6 Creative Ways To Meet ‘The One’ In 2016

Everyone is excited about the New Year. And one thing on the mind of most singles is meeting and connecting with their potential mate.

Many singles are tired of going out because they run into the same people which makes the pickings very slim.  However, it’s a new year and its time for a fresh start. The best way to find a fresh pool of potential candidates is by fishing in a different pond.

Judi Mason is an Empowerment Strategist who uses multiple platforms to help individuals be empowered. Here are her 6 ways to meet a new group of singles:

Get out:

Get out from behind your computer. Get out of your house. Get out of your car. Put down your phone and connect with real people.  Meeting people online is great but while you are Facetiming someone in Singapore, there are a lot of real live potential candidates in your city.

Change your mindset:

View people you meet as a connection and not necessarily “the one”. The person you meet today might be a connection to someone you would like to meet. When you meet people relax and enjoy yourself.

While you are being your wonderful charming self, the people you are interacting with might say, “You would be perfect for my friend”.  If by chance you and the friend don’t hit it off, you have one more ally. Take the pressure off. Relax. Enjoy yourself and allow the beautiful person you are to shine through.

Change your mindset from “I’ve got to meet the one” to “I am going to have a good time.” You will see a difference in who you attract and your emotional well-being.

Switch up your go to spot:

Don’t go to the normal single hangouts, instead visit unlikely places. For instance, go to the museum, visit tourist spots, etc. You never know what local resident might be taking his or her friends on the tour of the city.

Start a singles club:

Connect with old friends, co-workers, colleagues ask if they know of singles who are interested in connecting with other singles. Have your friends do the same. Host a mix and mingle for everyone to meet. You might meet a potential mate and possibly make a new friend.

Date more:

Mr. Right does not exist. Stop instantly saying no when someone with “potential” ask you out on a date. You never know you might have a good time. And if you don’t connect he or she might have a friend to introduce you to. Trust me, it happens.

Get active:

Volunteer for a political campaign or non-profit. Join a professional organizations for your industry. This is a great way to meet other like-minded individuals.

The following are just suggestions, but I think that you get the idea. If you want something different you have to do something different.

This year take the pressure off of meeting “the one” and choose to enjoy the journey. Start 2016 on a mission to live your life to the fullest and to have fun along the way. With an open mind and a clean slate, you might be surprised who you meet.


If You Speak Sarcasm, This One Is For You –

I am pretty sure you’ve read so many quotes about sarcasm and if you are a sarcastic person you must have dealt with people getting angry  at you most of the times for throwing those wisecracks their way. But it turns out that sarcastic people are intelligent and smart (says science).

 Below are just a few things you should know about sarcastic individuals and their shared smart-alec personality type:

1. It’s a good sign of brain health – Research shows that a little sarcasm can be a good thing when it comes to cognitive function. In fact, an inability to detect sarcasm may even be a sign of brain problems or disease, like dementia. Through a series of MRIs, scientists found that sarcasm lives in the parahippocampal gyrus, the part of the brain associated with memory . How’s that for a reason to sharpen your wit? 

2. Helps one pick friends – Sarcastic people tend to dish out their snark more with their loved ones than anyone else. This makes it important that they surround themselves with people who appreciate their sense of humour (which research shows is crucial to social connection). Sarcastic people appreciate people who not only have the ability to tolerate their smartass comments, but can give them back. 

3. You’re good at showing affection – I hate you = I love you to someone with a biting sense of humour. “There does seem to be truth to the old adage that you tend to tease the ones you love,” sarcasm researcher and psychologist Penny Pexman told Smithsonian magazine.  Sarcastic people show affection by way of snark. That being said, psychologists recommend curbing the remarks for the sake of certain relationships. What sarcastic people view as playful, others may see as hostile. 

4. Makes you more creative – A recent study found that smart alecs may be more inventive. Participants who made sarcastic remarks -as well as the receivers of those remarks -did better on creativity tests. The study also found that sarcasm may jump start a person’s abstract thinking. 

5. You know how to de-escalate a situation While conflict can arise with a sarcastic remark, those closest to a smart alec know it’s just their sense of humour – at least according to research. “Our studies show that, given the same content and tone, sarcasm expressed toward or received from someone we trust is less conflict provoking than sarcasm expressed toward or received from someone we distrust,” wrote Francesca Gino, a behavioral scientist and professor. 

