Sharing is Caring: Prominent Politicians who have two wives

Polygamy is no longer a thing of the past as more and more men are adopting the culture. While some are married to two, others are married to three women.

Below is a list of Kenya’s most prominent polygamists, some have opted to keep their wives off the limelight.

Mzee Jomo Kenyatta

Kenya’s founding father and father to the current Kenyan President Mzee Jomo Kenyatta was a polygamous man, He was married to four wives.

His first wife was the late Grace Wahu, Edna Clarke, Grace Wanjiku and lastly Ngina Kenyatta who she sired President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Mzee Jomo Kenyatta ,his son Uhuru and former President Daniel Arap Moi

Boni Khalwale

Former Kakamega SEnator Boni Khalwale is married to three wives.

His first wife was  Adelide , the second Jospehine and Diana Khalwale.

Adeline succumbed to Pulmonary Hypertension after 39 years of marriage to the prominent politician.

khalwale- classic 105
Boni Khalwale

Oscar Sudi

Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi is among Kenyan politicians who are polygamous.

Sudi is married to Lilian Sudi and Ann Sudi.

Oscar Sudi
Oscar Sudi

 John De Mathew

The late Mugithi Maestro John Demathew was a proud husband to two wives whom he acknowledged until the moment he took his last breath.

Sarafina Wairimu Mwangi was John’s first wife while Caroline was the second.

John De Mathews wives
John De Mathews wives

 Francis Atwoli

COTU Boss Francis Atwoli is among Kenyan men who are proudly polyamous.

Atwoli is currently married to TV host Mary Kilobi who is his third wife.


‘My dad Jared is not a sponsor,’ Akothee’s daughter Rue warns fisilets

Wycliffe Oparanya

Kakamega governor Wycliffe Oparanya is not only a man of the people but also a man with a big heart.

He has two wives namely Priscillah Oparanya and Caroline Oparanya.

Wycliffe Oparanya-Classic 105
Wycliffe Oparanya

Nakuru Town East MP David Gikaria

The vibrant politician is married to three wives and he is not shy to flaunt them.

He caused a storm weeks ago after introducing 2 of his 3 wives during a public rally.

Gikaria and his two wives-Classic 105

Taking to the stage, the lawmaker who showered the senator with praises noted the event would not end without him acknowledging his wives since it was a women’s event.

‘I am the Nakuru Town East MP and when one has a wife he has to acknowledge.

I have several Nakuru Town East First ladies let me introduce my first ladies to you.’

He noted that one of his wives was not present at the function suggesting she had just welcomed a new baby.

‘This one is Veronicah Wairimu, She is number one, and this one is number two, number three is not here but I will bring her here another day.’He added

Jackson Kibor

Prominent Eldoret business man Jackson Kibor is a polygamist at heart.

Jackson Kibor

Kibor divorced his third wife Naomi Jeptoo Kibor in December 2018

Eunita Kibor, Kibor’s fourth wife. RIGHT: Josephine Jepkoech, Kibor’s second wife Photo/WINSTONE CHISEREMI

Kibor divorced his second wife Josphine Jepkoech in October last year. His first wife had died years ago.

Kibor and Naomi had been married for 43 years.

‘My three wives don’t know of each other,’ brags polygamous city man

A Kenyan man shocked Maina Kageni after he confessed that he has three wives and they do not know of the existence of each other. However, his family is aware.

Shocking as it may be, there are men who are proud polygamists.

The man in question confessed to his secret life after a woman confessed that she found out that her man was married with a kid yet they have been together for 6 years.

He says,

Maina I have three wives and they are all known by my family but they do not know each other.

‘Pay dowry or give us back our daughter,’ Diana Maruas family warns Bahati

Below are some of the reactions on the man’s admission

As the other woman do not be excited about meeting the wife. The wife will pretend to be nice but before long the horns will come out and you will see the other side of her.

She knows you are there let it stay that way.


Another fan adds,

If you get to a habit of marrying another wife utaoa tuu. If you are brought to my house I will beat sense into you because you are trespassing.

