‘I will never restrict my son from meeting his biological dad’ Admits Celina

Being a teenage mother is not easy but Catherine Kamau alias Kate actress or Celina took the role with grace, having been chased away from home.

In a past interview, she opened up on how she got pregnant much to the disappointment of her parents, who threw her out before taking her back and helping care for her son.

‘My parents threw me out after finding out I was pregnant’ Celina recalls

Celina with her husband Philip and son

Kate, who is married to Phil Karanja, has been a single mother for a while before she finally wedded the love of her life in 2018.

Speaking on whether her son’s biological dad has reached out to him, she says

“He has not, when I went to Makerere University we were getting to know each other when the boy came. He tried to be in his life but he was not being consistent.

It reached a point where I decided to cut him out because he was not helping much, he became a dead beat father.”

I feel so bad when people write ugly things about my hubby and I -Celina

Catherine Kamau

Asked on whether her son inquires about his dad’s whereabouts, Kate says

“Yes he does but I tried to explain to him why we got into this situation: In as much as the father is not around he was born out of love.

The bond between him and my husband Phil did not come easy we took time to make sure that we would all fit and my husband has been amazing.


They have earned each others trust on my wedding day my son made Phil cry by telling him that ‘He had earned the tile dad’.

 Since then he has been calling my husband Phil dad. He is very lucky to get a second chance of fatherly love like he has.

If he wants to met his dad it would be his choice not mine because I don’t have such restrictions.”


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I feel so bad when people write ugly things about my hubby and I -Celina

Catherine Kamau, popularly known as Kate Actress says her son’s pleas for spacious and joint housing pushed her to work harder.

In a recent interview heard by Classic 105 the stylish mother of one says her mother helped her a lot in bringing up her son after she moved out.

This is despite the fact that they had chased her out after finding out she was pregnant.

“My son would call me and ask me if I had gotten a big house so I could stay with him,” 

 I started living in a bedsitter, but I would make sure I visit my son at my mum’s house, and on weekends, have him stay at my place,” 

Catherine Kamau
Catherine Kamau

Her son always asked her why her house was small, and that motivated her to keep working hard.

“‘Why don’t I live with you?’ he’d say. I would cry every day and tell God to let this be my motivation,” she said.

Cate is now married to Philip Karanja for almost two years ,The two who started off as actors on ‘Mother-in-Law’ on Citizen TV, just cannot stay away from each other.

“He was my director in the show and really helped me package my career. I love him because he is an organised person with a lot of potential,” she said.

Celina with her husband Philip and son
Celina with her husband Phil and their son

The worst trolls she gets are when she posts pictures with her husband

 “It feels so bad, knowing that my life has been a journey, and some even involve my son,people  also write ugly things about us”

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Kate The Actress shows us why we should ditch jeans for these red carpet gowns (Photos)


Catherine Kamau-Karanja well known as Kate The Actress stunned in a floor-length white gown at the Swahili Fashion Week at the InterContinental last weekend.

She won the stylish female personality award at the 2018 Swahili Fashion Week awards.

Below she posed alongside Neomi Ng’ang’a, who also happens to be the influence behind her style. Neomi is a fashion designer and gives us so much life looking at what she wears.


On and off the red carpet Kate leaves many of us in awe, and inspires us to dress better. Looking through her social media, she convinces us to step up our fashion game.

If you have the sudden urge to shop, have a look at her Instagram.


The cute thing Phil Karanja did for Kate the Actress five years ago

Kate was joined by her husband actor, Philip Karanja.



Swahili Fashion Week is THE biggest and largest annual fashion event in the whole of East and Central Africa.

It provides a platform for fashion and accessory designers from Swahili speaking countries and beyond to showcase their talent, market their creativity and network with clientele and the international fashion industry.

This year’s was at the InterContinental Hotel.


Chero’s body goals will blow your mind (Photos)

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The cute thing Phil Karanja did for Kate the Actress five years ago

Their love story keeps getting better and better as each one opens up.

Phil, during an interview on Kiss FM with Chito Ndlovu, revealed how he finally realized Kate was the one for him.

