Kate Actresses’ answer about husbands reaction to onscreen romance

There are some actors and actresses whose on screen chemistry is so good, one is left wondering, is there something more to it?It’s so unbelievably good that whenever both of them on screen you believe in their love.

From start to finish their connection is so genuine.

And this is one of the questions Kate Actress was asked by a fan in a Q&A recently. Someone wanted to know whether the live chemistry has ever been a problem in her relationship.

If you recall, the chemistry on the silver screen between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie resulted in a real marriage, and Brad divorcing Jenifer Aniston after accusations of cheating.

kate actor(1)

So this was probably this fan was wondering, and Kate did well to dissuade their fear.

She answered in the screenshot above.

Dear Classic 105 fam, which actors and actresses made you believe in their love because they carried their roles to perfection?

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Yes, Kate Actress, men who date single mothers are doing them a favour – Here’s why

Kate Actress was interviewed by Mc Jessy this past week. The popular actress spoke about many areas in her life. One of them was about the experiences she had had dating as a single mother.

She said that it was a tough time for her. She said that men acted like they were doing her a favour when they dated her. She said;

I was shown fire. I don’t know why some men feel like they are doing you a favour by dating you when you have a child. But what I learnt is how you put yourself out there is how they will treat you. Some were good but wengine walinionyesha moto.

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Mama K squared 😁…. See you in a few weeks 😂. ,💪 @stylebyneomi

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Kate was lucky to get a man who loved her and her son. That man was Kenyan film heavyweight Phil Karanja who went on to marry her and get a son with her. Phil also treats her son as his own with Leon himself calling him father.

While she has had a fairy tale end, her experience is one that is rare and also a risk for any sane man to do-That of dating a single mother.

Kate’s experience is borne of solispism, focusing on her own experiences, wants and desires but what about the man dating this single mother? What about his needs, wants and desires? His dating a single mother is super risky.

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Hair by the legendary @corrinemuthoni Makeup by @glammedbyquin Body glow : Gold Drip by @shopnewlevel

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Here’s why? Most women who were in Kate’s shoes (before her marriage) wanted a man who would not only become her husband but a “father” to a child he will never be biologically linked to.

Many honest (and still searching) single mothers will attest to the fact that while their kids were a personal blessing to them, they were a stumbling block for them in getting potential long-term relationships.

The reason

Most men of value who women like Kate would want to date/marry want to start a game at 0-0. These men want to enter any potential long-term relationship with a woman who has no kids.

Also, looking at it from the man’s point of view: What benefit does a man of value get from raising another man’s sperm (sorry for being so crude)? None if you look at the question logically.

He will never be related to the child, so why invest years in taking care of a child that will never be his. Also, would a woman like Kate (strong and independent) give up the reigns and allow the step-dad to discipline her child without her say-so? Most likely not.

Also, will the potential step-dad want to deal with drama from the baby daddy in the future? Most normal men would want to avoid that.

Also, all things being equal there are women in the market who would offer as much as Kate but without a child in tow. So why would a man of value come to an already started family (with it’s potential drawbacks) when he can start his own with an unencumbered woman?


The potential benefits of dating/marrying a single mother for a man of value are far outweighed by the mere fact that she has a child from a previous relationship. But what do I know…

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I felt afadhali Abel Mutua as he was not as uptight as Phil – Kate Actress discloses

Kate Actress was recently a guest on comedian Mc Jessy’s show and was not only compelling but really tickled the man whose job it is to make people laugh.

One thing that amazes me about her is that she isn’t afraid to speak about topics that some might one to keep under wraps-like how she got pregnant when she had just started college.

Kate went in-depth about her relationship with her husband Phil Karanja and her pregnancy experiences. Kate said that she had unknowingly suffered from depression after the birth of her son years ago.

‘I used to cry every day for one year, I thought my life was over. I did not know that I was suffering from postpartum depression. That is why nikiomoka I want to put up a place and create a safe haven for young girls going through what I did.’

She also explained that dating after she had gotten a child was tough as some men treated her poorly because she had a kid,

“I was shown fire. I don’t know why some men feel like they are doing you a favour by dating you when you have a child. but what I learnt is how you put yourself out there is how they will treat you. some were good but wengine walinionyesha moto.”