6. Sarcasm rules the world – Sharp wit has been revered for ages. Researchers have been studying sarcasm for at least a decade and the trend has permeated culture much longer than that. One phone analysis found when people used the phrase, `yeah, right’, it was said sarcastically 23 percent of the time. What’s more, children are exposed to it from an early age, making it highly likely they understand sarcasm before they even get to kindergarten. 

7. Sarcastic people think on another level – There’s a common saying that “sarcasm is the lowest form of wit but the highest form of intelligence.” That may be right: Sarcasm really is a workout for the noggin. Research shows the brain has to work harder to process snarky remarks, the Smithsonian reported, which may lead to a sharper brain overall through problem solving. 

8. May help you survive – The inability to detect snark in modern society is more of a hindrance than a help, according to experts. Research shows sarcasm may be seen as an evolutionary survival skill because of its critical role in social interactions. In other words, smart-ass comments are simply part of human behavior at this point.


Here’s Why Talking To Strangers Is A Good Thing

Growing up we are always advised not to talk to strangers mostly for security purposes and it grows in us until adulthood.

Talking to strangers is not a bad thing and despite the cons, there are advantages of talking to strangers.

1. You never know where your luck may beMaybe that stranger you struck a conversation with might be your best friend or spouse few years down the line. Or may just be the connection to your dream job.

2.You might start looking at life issues from a different perspectiveA stranger’s opinion might be all you need to positively change your ideologies about some topics, especially if they know more on that topic than you do.

3. It’s a smart way to boost your confidence. Ever tried approaching someone first with a subject on your mind? It could be extremely liberating, knowing that you successfully drew someone’s attention. If you make this a habit, your confidence can be boosted incredibly and your shyness eliminated.

4. It makes you a great listener and good speakerIf you want to have a successful career, then horning your social skills are extremely important. Having conversations with strangers actually helps because you not only become a good speaker, you become an incredible listener.

5. You can pass time, especially when your environment is boring or you are where you don’t wish to be. Talking to strangers will not only help you make friends but also you will also pass time faster.


Signs That You Are A People Pleaser

Have you ever looked at that person in the office who’s always willing to get the coffee, fetch the printing paper , go to the vending machine etc and you always wonder why they are so nice?

They seem too reliable and everyone seems to love them. Well, have you ever thought of them as people pleaser? Do you ever wonder why they are too nice? Or is that your character?

According to the Huffingtonpost, here are signs that you are a people pleaser

1. Telling someone ‘no’ physically pains you As a result, you’ll usually be the one to take on extra work or go out on a Friday night when you really just wanted to stay home. Why? Because disappointing someone is your kryptonite.

2. You have a habit of saying you’re sorry – Get in someone’s way on the train? You apologize. Take a little time to respond to an email? You apologize. Accidentally walk into a dining room chair? You apologize.

3. Conflict terrifies you While nobody likes an argument, people pleasers avoid it even more than most. And that can turn into a big problem.

Try looking at conflict as an opportunity to resolve an issue, advises Susan Krauss Whitbourne, a professor of psychological and brain sciences In a blog for Psychology Today, she explained why we need the interaction in the first place: For the resolution. “The basic themes of communication, respect, curiosity, and willingness to consider alternative points of view can get you through many of life’s toughest moments with the people who matter most to you,” she wrote.

4. You tend to over-explain yourself – On the rare occasion you can’t do something, you tend to go into great detail as to why. But there’s no reason to feel so guilty, pleaser. Here’s a mantra for you: You can do anything, but not everything.

5. You’ll likely accept any invitation To a wedding, to the movies, to that weird bowling league etc 

6. You work hard to prove yourself This goes for work and in your relationships. Like highly sensitive people, people pleasers are somewhat averse to criticism and thrive on positive feedback. This pushes you to work harder to make sure you’re doing everything you should be in order to satisfy your boss or partner.

7. You won’t pick where to go for dinner – Decisions = Excruciating. What really makes you happy is going to a restaurant with great company — whether it’s Korean BBQ or Italian is irrelevant.

