Bobbi Kristina’s Family Furious Over Photo Taken At Hospice

Whitney’s daughter was taken to a hospice over a week ago and has only had visits from close family members only, no press/photos allowed has been the policy.

However her family are reportedly furious after a photo of her in her hospice bed was leaked, attempting to SELL the sick picture.

Bobby Brown’s sister Leolah has hit out at the unknown photographer, who she believes must have taken the snap without their knowledge.

She is also demanding a truth test, as she threatened to make sure that anyone who came anywhere near Bobbi will take a lie detector test.


A rare engagement photo-shoot

A couple decided to step away from the normal engagement photo shoots couples have and do something different.

Hunting enthusiast Stevie Beard  and her soon to be husband came up with “The Hunt is Over!” photo idea for their engagement photo shoot.

But she had no idea it would go on to be viewed by 6.4 million people on Facebook, and shared by 162,000 users.

The picture of her future husband hanging upside down, suspended by a tractor, was snapped by photographer Joshua Rainey on the groom’s family’s 150-acre property.

Joshua Rainey Photography
Joshua Rainey Photography

The photographer say “Stevie and Brady came up with the idea and surprised me with it during engagement photos. We worked together to figure out how the image should look and set it up quickly before sunset. It was rather tough to get the shot though, since Brady could only be upside down for a few minutes. Brady tied his own knots and got himself hooked up to the tractor and then his dad lifted him up slowly.”


Women ‘edited out of Paris rally picture’

At first glance, this looks like an historic photograph.

It depicts 40 world leaders, dressed in black, arms linked, marching through Paris in a show of solidarity with 1.6million French people and the surviving staff of satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo.

Except … look at it a little closer. See anyone missing? The most powerful women in the Western world, perhaps? That’s right. None of the women shown in the original image are in the frame.

An Israeli newspaper, The Announcer (HaMevaser) – a conservative orthodox Jewish publication – stands accused of editing the women out of the picture.

After printing the doctored image on its front page, the paper has been criticised for showing disrespect for the unity march, which was on Sunday, following the murder by Islamist terrorists of 17 Parisians last week.

The women removed from the picture are German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo and European Union foreign affairs and security chief Frederica Mogherini. Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt has been cropped out, so that only her hand remains in the shot, on the picture’s far left.

In the original, Merkel stood between French President Francois Hollande and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

But, from looking at the version which appeared in print, you would be forgiven for imagining that the head of Europe’s biggest economy had been absent. The omission was first highlighted by Israeli news site

Many commentators have condemned the sexist editing. They pointed out the irony of a unity rally, aimed at spreading a message of peace and tolerance, whose image has been tampered with.

In 2011, New York Orthodox newspaper Di Tzeitung removed Hillary Clinton (then US secretary of state) from the famous White House situation room image taken during the mission to kill Osama bin Laden.

It apologised, claiming its policy was not to publish pictures of women on the grounds of “modesty”.


Tricks to make you look better in photos

Sometimes when we take photos they appear funny and all we want to do is delete, well here are some easy tips to transform your photos from bad to fabulous.

1. Add colour –  Ladies: try a bright lip shade of lipstick, rosy cheeks or a bright scarf. Guys: ditch the neutral shirt for one in a brighter shade or add a bright color square to a suit.

2.Background – Choose a background that is bold and offers a contrast, choose a background a different color than your hair and outfit  also make sure there are no distracting images behind you .

3.Cross your ankles- If you are unable to avoid being shot head on, try crossing your ankles, starting at the calf. This stance will give the appearance of narrower hips and longer legs.

4.Know your angle –  Since cameras use reflected light to convert a 3D object into a 2D image, the shapes of things are flattened and compressed. Looking straight ahead at the camera can show the fullness of your face and remove/reduce any natural shadows.  Sometimes a slight tilt or a simple angle to a face makes a big difference. Even though you’re super attractive, you likely have a ‘good side,’ the angle at which your face looks best on film.

5.Use props –

Even if you’re in a group, try to avoid the classic “arm around person next to you” move. It can be awkward for those around you, result in individuals becoming one giant blob and is sure to end up with a few randomly placed hands. Hold something or putyour  hands in pockets or on hip or gently tug at necklace or tie.



American women arrested for taking photos of the army

There was anxiety in Gilgil town after police arrested two American women taking pictures of army installations.

Fear gripped neighbouring estates after word went round that the two were planning a terror attack in the town that has hundreds of KDF personnel.

The two were driven to Gilgil police station under tight guard by police officers who were acting on tip off during the Wednesday incident.

Trouble started after the two were spotted early in the morning in a building in the town taking pictures without permission.

According to a witness who declined to be named, the two were acting suspiciously and tried to hide their cameras once confronted.

“The two had been spotted in a different section of the town taking pictures and their intensions were not clear,” said the witness.

He added that they decided to call in police who whisked the duo to the area police station for further questioning.

“We are worried by the on goings in Mandera and we decided to inform the police who acted fast and arrested the two women,” said the witness.

Nakuru County commissioner Mohammed Birik confirmed the arrest adding that the two were being interrogated by police officers.

“We have two middle aged American women in our custody after they were arrested filming in Gilgil town in unclear circumstances,” he said.

Birik added that the two claimed to be working for a charitable organization adding that they were making a film about life of the poor in the town.

“The two claim that they work with a charitable organization but we are not taking chances and our officers are keenly following up the cases,” he said.

He at the same time said that security had been intensified across the whole county ahead of the festive season.

Birik noted that due to the insecurity being experienced in the Coast, they expected a high number of visitors in the county.

“Nakuru county has been ranked second after Mombasa in terms of hospitality and we have improved our security ahead of the festive season,” he said.