But thank God Phil came along for her but funny thing is that Kate wasn’t feeling him that way in the beginning because she thought that he was uptight.

At first, I never liked Phil I felt he was too uptight. He kept telling me that I needed to think about my life. Alikua ananibore. I felt afadhali Abel as he was not as uptight as Phil. When I rebranded myself I would go to him to ask for advise that is when we started becoming more than friends. But no one believed us when we started dating. When i introduced my son to Phil he was very anxious but he was determined. The relationship was very straining but that’s in the past. It’s when we were almost getting married is when he called Phil dad. he had earned it.

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Thank you for being my dad, you earned it – Kate Actress reveals what son told hubby

Catherine Kamau-Karanja or as Kenyans commonly know her as Kate Actress is one of the most popular actresses in Kenya.

This past week, the mother of two had a comprehensive interview with comedian Mc Jessy where she spoke about her life as a teenager, a young mom, her career and meeting the love of her life.

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Hair by the legendary @corrinemuthoni Makeup by @glammedbyquin Body glow : Gold Drip by @shopnewlevel

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Kate revealed that she was once expelled from school, because of her character and love for drama, at the expense of her studies.

The actress went on to attend 2 high schools and 3 Universities, leaving each one for myriad reasons but thank God for a parent such as Kate’s mother.

Her mom was a rock for her daughter spending KSh400k to take her to an International University in Uganda, after studying at KCA proved difficult, only for her daughter to return home 3 months later, pregnant.

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Nawatakia usiku mwanana usiokuwa na bugdha😘 Mavazi @t.jcollection Viatu @glam_acces

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She would later get into Multimedia University after giving birth and leaning in as a new mother but was very lucky to later land her role at Mother-in-law which was the big break that she needed.

But that wasn’t the end of her big blessings. She would later on meet her now-husband film industry heavyweight, Phil Karanja.

Funny thing is that Kate wasn’t a fan of Phil’s but slowly came to appreciate him as they worked more and more together.

But since she was a package deal coming along with her son, his opinions about her new man were extremely important. The boy at the time didn’t like Phil from the beginning, but after some time, the two became close friends.

Just like a Disney fairy tale, her son Leon Isaac would come to call Phil dad just before the couple had their wedding.

“On our wedding day, my son read a speech telling Phil thank you for stepping in. Thank you for being my dad, you earned it”.

The rest has been history. Have a listen;


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I was so scared I peed on myself! Actors Phil Karanja and Abel Mutua narrate near death experience

Abel Mutua and Phillip Karanja are two of the biggest names in the movie and film industry in Kenya. The two have shaped the industry as far as directing and script-writing go, something the country desperately needs more of.

But a story by Abel this week reveals that they might have just been a memory had an incident they had in 2008 gone the whole way.

Abel Mutua with Phil Karanja and Bobb Murithi in the past
Abel Mutua with Phil Karanja and Bobb Murithi in the past

On his Instagram page, in a show dubbed Young and Stupid, Abel Mutua shared a video detailing the events of what transpired between him, Karanja, and their crew from Kenya Institute of Mass Communication (KIMC) back in 2008.
“In 2008 we were in our final year in college and being our last year we decided to grace the stage for the last time. At that time celebrity status had already kicked since it was our second year in Tahidi High. We participated in the drama festivals that took place at The Railway Training Institute where I was crowned as the best male actor and as usual, Abel and OJ went out there and started throwing insults to RTI students because KIMC had won,” narrated Karanja.

Phil Karanja and Abel Mutua standing in the middle
Phil Karanja and Abel Mutua standing in the middle

Mutua added that this display angered The Railway Training Institute students and thus they decided to block the exit starting a war.  “We were surrounded by over 200 hundred students from The Railway Training Institute. That is when they started attacking we Tahidi High actors. OJ approached them and boldly asked them what they wanted. The crowd pulled us, and I was taken by one, and the other one took OJ,” narrated the duo.

Kate is so lucky! Phil Karanja reveals trait that a married man must have (exclusive)

It was so bad that Karanja peed on himself and as such it was left to Mutuato come up with an escape plan. “Things got worse and girls from Kenya Institue of Mass Communication decided to hide at a corner and with no time, the RTI students were headed to the direction of our bus. Our props were wooden and one of the students from our rival school got into the bus with paraffin and lit the props bringing the bus down to ashes as we watched,” added Mutua.


