Mike Mondo disagrees with petition seeking to extend men’s paternity leave

 A petition has been filed before the labor court seeking to grant men a 90 day paternity leave.

On the Wednesday Janaury 5th conversation, Mike Mondo asked Kenyans to weigh inon the plan.

Mike laughed saying it is absolutely insane to give men those many days.

‘I want to find out whether or not you agree with dakatari. I’m sitting here wondering what am I going to do in the house for 90 days? hmmm’

Many Classic 105 audiences said it is too long, and men need to be out there getting paid not sitting at home. One man wondered whether he will be also breastfeeding.

Mike that’s a loophole for men to avoid work.

Sure, this happens in most countries around the world. Its also a way for fathers and newborns to bond.

Absolutely insane and not a thing for kenyans where majority are hustlers.Again it would be to much nagging to be with her at home for 90 days,mtazoeana na sio mimi nanyonya.

Noooo that’s unacceptableGrinning face they can extend a hand in the evening, after work.

90 days paternity leave look good until by the time it ends your wife tells you she’s pregnant again.

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I secretly got a vasectomy then my wife announced she’s pregnant

When a man decides to get a vasectomy to stop having children, shouldn’t he tell his wife?

The answer should be Yes, but one gentleman decided nah, he would rather keep his vasectomy secret. And now he is living to regret his action.

His wife announced she is pregnant and unfortunately he has to pretend to be happy to be a ‘new dad’.

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He confessed his story to Maina Kageni on Monday morning conversation, where the topic was about men taking DNA tests to find out the paternity of their children. He said

I took a vasectomy and two years down the line, my wife got pregnant. I’m raising a child who I know isn’t mine, but she isn’t aware I know this.

According to an article published this past weekend by Daily Nation, paternity testing data from DNA Testing Services reveals that at least 30% of Kenyan men who verify paternity discover they’re not the biological fathers of their children #MainaAndKingangi.

What’s worse is that the Government chemist estimates the number could be higher towards half of men who ask for DNA turn out not to be the fathers.

Father lifting son
Father lifting son

Most male callers said they would rather live life without knowing if they are the real fathers.

Congratulations! Corazon Kwamboka and Frankie welcome baby boy

Staniz Kanyi..#MainaAndKingangi, what you do know can’t kill. My friend why are you causing stomach upsets to your entire life with this hooligan test.

I can’t dare to be one. Kama mbaya acha ikae.

Ngugi Wathiong’o..
90% of ladies don’t get married to men they love. So they end up getting children from their side guys.

If DNA is free we men can’t go to look for diabetes and pressure diseases. Wacha tukae bila kujua

A father and his son playing out in the open
A father and his son playing out in the open

Incase I find out they are not my kids, I will marry 2nd wife immediately, but because I know the kids are innocent I will continue providing to them as their father


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Why Kenyan men will never reveal their secret wives and children

If you’re not listening to Classic 105, you are missing out big time.

Countless men confessed how they have secret wives and children out there and will never be man enough to tell their wives.

They all pledged to die with their secret because their wives are ‘SIMBAS’ who will give them hell if this information is shared.

This discussion arose after Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko shared the late Ken Okoths secret of a wife and son out there.

Maina Kageni had some interesting thoughts about Sonko not keeping secrets

The truth will set your free, Sonko did the right thing coz if they had hidden that child we would have found out when he is 18, why do you go out there to have more kids, don’t you have enough? Why can’t y’all just keep your zippers up? Seriously! Why are you causing a situation? I find that a very lame excuse there is something called protection if you really must go skinny dipping.’

This did not perturb men, who called in confessing their naughty deeds.

