Celebs whose engagement ended before they said ‘I DO’ – List

Engagements being called off is not news anymore. We take a look back at some of the celebrities whose long engagements never got to end in the altar.

Some of the individuals have however found love else where and are happily married.  Here is the last

1. Chipukeezy

The comedian recently broke up with his girlfriend whom he had dated for three years, saying that

“People fall in and out of love, and maybe the plans I had for her did not work out.

We moved on because there is more to life than just love and relationships. People should stop speculating things, but instead let her move on with her life. She is free to be out there and get other people.

To be honest, we agreed that whatever we wanted to do together would not work out, and it was a peaceful agreement. Tulikua tunaenda Canaan tukapata mamba.”

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He proposed  on her birthday in 2015, fashionably pranking her with a berries layered cake, a small ceremony attended by close friends.

At the pop of the champagne, the charming star went down on one knee and sprung the surprise to Vivian’s joyous shock.

Image result for chipukeezy proposes to his girlfriend

2. Willis Raburu

In September  2014, the TV presenter proposed to Sally Mbilu,  a colleague. Sally later broke off their engagement after a year and a half, the main reason for the breakup was never revealed.

Lady lucked smiled on him and he met the woman he now calls wife, Marya Prude .He proposed to her in February 2017 and a few weeks later walked down the aisle.


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3. Avril

In 2016, Singer Avril took a break from her engagement to South African fiancé Muga.

In an earlier interview on Citizen Television’s 10 Over 10 programme, Avril told host Willis Raburu that since the demise of her dad in March, 2016, she felt withdrawn from a lot of activities and relations that require emotions.

“I do not know how we are going to carry on with our plans”, she said, citing her career as the main focus at the moment.

 have been quiet because after I lost my dad earlier this year, I decided to take some time off being in an emotional relationship. I was not in the state of mind and heart to plan my wedding and so I decided to put it aside,” 

Related image

4. Maribe and Jowie

On 30th June,  Jowi went down on one knee and asked for Maribe’s hand in marriage, to which she said yes!

Among those who witnessed the romantic moment included her close pals Shiks Kapienga, Terryane Chebet.
The two kept us on our toes by constantly posting mushy mushy messages on their social media platforms before Jowie was arrested as a suspect in the murder of Monicah Kimani.
To make things worse, Maribe was also arrested for being an alibi. Currently, she is out on bond while Jowie is still in remand, by the look of things it is obvious the engagement is done.
5. Pendo
Pendo got engaged to a mzungu guy in October this year. She revealed this information on her social media page on Instagram when she showed off an expensive engagement ring.
She captioned ‘I said yes’
 Only days after the engagement, Pendo was allegedly arrested for not being able to pay a Ksh 75,000 bill in a Westlands based hotel.
Joseph Kner is said to have left her in the room but Pendo however denied being arrested. A fan posed

‘Is it true your mzungu lover left you with bills? Are you at Parklands police? I hear people are making contributions to clear your debt?” 

image-2018-11-27 (1) (1)

Unbothered Pendo said

”I love making news. It’s the work I chose,”

Kenyan celebs who’ve been accused of conning people

It’s hard to imagine a celebrity conning people but for some that is the only way they know how to survive despite the fact that they know it is a bad thing.

We take a look at some celebrities who have been caught up in this web.

1. David the Student

The Churchil comedian was last year exposed for conning Kenyans especially those in the diaspora,

One Frank Njoroge took to Facebook to call out the comedian for being a con.

According to Frank, Mike Snr and many others who came out to expose David the student, he has mastered the tricks of conning Kenyans in the diaspora.

David the Student

He was also accused of  always lying that he’s raising money for his father whom he claims suffers from cancer, relatives hospitalized in coma, his house robbed etc.

Slum millionaire George Maina killed in an attempted robbery

Njoroge’s post read:

Frank Njoroge

Defending himself from the allegations David said

“I have spent time reading this. And some of it is true.(the borrowing of money) But I have NEVER told anyone my dad has cancer! Coming here (America) made me realize life here ain’t what we see and think there’s a dollar tree falling and people catch… being here for a couple of months has made me appreciate the hard work most of you guys .., (Kenyans in America) WORK SO HARD to take care of your families and to live the American dream.

I APOLOGIZE To anybody and everyone.. those I borrowed and those who lent me and I’ve not refunded. I take full responsibility and I am ashamed. Not that Some will care… but the truth is, there’s so much pressure being on tv to live a certain life but in real sense it’s shit crazy and I don’t want to speak for anyone else but it’s CRAZY being famous and BROKE! Comedy in kenya doesn’t pay and most..