Watch the rest of their story below:

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‘Stop hurting your eyes, I promise, I will reveal her name…” Cate Actress tells fans

Kate Actress has promised to reveal baby K (her daughter’s) name next week.

This is after fans kept on guessing the name after she shared photos of them in baby K’s bedroom.

From the photos, the name was written at the background but one could not read.

She wrote;

“Stop hurting your eyes trying to zoom her name. I promise I will reveal her names next week,” she said after fans kept on insisting to know.

Sharing the photos on her social media, Kate captioned,

“Playing Dress up with my mini me ❣️❣️❣️”

Who is the lucky man? Vera Sidika announces she will give birth this year

Cate Actress with baby K

She has also not revealed her daughter’s face to the public because she said she feared what trolls would say about her baby.

“Our social media is something else. We trash even innocent kids. Wacha ikae, let me enjoy her cuteness alone,” she said.

The former Mother-in-law actress took to Instagram to share the photos of her baby saying that she and her husband Phil were not hiding her from the world but hiding the world from her.

This is because it is cruel especially on social media.


“Throwback! Baby K at 2 weeks 🤗… we are not hiding her from the world, just hiding the world from her. Such a cruel world 😩 especially here on social media. Thank you for all the congratulatory messages. You shall meet her when we are ready 🙏🏿❤️ .. if ever 😩” read her caption.

The actress and her husband announced the pregnancy in September last year after keeping it private.

The couple then went on a baby moon in the Maldives.

In December, Cate hosted a lavish baby shower to celebrate her second pregnancy.

The baby shower also doubled up as the gender reveal for the couple.



Kate Actress gifted Sh 2 million car by hubby Phil for giving birth!

Catherine Kamau popularly known as Kate Actress is having her time of reaping. The woman has been receiving blessing after blessing, with the biggest one being giving birth to a baby girl late last year.

And it seems that that blessing has bred another, she has been bequeathed a brand-new car by her husband Phil Karanja for giving birth!

The entertainer with Phil Karanja
Kate Actress with Phil Karanja in a file photo

According to her posts, the BMW X1 was a gift for making Phil a proud dad to a beautiful baby girl! The couple welcomed their first child a few weeks ago after 2 years of their happy marriage.

I cried every day for a whole year! Kate Actress discloses sad experience

Kate shared the photos on her Instagram page and reminded young ladies on the importance of hardwork and patience.

She wrote;

Young Queens out there, hardwork, patience and perseverance still pays. Hardworking girls are still cool. 

Mrs Karanja with her new ride

Although the couple continues to hide their daughter, we can tell that the bouncing little girl brought along blessings for her mum.

Kate Actress in black and white
Kate Actress in black and white

Mrs. Karanja is a proud mum of two, with her eldest son Leon, joining form one this year at the expensive new school Nova Pioneer. The total fee Kate and Phil will be paying for her son for the whole year is Ksh 494,000 which is just short of half a million.

Kate-actress-son going to school with the baby
Kate-actress-son going to school with the baby

The two are currently doing well with their production company which has not only been releasing top TV series in the country; but has created employment for many youths aiming to venture into the entertainment industry.

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Kate is so lucky! Phil Karanja reveals trait that a married man must have (exclusive)

Phil Karanja shared some exciting news with his fans this week. The news that his famous wife Kate Actress is heavily pregnant.

The man gushed about it on his social media page. I called him up and asked him a few questions regarding the good news. He was a bit cagey with what he could tell me as the couple had agreed not to give interviews to media but yours truly was able to get a few questions answered by the film producer and director.

Kate Actress with her husband Phil
Kate Actress with her husband Phil

Phil told me the reason they had revealed the pregnancy so late in the game, was that the couple had made a choice to keep some things to themselves.

‘We looked for my daughter even in the mortuary’ – Kate Actress’s mum

He also told me that the couple didn’t already know the gender of the child as is the trend for some celebs like Diamond and Tanasha. He said he wanted to be surprised when the baby is born.

