was ‘creating memories with pregnancy. Watch out for my reality show. So much juice on it!’

Belly casts are 3D plaster molds of a mother-to-be’s growing bump or full torso, usually done a couple of weeks to a month before giving birth.

Vera wrote “belly casting today. I’m such a last minute person But!!I always get it done. “

She added “it’s extremely heavy apparently about 6-7kgs”

According to Wikipedia, Belly casts are most often made toward the end of the third trimester of pregnancy, though a series of casts may also be made during the pregnancy. They are made by preparing the skin with a coating of Vaseline or a similar lubricant and adding strips of wet plaster gauze over the abdomen to make the cast.

Vera also celebrated her glowing baby bump noting she is set to undergo a CS in November.

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Kalenjin rap queen Msupa S is pregnant and glowing in America

Kalenjin songstress Msupa S has shared that she is pregnant ina cute moment online.

In a surprise announcement on Instagram, Msupa S thanked God for her pregnancy.

“who is God…Asante jah”

Msupa S relocated from Kenya and is living in Minnesota and has been sharing snippets of life in America.

A few weeks ago, she gushed over a man with two pictures calling him Gods blessing.

A fan asked her if she went to live in America to get a baby ‘yani ulienda mimba amerika! To which she respondeed ‘that’s Gods blessings.

Congratulations to this Kalenjin Queen.

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‘We are pregnant’ Nasra and husband Rashid prank fans


Nasra and husband Rashid have jetted back to Nairobi after a baecation at the voyager Hotel.

The couple have dropped a video of a surprise announcing while they were there, revealing they found out two months ago, she is pregnant.

An excited Nasra also told that Rashid cried after the positive pregnancy test and is super anxious to meet their baby already. “so guys there is something that has made us very happy’

In their latest youtube video, the two reminisce on what kind of parents they will be, with Rashid telling Nasra that she is positively glowing as an expectant mum.
‘You are glowing’

To which she said ‘we are so excited like my god hata sijui tuanza vipi kumwambia manze thankyou guys for the prayers thank you to those wishing us the best, and I think your prayers have been answered, and we we are pregnant. Our first born is coming you guys, so guys we just found out like two months ago, a few that we found out. We are ready to be parents I think me I’m ready to be a mother’



View this post on Instagram

A post shared by NASRA (@nasrayusuff)

Actually it’s all a prank as they laughed at the end of the video saying people are putting too much pressure on them.

Nasra told people commenting about adding weight is not due to pregnancy but because she is happy in love.

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Man wears matching mermaid outfit for underwater maternity shoot


Fellas, would you wear a mermaid outfit to do pregnancy pictures with your babe?

This man did and it is so cute. The picture was shared by Twitter user Analizedahero who asked for opinions about it.

The confident guy really knows how to rock the outfit. The photoshoot telling us he would do absolutely anything to make his wife happy.

Here are reactions to the photo

If your daughter asked you to put on a tutu with her for dance recital would you do it?

“As a man”’is never a good way to start any statement.

???? He’s posing with his girl for their maternity shoot, I don’t understand the issue

It’s toxic to try to police what men can do by implying that they are less of a man for undertaking fun activities or wearing clothes that scare you. Shows you place a lot of stock in the unhealthy limits of “manhood” that patriarchy dictates. It makes u look fragile & insecure.

There is nothing wrong with a man wanting to be part of anything his woman is part of, and vice versa…stop assigning “rules” to genders. Let people do what they want to do…in peace.

What if it was his suggestion… then what? Let people do them.

But surely there’s nothing wrong with it – I mean if you can cool – obviously he felt comfortable with it – if the next man think so too then so be it .. I respect every mans choice . I wouldn’t be a block to someone’s happiness .. it’s all love and laughter..

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The do’s and don’ts of managing weight gain in pregnancy


Management of one’s weight on a normal basis, in many cases, is not an easy task and for women who are carrying a pregnancy, the task becomes harder in certain instances.