8. You probably won’t raise your hand with a questionThere are two types of people in a meeting: The ones who eagerly shoot their hands up during the question and answer session and the ones who silently make a note of what to ask later. People pleasers don’t like to call their problems to attention, they’d rather focus on solving everyone else’s issues first.

9. You secretly like being that person everyone depends on – It makes you feel good to help your coworkers, family and friends. And it turns out science is on your side: Research shows being generous or helping others can increase your own happiness level.


Single People Hate Being Among These Kinds Of Couples

We all have people or rather couples that we know who are annoying to be around because of the way they behave. It doesn’t mean that we are jealous of them, but we get it that you are in love but some habits are not pleasing to anyone but rather irritating.

If you notice that your friends no longer want to hang around you, then maybe you belong to a certain class of couples that many people avoid. Here is a list:

1. The PDA Couple – Making out is not bad, in fact it’s allowed but you have to consider the environment you are in. Being in love doesn’t give you permission to shove your tongues inside each other’s mouths and be all over each other at the restaurant, coffee shop or the movies etc where other people are. There’s a time and place for everything you can do all that in your house.

2. The show off couple – Whatever happens between the two of you should stay between you. The rest of the world does not need to know where you are going, what you are doing, the food you eat all the time. And yes we are happy for you but we don’t need info that is irrelevant to us. Let’s talk about things we have in common like sports, cars, music or even news. Talking about your relationship all the time bores us to death especially on days that we have issues to deal with, rubbing your happiness on our faces makes us sick.

3. The Putting on a show Couple – You have friends that you talk to when you feel like your man has irritated you or has done something wrong. So technically we know when you are having issues. No one is happy when others are sad or in pain unless you don’t wish them well. But seeing as we know your issues there’s no point pretending to be happy for the cameras when you are clearly not and on that note why are you still together if you keep complaining about them?

4. The On-Again, Off-Again Couple – We are tired and very confused about your relationship status. One minute you are dating the next you are exes. As friends we will take you out for drinks to help you de-stress and cry out the break up. But the moment it turns into a second and third time, we will be done and out. Learn to sort out your mess.

5. The Cupids – Just because I’m single doesn’t mean I want to be hooked up. As a couple you get to enjoy things in twos and as a single I get to enjoy them alone or with a friend. But that doesn’t mean that I am lonely so stop trying to hook me up with your friends, cousins, colleagues etc.

6. The “We” Couple – This is when a couple have grown together into one single human being. You happen to be buddies with the girl but when an invite comes along it’s “we want you to come with us to the park, movies , swimming etc” They come as a pair in everything they do and you will be the third wheel up until you get a partner. While it’s fine to be in love, I want my girls’ time with my girl and that doesn’t include your man.

7. The Drama team – This happens to be the worst of the bunch and you would totally hate to be caught up between them because you will always be the referee. One minute they are in love all happy, chatting and smiling. The next moment their voices are raised while trading insults or worse, exchanging blows and kicks amidst tears. Sort out your mess in private please. It’s not a good look.

Before You Meet The One, You’ll Date These People First

If you are in a serious relationship, the main aim or rather long term goal is to end up married and live happily ever after. However are you sure that this is the right one for you to spend forever with?

In the search for the right one, you’ll may end up making all the wrong move, you may fall for someone’s potential and not their real self which ideally should be the goal. People have different personality types, dating is not a one size fits all.

According to Shantell E. Jamison of Ebony here are the personalities you get to meet before landing the right one :

1. The Crazy One: This kind is always too good to be true, because it’s they are fake. You mistake their fits of rage after finding a text from an associate as “caring.” At first, you’ll perceive their behavior as “a symptom of being in love” instead of the red flag that he/she is controlling and possibly covering up their own tracks. Everyone has allowed their emotions to get the best of them at some point, but this person always does. Insecure people like this will drive any sane person away fast, but these types usually prey on those with low self-esteem. Their insanity often turns into physical and mental abuse, a tool they use to manipulate and keep you at bay.

2. The Best Friend: You’ve been friends for a while and then you realise that you have fallen for ech other. The friendship is too sacred for the relationship not to work, so you go for it. So what your friend cheated on everyone he/she has every dated?! With you it will be different. But it isn’t. The best-friend breakup is particularly bad because you least expect it. This is someone who knows what you’ve been through and has been that shoulder to lean on during tough times. Now they’re the one causing you harm and you have no shoulder to lean on. Some friends hook up out of desperation and convenience, so don’t take it personal if it doesn’t work out.