MOST promoters here get shows for you later on they do not pay you end up just making money for them… I am NOT in anyway defending my actions… I am taking FULL RESPONSIBILITY of SOME of the accusations… and from the bottom of my heart… I am sorry, The very best in all your hustles. A David the student. “

‘I slept with my pastor’s wife yet he was targeting mine’ Brags city man

2. Wilkins Fadhili

Edwin O Osigro, who goes by the name Wilkins Fadhili on social media, recently found himself in a predicament after his suspicious dealings were exposed.

Fadhili, who is the CEO Fashion Torch Africa, describes himself as a brand strategist, developer, Forbes Africa Top 30 under 30 and Top 40 under 40.

Other than Larry Madowo, some of the big ‘clients’ listed on his website are Edith Kimani, Usain Bolt, Suzzie Beauty, Cold Stone Creamery, Collins Injera and Executive Water’s Anerlisa Muigai.

Wilkins Fadhili

But his troubles started after he bragged on Twitter how he is working to position BBC Africa Business Editor, Larry Madowo, as a global brand.

However, Larry acted fast in not only disowning the claims but also said he neither knows nor has he ever met Fadhili.

The former NTV news anchor even threatened to take legal action on the tweep

Speaking about the whole issue during an interview with NRG Radio Fadhili said that everything was a mistake.

“I made a mistake of faking it till you make it and at that point while I was working all these posts about me working with Larry Madowo I was baiting these celebs.

I was in this situation where I was creating content that would come out in a way that I was working with these brands(people) so that if they feel that I have evaluated their brand well enough they would be willing to work with me.

I lied about my social media manager because I developed all the content myself.”

3. Chacha

Wazir Benson Masubo Chacha caught the attention of many after being involved in a conning game involving Members of Parliament.

According to DCI boss George Kinoti at the time Chacha had used an ID of a former MP to open an Mpesa account.

“He used an ID number of a former member of parliament to register an M-Pesa account in the name of Sabina Wanjiku Chege. He did this in Donholm and we have all the details.”

Wazir Chacha
Wazir Chacha

4. Pendo

Everly Munga, the owner of G spot Kenya, an online shop for dildos and s3x toys, shamed the socialite on social media saying Pendo had requisitioned for a vibrator which was delivered at her home address.

Ms Munga, a lawyer, revealed that when she called Pendo during delivery, she was told to leave the package with the gate guard and will receive the Sh5, 000 payment via M-Pesa.

A week later,  Ms Munga had not received the payment, prompting  Pendo to take to social media to address the issue.

“I’m not paying even a dime. I’m sure people didn’t know she sells vibrators and dildos and now she is making money from my branding. But she saw the best way is to put my photo and phone number on social media.”


She added:

“If we go to court, I will not pay anything because of defamation of character. Business is not handled that way. In fact, she is the one supposed to pay me. I’m not going to sue her, si ametengeneza business yake. Atafutemtumwingine basi.”

She concluded by saying that she won’t be changing her phone number and is going to pick all the calls she will be getting after her digits were exposed to the public.

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Stick to your lane: Socialites who released music jams in 2018

2018 has seen a lot of ‘up coming artistes’ the likes of Vera Sidika, Hamisa Mobetto and Pendo of Nairobi D but the big question is how good were they?

Vera Sidika is known to many as a socialite before she made a name for herself in the business women list, funny as it may sound she thinks she can sing.

Weeks after her public breakup with Otile Brown she surprised many of us by releasing a jam ‘Nalia’ which according to me sounds like a desperate poem to an ex.

‘How does he expect me to go out and not cheat yet I am so beautiful!’ Shouts city woman (Audio)

Recently Nairobi D actress Pendo shocked many of us after releasing a jam ‘Mali’ alongside PETRA and OTEE BEATZ – MALI.


‘Karma is real,’ Otile Brown throws shade at ex bae Vera

 Thinking about it now Vera and Pendo are better off compared to Hamisa Mobetto whose jam ‘Madam Hero’ makes me sleep, literally.

Whover told her she could sing should actually be awarded the BIGGEST liar of 2018. Personally I think this damsels should just concentrate on something else.

The music field is not for the faint hearted and with the stiff competition we all want authentic music sio mambo ya trial and error. Here are the songs be the judge .

If I say they are poor, except for Pendo’s you might think I am hating so lemmie be thinned by my own issues.


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‘Nisamehe mama Chloe’Mzungu sponsor begs his Kenyan baby mama only days after leaving a socialite with a Ksh 75,000 bill

Nairobi D cast actress Pendo has been arrested and detained for failing to clear a bill of Ksh 75,000 accrued after  her now mzungu ex-boyfriend Joseph Kner bailed out on her.

