Hilarious photos prove why you should ALWAYS double check a picture before posting

Most social media users don’t think twice before posting their latest selfies. 

But these embarrassing photos prove it is always worth double checking.

People around the world were caught out when they accidentally captured more than they intended in their social media snaps. 

One woman took what she thought was a creative shot of herself lying on a bed of leaves – only to be told by a follower that her head was just inches away from dog poo. 

A second woman unwittingly snapped herself taking a photo that she claimed was captured by her boyfriend. 

Here are some of the best – and most cringe-worthy examples… 

Hillarious Photos

 Hilarious Photos

Busted! This woman was actually caught out taking her own seemingly romantic pictures

 Hilarious Photos

Inches from disaster: This woman came dangerously close to lying down on dog poo

 Hilarious Photos

Wrong door! A bathroom selfie went wrong when this woman wandered into the men’s

 Hilarious Photos

Mirror reveals all: A seemingly innocent selfie taken in a rather embarrassing location

 Hilarious Photos

Best angle: This woman was snapping going above and beyond to get the right picture



Kwani vijana wamerogwa? This is what young people are doing to gain fame

We are at an age when young people want to explore a lot and from what is going around social media, almost all of them have unleashed their modelling potential.

Most of these young adults are either in Campus or have just completed high school because they seem so idle.

Photo shoots have become so common especially in Central Park, Jeevanjee Gardens, Arboretum and many other parks.Yes! You are probably wondering what is wrong with taking photos.There is beauty in photography, but these photos are not attractive.

Judge for yourself with photos below;

child child1 child2 child3 child4

This is not even cool.




Top Fashion Photographers To Work With

When it comes to fashion you need a photographer who will capture your looks from different angles and make you not only look good but also be able to sell the look.

The photographers are varied from those who focus on blogs, high fashion shoots and magazine shoots. They have rightfully earned their footing in this line of work.

Here are some of the photographers.

Emmanuel Jambo – According to his website, He was born in Sudan, grew up in Egypt, the US and Kenya. Emmanuel Jambo is a recognizable face in fashion, commercial and wedding photography in Kenya. Some of his work has captured the runways of London Fashion Week and has also worked for top-selling magazines like True Love Magazine. He has also worked with the Kenyan President and other international artists.

Emmanuel Jambo – .tdsblog.com


Leon Muli – Probably on of the best in the country, he has cut a niche for himself as an all rounded photographer. His line of work includes but is not limited to weddings, fashion, cars, and parties etc. He is currently  the man behind the blogger Ms. Caroline Kibati. He also does the annual shoot for breast cancer awareness campaigns.

Leon muli – Photo/Facebook

Nick Klaus – He is one of the head photographers for the Nairobi Fashion Week, Kenya Glamour Awards among others.He was also worked for Tap magazine (The African Perspective Magazine ).

Nick Klaus – Photo/Facebook

Joseph Baraza – Started off as a photographer for his friends at Fashion2die. He then branched to work out with the other people and has done street shoes for Sauve Bags. He has also worked with the likes of  Sauti sol and Patricia Kihoro.


Thandiwe  Muriu – Arguably one of the best female photographers around. She specialises in high fashion shoots which are mostly portraits. She has also been awarded Portraiture Photographer and Most Promising Young Photographer of the Year 2013 at the Kenya Photography Awards.

Thandiwe Muriu – Photo/File




Full List Of Winners In The Canon Photography Awards

The 2015 Canon Kenya Photography Awards gala was held Sunday night at KICC. The event was organized by PAWA 254 and the Photographers Association of Kenya (PAK) and sponsored by Canon. The winners in the categories; young photographer of the year, nature, creative, portraiture, climate, sports, daily life, news were crowned at the gala after a rigorous voting process. 43 photographers had been nominated as finalists.

The 43 had been selected from 1144 photo entries submitted between 19th December 2014 and 28th February 2014. The biggest winner of the night was Alice Oldenburg who took home the photographer of the year award after winning in two different categories including nature and daily life. Thomas Mukoya Abuoga also bagged two wins including sports photographer and news. Classic 105′ s Overdrive Presenter Larry Asego had been nominated in three categories and although he did not bag any award, he did pretty well.