3. The Wild Card: With the wild card, you never know what you’re going to get. You’re intrigued by the “danger of it all.” You stick with them for the excitement, and the false belief that you can tame this wild and free soul. Most wild cards have commitment and stability issues, but we see their problems as “living on the edge” or “going with the flow.” These individuals have a stream of short-term relationships that all end due to the “other person’s issues.” The wild card never takes responsibility for their own actions and will constantly try to manipulate you with passive-aggressive behavior when you call them out on them out Trust, this isn’t a ride at the amusement park that you’ll want to wait in line for.

4. The One You Think You Can Save: This is by far the most emotionally draining personality type that you can involve yourself with. The relationship starts off sweet, with your mate showing you signs of a normal person who is warm and interesting. Give it about six weeks. They will have you in tears because you can see “the potential” of how good you can be together, but the reality is anything but. Despite what is being presented, you won’t have sense enough to leave right away because they “need” you. You believe that you can change them and most likely have a strong desire to be needed. These relationships are particularly damaging because “the victim” is very good at playing the role. For most of the union, they’ll have you wondering what you did wrong (which is nothing), and holding on a bit too long to an already doomed relationship.

5. The Stepping Stone: The stepping stone is always looking for something better. They have no problem using people to fill the void left from an unsuccessful relationship or until the “right one” comes along. They ignore the fact that they’re trading in people as if they are shopping for a car. Unfortunately, you’ll buy into their affections, not knowing that they’re looking for the next best thing. They are the epitome of selfish and can truly damage your self-esteem. No one is perfect, and many of us have behaved in ways similar to the personality traits described. The difference is that some allow their emotions to get the best of them on occasion, while others dwell in destruction.

Watch out for the signs and don’t brush them off because they will cause you harm later.

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Be Dating A Married Person

Married men are attractive, seem to have their lives in order, are caring, dedicated, focused etc. so they seem like the perfect guy to be with.

After all they possess what many women want right? The thing is he is MARRIED hence in layman’s language taken, off the shelves, not available to date, not yours etc. He belongs to his wife.

So why would you want to date them? Many would say he’s nice, he doesn’t love his wife, he’s frustrated, he feels trapped bla bla bla. Have you ever asked yourself why he won’t leave because of the reasons he gives you?

You still believe he’s the one for you right? Ok. Here are reasons why you should drop him/her.

Hotels are your new joints – You cannot meet at their place for obvious reasons. Their spouse might pounce on you unexpectedly and we don’t want that do we? So you are entirely limited to hotels and motels for everything.

No show – Many of your planned dates will end up with you being disappointed because he could not make it. Something had to be done for his family or his wife was suspecting something so he had to keep it on the down low and he hopes that you understand.

Limited calls – When you are feeling down and want to vent or have a bad day or just maybe when you want to chat about nothing, they are the last person to call because they will either not pick or simple ask to call you back which they never do. You will probably have an agreed time frame to which you can call.

You have limited time – You can’t meet up whenever or wherever as their time is split between the numerous “meetings”, his family and you. Of course you get the least amount of time, infact you are like the 30 minute tea break.

Trust issues – You will always be second guessing where you belong in his life because, one day you’re in love the next day he won’t pick up your calls. Besides are you sure you are the only side dish they have?

They will not divorce – It’s highly unlikely that they will leave their spouse for you and by sheer miracle if they do then you will always suspect him. You will wonder is he finally had it from being “unhappy” or if he was dumped.

Things You Should Never Take Personally

We are all emotional beings and sometimes we overreact to things we probably shouldn’t. Granted we might be having a bad day or someone might just do something silly and we react to it when the best thing to do is to ignore and move on.
There are a few things people shouldn’t take personally:

1. Virtual comments/opinions: Why do we get so steamed up about what people write on the internet? We get ourselves caught up in silly, meaningless arguments, working ourselves up because someone disagrees with us. Well, that’s life. What does it matter if someone we’ll never meet thinks we’re wrong? They’re entitled to their opinion, and they don’t have to agree with us and vice versa.