My advise is, let them live away from me, To the man do not show the first wife your affairs.

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Gikuyu Men Who Are Able To Cater For More Than One Wife Should Do It! – Kikuyu Elders

Kikuyu elders under the Kiama Kia Maa council has now thrown its weight behind calls by Kiambu Women Representative Gathoni Wamuchomba for polygamous marriages.

They said for years men had neglected their children born out of wedlock noting that time was ripe for them to be taken care of as well.

This emerged when the group held its National Delegates Conference (NDC) at Heritage Resort in Naivasha where unity calls were made.

The elders vowed to unite after splinter groups emerged saying they will move as one unit and preach peace across the country.

While reading a joint communiqué Kiama Kia Ma National Chairman Kigochi Waimiri said time was ripe for the country to start taking parenting with the seriousness it deserves.

Waimiri said the move by Wamuchomba was a step in the right direction if the country was to get rid of street children in key streets in the nation.

He said the numerous street urchins especially in Nairobi had become a thorn in the flesh of many noting that they too had fathers who were supposed to take care of them.

“I now call upon men from the Gikuyu community and who are able to cater for the needs of more than one wife to marry and in this we shall also increase on our population,” he said.

At the same time Waimiri said Central Kenya region had seen an upsurge in illegal alcoholic drinks adding that they were committed to ensuring the levels are reduced completely.

He said the elders had resolved to work with the provincial administration and agencies involved in the fight against alcohol abuse in the region.

“This is a very serious issue and we need to work together as stakeholders to ensure that the menace that is threatening a generation is wiped out,” he said.

The group’s secretary general Colonel (Rtd) Joseph King’ori the group executive will take up its rightful position at the national council of Kenya elders and the Gikuyu Council of elders without delay.

“The Association will pursue different approaches to support and facilitate implementation of the four pillars of development christened the Big Four,” he said.

Others who attended the council meeting included President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Cousin Ngengi Muigai who now assumes the role of the Kiama Kia Ma Patron.

-Anthony Gitonga

Beaming pastor proudly shows off his 17 wives as they visit him in jail

A Zimbabwean pastor who is serving 40 years in jail for rape and possessing pornographic material, has caused a sensation after 17 of his 21 wives visited him in prison yesterday.

The man of the cloth was jailed in 2014, after being accused of rape by his female congregants, has also been accused of owing Sh7.6 million shillings to a furniture shop, a debt he has denied owing.

The man named Robert Metin Gumbura runs the Independent end time church in Zimbabwe.

The pastor has married 21 wives and together have 34 children, according to newsday in Zimbabwe.

The wives of incarcerated RTG Independent End Time Message Church founder Robert Martin Gumbura yesterday vowed to stand by their husband, dismissing the rape allegations leveled against him.

During the visit in prison, the beaming pastor declared, ‘I am still the man of the house’.

Asked why his wives have not left him, he proudly declared how he has taught them the ways of the bible, and moreover,’

“I taught them to understand that although they were many, they were one and I was their only husband”.

Check out some pictures of his slay queens:




Joseph Kaguthi Calls For The Practice Of POLYGAMY Marriages In Kenya, Tells Off The Clergy For OPPOSING It

Former Nairobi PC Joseph Kaguthi has retaliated calls for the practice of polygamous marriages in Central Kenya and lashed out at the clergy for blindly opposing the move.

Kaguthi, who is the chairman National Committee for Implementation of Citizen Participation in Security, called on the church to change their view on the issue.

Kaguthi told off the clergy opposed to such unions adding that polygamy was practiced way before saying it was enshrined even in the Bible.

He said that other communities in the country were being encouraged to have polygamous marriages noting that their counterparts in Central Kenya should follow suit.


“This movement being led by married women in the central Kenya that polygamous is illegal should stop if we have to increase on our population,” he said.

“The President of Kenya is a product of a polygamous family, I come from that set of a union and there is nothing wrong in it being re-introduced in Central,” he said.

Kaguthi was speaking to the press during a meeting on community policing that brought together elders, clergy and youth leaders from six counties at Kenya Wildlife Training Institute in Naivasha.

