Kenyan female celebrities who are single and still look hot

These female celebrities have accomplished a lot in the Kenyan entertainment industry and all this is without a better half in their lives. Not only are they aging like fine wine, but they are also taking over the world with their massive talents. They however still leave their fans wondering when they will see a man in their lives.

Below are some of the female celebrities who are single.

1. Joy Kendi

Kenyan Celebrities who got to watch Beyonce at the Global Citizen Festival(photos)

2. Patricia Kihoro

3. June Gachui

4. Joey Muthengi

5. Sheila Mwanyigha

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Kenyan celebrity squads that will leave you jealous (photos)

It’s one thing to have favorite celebrities but it’s another thing when you find out they are friends. I have put together a list of surprising celebrity friendships who will  leave you wanting to be part of their squad.

1. Edith Kimani, Sharon Mundia and Patricia Kihoro


2. Kagwe Mungai, Fena Gitu and Lenana Kariba

These Kenyan celebrities show you how to rock short hair(Photos)

3. Sheila Ndinda, Nancie Mwai and Mandi Sarro aka The girlfriend diaries


4. Naiboi, Nyashinski and Big pin


5. Joy Kendi and Cris Njoki

Utashtuka! Strangest People You Didn’t Know Existed

6. Catherine Kamau, Neomi Nganga, Celestine Ndinda, Judy Nyawira and Faith Mary Nyaga.


7. Terryanne Chebet, Monica Kiragu, Shix Kapienga, Kirigo Ngarua and Jacque Maribe

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These Kenyan celebrities show you how to rock short hair(Photos)

Going natural has become the new thing in town. In a world where Melanin queens are appreciating themselves, it has all started with our nappy African hair. These celebrities however prefer having short hair and they rock it like queens. Oh, and we are not complaining.

Here are some celebrities who rock short hair like the queens they are,

1. Patricia Kihoro

2. Joy Kendi

‘Hii si kazi rahisi,’ DJ Soxxy’s wife appreciates all mothers, adds pregnancy is no joke

3. Lupita Nyong’o

4. Wahu Kagwi

Fashion from back in the day that has made a comeback

5. Cece Sagini

6. Huddah Monroe

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‘That’s why I never speak about it,’ Patricia Kihoro addressed lesbianism rumours

Radio personality Patricia Kihoro has come out to address rumours that have been going round about her being a lesbian something that left many shocked.

Speaking candidly on the issue the sexy radio personality said her mother introduced her to a gay man, so she would not take it as an insult if someone said she is lesbian.

“My mother has supported my work from the start and she always respects my opinion. The first people I ever met who were openly gay were friends of my mum. I was probably 16 years and she didn’t make a big deal about it, and therefore I also did not learn that was a big deal.”

Patricia KihoroShe was speaking at the official screening of lesbian film Rafiki after the court lifted a ban on it.

“I have been accused of being a lesbian but first of all, it is not an accusation, because calling me a lesbian is not an insult as I have met wonderful human beings who are homosexual and are far better than people who have stood in certain standards of judging others.

“So that is why I never speak about it. I am who I am, you know! I know what I stand for and my family knows what I stand for.”

‘A friend cannot rape and kill,’ mourns Monicah Kimani’s dad over her brutal murder

Patricia KihoroShe said the reason she does not speak about it is because she has friends who are homosexuals.

“I can never defend myself or say I am not this and that because that will offend my friends, who are what I am saying I’m not. The people who matter to me know better who I am, so I will never defend myself.”

Kihoro said it is unfair for the society to only support people to marry the opposite sex.

“There is a question on the institution of the family because men are supposed to be with women and that we are going to stop humanity and I am like, does having homosexuals in your space make you think that I am not able to sire children?” 

That argument does not make sense to me because if you know what your sexuality is, then any other person’s sexuality should not have any effect on yours.”  

Last year, rumours emerged claiming that Kihoro, lifestyle blogger Sharon Mundia aka This is Ess and Fena Gitu had a kiss, which she denied.

