Finish him! Rayvanny’s girlfriend tells Hamisa about romancing Rick Ross


Hamisa Mobetto’s Dubai vacation is getting all sorts of reactions, and the latest being a dancing video with Rick Ross.

The video emerged online Thursday night November 25, eliciting mixed reaction.

Hamisa’s teen friend Paula Kajala, who is Rayvannys girlfriend has encouraged Hamisa to have fun.

She told her in a cheeky comment to ‘finish him’. Laughing off the message.

Respect to you my aunt nyoosha visokorokwinyo wote’

The leaked video of Rick and Hamisa is courtesy TMZ below. See how loved up they appear. Hamisa even calls him Dzaddy!!


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Rayvanny talks marriage plans with Paula, fans tell him to forget it


Tanzanian singer Rayvanny revealed plans to marry his young girlfriend over the weekend, hinting the ceremony would be very soon.

On his Insta stories Rayvanny wrote¬† ‚ÄúCan‚Äôt wait for my wedding‚Ķ‚ÄĚ (Sijui itakuwaje siku ya ndoa yangu).sharing a picture getting cozy with Paula.

Many upset fans reminded him about Fayhma, whom he promised marriage.rayvannyesmaweddingsuit

A family source said the plans for a wedding were at an adavanced stage¬†‚ÄúUnajua sisi tunawashangaa sana watu wanaoongea mambo yasiyowahusu, Rayvanny ana mpango wa kumuoa jumla Paula na hii anafanya kwa sababu anampenda na hataki kumpoteza, kwa hiyo watu wakae kwakutulia,‚ÄĚ

Rayvanny’s romance with 19year old Paula has been heavily debated ever since a video of their cosy moment was leaked online.

After much speculation, Rayvanny admitted he was dating the girl insisting she wasn’t a minor. Rayvanny and Paula now refer to themselves as Bonni and Clyde, much to the dismay of social media in laws.

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Fahyma allegedly sends spies on Rayvanny and new girlfriend Paula


Leaked voice notes suggest Rayvanny’s ex wife sent a boda boda rider to spy on her man and his new girlfriend Paula.

The rider claims Fahyma wanted details of how the two live, what they eat, anything that she can use to win back her man.

The leak was done by Tanzanian tea master Juma Lokole who mocked Fahyma for being obsessed by her ex, urging her  to respond to the claims.

Rayvanny and baby mama Fahyma

This is even said to  ne the reason why Rayvanny assigned a bodyguard for Paula, fearing her life is in danger  because of suspicious people following her.

A few days ago, Rayvanny showed off a mansion he was building for Paula and her mother Frida. It is also alleged that Rayvanny and Fahyma started the project together, but abandoned it when they split.

Rayvanny has asked fans to help him name the house. Possible names that he has thought of include Chui mansion, Vanny village or Hollywood.chui house (1) (1)

He was praised for it, and Diamond and his sister hinted Rayvanny and Paula will be happy there, congratulating them.

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Harmonize ex-girlfriend Kajala announces she is starting a reality show

Bongo Movie Actress and Harmonize’s ex Frida Kajala¬† has announced she is starting a reality show.

The reality show ‚ÄėMom & daughter ‚Äúlike twins‚ÄĚ will feature her daughter Paula Kajala.

They shared their news via their social media pages

‚ÄúMom & daughter ‚Äúlike twins‚ÄĚ lifestyle reality show coming soon on your tv. Cast: @kajalafrida @therealpaulahkajala‚Ķ.Golden bond #back2back,‚ÄĚ read Frida‚Äôs post on Instagram.

Kajala and her daughter shot into the limelight in their relationships with singers, Harmonize and Rayvanny.

Frida dated Harmonize for a period of three months.

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Paula became a topic of discussion after Rayvanny shared a video of them on February 14, with the singer landing in trouble soon after.

Paula’s mother, Frida, accused the star of spoiling her daughter by getting her drunk.

The act resulted in a police case that saw Rayvanny and Hamisa Mobetto, plus the Kajala’s being questioned by police.

Harmonize and Frida Kajala
Harmonize and Frida Kajala

Check out their post regarding to the upcoming reality show;

Frida Kajala daughter Paula arrested over allegedly leaking Harmonize’s nudes

Bongo Movie Actress Frida Kajala and her daughter Paula Kajala are in a whole lot of trouble. The two have allegedly been arrested hours after landing in Tanzanian from Dubai.

The reason? Early reports indicate that the two have were apprehended over allegations that they had leaked singer Harmonize’s nudes and private chats to the public.

It is also being reported that the two were being interrogated at Central police station in Dar es Salaam. This comes days after singer Rayvanny and Wasafi FM Presenter cum singer Baba Levo were also questioned by detectives over leaking Harmonize’s nudes and private chats.

Harmonize and Frida Kajala
Harmonize and Frida Kajala

This has even prompted the¬†Tanzanian government through its regulatory body ‘Baraza la Sanaa la Taifa’ (BASATA) to intervene with the aim of bringing to an end the war of words between Rayvanny and Harmonize.

The body issued a tough warning to the two, asking them to refrain from using abusive words on each other and instead focus on making good music or else they will face the full force of the law.

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BASATA’s intervention¬†came at a time Harmonize had threatened to drag Rayvanny, Baba Levo and others to court over what he termed as sharing malicious information about him on social media.

The former label mates and collaboration partners at Wasafi have become bitter enemies with the two each accusing the other of trying to seduce Frida’s daughter, Paula.

Harmonize with Rayvanny
Harmonize with Rayvanny

The funny thing is the center of all of this drama is Paula, who hasn’t yet given her side of the story, something I hope we get to hear soon.

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