Kate Actress
Kate Actress

What was one of the most important qualities that he believed a man should have in a marriage? Phil believes that communication is key and said as much. ‘As a husband create an environment that your wife can come and speak to you freely. Make sure that after she has communicated her needs that you work on the issue.’ he said.

Phil Karanja with his wife in a restaurant
Phil Karanja with his wife in a restaurant

Abel Mutua recently enjoyed his close friend Phil about the time it took to get their first kid, even saying that he was ready to sub him if needed.

Phil Karanja posing with Abel Mutua
Phil Karanja posing with Abel Mutua

Was the long wait for a child a concern for the popular filmmaker? he said that he was chilled about the wait and was always confident that he would have a child soon.

Precious School Tragedy

Phil spoke about the Precious Talent School tragedy where 8 students died and many more were injured. He said that he was pissed about the incident,

‘It means that someone stole money (meant for quality construction of the school). It is sad that some people are willing to risk the lives of kids for their own personal gain. May those involved get dealt with.’

Red Cross rescue workers at Precious Talent school on Monday, September 23 2019.
Red Cross rescue workers at Precious Talent school on Monday, September 23 2019.


The man also revealed that the new show that he was working on would be called, ‘My Empress’ that would air on Maisha MagicHe explained that he was a dramedy series that follows a couple of women navigating work/life issues that face them.

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On 2nd anniversary, Kate Actress shares rarely seen wedding photos

Kate Actress and Phil Karanja are a couple that embody love and devotion to each other for those who believe in love. The two who have been married for 2 years are currently expecting their first kid together and decided to celebrate the anniversary on their respective Instagram pages.

Kate Actress with Phil Karanja
Kate Actress with Phil Karanja

They also shared rarely seen images of the wedding day, which showed a couple smitten with each other.

Kate Actress with Phil Karanja on their wedding day
Kate Actress with Phil Karanja on their wedding day

Phil’s message read;

2 down, forever to go. @kate_actress vitu kwa ground Ni amazing, thank you for making us a beautiful home. I freaking love you.

Kate Actress with Phil Karanja on their wedding day
Kate Actress with Phil Karanja on their wedding day

Kate wrote;

This is what ‘ NOT GIVING UP ON EACH OTHER ‘ looks like . I am really thankful that we got to be friends first , you got to see and know the real me , and you still chose me with all my flaws , my strengths, and my madness 😂! Thank you for being an amazing patner , my closest friend , my sanity , my safe haven 😭🙏🏿… HAPPY ANNIVERSARY DADDY K squared ❤️❤️❤️

Kate Actress with Phil Karanja on their wedding day
Kate Actress with Phil Karanja on their wedding day

After the inevitable avalanche of congratulatory messages that came from her fans and followers, Kate decided to advise some of her followers warning that that marriage wasn’t easy and it was hard work.

‘I want a push present’ Kate Actress tells hubby Phil 

She wrote;

Thank you all for the beautiful messages and wishes . Ours is a very normal relationship, I keep sayinghttps://classic105.com/i-want-a-push-present-kate-actress-tells-hubby-phil/ couple goals ‘manyoya’ 🤦🏽‍♀️ because Marriage is work and it’s a journey . Treasure and nourish yours , don’t envy others especially here on social media , sis , yours Could be way too better and awesome ! The only difference is , most of our lives and careers are in the public eye otherwise ndoa ni ile ile 😊 highs and lows .But it feels super amazing to have someone to go through life with , it’s a blessing from God actually . That been said , may God Bless you and yours peeps ASANTENI 🙏🏿❤️

Kate Actress posing
Kate Actress posing

It must be said that Phil married a woman who already had a son from a previous, showing that the lengths and breadths he was willing to go to have Kate as his wife.

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‘I want a push present’ Kate Actress tells hubby Phil 


Everyone thinks it’s the most ridiculous gift ever, but not Kate Actress.

In a youtube video, Kate and hubby Phil share details of their pregnancy where Kate says ‘I need compensation’.

Phil laughs it off Kate adds that

i am craving a new car, a push gift, I think it’s important. I’m pushing a whole head for you, I need compensation (she laughs).

This is not a completely alien idea as socialite Kylie Jenner was gifted an extravagant gift to celebrate the arrival of her daughter with boyfriend Travis Scott, Stormi, who was born on Feb. 1.