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AFROPUNK: Some of the looks from this year’s Afropunk Festival Paris (Photos)

The Afropunk Festival (commonly referred to as Afropunk or Afropunk Fest ) is an annual arts festival that celebrates and unifies the cultural cornerstones of AFROPUNK through music, film, skate, and art.

This festival was originally to provide black people an opportunity to build community amongst the predominantly white punk subcultures.

Its recent changes to its diverse cultural showcases, has allowed for the festival to build its masses.

Musical performers now represent a variety of genres.

Afropunk Fest has now broadened to Atlanta, Paris, London, and Johannesburg, South Africa.

Hopefully one day soon it will come to Kenya. Here are some some snaps;

zzzzafro punk1


zzzzafro punk3

Our very own Patricia Kihoro also attended the Afropunk Fest in Paris.

zzzzafro punk

zzzzafro punk7


10 times Sauti Sol has killed it with their unique fashion and style (Photos)

zzzzafro punk5

zzzzafro punk4

Here’s a short clip from AFROPUNK Paris 2018.

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From Janet Mbugua to Brenda Wairimu, here are celebrities who slayed at Disconnect movie premiere

The Kenyan film  Disconnect has been the talk of the town since it’s first trailer was brought to light and most Kenyans couldn’t wait to just have a glimpse of it.

 The series is about Nairobi’s absurd dating scene is set to expose celeb’s cheating ways and how sex is rampant among the youth in urban Kenya.

The official trailer of the movie happened on Saturday and people were amazingly dressed for the event.

Disconnect features a who’s who of some of the biggest names in film and television, including Brenda Wairimu, Catherine Kamau, Bridget Shighadi, Nick Mutuma, Patricia Kihoro and Pascal Tokodi.

The casts and their supporters were elegantly dressed and if you went with just a t-shirt and jeans well that still wasn’t a bad look.

Here is a glimpse of how some of the cast stunned.


“Parking lot photo but who’s checking 🙄 Just watched #DisconnectTheMovie and just so damn proud of the entire cast and crew. I have too many good things to say about it so look out for a video I’ll be putting up next week! Meanwhile more pics and vids tomorrow coz this girl needs to”


“Another magical night!!! I want to say a warm thank you, to everyone who made these last two nights possible…especially you guys, who came through to watch our labour of love.#DisconnectThemovie”

Screenshot from 2018-04-23 08_24_34

“About last night. 🤗 I have never had the experience of attending a red carpet premiere of a film that I was in, so last night was a first time for me with #DisconnectTheMovie.”

“Rocked up in a @sewe-kenya creation for the #DisconnectTheMovie premier. Loooooved the movie!”

Screenshot from 2018-04-23 08_27_56

“Am really looking forward to meeting you this evening at the #Disconnectfilm screening .. this was our Hollywood like weekend.”

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See How Patricia Kihoro And Her Mum Had Fun On Valentine’s Day!

Well, on Valentine’s Day Patricia Kihoro and her mum spent the day in the most unique way. Mommy came out to support her daughter who was having a show at Junction. Yep, that’s how supportive of her comedian girl.


Twinning with mum. She really is always in the audience. Always! ❤️❤️❤️

This gave rise to adorable fan comments that noted the two looked absolutely stunning together!

kennedymureithimunyi Miss kihoro is this ur twin siz cousin or siz again or frd
embody_accessories Awwww! You look lovely!
moremaureen ❤️
ninnamasha Lovely kihoro
rugsandcarpetscentre_ke 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👌😍
african_girl_original 😍
di_moraa Beautiful as always ,pass my love to your Mum
richiemoneynatiz Your family are full of Scintilla @misskihoro
ibrah_future Ok
_wainoe Everyday I pray that I have your mom’s ageing genes

The best thing I personally got from my mom is a sweet text message from my mom who was checking on me. In as much as I did not have a Valentine’s date, my day was all cool. How did you spend your Valentine’s Day?

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See How Patricia Kihoro Spent Her 32nd Birthday In Cape Town [Photos]

If there’s anyone who knows how to have fun, it has to be HBR’s Patricia Kihoro. The gorgeous singer and media personality did not let her d-day go down the drain as a dull day. It caught her in Cape Town, where she was attending the Afropunk Festival.

