Woman’s plan to poison and kill her boss backfires as she lands in court

A woman’s plan to kill her employer backfired, landing her before a Judge where she was charged with putting poison in her employers medicine.

She appeared before the Milimani  Law Courts accused of putting poison in her employer’s medicine.

Sharone Akinyi Otieno, 22, was charged with causing Ann Wangui Wanjohi to take poison on October 5, at Kariokor Market in Nairobi.

Wangui sells motor vehicle paints and has five employees; two of them women,. Akinyi denied the charge before Milimani Chief Magistrate Francis Andayi last Thursday.

According to the prosecution, Wangui fell ill on October 3, at her residence in Embakasi estate and sought treatment at Komarock Modern Healthcare in Utawala.

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Upon diagnosis, she was given two sets of tablets and one bottle of syrup, after which she returned home. All was well until October 5, when the poison was allegedly put in her medicine.

Wangui had put the medicine in a shelf in her business premises.

In the evening, while at home, she removed the medicine from her bag and diluted the syrup, as she had done for the first two days, but unlike before, it turned whitish, raising her suspicion.

Wangui said the medicine smelled and tasted different. She returned to the hospital and, after examining the drug, a doctor informed her that a foreign material had been put in the medicine. She was treated and discharged.

She later reported the matter at Kamukuji police station.

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Police further claimed that on reviewing CCTV footage in the complainant’s shop, they established that the accused took the complainant’s bottle of medicine from her handbag and went with it to the toilet for some time.

She later returned it to Wangui’s bag. No one noticed.

Police believe this is the time poison was put in Wangui’s medicine. Akinyi, who was not represented, pleaded not guilty to the charge.

She was released on Sh50,000 cash bail or a bond of Sh500,000. The hearing was set for November 25.

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Woman poisons husband over second wife

A middle aged woman in Kiambu poisoned her husband Sunday morning after discovering that he had a second wife.

Police are hunting for the woman and according to area OCPD Mutune Maweu, the woman laced her husband’s breakfast with rat poison after eavesdropping on his phone conversation with his second wife.

Speaking to The Star Newspaper, Maweu said that the woman disappeared immediately after serving her husband the poisoned breakfast.

The police boss said that the couple’s seven-year-old daughter found her father writhing in pain on the floor of their sitting room and she alerted the neighbours who rushed him to a nearby hospital.

The area OCPD advised the residents to use amicable ways to sort out family disputes instead of turning to the extremes of attempting murder.

The man is recuperating in a Kiambu hospital.

14 year old girl arrested for killing husband with rat poison

A teenage girl is accused of murdering her 35-year-old husband and three others by lacing food she had prepared for a post-marriage celebration with rat poison.

Wasila Tasi’u allegedly asked a seven-year-old to buy the poison from a nearby shop – hours before the four people died suddenly after eating the same meal on 5 April.

Prosecutors believe the 14-year-old had regretted her marriage to Umar Sani, a farmer with several wives, and was looking for a way out.

The prosecution is seeking the death penalty in the case.

The child bride, from the village of Unguwar Yansoro, had sobbed quietly when she first appeared at Gezawa High Court in northern Nigeria. During the latest hearing, she entered a plea of not guilty.

Abdulrahim Ibrahim, their neighbour, has claimed he was offered some of the food, but “noticed some sandy-like particles, black in colour”.

He told the judge: “I was not comfortable with the taste. It was only Umar who continued eating.”

The four deaths have been brought under one murder charge, and the case has been adjourned until 22 December.

Tasi’u’s father told the Associated Press that he was appealing to a Nigerian court to spare his daughter the death sentence

“We are appealing to the judge to consider Wasilat’s plea,” Isyaku Tasi’u said.

Wasila Tasi’u is being held in state juvenile custody.

The case had outraged human rights activists, who say a girl married to a man more than twice her age should be treated as a victim, not a criminal.

Child brides are common in the poverty-stricken, predominantly Muslim northern Nigeria region.

According to Human Rights Watch, it has been 17 years since a juvenile offender was last executed in Nigeria.