The two caused a storm weeks ago after Pendo took to social media flaunting her engagement ring with the caption ‘I Said Yes’.

EXCLUSIVE:Kenyan socialite Pendo arrested after her Mzungu bae bailed out on her leaving her with a bill of Ksh75,000


Pendo engaged

In an earlier post on social media Kner who is engaged to a Kenyan woman identified as Elizabeth Waithira ,posted an ill thought post bragging about how he chose to buy a bike rather than fund her.

“I had the choice , either sponsor my ex b$tch in Kenya or buy the bike ..well my choice was clear, the bike . Now she must find an other sponsor for her nails ad hair and and .. .Only money for my daughter goes to Kenya but the b#tch is offline . “

Drama as Sports CS Rashid Echesa is accused of paying people to photo shop Senator Malala’s nudes

It seems like hkitumbua kimeingia mchanga and the ‘sponsor’ has taken to social media to beg his baby mama for forgiveness after a nasty break up and wants them to be a good example to their daughter.

“Hey the nation . After a long dispute and thinking, I guess its time that I officially apologize to Elizabeth Waithera Maina with who I was married to and was planning to divorce her.

Emotions were high but the most important is that our daughter Chloe is well and i know Elizabeth will take good care of Chloe as she did before. Lets close that chapter and everyone live a happy life. We still are parents both but we don’t have to argue.

When you do a mistake in life you should also be able to say sorry after you recognize it . And i am sorry Elizabeth . Lets just live out lives and our daughter will look up to us as good parents. I suggest everyone who has children to not make them pay for our mistakes.”

Elizabeth is yet to give him a response,we never know he might even be a scam who wants to leave her kwa mataa just the same way he did to Pendo.

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EXCLUSIVE:Kenyan socialite Pendo arrested after her Mzungu bae bailed out on her leaving her with a bill of Ksh75,000

Socialite Pendo is currently at the Parklands police station for failing to pay a bill of Ksh 75,000 in a Westlands based hotel .

The actress who is well known for her acting stints in a local show ‘Nairobi Diaries’ is alleged to have been with her mzungu lover, Joseph Kner; the one who recently engaged her,Mr. Kner is said to have left her in their room with the bills and the socialite was stranded.

Even though the socialite and her bae seemed head over heels in love, Sources have found out that she was taken to the police station on Wednesday evening.


Our source said:

“She and her mzungu went to that hotel last week, sasa mzungu amemhepa, amemuacha na bill ya karibu 80,000. Yesterday, she was checked out by that hotel but at 8:00 PM, she hadn’t paid, akaitiwa makarao.”

Adding that:

“As we speak, she is at Parklands police station. she spend around 8 nights in that hotel.”

Pendo Nairobi Diaries

Drama as Sports CS Rashid Echesa is accused of paying people to photo shop Senator Malala’s nudes

We reached out to her but spoke to the lawyer who confirmed that the lass rumoured to have enjoyed a tryst with Davido was indeed behind bars.

He said:

Mimi ndio wakili, nimekuja kumsaidia. Ni kwa sababu ya Ksh 75,000

Pendo engaged

Just the other day, pendo was flaunting her engagement ring and leaked the information that she and the mzungu were to ‘walk down the aisle soon’.

She wrote:

“I said yes”


Below is the man


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Pendo speaks out after being accused of stealing Mishi Dora’s fiancé

Mishi went off on her during the latest episode of Nairobi D.  Pendo is under pressure to prove that she was not nyemelearing Mishi Dora’s bae, Ciggie.

 It was ugly.

Pendo took to Insta-live to clear her name late last night.


Pendo. photo credit: instagram/the ghetto princess

Asked if this latest scandal will see her leave the show or get fired.

Pendo retorted:


Pendo explained that the whole, Ciggie-Mishi saga is “not about me, or who wants who, it is about their relationship.”

She went on to explain,


Pendo went ahead to explain how Ciggie ended up having her number, although in all honesty, if you Google Pendo you will find her number online from her saga a while back when she refused to pay for a dildo that was delivered to her doorstep.

Anyhow, I digress.

Pendo explained that, Ciggie went live on Instagram using her phone and later he took photos using Pendo phone.

Ciggie then input his number into Pendo’s phone and sent himself the photos.

Pendo said the only other time she spoke to Ciggie was when she was “asking about the camera and the charges. We did not talk again. Mishi, you should apologise to me. Vile alilia sana [On the show]. She is an actress.”

Adding that she is not worried that Mishi will fight her at the reunion,


To clarify further that she doesn’t care one aota for Ciggie, Pendo said,


She then went ahead to say Mishi Dora has “self esteem” issues for thinking up an affair where there is none.