During one of her stop overs at a vine yard, she took a pic and posted it on Instagram with a witty caption, thanking her adoring fans for wishing her a happy birthday.

Patricia Kihoro All Set To Discover Great Artists On #TheSearch

Patricia’s career has been a stellar one. She has won accolades, appeared on TV as an actress and made a name a living out of brand endorsements. 32 does not look too bad on her!

Soaking in all the love and good vibes you’re overloading me with today. (And soaking in wine as well because I’m in the wine-lands). Thank you for all the birthday wishes guys. Thank you. 32 has started out AMAZING! .

patricia kihoro

I think I finally recovered from meeting Andy and now I’m just living life like it’s golden AF. Open to everything, saying yes more enthusiastically, trusting my instinct even more and having even doper conversations with God. He’s the truest plug. Trust. More love to you. ❤️❤️❤️
Also I came to Cape Town on a whim and now I’m having the best time of my life. What is a plan even?

We do wish her the very best in life!

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‘I Feel Good Where I’m At,’ Sharon Mundia Confesses After Twitter Speculation About Her Marriage

In May 2015, popular blogger Sharon Mundia and Lonina Leteipan broke the Internet with their expensive engagement that entailed flying to Mt. Kenya where Lonina went on his knees to ask for her hand in marriage.

She said yes!

Their love story continued. And in November 2016, the two tied the knot in an all-white invites-only wedding that was held in Watamu.It was one of the most expensive weddings this town has ever seen, literally!

Word on the street now has it that the fairy tale is no more. Mundia has not been mentioning her husband in her Vlogs, as she previously would and fans have been asking where her bae is at.

The two were last seen sharing photos together in December even before their daughter Aria Nailantei Leteipan was born.

Since then, the husband has deleted his social media account and gone M.I.A. Mundi, on the other hand, has never talked about him, even on her recent Vlog on her childbirth experience. Sounds abnormal right? She didn’t even mention the other parent.

She has been sharing inspirational and heartbreak quotes on social media, her recent being one in which she talks about how good she feels where she is at.

“It took me the whole day to work up the courage to post this but you know what? I had a baby 5 months ago and for the first time in ages, I’m taking care of my body & mind and eating right. And I feel good about where I’m at. 💪🏾 So, here’s a picture of me in my pretty epic bathroom  about to hit the pool. 🏊🏾‍♀️”

Our very own Uncle Chim Tuna reached out to Sharon Mundia to give her a right of reply on whether it is true that she and her husband are no more: She blue ticked us and our calls went unanswered.


And yes, it’s only her and her loving daughter in the picture now:

“The past few days have been some of the most chilled, relaxing days I’ve had in months. I’ve taken afternoon naps on beach beds with my daughter, eaten to my fill (and beyond), slept in, taken afternoon dips in the pool and just all round enjoyed life.”She wrote

And she vows to make an unconditional relationship to herself

“Right now can you make an unconditional relationship with yourself, just at the height you are, the weight you are, with the intelligence that you have and your current burden of pain, can you enter into an unconditional relationship with that?” She quoted Pema Chodron

Before their wedding, they had canceled an earlier date they had set for this particular union, and Mpasho went further to get an exclusive of all the juice.

Edith Kimani Gushes About Girls Pal Patricia Kihoro

Edith Kimani is a media personality who is best friends with Sharon Mundia and Patricia Kihoro both also in the media circles.

Edith is also dating the twin brother to Janet Mbugua, Timothy Mbugua.

Where Is The Hubby? Fans Shamelessly Begs Sharon Mundia To Tell Them

The three are thick as thieves. They have shot several YouTube videos together.


Edith wrote an eye opening post directed at Patricia that is both sweet and tongue in cheek at the same time.

In a past post, the German based Kenyan journalist wished Patricia a happy birthday and at the same time revealed some interesting facets of their relationship.

