Must Be Nice: Photo of students flying private jet to posh Kenyan school


When it comes to education, only the best will do for the offspring of the super-rich.

While some schools are located in leafy suburbs, others are found in far flung locations, where students fly on a private plane to school.

Kenyans have come across a photo of students exiting a private plane that dropped them off at the Pembroke School.

The Facebook post went viral. The caption following the photo also rubbed it in the faces of Kenyans that some people are living and others are existing.

The Pembroke House School, Kenya charter flight arrival yesterday with some of our returning students!

Pembroke is among posh foreign schools in Kenya with a world-class curriculum, exclusivity and an extremely high price tag.

With the hefty fee structure, the school is out of the reach of ordinary but for the wealthy in Kenya. The high cost can be explained by the exclusivity of these schools and the value of the education on offer.

By sending your child to one of these fancy schools, chances are high they will make friends with children from the who’s who in Kenya such as political figures or others with connections.

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