He termed the family unit in the country today as one facing serious attacks owing to regular separation saying much needed to be done in the society.

“The father and mother figure in bringing up a child is very important but when kids lack a part of it there is something missing and we need to correct it and this is where the church comes in,”.

Ibrahima Sene, a successful businessman, is pictured with his lawfully-wedded first wife Mame Seye, left, second wife Khady, center, and third wife Aida, right, at his house in Dakar, Senegal, Feb. 26, 2004. Defying expectations that Western influences and urbanization would gradually do away with plural marriages, polygamy is going strong amongst Muslims in parts of black West Africa. (AP Photo/Ben Curtis)

Kaguthi said such issues were brought about the neglect of the boy child who has found solace in alcohol and drugs.

“We need to go back to our roots and trace where the problem is so that we can start correcting it before an entire generation is wiped out”.

His sentiments were echoed by Bishop (Rtd)Peter Njenga of the Anglican Church who said time was ripe to check on the merits and demerits of what the missionaries gave Kenya.

“We need to divide what was brought by the missionaries in terms of urbanization, civilization and know what the disadvantages were so that we see where to rectify,” he said.

The GEMA Cultural Organization Secretary General Arthur Namu said there was a necessity of the citizenry to understand their responsibility and practice it at that level.

“The boy child was taken through a rigorous cultural education during the rite of passage sadly today it’s basically the cut and he is released to the society, this must change”, he said.




-Antony Gitonga


Could Getting INTIMATE With a STRANGER Save Your Marriage? Find Out Here

Fidelity is upheld as the gold standard for a happy marriage.

But according to Harley Street relationship counsellor Louise Van Der Velde involving other people in your intimate life could be the key to a healthy relationship.

The 42-year-old widowed mother tells FEMAIL she believes ‘everyone should swing’ to save their long-term relationships.

Louise, who is known as the ‘Pleasure Professor’, hosts two-day seminars for ‘rich, good-looking couples’ – often culminating in group sex on plush cushions – in a London hotel for around 70 selected people at a time.

‘If I had my way the whole of society would be swinging together,’ Louise says.

‘We have an image of sex with strangers as sleazy and dirty, but this is about getting back to soul truth, that no one owns anybody else, we don’t own our partners.’


The relationship counsellor, adds: ‘It’s about stopping jealousy and replacing fears with love.’

Louise, originally from Harrogate, Yorkshire, has been in open relationships on-and-off since her doctor husband died 13 years ago.

The mother-of-two, who has a son, 20, and daughter, 15, splits her time between Camberley, Surrey, and Marbella, where she initially hosted smaller, ‘celebrity attended’ sex parties.

She argues sex with strangers will create a marriage no one would want to leave.

‘Doing this stops infidelity,’ she says. ‘If you explore your desires together, any fear about your other person cheating goes.

‘After our work together couples often go and play and experience things together. Why on earth would you think of having an affair when you ave a relationship like this?’


The sex guru invites single women as well as couples to the events, which involve a 70 per cent to 30 per cent ratio of women to men, ‘to ensure it does not become a sausage fest’.

The invites are also based on couples’ desires. ‘Most couples want a threesome with another woman,’ Louise explains.

‘The people who come are affluent, good-looking, professional couples. They are young – I don’t accept anyone over 45, and are mostly around 30 to 45.’

Participants, who are also vetted for attractiveness and reasons for attending before being accepted, then embark on 48 hours of tantric touching, phallic meals, emotional workshops and unleashing the ‘kundalini serpent’ of sexual desire.

Louise, who believes monogamy is a ‘lie’ sold to society as a whole, insists her sex parties are not purely about lust.


She argues they ‘deepen the connection’ between couples – and successful pairs even leave with a certificate.

‘In the seminar we start off very gently, we look at where people got their beliefs from about why they are monogamous. Mostly it’s a limiting belief. An “I got married so I expected to have sex with one person”, or “it’s what society and marriage say you should do”.

‘I loosen up this belief by going back to very first time they were sold the lie about being monogamous – which can be as early as when they were seven or eight years old.’