One man said

I have one person out there, I can’t tell my wife itakuwa shida nyumbani, coz I found out by surprise my other woman was pregnant, saa huu wangu ako seven months na bibi yangu hajui, sitamwambia, hiyo ni shida, sasa akitokelezea nikikufa ni sawa

Another said

How do you expect us to tell our wives we have other families out there? If you tell her you will definitely die, and live a miserable life. Telling your wife is wrong wacha let things take its own course when you die

Two other men called in saying

It’s not wrong to have kids out there, it’s not wrong to have another woman out there but now the problem is when we don’t come out early enough, remember no lie lives forever, my brother has 13 children in his burial affected the wife, it affected the entire family.

So girls, do you see they would rather you be left to handle the drama on your own? Read one more confession

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Mike Sonko reveals pictures of Ken Okoth with his son and Ann Thumbi

Mike Sonko is the man of the moment – something that shouldn’t be happening considering that he has become so after he revealed details about Ken Okoth’s love-child at his memorial service!

Ken Okoth and Anita together with their son
Ken Okoth and Anita together with their son

He did not stop there, he went ahead and posted a message on his Instagram page explaining the whole situation and also posting images of Ken Okoth, Ann Thumbi and their son together.

Mike Sonko
Mike Sonko at the memorial service

See images of the pretty Ann Thumbi – Ken Okoth’s other woman

His very long message is below;


We all want to mourn our late Bro Hon. Ken Okoth and respect his family especially the mother. Ken was a diligent leader who did everything to uplift the lives of Kibra constituents and Nairobi in general. However, even as we mourn, we are cognizant of the fact that Ken had a son with one of the nominated Nairobi County Assembly (MCA) members by the name Ann Thumbi alias Anita. The two love birds did not hide the fact that they shared a son. Unfortunately today, Anita was stopped at the Lee funeral home as she took their son to pay last respect to his father. Who does that ?!.
In spite of denials from some members of the family, it’s clear that Ken recognised and was there for his son as demonstrated by pictures and various documented correspondences. On 5th of July 2019, as the Governor of Nairobi, I received a text from one of Anita’s colleagues who said Anita was emotionally down and worried about the health of her son’s father, Hon. Ken Okoth.The MP out of paternal love of his son had reportedly called her to ask her to take care of their son. She then appealed to me to help them fly to Paris to visit the ailing Ken after ambassador Judy Wakhungu posted a picture of the late MP in a Paris hospital. On the 6th I obliged to her appeal and asked them to send me copies of their passports. I proceeded to pay two tickets for the two to travel and also booked a hotel in Paris. Fortunately, a few days later, as we waited for their Visa processing, MCA Doris, a colleague of Anita, sent me a text saying Hon. Okoth had returned to Kenya but appeared very weak. Thus the Paris trip was aborted. 
My humble appeal is that even as we prepare to bury Ken, let’s not forget his son. He too needs and has a RIGHT to participate in the send-off of his beloved dad. As such, it’s our duty to protect the right of the child. As a leader, I offer my support to the family of the late Ken as they undergo a difficult moment of mourning a husband, a father, a son, a brother. The family should accept 
Hon. Okoth’s son enjoys legal protection and recognition #ripkenokoth

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My man has nine ‘secret’ children, woman confesses to Maina

The debate on why Kenyan men never reveal the kids they have had outside their marriage is trending in Kenya and for the wrong reasons.

This is after Governor Sonko revealed to the entire world that it’s indeed true that Ken Okoth had sired a son outside marriage.

Kenyans contributed on the topic and here is what one man had to say

I have a kid out of wedlock and my wife does not know.

Telling her would be a problem.

You just find yourself in this situations,the son is 7years.

I can never tell my wife,even if the other woman decides to pop up after I die well and good.

I won’t  be there to witness the drama.

A Kenyan woman goes in to confess that she is a victim of a man who is a womanizer.

I met him after high school and we got babies,my kids are 16-19.

We however did not get married.

woman crying.

He went ahead and got kids with 5 other women and the family knows.

If he was to die today atleast I will be recognized as the first wife.

She adds

I know all the kids and he takes care of them.

Even now I know the woman he is living with,out of all the six women I am the only one who has given him a girl.

