Woman left dejected after police refused to arrest man who raped her

A man who made a written ‘confession’ to raping a woman in her sleep will not be prosecuted after the Crown Prosecution Service dropped the case.

Bonny Turner, 41, waived her legal right to anonymity to highlight how she believes rape has been decriminalised by prosecutors.

Miss Turner was allegedly attacked by a man she knew in a London hotel in 2016.

A man who made a written ‘confession’ to raping a woman in her sleep will not be prosecuted after the Crown Prosecution Service dropped the case. Bonny Turner, 41, waived her legal right to anonymity to highlight how she believes rape has been decriminalised by prosecutors

He left Britain after the incident, but in a written exchange on the Facebook Messenger app she says he ‘confessed’ to raping her.

However, even though he admitted in writing to having ‘made a huge mistake’, the CPS refused to bring charges.

Miss Turner, a counselling trainer, told The Independent newspaper that the refusal of the CPS to act meant rape victims’ chances of winning justice were bleak.

She added: ‘He confessed what he had done. In my view rape has become decriminalised.

‘If a confession isn’t enough to even get to court, there’s no hope for anyone else.

‘I was naive to believe that a voluntarily written admission of rape amounts to prosecutable evidence in the eyes of the UK’s so-called justice system.’

In the exchange on Messenger, Miss Turner told the man she was ‘fast asleep’ when he allegedly forced herself on her.

Miss Turner was allegedly attacked by a man she knew in a London hotel in 2016. In a written exchange on the Facebook Messenger app she says he ‘confessed’ to raping her. Above: Miss Turner wrote on Twitter: 'This is about one of my many #MeToo experiences and my struggle to get justice in the broken UK justice system. DO NOT KEEP THIS SECRET'

She says the man replied: ‘I know. I made a huge mistake and have been thinking about how wrong I was since then. Please forgive me.’

He then claimed he ‘noticed too late’ that she was asleep and is said to have replied: ‘That is why I stopped, but I should not have even tried from the beginning. I am so deeply sorry.’

Following this exchange, Miss Turner reported the incident to the police.

She said she was questioned a few days later for five hours at a London police station, and was asked for her mobile phone as well as access to personal information on her phone and her social media accounts.

Miss Turner said she was not told what was taken from her mobile, but later found that police had demanded information from a former employer about a grievance process.

She believes the fact that a complaint she made about workplace bullying was not upheld could have been used to discredit her.

Miss Turner’s case comes after widespread concern this month over plans to require rape and domestic violence victims to give their phones to police or face their cases being dropped.

The man was not interviewed until more than a year after the incident, when British police arranged to have him questioned in his own country.

But nearly two years after her report, she was told no further action would be taken.

When Miss Turner used the CPS Victim’s Right to Review, prosecutors refused to reopen her case.


Men praised for preventing rape of 17-year-old girl in car park

Detectives have praised a group of men who stopped the attempted rape of a terrified teenager and held the suspect until police arrived.

The men disturbed the attacker as he allegedly tried to rape a 17-year-old girl on Friday night in a car park in Ashton-under-Lyne, Greater Manchester.

They stopped the attack and chased the suspect, holding him until he was arrested by police.

A 23-year-old man is in custody for questioning.

Detective Inspector Karl Ward, from Greater Manchester Police (GMP), said: ‘First of all, my thoughts are with the girl who was victim to this terrifying attack, she is getting specialist support and we will continue to help her get through this horrible ordeal.

‘Secondly, I would like to take my hat off to the group of men who intervened, stopped the attack, then gave chase so police were able to make an arrest.

‘This is a great example of the police & public working together to stop crime, and I am extremely thankful to them for their assistance.

‘We are still appealing for further witnesses however, so if anyone saw anything that might help the police investigation we would really like to hear from you.’

Police were first called at 10.35pm on Friday by members of the public who had detained the man at the car park near to Stamford Street in Ashton.