Weight gain for women during pregnancy varies greatly. Majority of pregnant women add between 10kg and 12.5kg (22 pounds to 26 pounds). Most of this weight is put on after week 20 of the pregnancy. Weight gain during pregnancy is dependent on whether the mother was underweight or overweight before pregnancy and also in cases of multiple pregnancies.

There are women who welcome the weight gain, sometimes in the knowledge that it is something they have been longing to achieve, while, for others it is not much of an issue as they feel confident that they will “easily” slide back into shape post-pregnancy.

However, for some women, it is a cause for concern for various reasons, often beginning with the change in their physical appearance, ability to shed the gained weight and impact on their self-esteem, among others.

According to nutritionist Lucy Chege who is the founder of Nutrition Therapy by Lucy, gaining weight during a pregnancy is a good thing but she cautioned against the pitfalls of allowing that weight gain to overwhelm expectant mothers and develop into something serious.

“Weight gain in pregnancy is good for the wellbeing of the baby and the mother, however too much weight gain puts the mother at risks of developing conditions, like gestational diabetes, gestational hypertension and knee and/or joint pains. The baby can also grow bigger than normal making it hard to have a natural birth,” Chege said.

Pregnant woman
Pregnant woman

Whatever the case, a pregnant woman, Chege noted, should not go on a diet or try to lose weight during pregnancy as this can affect the unborn child. Making smart meal and snack choices and staying active, unless advised otherwise, will help one keep their pregnancy weight gain on track.

She added that it was also crucial to note that much of the weight gained during pregnancy is not fat, but is related to the baby, with regard to placenta, amniotic fluid, breast tissue, baby pounds, blood supply and fat stores among others.

Bearing this in mind, Chege pointed out that there are simple ways to follow to ensure an expectant mother gains desirable weight.

“Keep in mind that you need to gain weight for a healthy pregnancy. The extra pounds will come off after you have had your baby and breastfeeding can also help the mother go back to her pre-pregnancy weight.”

She recommended that pregnant women eat a balanced diet and refuel often with healthy snacks. While dieting and snacking, she said one ought to trade their sugar cravings with natural sugar.

“Try as much as possible to avoid added sugars or artificial sweeteners and choose natural sugar from fruits and vegetable. Too much consumption of added sugars has been associated with undesirable weight gain. Fresh fruits and vegetables make good snacks. They are full of vitamins and low in calories and fat.”

Going hand in hand with this, she advised that one chooses whole carbohydrates over highly refined carbohydrates and goes light on fats. A high fibre diet will help one feel full for longer and make them less likely to give in to unhealthy cravings later in the day.

Much as one will follow the above rules, Chege warns expectant mothers against falling for the widely-held belief of “eating for two” rather than eating to one’s satisfaction. This, she said, will help reduce the intake of too much unnecessary calories which will be stored as fat.

Finally, she stressed on the importance of staying hydrated, which not only helps one with weight management but also dealing with a host of other digestive and renal functions.

“Drink your water generously and other healthy fluids like soup. Having a water bottle is one way of motivating your water intake. Drinking enough water also helps in digestion and helps reduce cases of constipation.”

“It also helps reduce the occurrence of urinary tract infections (UTI) which are very common among pregnant women.”

The writer, Lucy Chege is a registered and licensed nutritionist based in Kenya, proficient in medical nutrition therapy.

Twitter: @LucyChegeM

Instagram: @LucyChegeM

Facebook: Lucy Chege

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Mulamwah’s fiancée Sonnie’s maternity photo shoot



After a successful baby moon trip to the coast, comedian Mulamwah and his fiancée Carrol Sonnie have released pictures of her baby shoot.

Sonnie is glowing in a shimmery gold dress, draped under her belly. She shared the stunning pregnancy shoot as she nears her due date.