2. Customers at work getting annoyed: If you work in a role dealing with customers e.g receptionists, customer care etc you’re going to have to deal with angry customers at some point. But remember if they yell at you, they’re not angry with you personally; they’re getting cross with the company you represent. Deal with their complaint calmly, and don’t go home still fuming at how mean your customers were to you.

3. Someone pushing in front of you: People everywhere get annoyed if someone cuts in front of them in traffic or into a parking space. If it happens to you, let it go – it’s not worth getting cross about. It’s a minor annoyance, that’s all. What does it matter if they get in front of you?

4. Being turned down for a job: Being turned down for a job is really depressing and it’s hard not to take it personally. But it’s rarely because they didn’t like you; it’s far more likely that they had a number of good candidates (including you). Employers have to choose one candidate for a job, and if that wasn’t you it doesn’t mean that you weren’t good enough. Plus there will be more opportunities.

5. Your partner not liking your cooking: When you’ve spent time cooking for your partner or family, you’re going to feel cross if they don’t like it. But it’s not a personal comment on your cooking skills (unless you really are an awful cook!). Everyone has different tastes in food, and it just means that this particular dish didn’t work for them. Besides even chefs have their bad days.

6. Traffic: When you’re stuck in traffic, you usually get worried that you’re going to be late, or annoyed at the time you’re wasting. But try not to take it personally – the traffic jam hasn’t built up just to make you late for work. Plus unless you can fly, you really have no control over it.

7. Funny Looks: Have you ever thought that someone was giving you a funny look? You then imagine that they’re criticising something about you. But they’re probably not even looking at you, much less judging you. You’re imagining what they’re thinking; you have no idea what’s really in their mind! They’re probably looking at the advert behind you or thinking about their own problems. Sometimes they are even staring into space, so don’t get yourself in trouble just because you “think’ they are looking and judging you.


Which Drunk Personality Are You?

We all know that friend who becomes extremely bold when drunk yet they are the shyest when in their sober state. Then there is the other one who turns into a mouse when under the influence yet while sober they are usually the cat. Then the dramatic one who is just all over the place.

People react differently to alcohol and it tends to bring out ‘other” characters. Psychologists from the University of Missouri-Columbia have identified four types of drunk personalities.

The Hemingways: This group change only slightly when drunk, retaining a level of contentiousness and intellect. Around four in 10 of the participants fell into this group. They showed fewer reductions in the personality traits such as conscientiousness, which is defined as being reliable, organised and prompt, and Intellect -understanding abstract ideas, being imaginative – than the rest of the sample, when drinking.

The Nutty Professors: These drinkers become more confident and extroverted with a few drinks inside them. They also become less conscientious.  They change quite dramatically. They are the ones who suddenly gain confidence after imbibing a few. The character was named after the main character of two Disney films who is chemically transformed into a more outgoing character, these people are particularly introverted when sober and become much more extroverted when drunk. More men than women fall into this category and one in five participants overall.

The Mary Poppins: This group remains friendly, cooperative, compassionate and agreeable when drunk. Around 15 per cent of participants fell into this personality group. When sober, they score particularly high on the agreeableness scale, meaning they are friendly, cooperative, and compassionate. And their positive outlook remains as the night wears on.

They decrease less than average in conscientiousness, intellect and agreeableness when intoxicated,’ the researchers wrote in the journal Addiction Research and Theory. The Mary Poppins group of drinkers essentially captures the sweet, responsible drinkers who experience fewer alcohol-related problems.’

The Mr Hydes: This unfortunate group of people become less conscientious and intellectual, but more disagreeable when they drink. They are most likely to experience memory blackouts or be arrested. These people show large reductions in conscientiousness and intellect – as well as becoming increasingly disagreeable, when drinking.

‘In other words, members of this group, reported a tendency of being particularly less responsible, less intellectual, and more hostile when under the influence of alcohol than they are when they are sober, as well as relative to members of the other groups,’ said the psychologists.

The Mr Hydes made up 23 per cent of the drinkers, with more women than men.

Where do you lie? Which one are you?

-Daily mail

Google Photo App Calls Black Couple Gorilla’s

Google has a problem again and this time it’s not the white house being called the “Nigga house”, its a photo of two black people being called “Gorillas”.

The Google Photos application, uses an automatic tagging tool to help organise uploaded images and make searching easier.