The celebrity couple also discussed their excitement at the pregnancy and what it took for them to get there.

Kate described the anxiety and relief as they tried to conceive.

I’m the most impatient person in the world. I would check everyday and I got so disappointed I wasn’t getting pregnant, to a point I said I don’t want to try anymore, when you really want one it doesn’t happened. At some point I kept avoiding coz I didn’t know how the first experience traumatized me, so here we are

The couple are aware that a new addition to the family will be a life changing moment.

Kate Actress with Phil Karanja
Kate Actress with Phil Karanja

Phil said

I absolutely love and adore babies, recently I have discovered gettign a baby is more phsycological, and I didnt know how my background really

affected how long we had to wait to get a baby. For me the biggest challenging was everything had to be ready,

When they announced the fantastic news Phil kept it cool, but is secretly over the moon

What does Phil feel about the new baby?

Can I pull a tom cruise and jump on the table?

We wish the two all the best as they await their bundle of joy.

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Pregnant women got moves! Kate Actress dancing in the Maldives amazes her fans!

Kate Actress is over the moon at moment. Not only is she holidaying in the Maldives with her husband Phil Karanja, but she is also pregnant with her second baby.

Kate Actress on the holiday
Kate Actress on the holiday

This week her Instagram page has been a flurry of activity with her dropping the bombshell (photos) that she and Phil were having their first baby.

Pregnant Kate Actress and Phil Karanja go for babymoon in the Maldives

The news was posted with wonderful professionally taken snaps showing that the couple is enthusiastic about having their first kid.

Kate Actress with her husband Phil
Kate Actress with her husband Phil

And it seems that she isn’t done yet, the chocolate actress decided to show her fans a side of herself that many might not be privy to.

That side being her excellent dancing skills. She posted a video of herself dancing and here is the thing, her pregnancy didn’t seem to affect her as she moved vigourously to one of Nandi’s songs.

The video is below;

carolradull Hahaha Love it 🔥🔥🔥😂😂😂
terryannechebet You look so beautiful with that bump Mami. ❤️❤️❤️
officialnandy ❤️❤️❤️❤️
missnailantei Babes you make ma day!!!! @kate_actress go gal!!!! 😘😘😘😂😅😅
idah_alisha @kate_actress GIVE IT TO DEM!!!!!💖💖💖💖
kehinde4042 U want to be like our Lauraikeji no problem. Lol, love ur dancing.
luciamusau Get it mama 🔥🔥🔥🔥
betty_nash2017 Lovely
hiramkomo Beautiful
jackie_nyambu Usiache please

What do you think about Kate’s dancing skills?

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Pregnant Kate Actress and Phil Karanja go for babymoon in the Maldives

Phil Karanja and his wife Kate Actress have been over the moon this past few months. Of course the reason for their mirth and joy is because of the news they revealed that they were pregnant.

Kate Actress
Kate Actress

That wasn’t all, the couple went all out and released a series of pregnancy photos that showed an enthusiastic Kate with Phil looking proudly and giddily at her.

For those who thought that they would stop there, you and I were wrong! Kate released a new set of pregnancy photos showing her clad in a beautiful dark brown flowing and well-fitting dress! Beautiful to say the least!

Kate Actress
Kate Actress

That wasn’t all, to cap her exciting and momentous news, Kate and Phil are now in the Maldives! What! You heard that right! Even expecting women can go for wonderful exotic trips to one of the most desired and admired holiday destination spots.

Kate is so lucky! Phil Karanja reveals trait that a married man must have (exclusive)

The actress shared the information on her Instagram page. She shared a photo and video showing herself enjoying her vacation to the envy and celebration of her fans and followers.

Kate Actress on the holiday
Kate Actress on the holiday

Her only qualm about the dream destination was that she couldn’t drink wine on the holiday. Most of the fans wished that they would be the ones visiting the holiday spot that is known for its crystal clear water and white sandy beaches.

Phil Karanja chilling in shades
Phil Karanja chilling in shades

Good for Kate. May the holiday give her the desired rest and relaxation that she deserves. Watch the video below;

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What took you so long?! Abel Mutua cheekily asks Phil about wife’s pregnancy

Abel Mutua, Phil Karanja and Blessed Njugush are great friends. As a result, the trio often make fun of each other, normally bantering on their social media pages, something that Abel did today in a humorous post on his Instagram page.