Not only did the gold dress show off her glowing baby bump, but got congratulatory comments from impressed fans who felt they should do this look for their maternity pics.

Maureen Waititu, Nana Owiti and Jacky Vyke are some mums who have done such a photo shoot.

She is radiating pregnancy glow and wrote a letter to her unborn baby take a look.

She posted three pics from an undisclosed location, possibly a studio and wore her dreadlocks with a gold crown in each pose.

Girls has Sonnie inspired you to do the same?

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Vera Sidika excitedly shares ultrasound pictures ahead of birth


Vera Sidika has shared photos from her ultrasound appointment when  she was still very early in her pregnancy, She revealed it was exactly at her first trimester.mauzo ultra 3 (1)

The socialite who is counting down days to hold her baby in her arms, revealed her doctors appointment and how husband Brown Mauzo has been supportive. She captioned ‘bae has been the best even more in this journey”mauzo ultrasound 1 (1) (1)

Vera called her unborn daughter ‘look at that cute little thumb sucker, playing and sucking her thumb

She posted funny footage and the baby in the footage saying ‘it was a great experience for us”.mauzo ultrasound 2 (1)

Vera documented the process and showed their baby to be ultrasound pictures adding that she is glad to be in good health and does not take it for granted.

Dear Classic 105 fam, we can learn from Vera that a happy wife equals a happy life.

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“We don’t know the gender yet” Vera Sidika speaks of stress free pregnancy


After keeping her pregnancy a secret, socialite Vera Sidika announced on Thursday June 17 that she is expecting her first baby with hubby Brown Mauzo.

Vera shared a video of the big reveal, where a cute cake said she had a bun in the oven.

Hour later, Vera explained more about her surprise announcement. She also told that the pregnancy has been a smooth journey,  “honestly I’ve had the most stress free pregnancy, no morning sickness, no symptoms pregnancy, God is good. I cook, eat everything, can jump, run, maybe even sommerault. Not even slightest headache, nausea.”

Vera sidika pregnant June 17
Vera sidika pregnant June 17

She also gushed about Mauzo saying he has been treating her like a queen, giving her back rub, making her eat fruits

“He feeds me by fire by force. cooks for me, rubs my feet, sometimes I would wake up at 4am and mention I’m having slight back pain and bae would get up massage my back until I’m fine God truly showed out when he brought you into my life. I’ve been through the worst in relationships”

On the gender of the child, Vera wrote

“Oh my been wanting to know the gender since the day I tested positive. Weeh, ultrasound in a few days. I need to start planning for the  gender reveal party in Nairobi.”

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Super creative tricks Kenyan celebrities use to hide their pregnancy


So Kenyans have this year been treated to exciting baby reveals by Kambua, and former tv girl Faith Muturi Ngugi. Even Ugandan sweetheart Juliana Kanyomozi shocked us with a baby reveal, while in the hospital bed.


And not one of us could have seen this coming honestly.

While we are happy and glad to see their glowing baby pictures, there is one thing some do as they try to hide the pregnancy from all of us.

If you take note from Kambu and Diana Marua, they post old photos including selfies that deceive us.

Scroll through their social media feed, and I can assure you there are others who are yet to announce their good news, and continue to fool us with old pics.


The second trick celebrities use is to wear loose fitting clothing leaving unsuspecting fans clueless.

Singer Avril often relied on this trick before she shocked us all with a baby bump reveal photo. She kept it under wraps for months before going public with her first child.

While many of them argue that they want to keep the good news from us for as long as possible, their fans argue that the effort is not worth it.

The only downside to that is having to carry random objects to hold in front of their bellies, wearing loose-fitting clothing and even changing the way they work.

Bahati and Diana Marua at he baby shower
Bahati and Diana Marua at he baby shower. The couple have now had a baby boy

Covering bellies with huge handbags and wearing only black is another trick employed by celebs.