But the artificial intelligence software mistakenly described African-American computer programmer Jacky Alcine and his friend as “gorillas”.

Google has said it is “genuinely sorry” after its image recognition software labelled photographs of a black couple as “gorillas”.

In a series of tweets to Google, Mr. Alcine said : “Google Photos, y’all f***** up. My friend’s not a gorilla.”

He added: “The only thing under this tag is my friend and I being tagged as a gorilla.”

Mr Alcine also remarked: “What kind of sample image data you collected that would result in this son?”

He received a response from Google’s chief social architect Yonatan Zunger later that day.

“This is 100 percent not okay,” said Mr Zunger, promising a fix later that evening.

According to Skynews Google said in a statement: “We’re appalled and genuinely sorry that this happened.

“We are taking immediate action to prevent this type of result from appearing.”

“There is still clearly a lot of work to do with automatic image labeling, and we’re looking at how we can prevent these types of mistakes from happening in the future.”

One person on Twitter dubbed it “the first instance of A.I. racism”.


Common Character Traits Of Indecisive People

Have you ever been in a situation where you have to deal with someone who can never seem to make a decision?

Or are you trying to understand why some people take 50 years to decide things?

Wonder no more, here are the reasons why they are indecisive and can’t seem to say what they want.

We prefer to just go with the flow – Comedy movie? Thriller? We’re not going to be the ones to debate it. We care about the company, not the activity.

We’re people pleasers at our core – We don’t want to upset anyone over a choice we make, whether it’s a weekend activity or a more serious issue like leaving our job. Harmony is when everyone is at peace with a decision; we just need to remember to include ourselves in that equation.

We may identify as highly sensitive – Highly sensitive people have an acute ability to recognize subtleties and details which could make decisions more challenging.

We solicit pretty much everyone’s opinion before figuring out our own
Mom, dad, grandma, the owner of our favourite saloonist/barber etc.  Whoever they are, they help us make a more informed decision.

Big decisions are mentally exhausting- We take a long time to make up our minds about the monumental changes in our lives, like moving to a different city or taking a new job. That’s because we know how important they are and we don’t want to mess anything up. Because of this, we put a lot of pressure on ourselves and that can be taxing.

A pro tip for all the fellow indecisive people out there — go with your gut if you’re short on time. Research suggests following our emotions generally leads to better outcomes rather than analyzing the details.

Even choosing where to go to dinner can be a chore – “I don’t know where we should go, but I know I definitely don’t want to go to that burger joint, that Asian-fusion place or that Italian restaurant.” Hey, knowing what you don’t want is half the battle, right?

We sometimes agonise about our decision long after we make it – That’s because we’re terrified of making the wrong one. We’re not big risk takers, and would rather know the outcome as soon as something has been decided (which, as we all know, isn’t always how life works).

Pro-con lists are our best friendsPros for going on a run: You’ll feel better and you’ll improve your endurance. Cons: It’s raining and there’s a Friends marathon on TV right now.

We’re reflective – We think long and hard about our decisions because we’re terrified of making the wrong one. This isn’t so bad in theory, but sometimes, that reflection can get the best of us. Research suggests that indecisiveness is associated with excess worry, which is not so great for our health. And in more extreme cases, it may also be associated with mental health issues, such as depressive symptoms.

We’re really proud of ourselves when we efficiently make a decision
Little by little, we’re trying to be more strong-willed — even if that means just making a split-second choice on what chips to bring to a party. Practice makes perfect, right?

To all of our decisive loved ones, thanks for taking charge when we can’t. Let’s just say, if there was one thing on which we’d be quick to make a decision, it’d be that we weren’t so indecisive in the first place.

-Lindsay Holmes

Emotions experienced during dating

When one is dating or in a relationship, there will always be highs and lows and with that comes a roller coaster of emotions. The emotions vary depending on the reasons why we experience them and the moments we have them, but they are totally normal to those dating.

Some of the emotions are negative, although in a good way because it’s as a result of “wanting”, needing”, yearning and not as a result of lacking.

 Frustration – When you haven’t spoken to your partner in a while say a day or two it can become frustrating. Yes you know that they are thinking about you and you are thinking about them but still the fact that you miss them gets you a bit edgy.