That is why he can’t bear to leave me.

Another adds

I was dating this man and only found out he was married while I was pregnant.

The shocking thing is despite that he made me feel like I was the only woman I’m his life.

Shock on me,I came to find out he had 9 other kids.

when I was called and told he had died I just decided to keep off next I knew there would be drama.

In conclusion she advises

As a woman it’s up to you to decide how to react once you find out you are not the only one one.

‘He did the right thing’ Maina Kageni on Sonko revealing Ken Okoths ‘secret’

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko caught many by surprise during the memorial service of the late Kibra MP Ken Okoth, after announcing Ken had a ‘secret’ son.

Sonko, who seemed determined to let the cat out of the bag, stated that the son to Okoth was also named Okoth.

Adding it was only fit for his immediate family to stop pretending he does not exist.

Mike Sonko
Nairobi governor Mike Sonko

Prominent radio personality Maina Kageni is however not impressed with Sonko’s outburst, arguing that that was not the right platform.

Was that the right platform to ropoka,

That is information the family had tried to keep away from the public.

Plus Okoth’s mother was also present.

Maina goes on to ask if Sonko did the right thing given that.

The outburst was not on the program .

No one expected thata his outburst hit peoPLE between the eyes.

In conclusion Maina says

People like Sonko have no reverse gear not brakes. I cannot keep a friend like him.

According to word on the street, Ken and his wife Monicah had trouble siring a child of their own.

The two had met while in college more than 20 years ago.

Okoth’s cremation/burial has been temporarily stopped until a decision is made by the court on the paternity of the child alleged to have been sired by Okoth.


Subukia couple resurfaces to lay claim on the late George Saitoti’s son


A man who claims to be the biological father of Prof George Saitoti’s only son has resurfaced seeking a DNA test to prove the paternity of Zachary Musengi Saitoti.

Sebastian Maina Ngunju has been in and out of court over the parentage of Stephen Wachira alias Musengi. In 2013, the dispute was marked as settled after Ngunju and his wife agreed to never lay claim over Musengi.

‘When they said that I ordered my wife to take a paternity test,’ Bahati reveals lowest moment

The consent read, “An order of prohibition is issued to permanently bar the couple or their family members from contacting Musengi or Margaret Saitoti directly or indirectly in respect of the allegations that they are the parents of Zachary.”

unnamed (1)
DISMISSED: Sebastian Ngunju and his wife Elizabeth Maina at the Milimani law courts yesterday. Image: FILE

But in the fresh documents filed in court, Ngunju through Victor Wesonga advocates says the consent is unlawful as it was entered without his authority and knowledge. They challenged the consent and also appealed unsuccessfully against it.

Ngunju maintains he is the biological father of one Stephen Wachira who is now under the custody and care of Margaret Saitoti allegedly under a different name of Zachary Saitoti.

“I have undergone untold suffering and agony. The ripple effect has also been experienced with other members of my family,” read part of the court documents.

He says his claim to paternity is sound and made from well-founded facts based on investigations by police officers.  He claims that Margaret has three sons all of whom bear the name Zachary Musengi and all of whom have been brought up by her though not her biological children.

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“I have learnt from the police and private investigations that the defendant kidnapped and abducted one Stephen Wachira alias Musengi who is currently under the acre and custody of Margaret. She continues to lay parental claim over my son,” says Ngunju.

Ngunju avers that in order to lay the matter to rest, a DNA should be conducted. The DNA he says will aid court in reaching the final truth and in making a justiciable verdict on the paternity of Stephen wachira alias Zachary beyond any reasonable doubt.

“This case is the only remaining legal avenue available to me to access my son after the previous legal and out of court process attempts to settle the matter was thwarted by Margaret’s interference calculated at denying me and my family access to justice,” he says

Ngunju wants court to declare that he is the biological father of Musengi.  Also sought is an order that they all be subjected to a DNA test to prove biological paternity and that the results be later forwarded to court as evidence.