Officers have appealed for anyone else who may have witnessed the attack to get in touch on 0161 856 8915 or alternatively call 101 quoting the reference number 2314 of 01/02/19 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.


Police probe gang rape of mentally handicapped woman at Mosoriot in Nandi

Police in Nandi are investigating an incident in which a mentally handicapped woman was gang raped and seriously injured at Mosoriot market.

She was found unconscious and bleeding in a trench by the roadside near the market and police say she may have been attacked for long hours.

Judith Tanui from the association which defends the rights of mentally handicapped persons says attacks on such women have increased in the region.

-Mathews Ndanyi

Police Hunt For Thieves Who Killed a Fourth Year Student During a Bar Raid In Bungoma

Police are looking for a gang that killed a fourth-year student when it attacked a pub in Bungoma County on Wednesday night.

Moses Mukhebi was fatally hit on the head with an axe during the 10 pm incident.

The Egerton University student and his friend Chrispinus Wekesa were the last customers at Mareba bar.

Boniface Wafula, the bar manager, said Wekesa was severely injured as they resisted the gang members.

“The thugs were armed with one AK-47 rifle, a pistol, an axe and a panga. They attacked the two customers whom they met at the entrance as they were leaving. They then came to me and my boss who was about to leave,” Wafula said on Thursday.

He said the attackers stole Sh30,000 from the days’ sales and mobile phones in the 30-minute siege.

“They also took a few drinks and smashed bottles on the ground,” Wafula added.

“[They also took] my boss and a waitress hostage for about 30 minutes, then asked us to undress and run for our lives.”

The man said police response was slow and their security guard took to his heels as soon as the attackers arrived.

South Bukusu chief Julius Barasa said police are looking for the men suspected to be part of a syndicate that has been attacking residents.





-Brian Ojamaa

Robot police men set to hit the streets in 2017

The Dubai police force aim to have fully functioning robo-cops on the beat by 2017.

Colonel Khalid Nasser Alrazooq told a security conference in Dubai, ‘The robots will interact directly with people and tourists.

They will include an interactive screen and microphone connected to the Dubai Police call centers.

People will be able to ask questions and make complaints, but they will also have fun interacting with the robots.’

But they’ll rapidly get more intelligent, the police chief says.

He hopes to have fully AI-driven models on the streets within four to five years.

‘These will be fully intelligent robots that can interact with people, with no human intervention at all. This is still under research and development, but we are planning on it,’ he said.

Just for reference, here is Robocop’s prediction of ‘the future of law enforcement’.


Khloe Kardashian rumoured to be joining fashion police

There are mounting rumors that she is set to replace Kelly Osbourne on Fashion Police.

Rumours come barely a week after Kelly threatened to quit after being caught up in a spat between her co presenter  Guilani and  singer/actress Zenadaya.

And Khloe Kardashian certainly appears to be stepping things up in the style departing.

On Sunday, the reality star made an arresting appearance as she showed off her new bleach blonde hair style.


Man wakes up to find his testicles chopped off after night out

A married TV actor who met a young woman at a bar, they got to talk and kissed than he invited her to a sauna.

Unknown to him the woman is part of a gang that is believed to be harvesting organs to sell on the black market, he woke up to find his testicles had been stolen.

Dmitry Nikolaev, 30 actor who happens to be married woke up woke up to find his testicles had been stolen.

A police source reports: ‘They kissed and had some more beer and after that the actor remembers nothing.’ They believe Nikolaev’s drink was spiked.

He woke up the next day at a bus stop in acute pain and noticed blood on his trousers.

At the hospital staff told him that his testicles had been removed and that it appeared the operation had been done by a medical professional.

Police believe the gang is stealing human organs to sell on the black market.

MP caught on camera threatening the police

An MP from Rift valley was caught on camera at the Gilgil weigh-bridge yesterday demanding  for the release of a trailer that had been detained for lacking the appropriate  documentation for  to be on transit.

