Be sensitive! Isaac Mwaura’s wife pleads with people asking hurtful things about son

Young politician Isaac Mwaura and his wife have been documenting their journey as parents on social media.

The two have been coming to terms with the loss of two of their babies. Mukami gave birth to triplets who were pre-term, but sadly two died.

Mukami is very open about their experience and doing so comes with its challenges – namely insensitive people.

On her Instagram, Mukami opens up on how insensitive people have been due to the delayed milestones her son is going through.

I must admit, being a Preemie mum is not easy. The worst part about it is dealing with questions about delayed milestones. My son will be turning one year 5 months on 19th June. But since he turned one every most people I meet are always asking if he is walking … others ask me if I have checked his calcium levels to see if he has a problem … others who are close to me tell me I don’t walk him enough that’s why he is not walking. Other self-appointed nutritionists will tell me he is too small for his age … he does not weigh as much… who died and appointed you the distributor of weight???”

Isaac Mwaura and his wife were blessed with triplets namely Njiru Maigua Mwaura, Mwaura Maigua and Njeri Maigua who were all born at 28 weeks, sadly Njeri and Mwaura passed on after 3 months at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

Before then the couple had announced the birth of the kids with a beautiful photo shoot followed with the following caption

Feeling grateful!!! Mukami and I have been blessed with triplets. Two boys and one girl. This is the best day of our life. Our God is trully faithful…
Akiahidi, atatenda….We truly thank God!!!!


Mukami’s heartfelt post about the cruel things people are saying, reveals her heartbreak. She continues writing;


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She then went on to add “The thing is every child is different. I know my child is doing great considering his birth weight and his history … so I don’t need you to highlight it after seeing him for one hour. People really don’t understand how some questions and comments hurt… We should endeavour to understand and appreciate that every child is different. Halafu be sensitive … empathize before you ask some hurtful questions.”

Despite all the negative questions Mukami has come across, she has chosen to enjoy time with her son.

Check out his all grown photos.



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