Louise says her own children know about and are comfortable with her work.

She explains: ‘They have very much been brought up to be mindful with sex. They are both selective about who they engage with and are well balanced.

‘I have taught them the opposite of what society does, that sex is not taboo.’

The sex guru, says her seminars culminate in, optional, sexual experiences in a ‘comfy, cushion-lined, candlelit separate space’.


Daily Mail

Study: Sharing A Husband Is Not Such A Bad Idea

Polygyny – refers to situations where one man has multiple wives – narrow from of polygamy.  New research has found that the practice of sharing a husband may, in some circumstances, lead to greater health and wealth for women and their children.

Most countries around the globe ban or restrict marriages to not more than one spouse at a time. And polygyny is decried by the United Nations Human Rights Commission and women’s rights organizations as discriminatory to women.

For the study, the researchers compared polygynous and monogamous households in 56 villages in northern Tanzania, where polygyny is widespread among certain ethnic groups, including the Maasai. When comparing households within individual villages, polygynous households often had better access to food and healthier children.

Polygynous households also owned more cattle and farmed more land than monogamous households. These findings support evolutionary anthropological accounts of marriage indicating that polygyny can be in a woman’s strategic interest when women depend on men for resources.

The research highlighted the importance of local context in studying the health implications of cultural practices and suggests that in some settings, prohibiting polygyny could be disadvantageous to women by restricting their marriage options.

Tanzania faces a high burden of food insecurity and malnutrition. Previous research showed that nearly 60 percent of Tanzanian Maasai children experience stunting.

“Our study suggests that highly polygynous, predominantly Maasai, villages do poorly not because of polygyny, but because of vulnerability to drought, low service provision and broader socio-political disadvantages,” lead author of the study David Lawson from London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine explained.

The study was published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Meet the Ugandan man with 12 wives some of them sisters

Having more than one wife in some African cultures is normal but Ugandan traditional healer Patrick Oburu is breaking records after marrying 12 wives some of them sisters. Oburu says that he has 61 children in total and he married his first wife in 1968 and his 12th in 2000.

Oburu says that he initially married two wives who were sisters followed by two other sisters and the trend did not seem to stop. Mr.Oburu who was a popular musician in Uganda says that in some cases he got the second sister as a gift from his in-laws after a music performance.

In an interview with Uganda Monitors Yazid Yolisigira, Oburu says that he manages them in one house so that they do not elope. “When I got money after selling my produce, I built this house with twelve rooms. Each woman sleeps in one room and I keep moving from one room to another,” he says.

The Love Lives of Kenya’s Presidents

Kenya’s president’s have had their fair share of love stories. From the first polygamous president to a rather really private one with his love life. Here is a list of our president’s love stories. Seems like Kenya’s first president had the most interesting love story.

4. Jomo Kenyatta
The late Jomo Kenyatta was the first president of the republic of Kenya. He was a polygamous man and he had four wives. He married his first wife Grace Wahu in 1919, they bore two children Peter Muigai and Margret Kenyatta. He later married Edna Clarke as his second wife and they had one son Peter Magana. She died in England in 1995. After leaving Edna in Britain Jomo Kenyatta married his third wife Grace Wanjiku the daughter of Senior Chief Koinange. Wanjiku died in 1950 while giving birth to their daughter Jane Wambui who survived.

After Wanjiku’s death Jomo Kenyatta married his fourth and last wife Ngina Kenyatta famously known as Mama Ngina. They had four children Christine Wambui, Muhoho Kenyatta, Nyokabi Muthama and Kenya’s current President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Jomo Kenyatta and Mama Ngina (

2. Daniel Arap Moi
The second president of Kenya married Lena Moi who was initially named Helena Bommet in 1950. Together they bore eight children, five sons and three daughters. His three prominent sons are Jonathan, Philip and Gideon. Moi separated from his wife Lena in 1974 and she never appeared in the limelight again until her death in 1994.  Moi’s family life remained very private all through his reign in power. He never remarried after his wife’s death.