He reportedly went there in the wee hours of the night after getting a call that the trailer had been detained and would not be released.

According to the video the MP says that , calls were made to the weigh bridge  by himself,  the  State house comptroller, OCDP Nakuru, the P.C , a nominated M.P  and others but there are no response.

He was also heard hurling insults and cursing at the policemen manning the station and also threatening them.

The MP said ” We make the laws, we don’t care which m*therF****** own this contract but they will lose this contract, this is not France this is Kenya. I don’t fight small wars, I fight big wars, you can even tell the media I will cover them and tell the story. ”

He then continues to say ” I f***  innocent stupid people, tell your boss he is stupid hata kesho hakuna kazi mutoke (tomorrow you will be out of work, you will not be here).

The police however insist that they are deployed to ensure laws are followed. Its however unclear whether the truck was released.

The trailers which are supposed to seek authorisation from KeNHA didn’t have any and so it was detained at the Gilgil weigh-bridge. The trailer is owned by Sunjeev Kour Birdi who is a URP nominated MP.

Police officer who stole Sh90,000 sentenced to hang for robbery with violence

A police officer was Thursday  sentenced to death for violently robbing a businessman of Sh90,000 three years ago.

Constable Gilber Chemosi, who was attached to Makongeni police station, was found guilty and convicted by Nairobi chief magistrate Hannah Ndung’u.

Ndung’u ordered police to take Chemosi’s fingerprints.  The convict has rejected efforts to get his fingerprints since his arrest.

The magistrate said prosecution produced overwhelming evidence that Chemosi robbed Otieno Odongo, who had withdrawn money from the Barclays Bank ATM.

Chemosi was guarding the ATM. The offence was committed on June 25, 2012 on Bandaz road in Industrial area.


Ali rejected Uhuru’s IG job offer

Former Commissioner of Police Major General (Rtd) Mohammed Hussein Ali turned down an offer to be nominated the new Inspector General of Police.

Sources privy to the behind-the-scenes lobbying in the lead-up to the nomination of Joseph Boinett disclosed that a team of carefully selected elders was dispatched to the retired general’s residence in Karen to impress upon him the importance of taking up the job, but he is reported to have declined the offer.

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s senior advisers were of the opinion that Ali’s high profile and bold approach was the type of energy the National Police Service, which is struggling with a ruined image and catastrophic security blunders, needed to reassure the public because a tried and tested officer was in charge.

His ruthless style stopped the spread of Mungiki gang murders and robberies in the city and the Mt Kenya region and was one of the top reasons he had been recommended by the presidential inner circle.

Frequent and unresolved terror attacks, in which hundreds of Kenyans have been killed, have dented the image of the police service severely.

However, people close to the retired military officer intimated that he was reluctant to take up the job because of the treatment he got when he was indicted by the International Criminal Court (ICC) over his role during the post-election violence of 2007-08.

During a television interview on Tuesday, Ali said that it would be suicidal for anyone to go back to the job he had quit.


Nyakach APs accused of crashing 15-year-old boy’s testicles while ‘disciplining’ him

Four administration police officers in Nyakach, Kisumu County have been summoned to Pap Onditi police station for torturing a minor in their custody.

The officers based at Sigoti AP camp in Lower Nyakach allegedly broke the testicles of a 15 year-old boy after they arrested him on December 25.

Sources familiar with the incident revealed that the minor was arrested over misunderstanding with his uncle Nashon Okumu.

The boy has been admitted at Pap Onditi District hospital where he is also nursing serious injuries on his buttocks and spinal cord.

Nyakach OCPD Michael Wanyoike told the Star that the officers have been summoned to record statement over the allegations.

“We have since summoned the officers and we will give more information after recording their statements,” Wanyoike said.

He said that the officers will be arraigned in court once they are done with investigations. The incident is recorded at the station via (OB/7/28/12/24).

16 year old arrested for insulting Turkish President

A 16 year old student has been arrested by Turkish police for allegedly insulting the country’s President.