News anchor Edith Kimani surprises boyfriend

She wrote: “I knew miss kihoro and I would be friends forever when I woke up next to her after a night out – cuddling of course 😍🤗- and she didn’t judge me for farting in my sleep. 🤦🏾‍♀️( I sneaked a few ones when I got up 🙈🙈🤷🏾‍♀️
She’s the type of person who is unconditionally herself; and allows and gives room for her friends to be too. 😍😍 I love you Miss K. 😍😍
Happy birthday my love.💃🏾🎂👑 To more cuddling and rainbow farts 🤣😉👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩👯.”

Here are some interesting comments from fans, haters and the rest of the Kenyans about this revelation.

Patrícia Rapudo: Rainbow farts shaaaah…. Cheeeeei….. See me see wahalla ooooh

Virginia Periah: Pika popcorn ulete hapa hii udaku ni fire no time for buying recipe 😂.

Wambui Rosslyn: In as much as I’m not a celebrity but hey these are the sweetest souls I know plus 3 more not in the picture n i won’t mention. .they are always there for each other.. Definition of true girl friendships,i admire them.

Bold Is Beautiful! Kenyan Celebrities Who Rock Short Hair Perfectly

Bold is beautiful and there is nothing as sexy as a woman in short hair ask Huddah.

I have put together a list of female celebrities who have  chosen to fore-go the weave and dared to be different.

Patricia Kihoro

The soft spoken beauty is a  Kenyan singer, actress, radio and reality television personality. She came into the limelight after participating in Tusker Project Fame and ever since her star has been shinning bright.  She is among the few local artistes who gracefully rock their short hair.



Known to many as the “Boss Lady” the self made socialite looks hot in short hair. She has on different occasions dyed it different shades and whichever color she puts on, she still rocks.


Lupita Nyong’o

Away from being Dr Anyang Nyongo’s daughter, Lupita is the only Kenyan who has won the much coveted Oscar award. But with all the money and fame, she still likes to keep it simple by rocking her hair short. Isn’t she beautiful?



Akothee is one of the few Kenyan female musicians who look good in short hair. Known to many as “Madam Boss” she has proved that short is indeed beautiful.


Janet Wanja

This volley ball queen rocks her multi colored hair like no one else can. The soft spoken beauty shows us how to keep it short, bold and beautiful.



Neomi Ng’ang’a

The talented fashion designer and blogger  knows how to rock it when it comes to short hair. Neomi, who’s a plus size inspiration can often be spotted rocking this daring look, which she dyes using bright and bold colors that we must admit suits her.




The talented fashion blogger known by many for her beautiful fashion sense, knows how to make herself beautiful. She proves that short hair is not necessarily boring by spicing it up with color. She is among the few who dared to chop their hair.



What do you think? Are they hot or not?

RADIO GODDESSES! 9 Of The Hottest And Most Elegant Female Radio Personalities In Kenya (PHOTOS)

The Kenyan radio industry has grown over the past 10 years, with new radio hosts and personalities emerging and surprising us with their talent.

We must also acknowledge the impact of radio presenters who were a big deal back in the day, with their amazing, confident voices and boldness when it comes to tackling social, political issues plus relationship matters.

WHERE ARE THEY NOW? 6 Former TV Queens We Would Love To See Back On Our Local Screens (PHOTOS)

Some veteran and popular radio hosts from back in the day include; Sheila Mwanyigha, Caroline Mutoko, Ciku Muiruri, Munene Nyagah, Kalekye Mumo, Fareed Kimani, Angela Angwenyi and the late Grace Makosewe.

Caroline Mutoko

But there is a new breed of radio presenters who have taken over the airwaves in the last 5 years and just to appreciate them, how about we take a look at some of the most beautiful and sexiest radio personalities in Kenya at the moment.

1. Adelle Onyango
The Kiss 100 host is one of the youngest radio presenters in the media industry and is known for her social media influence and interaction with the young people. Adelle Onyango is very conversant with all the current affairs and has led several campaigns for girls.


2. Mimmy Khamis
She is the new radio presenter for Classic 105’s mid-morning show and one a black beauty who is proud of her complexion. Mimmy Khamis is very bubbly and down to earth, with a warm smile and sense of simplicity. Her face glows despite the fact that wearing makeup is not a ritual to her and only does it once in a while.