Ciggie described Pendo as “Waaaay prettier in person”.

Mishi Dorah calls out her Boyfriend and Pendo for betraying her

The controversial curvy drama mama, Mishi Dorah, famously known for the reality TV show,Nairobi Diaries gave her fans some shocking news on a live video.

First, she alerted her fans by posting the below post;

Mishi Dora

Ciggie is her boyfriend who she has been flaunting lately. The tycoon is said to be very wealthy and strong.

Everything came to a stand still yesterday when Mishi exposed Ciggie and Pendo for betraying her. Apparently, they had been texting and conversing and Ciggie seems to have been double dealing both ladies.

Mishi Dora

This seems to have been just a photo but in reality it was a romantic kiss from each of the ladies.

The mother of two is known as queen of smack downs but on her live video she was in tears.

This is what she said;

” I cant be in the same show with you Ciggie,you have a job i dont have a job,go back to your job ,lemme continue being in Nairobi diaries coz this mt main hustle..This is what feeds my kids,this is what feeds orphans,my mum doesnt have a job now,i am the one who takes care of those people.This is what pays my bills.I dont go about sleeping with men to get money,i work for my money. Nairobi Diaries pays me for that money.

She said ‘her man’ had been flirting with other girls on the show and some confronted her and others didnt and that was Pendo. She added that she doesnt have a problem with Ciggie and Pendo picking things together.

This is when she gave the big announcement that she was leaving Nairobi Diaries.She continued to say;

“Ciggie wants to be in Nairobi Diaries and there is no way i can be with this same man,he’s made me lose my Job ,him threatening me with his mum oohh if i tell it publicly. He wants me to be fine publicly like me and him are still dating but we are not fine in real life,Just for him to continue with his fame.

Mishi Dora

She was so bitter and miserable as she spoke.She added:

“Ciggie will be in nairobi Diaries,he wants to take my position.”

All who are Mishi Dorah’s fans know she is a fighter and a drama mama. She revealed the most painful thing she has been experiencing,

Talking about Ciggie,’her man’

“Nigga has the guts to even Beat me up,forcing me to do things that he has his way,he has to be in Nairobi Diaries and he has to be in Nairobi Diaries no matter what.”

She revealed that she has been locked up and in her bed for three consecutive days.She later thanked her fans and the people who supported her when she was still in Nairobi Diaries.

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Socialite Pendo’s Boyfriend Involved In A Horror Car Crash (PHOTO)

Nairobi Diaries reality star Luwi Capello needs your prayers. The handsome lad escaped death by a whisker after he was involved in a grisly accident in Mombasa yesterday.

Luwi Capello

Although details are still scanty, Luwi was rushed to hospital and according to a close friend, Mr Msanii,  the reality star is out of danger.

“I was in the hospital with him this morning, he’s strong, God is with him,” HE SAID.

Fans of Luwi among them fellow reality star Brian took to social media to wish him a quick recovery and here are some of the messages they had for him

Monica: Quick recovery

Vince: Oh my god. Blood of Jesus. Please bless him n give him life to live and get back to normalcy. I warned him n many others several times in Africa to wear their seatbelts religiously. I warned them but ppl chastise me saying i was a hater. I pray to god that he recovers from this in God almighty name🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏😢😢😢

Luwi Capello and Pendo

Fab: This is so sad. Get well soonest Luwi



Mercy: Oh my God. Get well soon Luwi, may the almighty God take care of you und strengthen your Family

Nancy:May God heal him

Meteri:Get well soon

Reina: Woi pole zangu to both Pendo and Luwi. God is in control

Colonel Mustapha Is Caught In Another Love Triangle

Colonel Mustapha is not a new name in the entertainment industry, he is popularly known for his hit song ‘Lenga stress’. He was a member  of Deux Vultures, a music group that comprised of him and Nasty Thomas.



Apart from singing, Colonel features in a a reality show that airs weekly in a local TV station, and was rumored to be dating not one but two of the cast members. He is said to be giving rapper CMB Prezzo sleepless nights.

Moustapha is said to be stealing Prezzo’s girlfriends. This is months after he claimed to be in a relationship with Mitchell Yolla, who bitterly parted ways with Prezzo.



The Showbiz bad boy Mustapha is caught up yet in another love triangle, this time with another cast member Bridgit Achieng. Bridgit recently returned from Nigeria and announced that she was getting into music professionally. She choose Mustapha as her mentor and the two seem to be having a close relationship.

Mustapha is caught up in this love triangle considering the fact that he has a girlfriend who is not known to the public and has indicated he plans to settle down with. I guess we just have to wait and see because with Mustapha you don’t ask who is who, instead you ask who will be next to be added in his long list of girlfriends.