Photographer Joe Makeni Shares Touching Images Of His Late Wife’s Last Moments

Photographer Joe Makeni shared photos of his late wife Njeri, who passed on a few days ago from Hypocalcaemia, a disease associated with the presence of low serum calcium levels in the blood..

In a touching series of photos, Makeni shares what seems to be a beautiful but rather tragic journey of his wife’s illness.

His late wife also lost a baby in the process of receiving treatment and had also lost control of her limbs at the time when she was being taken to hospital.

Here is the series of photos he shared via his instagram page.

Doctors and nurses make a spirited attempt to save Njeri’s life. There was no shortage of talent. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many doctors attend to one person. This was during intonation and I remember Dr. Rachel Hagler telling Joy and I “This is the part where you pray” before the procedure started. I am particularly thankful to Dr. Rachel for preparing me every step of the way. She told me about the grim possibility if death even before I thought of it myself. Thank you for making all those phone calls to make sure Njeri got a bed in the ICU. Thank you for your courage and faith. For being human. For fighting for her life to the very end. For letting me see her before she passed on. You encouraged me.

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This is what the talented Michelle Morgan has been upto

Did you know the multi-talented TV personality, Michelle Morgan is also a photographer and a biker? Michelle describes herself as an, “African adventurer seeking the new and living in the now. I have an insatiable lust for travel and exploration, which I channel into my creative work.”

“I connect with my creative soul through the medium of film and photography as encapsulated in Nomad Photography and Nomad Productions,” she says

Check out the photos of her work below





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#MCM Photographer Emmanuel Jambo

Emmanuel Jambo’s love for the lens has seen him travel the world over to do shoots for various personalities.

Locally he has created a name and cut a niche’ for himself in both the fashion and corporate world.

The Sudanese national is among many budding photographers in Kenya, but lucky to be one who was picked to work with the president.

He has also been named as one of the top 50 photographers in Kenya.

Some of his works have captured the runways of London Fashion Week and has also worked for top-selling magazines like True Love Magazine.



Emmanuel jambo