They tend to wear peplum tops, with belts, and humongous handbags when they are out and about. Next time you hear rumors, pay attention to these tricks, you just might unearth some good news.

You know those celebrities who have always been so adamant about sharing pictures of their killer bodies? Those female celebrities when pregnant will suddenly begin to post throwback pictures and close up selfies, as they keep away from the public.

What other tricks do you think they use to fool us? Drop your comments below.

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Kelly Rowland announces second pregnancy in stunning magazine shoot 


Surprise! Former Destiny’s Child singer Kelly Rowland is pregnant with her second child.

Kelly shared the news with her fans on her social media pages, captioning it


cover issue is online now and on newsstands next week!

The singer opens up about being pregnant during a pandemic and parenting.

Kelly and husband Tim are parents to a six year old boy Titian, whom she says is excited at having a brother or sister.

She told the writer for Women’s magazine in a lenghty interview that you can read online that

“Did you cheat on her?” Dj Mo responds to troubling accusation

“We had been talking about it loosely, and then COVID happened, and we were just like, ‘Let’s see what happens,’”

She spoke about her hesitation on having baby number two considering her age and what impression fans would have about her.

“And being able to have a child…I’m knocking at 40’s door in February. Taking care of myself means a lot to me. I was thinking, Oh my god, my fans are gonna be so disappointed.…They wanted an album first, but they got a baby!” she says.

Congratulations to Kelly and Tim on baby number two.

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11 common causes of bleeding during pregnancy you need to know about


Any woman who has ever been pregnant lives in fear of spotting blood, and I can attest to this having experienced bleeding.

First trimester bleeding

1. Implantation spotting occurs when a fertilized egg implants in the uterine wall 1 or 2 weeks aftter, and this bleeding is thought to be a light period.

2. Sub-chorionic bleeding happens when blood collects between the amniotic sac and the uterus.

3. Miscarriage I can attest to this horrible bleeding experience accompanied by cramping and low back pain around week 10 or 11.

4. Ectopic pregnancy this happens when fertilization occurs outside of the uterus and the egg implants in the walls of the fallopian tubes. Contact your obgyn immediately.

5. Molar pregnancy, this happens when a fertilized egg doesn’t develop into a fetus instead becoming an abnormal growth instead.

6. Cervical trauma or changes can cause bleeding after intimacy or a cervical examination.

7. Inflammationpregnant-black-woman (2)

8. Cervical polyps

Second/Third trimester bleeding

9. Placenta problems that can be explained in three ways below

a. Placenta previa is a condition in which the placenta completely or partially covers the cervix. The placenta also can lay low in the uterus close to the cervix. With placenta previa, the placenta can become exposed during labor, which is a danger to the fetus. Sometimes, even basic activity like exercise or intercourse can cause bleeding. The placenta can move position as the pregnancy advances, so placenta previa can resolve during pregnancy. If it doesn’t, the woman would need to be delivered by cesarean section.
b. Placenta abruption occurs when the placenta detaches or separates from the uterus. It can occur as a partial detachment or a complete detachment. A complete detachment is an emergent situation that threatens the pregnancy.
c. Vasa previa is relatively uncommon, but occurs when fetal blood vessels, such as those from the placenta or umbilical cord, present over the cervix.

10. Preterm labor occurs when dilation of the cervix begins early an an obgyn will taken action to stop labor until you reach full term.

11. Bloody show is a type of bleeding women in labor often experience. It usually has a mucous-like consistency and can range in color from red to brown.

Has this been of any help? Please remember to always see an expert to evaluate your condition and treat you. Good luck mums.

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New mums: Caster Semenya shares rare photo cradling pregnant wife  


There is no greater feeling than being loved and being in love.

South African marathoner Caster Semenya and girlfriend are celebrating their new journey into parenthoold.

Semenya announced her happiness at finally being a parent with boo thang Ledile Violet.



The very pirvate couple sparked rumors after the pregnancy picture and also captioned the picture suggesting they might be celebrating some good news.