Congratulations to all the winners

The Winners

Check out the full list of winners below

1.Thomas Mukoya Abuoga -Winner
2. Suleiman Mbatiah Maina
3. Gerald Anderson
4. Humphrey Emmanuel Odero
5. Chacha Baru Musya

1. Alice Oldenburg – Winner
2. Larry Asego
3. Victor Peace Karanja
4. Sushil Praful Chauhan
5. Alloys Maigo Iteba

1. Peter
Ndung’u Kamau – Winner
2. Joseph Mbugua Chege
3. Joseph Kyule Kiio
4. Larry Asego
5. Matthew Moturi Moranga

1. Siegmund Kamau Muhuri- Winner
2. Jared Gichohi
3. Pranav Chadha
4. Joseph Mbugua

1. John Wambugu- Winner
2. Peter Irungu
3. Sushil Praful Chauhan
4. Allan Kimani Muturi

1. Thomas Mukoya Abuoga – Winner
2. Stafford Ondego Ondego
3. Peter Ndung’u Kamau
4. Larry Asego
5. Stephen Mudiari Kasabuli
6. Brian Ayieko Otieno
7. David Kihara Njuguna

1. Siegmund Kamau Muhuri -Winner
2. Jared Gichohi Maina
3. Pranav Chadha
4. Patrick Wambu Wainaina
5. Mutua Matheka
6. Peter Irungu
7. James Otieno Onyango

1. Alice Oldenburg – Winner
2. Humphrey Emmanuel Odero
3. Nick Mutinda Mutuku
4. Larry Asego
5. Thomas Mukoya Abuoga
6. Charles Kevin Kallombo

1. Peter Ndung’u Kamau – Winner
2. Joseph Mbugua Chege
3. Larry Asego
4. Alloys Maigo Iteba
5. Alice Oldenburg
6. Siegmund Kamau Muhuri
7. John Wambugu Wambugu
8. Stephen Mudiari Kasabuli

WCW: Lyra Aoko

Lyra Aoko is a photographer, songstress, vlogger, blogger and a creative artist. The 23-year old describes herself as a lovely human being with a creative and artistic take on life. Lyra runs the lifestyle blog Cynosure and says it consists of carefully curated edit of photography and her personal thoughts on a variety of topics.

Lyra shares her thoughts on art, food, music, fashion and travel. Lyra has collaborated with several artists in her music including Nick Mutuma in the 254 anthem and Wyre in the song Happy.

Check out her photos below







Photos courtesy: http://lyraoko.com/

A sneak peek into Larry Asego’s photography skills

Classic 105’s Larry Asego, is among 43 photographers who have been nominated as finalists for the 2015 Canon Kenya Photography Awards.

Larry has been nominated for four categories including daily life, news, sports and portraiture.

The 43 were nominated after a judging process by four judges in the photography industry, led by British photographer Gary Knight.

Here are some of Larry’s photos.PhotoGrid_1430287687382PhotoGrid_1430287513527



 Images courtesy of Asegopix

Kenyan Artist, wins International Prize for Contemporary African Photography

Tahir Karmali, artist and photographer has been named among 2015 winners of the POPCAP’s prize in the Contemporary African Photography category. According to the awards website POPCAP, the piclet.org the prize was held for the fourth time and is aimed at photographers whose work has engaged the African continent and has gained global exposure at international exhibitions.

The awards aim at raising the portfolio of African photography within the arts. Other winners include Filipe Branquihnho, Zed Nelson, Zied Ben Romdhane and Romaric Tisserand.

Tahir Karl Karmali was born in 1987 in Nairobi but has relocated to New York. He presented a series of images called Jua Kali which was inspired by the informal sector that is thriving in Nairobi or better known as the ‘Juakali sector.’

According to Popcap, each of Tahir’s portraits describe a personality that has created a surreal self-image to fit Nairobi’s JuaKali world.

Check out his work below;







Kenya’s Top 10 Photographers

The Kenyan photography scene has really grown a milestone over the years. With the invention of smart phones with amazing photo cabality and easy access to DSLR cameras several photographers have emerged.  Forget the Instagram photographers some recognized men and women have turned their passion into a great career and we have a list of 10 that really cut it as some of the best we have in Kenya. Who is your favorite in our list? Check it out below;

10. Kevin Buoart
It would be illegal to recognize Kenyan photographers without noting Kevin Buo the founder of Buoart. We would offend all the Kenyan socialites that he has managed to edit their photos to fame.  Buo says that he does not have a specific style of photography but he features a lot of hot girls and mostly does studio shoots. Here is Kevin



9. Armstrong Too
He describes himself as a self taught commercial photographer who has been practicing for the past six years. “Its all about the concept and the lighting” is a slogan that I use to define my practice but more of a rule to me that guides my photography passion to produce an image according to how my brain sees it. Available to travel the world for any photography assignment,” he says on his website.

Armstrong Too

8. Michael Khateli
He can be described as the pioneer of nude and erotic photography as he was the first Kenyan photographer to venture into this boudoir genre. He describes himself as your favorite personal photographer and that magazine guru taking photos of anything classic, mosaic, sidebars and snapshots. He is also a celebrated event photographer.



7. Allan Gichigi
Allan is an independent photographer/filmmaker specializing in wedding, portraiture and nature photography. He says that he is intrigued by interacting with people, seeing the world as they see it and sharing in the ordinary moments that define their journey of life. He loves documentary photography and this is his area of specialization mostly.