The high school student was arrested on Wednesday after criticising the ruling AK Party during a speech at a student protest in the central Anatolian city of Konya.

The teenager could face up to four years in prison if found guilty.

Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu defended the arrest, saying the presidential office “needs to be shown respect”.

Turkey’s penal code makes it a crime to insult the president.

‘Everywhere is corruption’

The boy’s speech, given to commemorate the killing of a Turkish soldier by Islamists in the 1920s, was recorded on video and broadcast by Dogan News Agency.

In it, he defends secularism and the principles of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder of the modern Turkish republic.

He also singled out President Erdogan for criticism over recent corruption allegations, as the crowd chanted “everywhere is bribery, everywhere is corruption”.

Hurriyet newspaper said the boy was believed to be a member of a leftist organisation, but he denies having links with any political party.

Speaking to prosecutors, the boy said: “I’ve made the statement in question. I have no intent to insult.”

The teenager has pleaded not guilty and his lawyers have lodged an appeal against the charges.


Court postpones sentencing for the police imposter

Joshua Waiganjo who is accused of impersonating a police officer will have to wait longer for sentencing after a judge hearing his case adjourned it to establish whether he is a repeat offender.

Nyeri Chief Magistrate Wilbroda Juma found Waiganjo guilty of impersonating a senior police officer and obtaining money by false pretences from his unsuspecting victims.

The prosecutor in the case Stancelous Mwangi told the court that Waiganjo had formerly served a one-year jail term in August of 1998 after a Murang’a court charged him with passing himself off as a superintendent of police. Mwangi further said that in July 2002 Waiganjo was fined Sh2000 by a Molo court for again impersonating a superintendent of police.

Waiganjo however dismissed the claims by prosecution saying that it wasn’t until recently that he was remanded in the GK prison in Naivasha on charges of impersonation.

Justice Juma put off Waiganjo’s sentencing pending establishment of the prosecution’s allegations that the accused is a repeat offender.

Waiganjo through his lawyer challenged the postponement of his sentencing saying that his health is poor hence the need to conclude the case promptly.

Waiganjo was found guilty of five counts of impersonating a senior superintendent and promising to place people within the General Service Unit for a fee.

Waiganjo denied the charges but Justice Juma said the prosecution witnesses who appeared before the court provided sufficient evidence to prove that he defrauded members of the public.

– The Star

Kimaiyo to explain to court whether or not he was forced out of office

High court judge Justice Isaac Lenaola has summoned the immediate former Inspector General of police David Kimaiyo to appear before him over his resignation.

Justice Lenaola wants Kimaiyo to explain whether he stepped down through a formal resignation letter or he was forced out by the president.

Kimaiyo last week announced that he had tendered his resignation due to what he termed personal reasons. President Uhuru Kenyatta then announced the same day that he had accepted Kimaiyo’s resignation.

Many pundits believe Kimaiyo was prevailed upon to step down following increased cases of insecurity with the latest being an attack by suspected Al Shabab militants in Mandera that left 36 miners dead.

The office of the Inspector General of police is an independent one and the holder enjoys security off tenure.

Kimaiyo is expected to appear before the high court in the next 24hrs.


Police officer, tout accused of stripping 16-year-old girl

An Administration Police officer and a tout were charged Monday with stripping a 16-year-old student naked.

They allegedly accused her of wearing a very short and revealing skirt. It is the latest in a series of assaults in Nairobi and Mombasa of women accused of dressing indecently.

AP officer Christopher Gathara, 27, and tout Samuel Maina Ngige, 24, allegedly stripped the form three student in Kayole on Sunday.

They also allegedly beat up the girl and her mother. They were charged with damaging a Mwamba Sacco vehicle wind screen worth Sh15,000.

They denied the charges before Makadara chief magistrate Emilly Ominde. They were each released on Sh50,000 bond.

The prosecutor said the girl and her mother boarded the vehicle and were heading to Komarock. Gathara allegedly made advances to the girl but she rejected them. He then started insulting her, police said.