Sadness – Just like being frustrated, one can feel sad especially after a fight or because of something they said that they feel was a bit rough. Sometimes you can also feel sad because your partner is going through something and it makes you sad that they are sad.

Happy – Because you have someone who has your back, makes you laugh, makes you feel good about yourself etc. Thinking about them and the moments you share together just make life much better for you as it brightens up your day.

Angry – He hasn’t called, and you miss him terribly or maybe you just want him to hug you and hold you for a minute, so you get angry. It works all the time, as the girls to tell you.

Scared – You have bared your soul and have been naked (not literally) for this person. They have seen you at your lowest point, you have let them into your world, they know your dreams, fears etc. yet they still love you. It’s scary to have someone know you that deeply and it’s even scarier especially the thought that you might lose them.

Excited – When you are going to meet them or you know that they are coming over to see you, it feels like butterflies in your stomach because you know that you are creating another memory together.

Naïve – The way you feel when you learn something new from them, the things you teach each other. The fact that you explore and learn about new places together and allow the lessons and experiences bring you closer.

Punctuating your texts make you look “angry”

According to a linguistics expert Mark Liberman, Using a full stop or any other punctuation mark to end a message could be seen as the equivalent of slamming the door in someone’s face after a conversation.

It could also mean that you are annoyed with the person you are communicating with.

Or it might just be that you like to use correct grammar.

The University professor says that In the world of texting and instant messaging the default is to end just by stopping with no punctuation mark at all.

He suggests including a full stop might lead the recipient to infer something was wrong as it wasn’t normally done.

In that situation, choosing to add a period also adds meaning because the reader(s) need to figure out why you did it.

They could translate it to mean  “This is final, this is the end of the discussion or at least the end of what I have to contribute to it.”’

So, no matter how much you enjoy correct grammar, it might be a good idea to stay away from full stops while texting.

“People in need” campaign photoshoot in Kenya (photos)

A campaign dubbed “People in need” started by in 2008 by  “Cordaid“ a  development aid organization based in Netherlands has gone viral.

The campaign is aimed at showing people that the money they spend shopping for luxury things like bags, sun glasses, shoes etc can be used to feed and make a difference in someone else’s life.

The campaign is aimed at showing the world that they are people who are living in hardship areas and can use the little amount to buy food and other basic necessities.

Below are photos of the campaign shot in Kenya.

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Ways to avoid letting money affect your relationships

One of the challenges that is experienced in a relationships is usually money, not necessarily the lack of but also the pursue and use of money may also create an issue.

Relationships will always have challenges and victory can be achieved only if matters are solved amicably, this includes financial challenges.

There are some golden rules that one should follow in order to maintain a cordial relationship not only with your partner, but also in business.

1. Avoid debt –  If you can avoid borrowing money by all means do so, this will not only help you avoid issues but will keep your relationships drama free. Use whatever you have unless and unless its really necessary, don’t borrow money.

2.Pay your debts – Simple rule but hard to follow for most people, once you borrow cash from someone ensure that you return on the agreed date. If you are unable to do so on time, communicate in advance and give an alternative date or mode of payment eg. instalment if you are unable to clear.

3. Humility – You may have a ego that you think will protect you, but it actually works in the opposite way. Learn to accept people without judgement, no one is beneath you in as much as you may have a better house ,education etc. Look at people the way you would want them to look and see you.

4. Be present – Giving your time and attention to people goes a long way in building relations. Even If you give expensive gifts, without a personal connection it feels empty. Time, attention, thoughtfulness, and interest in someone make  much more impact.

5. Spiritual self righteousness –  This habit  fools you into thinking you are better than others. Spiritual ego is what causes wars, holocausts, and prejudice and destroys relationships. It helps to remember that Spirit can hide in unique and clever costumes. Those you judge may well have the most to teach you. When someone talks about the virtues of Jesus or Buddha, they push others away.

When they behave with the virtues of Jesus or Buddha they draw people in. Similarly, when someone talks about the importance of making money, being in integrity and having clear communication they may intrigue others with these principles. But when someone demonstrate the value of an agreement, the ability to handle money responsibly and respectfully, and shows respect in their communication, they do far more to spread the message than talk ever will. Talking without the walking only creates distrust and disbelief.