Rapper Jaguar Involved In Another Nasty Road Accident

Starehe MP Jaguar at the accident sceneStarehe MP Charles Kanyi aka Jaguar seems to be so unlucky. The lawmaker has been involved in yet another road accident barely a year after one of his cars killed pedestrians along the Makutano – Sagana highway.

Read more about the controversies surrounding Jaguar’s first road accident

Jaguar’s motorcade is said to have been involved in the accident at the Juja weigh bridge along the busy Thika superhighway.

According to witnesses, Jaguar’s car had already passed the accident scene and those who were involved in the accident were rushed to the hospital though they weren’t severely injured.

This caused a major traffic snarl up along the superhighway.

Here are photos from the incident


Starehe MP Jaguar at the accident scene



Starehe MP Jaguar at the accident scene

Meru governor Wahome Gakuru was also involved in an accident along the busy highway and he died on the spot.

Starehe MP Jaguar
Starehe MP Jaguar at the accident scene

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Meet Wavinya Ndeti’s Stunning And Beautiful Niece. She Can Sing Like Crazy

We all recognize the ex-Machakos gubernatorial aspirant Wavinya Ndeti with the phrase ‘Yaliyo Ndwele Sipite’ one that rocked the headlines for months.

Now, erase all that!

Her niece identified as Wavinya Williams has hit the headlines with her new song dubbed Pole Pole featuring Raj.

The lass has a striking resemblance to her politician auntie and without a doubt, she might be taking the Kenyan music industry by storm.

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I Don’t Want A Pay Rise, Pris – Mheshimiwa Jaguar And Moha Jocho Pevu Shouts

Newly elected MPs have vowed to reject pay cuts proposed by the Salaries and Remuneration Commission.

SRC on Monday announced a significant salary cut for state officers, including the President, Deputy President, MPs, CSs and other officials.

The slash by the Salaries and Remuneration Commission is meant to reduce the national wage bill.

According to the review, the President will earn Sh1,443,750 monthly down from Sh1.6 million while Deputy President will be paid Sh1,227,188 monthly.

Cabinet Secretaries will get a salary of Sh924,000 from Sh1,056 000 and Permanent Secretaries will be earning Sh765,000 from Sh874,000.

MPs will earn Sh621,000 from about Sh710,000.




Newly elected MP for Nyali Mohamed Ali is not going to join the bandwagon.

He posted on his Instagram, “I, Mohamed Ali Mohamed do not support any move to increase my salary and that of my fellow elected Members of Parliament. I have fought for equality and fairness all through my career and my first move as a Parliamentarian will not be to enrich myself. “

He continued, “40% of my countrymen live on an average of 10000 shillings or less. I do not see the purpose of an increment without ensuring that we create a legal framework for our countrymen to generate wealth FIRST. Count my vote against this.”

This was echoed by Jaguar – the Mp for Starehe who tweeted, “Just to categorically state; I am not in support of a pay rise. Count me out. #MPsPay #mwamkompya #starehe.”


jaguarcoverTheir pronouncements had various reactions. Check out some of them.

mwalimuwekesa: Ras moha….we have been seeing and hearing in tvs and radio maisha against many issues that were not well for common citizen’s. Now we Kenyans want to see your stand since you are now a legislature.

mutua_moreen: Now that’s my MP I like you already you are the best, pitia mara kwa mara utusalimie kama vyenye ulikuwa unaomba tukupigie kura, niko tu hapa Kadiria…

Kundgwen tweeted, “Unless you write to assembly clerk not to increase yours and show us the letter, this is PR.

Eunice Nyaga‏ added, “Good but do it on main stream media so that more people can hear you. Please remember to sing the “Kigeugeu song”.

‘I Refuse To Be A Pawn,’ DNG Speaks Out Blasting Sycophants

Davidson Ngibuini Gikandi professionally as DNG is a Kenyan radio presenter, actor, hype man and enterprenuer.

The founder of 254 Digital Entertainment is known for his youth centric campaign, Hustle Yako. He was the only Kenyan musician to bag a continental award in 2004.


He made his debut in the entertainment industry in January 2003 after releasing his first single. Initially starting off as a secular artist, he joined the gospel industry in 2004 where he won several awards especially Kora awards and shifted back to secular years later.

In the last electionsDNG was on the forefront hyping the crowd at most of the Jubilee campaign rallies. This time round the star has disassociated himself from bing affiliated to any political party.

DNG took to social media through Instagram saying that, “I resist and vehemently denounce brand association with anything that is divisive, negative, retrogressive, conflict-inclined and is insignificant to the furtherance of the Kenyan youth agenda.”

‘All We Have On Offer Are Monkeys!’ Maina Kageni Blasts The Political Class Badly

Classic 105 breakfast host is tired. He is so fed up he has decided to speak his truth.

Maina Kageni took to Facebook to address his frustration over the political class saying, “the system has ensured all we have on offer are monkeys!!”

“These families are what have created the phrase “political class”… they don’t know AS MUCH AS YOU DO about living in Kenya!!!!!!! I won’t follow someone blindly just because they come from where I’m alleged to come from…. I’ll vote Dida if I have to…… my vote this year will be a protest vote…..,” Maina wrote.

“Our politics is going to be the end of us…… until we take control of this animal the way we take control of how we eat, live, breathe and try to prosper, we’ll remain like a car on stones with the engine on – revving and revving with zero movement….. if a monkey defecates on us day in, day out, then brings it’s ilk for the Monkey-Of-The-Year pageant, and we cheer on the contenders, we’re the problem…. we’ll keep wiping that shait off our heads forever…. maybe it’s time for a different animal to stand…. after all, who said only monkeys can rule the trees?” he added.

His anger was echoed by others who posted the following reactions.

Sir-Wayne Cedrieck I love the “protest vote” part.

Geoffrey Adora I know somebody who died over the weekend through a road accident who could have easily been saved had the doctors not been on strike. Yet the political elite are doing nothing about it.

Tim Njiru Muriithi Boycott TV news. It’s been 3 and a half years…. and enjoying it without watching the local news.
Eric Sande What we need in Kenya is even higher than divine intervention!!! Maybe God Himself to come down and rule Kenya!!
Estaban W. Mburu Gff, as true as this might be I can’t help but ask where our sanity goes on the day for voting.We end up having the same people year after and the chattering goes on.