Phil Karanja and Abel Mutua standing in the middle
Phil Karanja and Abel Mutua standing in the middle

A little back story first; This week, Kate Actress and her loving husband Phil revealed that the couple was expecting a baby. They did so with maternity images that they posted on their respective Instagram pages.

Baby News: Kate Actress and Phil announce pregnancy

Kate couldn’t hide her glee and went all out thanking her man was being patient with her for the years that they have been married. It was probably this message and the length that it took for Phil and kate to get pregnant that prompted Abel’s cheeky message.

Kate Actress with her husband Phil
Kate Actress with her husband Phil

The popular scriptwriter hinted that he had been prepared to help Kate get a baby as Phil was talking to long with the task. He wrote audaciously;

Aaah!!! Mkurugenzi! @phil_director Buda Nilikuwa nishaanza kupiga warm up nikingojea unipige Sub juu Hii bao ilikuwa haikuji. Kumbe ulikuwa utingize wavu Dakika ya 90? Aaaaahhhh Kazi safi sana wadau. @kate_actress Kama hivi ndio utakuwa unakaa na ball Naona ukipigwa zingine saba. So proud of you my people. Sasa Leteni Toto tumfundishe kukatika Odi.

Kate Actress with her husband Phil
Kate Actress with her husband Phil

Phil didn’t have to defend his prowess as his wife Kate came out swinging and responded on her husband’s behalf. She insisted that her husband had taken time because the team he supports (most likely Arsenal) takes time and that even Abel himself still only had one kid many years later. She wrote;

When you date and marry msee wa kale ka team patience is everything. Because kufunga mabao si rahisi kwenu . Wewe bado unapiga offside 10 years later trophy ni moja kwa Kabati (Steph) 😂😂 over de bar Kama k !! Thank you sweetheart 🙏🏿😍

Abel Mutua with his wife
Abel Mutua with his wife

This whole exchange is hilarious and shows the closeness this close circle of friends has.

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Baby News: Kate Actress and Phil announce pregnancy


Film director Phil Karanja and wife Kate Actress are expectant.

The husband has expressed his excitement at they await the birth of their first child as a couple.

Kate, who is known by many as Celina, is a mother of a teen son from a previous relationship.

Taking to his social media Phil wrote

About to walk this new journey in life, can’t wait 😍.


Different people have come out to celebrate the couple with  their congratulatory messages.

blessednjugush:Congratulations wadau… God see you through in everything. You’ll make the greatest Dad!!!!!!

loulou_hassan:Hongereni sana 🙏🙏

miss_mutembei:Daaammmnnnnn…. Congratulations my favorite peeps..

ruthnyabuto: Congratulations you two Are really blessed beyond words.

cynthiababe_higz:Congratulations Guys…. Yaaani am happy for you my guys.

starchebet: Aaaaaaw mammi ❤️❤️❤️ Pregnancy looks good on you. Congratulations and all the best.


thekingkaka:@phil_director Kazi imeonekana , congratulations.

celestinendinda: Yaaaaay am soo happy for you guys… sasa Tugi amepata kamtu kakuchokoza.

shee1_shee:God bless your family and may his grace be always sufficient to you.. Congratulations

shereen_gichure:Daaaamn gal you look fine, congratulations are in order indeed God has done it.

ms_kyalo:You are blessed. Congratulations beautiful.

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Couple goals: Lovely photos of Former Mother In Law actress Kate and hubby Phil

Diamonds are nothing when am rocking with you
Diamonds are nothing when am shining with you

This is a quote Phil used to describe former mother in law actress Kate when sharing a cute photo of them.

He has also said this about her:

She illuminates the greatness in me and everyday, am the luckiest man alive coz I wake up next to her @kate_actress#WCW

Kate and Phil have a love we all long for and we feature them today as our cutest celebrity couple of the day.

Check out their loved up pics:


kate and phil 17
Kate and Phil
All loved up Kate and Phil
Rocking Kitenge: Kate and Phil
Glowing: Kate and Phil
Dinner: Kate and Phil
A man treating his Queen
All white : Kate and Phil
Cuteness overload: Kate and Phil