Now Caster and Violet have given fans a glimpse of her pregnancy journey with a black and white snap showing off her full baby bump. (above)


The two cute mums are cradling each other lovingly and from the caption, Semenya is in love and loving being loved.

Fans speculated and asked for clarification, because Semenya has been sharing snaps and video clips of a baby, and we all want to know what’s up?




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A list of famous mum’s who died giving birth

No woman should die giving birth, yet there are countless stories of the horrific experiences families go through while their loved ones are int he labour ward.

Below are celebs we lost while bringing life into the world.

  1. Jude Wanza

Mombasa based actress Maureen Wanza passed on at a Kilifi hospital 2 years ago.

The popular actress who acted on Sumu and Moyo died while giving birth. The baby also died in the process.

Maureen Wanza

2. Regina Katar

Regina Katar was the fiancée of renowned audio visual producer Tedd Josiah.

Ms Katar died from internal bleeding, which was caused by a blood disorder in which there were too few platelets in her blood.

She was just three months into motherhood, with after-childbirth wounds yet to fully heal, when she died.

Tedd Josiah

“She died from a very rare condition, which occurs among few women across the world, but it is very rare to be detected among African women.

Her blood platelet count fell below normal after childbirth,” Tedd Josiah told eDaily.



“Regina’s platelets, a component of blood whose function is to stop bleeding by clumping and clotting blood vessel injuries, were so diluted, leading to a significantly reduced count.

Sadly, all through she had an internal bleeding, which had not been detected, nor stopped, because of her low platelet count.’

3. Druscilah Sonko

Druscillah Walowe Mngoda popularly known as Dru Sonko died days after giving birth to their newborn son, Darell Sonko.

She was wife to popular actor Dan Kinyanjui.

Dan is doing a good job raising his sons and we can’t help but be proud of him.

Below is a current photo of Dan and his sons Djibril and Darrel.

Dan Sonko and his sons

4. Jessie Q


Jessie Q, a young songstress from Tanzania had shown signs of becoming a musical icon,

According to reports fromTanzania the musician died on Saturday, April 6 2019, barely hours after giving birth to a bouncing baby boy.

Jessie Q

Her death was confirmed by The House Of Talent producer Rehema Jones who said she passed on following complications during delivery.

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8 ways smoking can negatively affect your health

Smoking can occur in two ways which are passive and active. Passive involves taking smoke from the environment while active involves direct inhaling of smoke to your body. However smoke has negative impact to your body especially the lungs.

Picha inayohusiana


Other effects include;

Lung cancer

Smoke is the greatest threat to the lungs. This is because it infects the oxygenated air leading to breathing problems.

Smokers of light cigarettes suffer same fate as those who use traditional ones


This negatively affects men ability to perform in bed, while it can cause cervical cancer for women.

Blood clotting 

Smoke can cause blood clotting as it invades the blood vessels. This lowers the rate at which blood circulation occurs in the body.

Kamba gospel singer denies introducing Rose Muhando to drugs

Blood cancer

Smoke contains some bacterial substances that once they invade the blood, it becomes infected. People who smoke a lot are likely to get leukemia compared to those who don’t smoke.

Dental infection

Most smokers normally have brown or yellow teeth. It can also lead to other tooth related diseases like tooth aches, dental inflammation and tamper with fresh breath.

Tokeo la picha la brown teeth

Severe coughs

Cigarettes contain too much nicotine and many other harmful chemicals. This tampers with the respiratory system causing constant coughs.

REVEALED: Creative ways students use to smuggle drugs into schools


Smoking can lead to low appetite as it affects the loss of sense of taste. This hence makes ones body to become weak due to lack of food. Once the body is not well fed, the immunity lowers making it difficult in fighting diseases.


Smoking while you’re pregnant can cause serious problems, too. Your baby could be born too early, have a birth defect, or die from sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

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