6.  Mwangi Kirubi
Also known as Mwarv is a Kenyan photographer running the blog Click With Purpose. He takes photos of nature, sports, on the road, wall papers and all of Africa. He says on his website, “Africa is a very blessed continent. However, many Africans don’t see it that way. We have believed in the skewed negative stories about Africa to the point of pitying ourselves and seeking the riches of the lands from where these storytellers come. With every click I take, I will show you what a blessed place we live in. I will rebrand Africa, one click at a time.


5. Thandiwe Muriu
She is an amazing photographer concentrating mostly in beauty, portraits and fashion. According to her blog she picked up her first camera at the age of 14 and was hooked since. She narrowed down into beauty photography as her true calling after years of experimenting with nature, people, wildlife and landscapes. “My photographic style is primarily characterized by dramatic lighting. Much of my creativity is drawn from a personal challenge to turn everyday items into unique photography props,” she says on her website.


4. Osbourne Macharia
He is also a self taught advertising and contemporary photographer who runs the website K63 studio. His work stands out from the rest of the photographers because of his usage of mellow hues and dramatic lighting. In an interview with okaya africa, Osbourne says he cannot describe his artistic style and has let his audience define it as photography with a painted effect bordering on illustration.



3. Emmanuel Jambo
He is also a well sought after photographer famously known for taking President Uhuru Kenyatta’s official portrait. He has also been named as the president’s official photographer. He was recognized by Forbes Magazine in 2012 as one of the best influential photographers in Kenya. On his website, he describes himself as a creative cosmopolitan undefined by boundaries. Jambo is mostly known for fashion commercial photography and also weddings. He has worked with several celebrities and politicians includiing Najib Balala, STL, Churchill, Habida, Musalia Mudavadi, Wyre, Amani and the list is endless.



2. Ben Kiruthi and Gathoni
These amazing duo is one perfect couple that both turned their passion into a money making business. Ben Kiruthi is rated as one of the best wedding photographers in Kenya now. The couple prides itself as the best international and destination wedding photographers in Kenya. The couple who tied the knot in 2014 are quoted saying, that their photography is a journey to joining the league of World’s most sought after wedding photographers. If you have a wedding coming up soon definitely these are the guys to check out.


1. Mutua Matheka
“My name is Mutua Matheka & I’m a photographer, art lover, graduate architect, and above all, a loved husband. I shoot architecture, Interiors, landscapes & cityscapes. I love the beauty of Africa and show it every time I can,” reads his Facebook bio. Mutua says that his mission is to see African people change their mindsets because of seeing his photographs of their amazing continent. He also takes wedding photos but is mostly recognized for architecture, interior, landscape, city scapes, conceptual and creative photography. He has made every effort to shy away from his own photos but we did our research.




Instagram overtakes Twitter with 300 million users

Instagram has reportedly reached the milestone of 300 million users, putting it ahead of rival social network Twitter.

Twitter’s user base currently stands at 284 million, putting Instagram ahead by a considerable margin.

Facebook-owned Instagram recent introduced advertising in the form of sponsored posts, a move that Systrom insists was essential as the platform continues to expand.

“The reason why we’re doing this is as a growth engine for Instagram,” he said. “When you get to 300m users it’s not cheap to run that service and you need to make sure to be able to hire more people.”

Other recent changes to Instagram include the introduction of blue ticks to show an account has been verified, a policy that has helped it achieve growth and brought it in line with Facebook and Twitter.


Kenyans dominate Social Media Awards Africa nomination

Top male blogger Franklin Saiyalel aka Kenyan Stylista, top female fashion blogger Sharon Mundia and photographer extraodianire Ben Kiruthi have been nominated for the annual social media awards Africa. Sharon Mundia has been nominated for social media personality of the year as well as blogger of the year.

Other Kenyan nominees in different categories include Chris Kirubi, Bankelele, X-tian Ndela and Philip Etemesi.

Selection_135Ben Kiruthi pic courtesy (youngvibe.wordpress.com)

To vote for them follow the link  http://www.smaafrica.com/vote/blogger-of-the-year/

According to their website the Social Media Awards are Africa’s premier awards for social and digital media with nominations spanning four categories and drawn from across the continent.

stylista3(Kenyan Stylista pic courtesy Instagram)

Dad Took A Picture Of His Son Every Day For four Years

Childhood really can pass in the blink of an eye. Just check out the incredible time lapse video above, which is the result of YouTube user Dumo taking a picture of his son every day for four years.

And props to the lad for being such a good subject in “Picture of My Son Every Day for 4 Years”

“He still thinks it’s completely normal that I take his picture every day, doesn’t even question it, ha,” Dumo wrote in the video description.

Even when time flies, it’s a beautiful thing.