Photo of the day! Somebody got the Statue of liberty pregnant


The jokes about the Statue of Liberty won’t stop coming.

Someone shared this picture that has now gone viral and the giggles about it are hilarious.



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Photo of the day! Should we tell the cop or keep it moving

My country pipo are we ok?

We could use a good laugh considering the things happening in our country and around the world.

Dear KOT could you ever grab a cops jacket and wear it like this bold man?

See hilarious comments below about it.


The Audacity

Hii ni crimino

Kenyans are officially ungovernable

my country pple never disappoints

omg…this is awesome. I kinda love anarchy.

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Photo of the day! Parents what would you do if this was your child


A picture of a boy scaling the pillars at an airport has amused many online.

The picture has been shared by Twitter user @grouchomarxist who captioned it ‘This child at the airport is killing me’.

Airport workers were stunned and bemused passengers looked on as the Twitter user added more about the incident ‘He ignored his mom and the people at the desk yelling at him then a Black mom came over. Now he’s sitting and mad.’


I know for sure an African child could never, because let me tell you Maina!

Dear Classic 105 parent, would you get worked up if your child did this at the airport?

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Photo of the day! Fellas, would you do this to your girl?

Savage does not even begin to explain how messed up this looks.

So this photo of a guy eating fast food as a sad woman looks on salivating has gone viral.

The internet was quick to react tot he picture calling the man a GOAT for teaching women a lesson.


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