In a candid moment, the actor-cum-producer confessed how a meeting five years ago, led to their love story. He confessed to Chito saying,

‘I always tell people this if a woman meets a man they will be like ten seconds this guy can be husband material, but for a man you met her and know she will be my wife, and you just got to man up and do it. She knows if he is marriage material, but for a man we don’t second guess’.


So how did he ‘man up’? Phil said;

‘Surprisingly when we started working with each other we didn’t like each other that much, but as I got to know her and we got to talking I was like ..wait, there is something here and I started liking her and at some point I just looked at her and I was like yo..you’re going to be my wife. I’m going to marry you’.


He added coyingly;

‘This was like five years ago, yeah she was reminding me the other day. She’s like, do you know you told me you were going to marry me, before you started dating me?,

Kate The Actress makes a beautiful video wishing her husband a happy birthday

Kate on her Instagram, spoke out a day after their engagement, noting;

It’s not been an easy road, we will tell you our story someday, last year was our worst, but we thank God, I hope my journey will encourage many single mums out there to never give up hope ..there are good men out there willing to love and respect you. MUNGU PEKEE

How cute is their love story and did you meet your spouse and know you would marry them?

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Love Is In The Air: Read This Former Tahidi High Actors Special Message To His Wife To Be

Love is such a beautiful thing especially when you find a person who is ready to treat you the right way.

Former Tahidi high actor, Phil Karanja must be feeling the love that he is unable to hide after falling hard for Catherine Kamau whom he is set to marry soon.

The two love birds have been dating for a few years now. Recently Phil Karanja proposed to his bae. From what he says, he is feeling blessed to have found a woman like her and for this reason he is now ready to make her his wife.

He has shared a picture of their engagement day and he wrote;

”  Diamonds are nothing when am rocking with you. Diamonds are nothing when am shining with you. ~saying ya wahenga~


People responded to his beautiful post with love.
kimaninatasha…Phil wishing you all the best my power couple you guyz rock may God bless your union

nduku_lynn..Congrats to you both @phil_director

rutto.mercy..Am happy for you guyz

muteih…Yaani mnafanya mapenzi yakae matamuuuuu.i love it!. Now waiting for sue and johnie s2.😁😁😁

tina_tasha_beiby…awesome is an understatement… you guys are just every adorable word that can be used to describe a powerful loving couple… #Phil.. u Mr lucky honestly



Wenye Wivu Wajinyonge! Actress Celina Shows Off Her Expensive Engagement Ring (PHOTOS)

Celebrated actress Catherine Kamau popularly known as Celina is set to walk down the aisle with her longtime boyfriend Phil Karanja.

Over the weekend (September 9) the ex Tahidi high actor went down on one knee to ask for the talented actress’s hand in marriage and she said yes.

This came as a surprise to Celina as friends had lied to her that they were headed for Nigerian artiste Tekno Miles concert at the Ngong Racecourse’s Waterfront. All this happened at a popular city hotel.

The mother of one took to social media to share the great news with her followers flaunting her ring.

“My girls fooled me a good one, there was no Tekno for me .. I got my ring 💎🙈 can’t wait to walk down the isle to you in the next few weeks love ❤️❤️❤️,” she wrote.

This comes barely a week after they held a ruracio.

Celina revealed that it hasn’t been an easy road for them.

“It’s not been an easy road, we will tell you our story someday, last year was our worst, but we thank God , I hope my journey will encourage many single mums out there to never give up hope ..there are good men out there willing to love and respect you . MUNGU PEKEe.”

Fans of the power couple congratulated them on the new move and here are some of their messages;

Stella: Congratulations Mr & Mrs Karanja

Judy: Congratulations are in order…following in your footsteps. Mr Karanja you better make that gal happy, you never know how many people you encourage this far.

Susan: May our good God see you through Cate. Most of us go through hell but your story has changed my perception of how I mean now I have hope.

Angelina: Can’t wait to hear your story Kate am a single mum and my light of hope seems like fading away

Muthure: Kate WORD, well said..keep it real and straight as y’all always been. Happy for y’all

Akinyi: Congrats dear Happy for u God’s time is always the best

Nancy: In God’s time He maketh all things beautiful Kate

Fraze: Congrats gal… But the journey has just started….Mungu akupe uvumilivu…God bless

Here are the photos



Celina Kamau


Celina Kamau