Lena Moi at tree tops
Daniel Moi and Lena Moi
Lenah Moi (

2. Mwai Kibaki
The third president of Kenya is married to Lucy Muthoni Kibaki. They have four children including Jimmy Kibaki, David Kagai, Tony Githinji and Judy Wanjiku. Kibaki was rumoured for a long time until to date of having a second spouse. He is alleged to have married through customary law another woman with whom he has one daughter. Kibaki has however publicly denied any links to the said woman who happens to be a politician. He famously called an urgent press conference at State House Nairobi in 2009 where he declared that he only has one wife.


1. Uhuru Kenyatta
Kenya’s fourth and current president is married to one Margret Kenyatta. They wed in 1991 after meeting her in Mombasa in 1978. They have three children together Ngina, Muhoho and Jomo. President Kenyatta and Margret will often be spotted in public functions exchanging what seems like a loving couple’s conversation. Rumors however hint that our first couple has had its fair share of ups and downs especially before Uhuru ventured into politics. Whether or not these rumors are based on fact or just how serious the marital troubles were is not known but we know we love those lovely couple moments between the president and the first lady.


Woman poisons husband over second wife

A middle aged woman in Kiambu poisoned her husband Sunday morning after discovering that he had a second wife.

Police are hunting for the woman and according to area OCPD Mutune Maweu, the woman laced her husband’s breakfast with rat poison after eavesdropping on his phone conversation with his second wife.

Speaking to The Star Newspaper, Maweu said that the woman disappeared immediately after serving her husband the poisoned breakfast.

The police boss said that the couple’s seven-year-old daughter found her father writhing in pain on the floor of their sitting room and she alerted the neighbours who rushed him to a nearby hospital.

The area OCPD advised the residents to use amicable ways to sort out family disputes instead of turning to the extremes of attempting murder.

The man is recuperating in a Kiambu hospital.

Mormon church founder Joseph Smith had as many as 40 wives

The founder of the Mormon church, Joseph Smith, wed as many as 40 wives, including some who were already married and one as young as 14 years old, the church acknowledged in a surprising new essay.

Smith’s marital history had been the subject of frequent historical debate, but until recently Mormon leaders had taken pains to present its founding prophet as happily married to one woman. Now, the church says, “careful estimates put the number between 30 and 40.”

The church, officially called the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, disavowed plural marriage in 1890 under pressure from the U.S. government, which had imprisoned polygamists and seized their assets.

It’s hard to overestimate Smith’s importance to Mormons. He is viewed as a larger-than-life prophet who received special revelations from God. The news that he had taken so many wives, including teens and other men’s spouses, rocked some members of the faith, according to Mormon blogger Jana Riess.

Cecilia Mwangi may legalise union with Mungatana

Former Kenyan beauty queen and anti-jigger crusader Cecilia Mwangi may walk down the aisle with her partner, former Garsen MP Danson Mungatana.

Speaking exclusively to Word Is, the former Miss World Kenya said chances are that “we may make our relationship official by either going the Attorney General’s way or treat you to a grand wedding.”

She was, however, reluctant to reveal much about her relationship with Mungatana, with whom they have a child together.

The former legislator — who is now the Kenya Ports Authority chairman — is alleged to have another secret affair with a renown TV girl.

“I am happy with my situation and I remain true to what I’ve devoted myself to. He (Mungatana) is the father of my child and nothing can change that. But I wish not to dwell so much on that,” she said.

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Indonesian officials ordered to pay for second wives

An Indonesian district has ordered male civil servants to pay $80 (Sh6,500) to marry a second wife to crack down on polygamy, officials said on Wednesday, but activists criticized it as a ‘crazy’ bid to profit from the practice.

Male officials in the world’s most populous Muslim-majority country were already required to get written permission from their superiors if they wanted a second wife.

Under Islamic law, men can have up to four wives.

But in East Lombok district, they will now also have to pay a one million rupiah fee to the local government under a new regulation introduced last month, officials said.

‘The regulation was issued to make polygamy more difficult for those working in the civil service,’ said Kharul Rizal, head of the local parliament, which passed the law.