Ferguson Policeman who shot an unarmed man released

A grand jury declined Monday to indict white police officer Darren Wilson in the death of Michael Brown, the unarmed, black 18-year-old whose fatal shooting sparked weeks of sometimes-violent protests and inflamed deep racial tensions between many African-Americans and police.

Within minutes of the announcement by St. Louis County’s top prosecutor, crowds began pouring into Ferguson streets to protest the decision. Some taunted police, shattered windows and vandalized cars. Several gunshots were also heard. Officers released smoke and pepper spray to disperse the gatherings.

Prosecuting Attorney Bob McCulloch said the jury of nine whites and three blacks met on 25 separate days, hearing more than 70 hours of testimony from about 60 witnesses, including three medical examiners and experts on blood, toxicology and firearms.

He stressed that jurors were “the only people who heard every witness … and every piece of evidence.” He said many witnesses presented conflicting statements that were inconsistent with the physical evidence.

“These grand jurors poured their hearts and soul into this process,” he said.

As McCulloch was reading his statement, Michael Brown’s mother, Lesley McSpadden, was sitting atop a vehicle listening to a broadcast of the announcement. When she heard the decision, she burst into tears and began screaming before being whisked away by supporters.

Source :MSN

Police launch man hunt for chief who married off daughter

Police in Trans Mara have launched a manhunt for a chief who married off his 15 years old daughter who was a form one student in December 2013 and has since gone underground since Saturday.

Confirming the incident Trans Mara West Deputy County Commissioner Abdihakim Jubat told Journalists in his office this morning that Sikawa Sub Location Assistant Chief Samson ole Kitiyia failed to report to the Kilgoris Criminal Investigation Department offices as was required on Sunday.

Jubat said that Kitiyia married off his daughter to 20 years old Moses Naiyoma who paid a dowry of six cows and a sheep after she identified him as being responsible for her pregnancy  after which the two families entered into marriage negotiations to solve the issue.

“The chief, his daughter and the man who married her were summoned to the Trans Mara CID offices on Friday where they recorded statements where they admitted the occurrence of the crime after which he was to present himself to the offices on Sunday before he appeared in court on Monday,” said Jubat.

The Deputy County Commissioner said that chief who is married to three wives claimed that his first wife who is the girl’s mother was responsible for the marriage and that he only came to know about it several months later.

Jubat said that Naiyoma told the Police that he was given the girl for marriage by her parents after she became pregnant and that he did not see any crime committed since all the cultural practices pertaining to marriage were adhered to.

“DNA test will be carried out on the baby to establish his paternity as Naiyoma will also be arraigned in court to face defilement charges tomorrow as we continue to look for the chief who will also be taken to court as soon as possible,” said Jubat.

Police kill a 12 year old boy with a toy gun

Officials in Cleveland were investigating the police shooting of a 12-year-old boy who died on Sunday, a day after an officer shot him outside a recreation center when he reached for a weapon that turned out to be a fake pistol.

The boy, Tamir E. Rice, died on Sunday at MetroHealth Medical Center in Cleveland, the Cuyahoga County medical examiner’s office said. He was shot in the torso at a park on Saturday after witnesses reported that he was waving a gun around and pointing it at people, the police said.

Two police officers responded to the scene and ordered the boy to raise his hands, the police said, but he refused and reached for a gun in his waistband. An officer fired two shots, striking the boy once, the police said.

In a 911 call released by police, a man said that “a guy” who appeared to be a juvenile was pointing a pistol at people and scaring them. The caller said twice that the gun was “probably fake.”

The two officers were placed on administrative leave, and one of the officers was taken to a hospital for an injury to his ankle, the police said.

The shooting of the boy, who was African-American, came as a grand jury is expected to make a decision soon over whether to charge a white police officer who shot an unarmed black teenager in Ferguson, Mo., setting off months of protests.

Source : nytimes