3. Amina Abdi
She is not only a radio presenter but also one of the most sought after female MCs, TV presenter and is also a talented singer with a very mellow voice. The Capital FM radio presenter is full of life and has a very admirable personality. Despite being a mother of one, Amina Abdi looks incredibly gorgeous.


4. Massawe Japanni
The Radio Jambo mid-morning show presenter has proved to be one of the best with her amazing Swahili accent that drives her male listeners crazy. Massawe Japanni is a mother of three lovely daughters but looks nothing her age. How gorgeous and beautiful is she?


5. Patricia Kihoro
The Homeboyz radio presenter is remembered for her time at Tusker Project Fame 3 where she was a finalist and whose amazing vocals has seen her release several songs. Patricia is a sight to behold and is also very hilarious. She is also an actress who has featured in several films and TV shows like Changes.


6. Mwende Macharia
She is very outspoken, never shying away from airing her opinion on trending topics. Mwende Macharia is one of the biggest female radio hosts from Radio Maisha and at some point, she was a TV host for a popular gospel show on KTN.


7. Mwalimu Rachel
Her smooth and mellow voice attracts listeners on Homeboyz radio and she has a very strong influence on young people on social media and always keeps it real. She is not only very gorgeous but also witty and confident.


8. Anita Nderu
She is one of the hottest radio personalities in the country and a renowned fashionista and TV host. She has a lovely voice that always gets the listeners and even fellow male celebrities cannot get enough of the dashing news reporter.


9. Terry Muikamba
This charming radio presenter is not only beautiful but also very reserved and humble, with a very sweet and smooth voice that will leave you curious to see the face behind it. The Hot 96 radio host is a beauty with brains and also one of the youngest radio personalities in Kenya.



Patricia Kihoro All Set To Discover Great Artists On #TheSearch

Patricia Kihoro is a singer, actress, radio presenter, improv comedian and sporadic blogger from Nairobi, Kenya. She loves coffee, laughter, books, photography, African music, Kitenge fabric, her phone and smugly cruising past frustrated motorists stuck in traffic, while on her scooter.

Patricia has dabbled in just about everything in the entertainment sphere. Talk about being blessed, and Patricia is too blessed!

Soon after completing her Psychology degree in 2008, she joined a reggae band, and then participated in a regional televised singing competition where she emerged a finalist. She has since acted in numerous musical stage productions, as well as in a few TV series and a couple of award-winning films.

She has written articles for magazines and websites, emceed at events, released a couple of radio singles, been in a few of her friends music videos, hosted a popular radio show, participated in a Nigerian reality series, anchored the news on radio, (and very authoritatively at that), and shared a stage with musical artists such as Just A Band, Aaron Rimbui, Harry Kimani as well as American Jazz great, Gerald Albright.

READ; Why You Must Watch Chris Adwar On Kiss TV #TheSearch

She has also been on tour in Europe, singing and dancing on stage 6 days a week for 3 months. Her biggest achievement so far has been writing, producing, directing and performing her own stage show, “Life In The Single Lane”, which was a surprising success, and sold out all six times she put it up.

She may have a bit of an attention deficiency problem and is a self-confessed over-thinker, but she seems to handle it all right.
She currently is part of an improv comedy group, Because You Said So, that puts up a show every two months at Nairobi’s popular Carnivore Restaurant. She is also a keen campaigner for Kenyan and African artists and brands, something she does with enthusiasm with her weekly radio show, Afrocentral, where she showcases and highlights non-mainstream African artists and personalities. She’s not done yet, however, as she still has some albums to work on, a TV series to create, a book of short stories to write, and 12 children to bear. She will, however, never go skydiving. Ever.

Kenyan Music Lovers Will Love This New Reality Show

Catch the premier of #TheSearch showing on Kiss TV this Sunday from 8 PM.

You can also catch the Livestream on Kiss TV’s facebook page ( on Sunday 15th January 2017