Over 600k people sign petition to bring back Jeremy Clarkson

After being suspended over a “fracas”, Top gear’s Jeremy Clarkson’s fans signed a petition to have him reinstated.

The petition was started by a blogger and has so far garnered over 600,000 signatures.

The Sunday edition of U.K. motoring program holds a Guinness record for the most-watched factual program in the world.

The BBC said the two final episodes in the series may be dropped as well, and a petition was started Tuesday, as at now the petition dubbed “Freedom to fracas” stands at over 600,000.

As for the “fracas” media reports said Clarkson allegedly hit a producer over a lack of catering, while filming them show on location.

This isn’t the first time for him to be caught up in controversy.

Petititon challenging Joho’s degree struck out

A petition challenging Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho’s degree certificate has been dismissed  by Mombasa High Court.

The three judge bench which included  Justices Christine Meoli, Edward Muriithi and Martin Muya ruled that the petition was premature and did not exhaust mechanisms to determine if his degree was valid.

Silus Otuke, an activist had  filed the petition challenging the governor’s election over claims that his degree was fake. Kampala University had previously defended the authenticity of the degree.