Twa Twa! Female pastor amuses Kenyans with new words for lungula

Twa Twa, the most famous words on Kenyan online forums today. A Kenyan female pastor will go down as the creator of probably the most popular word of November 2019. In the video, the pastor is seen advising couples on how to keep their relationships healthy and well.

The woman of the cloth who some say is called Susan is believed to be the wife of a local pastor from Kasarani. And what great advice is she advocating for?

She told the congregation that lungula was a great activity that is the only God-given game on the planet as others have been created by men. ‘S3x is the only game that god created, think about it, football, rugby, netball are all man-made,’ she said.

All because of the lungula! Lady complains after housing man for 3 years

She further shocked some when she said that she and her hubby do it (twa twa) anywhere.

‘Kama kuna kitu inatufanya tukue kitu kimoja na pastor ni s3x, us we can have s3x anywhere, garini twa twa, kitchen twa twa, everywhere. (if there is anything that keeps me and pastor (referring to her husband) together, it is s3x, we can have s3x anywhere, in the car twa twa, kitchen twa twa. everywhere),’ she said.

The video is below;

Some of the hilarious reactions from Kenyans are below;

HIGH RENAISSANCE♚ #ReignLP Hadi kuna ngoma 😂😂😂

Edd Eddie Eddiest Is it Twa Twa ama Tua Tua ? Nway, new Aunty wa Harrier detected

AintNobodyGotTime4ThisSh*t 🤣🤣🤣 everyone is just giving her a stage name! for me she is definitely Shafira of Housewives of Kawangware, not one to be crossed kiholelaholela.

winnie Mbithe It’s amazing how one can become famous in kenya over night.

Kibs Is it Twa Twa or Tua Tua or Toa Toa. Anyway zote ni za jogoo tu. If u know u know

Chris Ukosefu wa #tuatua inauma lakini inabidi uzoee

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‘My rapist asked me to pray to God for forgiveness for tempting him ‘ Woman narrates

Many women are opening up about sxual assault and how it’s affecting their lives.

From Hollywood celebrities to ordinary wanjiku, these horrific experiences tell of the untold suffering, and the process to healing.

According to online reports, these are the countries with the highest rape cases being reported.

  • United States
  • South Africa
  • Sweden
  • India
  • United Kingdom
  • Germany
  • France
  • Canada
  • Sri Lanka
  • Ethiopia

‘My lungs collapsed for the 19th time but God has kept me,’ Jahmby Koikai


A rape survivor took to social media to narrate how a man of the cloth raped her and went ahead to ask her to pray to God and ask for forgiveness for having tempted him (pastor) to sin.

She sadly narrates how despite her reporting the matter, those who were supposed to protect her turned against her and opted to protect the pastor given the fact that he was a man well known by the public.

Read her narration on the thread below:





‘My husband never cheated on me’ Size 8 finally addresses infidelity rumor

Due to the constant abuse, the woman goes on to add that she fought depression, and how the ‘pastor ‘committed suicide followed by his wife who left behind a letter addressed to her as the rape victim.

She says





















These powerful stories help break the silence on stigma on rape, to also help other survivors out there.

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‘Do I sleep with our pastor to end my marital problems?’ asks city woman

We all look to a happily ever after after marriage, but that has not been the case for one city woman whose new marriage in jeopardy.

Her marriage is in jeopardy because their pastor wants to be involved in every decision they make. It is said that he is manipulating he husband when it pleases him.

She sadly narrates that their pastors word is law in her husband’s life and whatever he says he gladly does without any questions.

“I am newly married but my husband practically worships his pastor. We have been 1 year into this union but it is only what his pastor ask him to do that’s does. Even when we got married the pastor had to ask him to buy me a car before he did. Any misunderstanding, if his pastor does not come in then it is never solved. Even when he hit me on several occasions only his pastor can make him apologize. Now I want him to start a business for me because I am tired of sitting at home, but he has bluntly refused.”

This viral twitter thread about Kenyan jobs is the saddest story you will read today


She then goes to narrate how the man of God tried to touch her inappropriately, and sadly her husband does not believe her when she told him about the ordeal.

“I went to his pastor to beg him to beg my husband and the man started touching my chest. I slapped him and he slapped me in return. I was so shocked that a pastor could be violent to a woman and he asked me to get out of his office. I don’t know what to do, my husband won’t even believe me and I don’t know what lies he might cook up against me. Do you think I should sleep with my husbands pastor? I feel if I do my marital problems will be solved.”

Businessman Praying --- Image by © Hans Neleman/Corbis
Businessman Praying — Image by © Hans Neleman/Corbis

‘I am confident this relationship was ordained by God, we shall overcome these challenge ‘ Man whose wedding was cancelled in Nakuru says

Cases of pastors ‘blackmailing’ their followers and brain washing them is not new thus the woman’s dilemma.

Below are some of the comments advising her on what to do.

debowale.adu: If you sleep with him now, you will keep sleeping with him

tbag452: If u sleep that’s gonna be the beginning of ur main problem

tbag452: U should talk to his mum or dad about what transpired between u n the pastor or some u think can handle it maturely

officialhairboss: If you sleep with him, that’s gonna be the beginning of the end of your so called marriage ~ this doesn’t look like marriage to me in the first place!

ntysmiles: The problem started when you started thinking “if” you should sleep with him. It’s such a pity but your husband might be guy and his so called ****** might be bis3xual

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Beaming pastor proudly shows off his 17 wives as they visit him in jail

A Zimbabwean pastor who is serving 40 years in jail for rape and possessing pornographic material, has caused a sensation after 17 of his 21 wives visited him in prison yesterday.

The man of the cloth was jailed in 2014, after being accused of rape by his female congregants, has also been accused of owing Sh7.6 million shillings to a furniture shop, a debt he has denied owing.

The man named Robert Metin Gumbura runs the Independent end time church in Zimbabwe.

The pastor has married 21 wives and together have 34 children, according to newsday in Zimbabwe.

The wives of incarcerated RTG Independent End Time Message Church founder Robert Martin Gumbura yesterday vowed to stand by their husband, dismissing the rape allegations leveled against him.

During the visit in prison, the beaming pastor declared, ‘I am still the man of the house’.

Asked why his wives have not left him, he proudly declared how he has taught them the ways of the bible, and moreover,’

“I taught them to understand that although they were many, they were one and I was their only husband”.

Check out some pictures of his slay queens:




‘She Buried Her Husband And Two Sons,’ Fashionable Pastor Shows Off The Woman In His Life!

There is no one like mama! Everyone treasures their mother because she gave them life and is ever present to egg you on as you live your life.

Kenya’s most fashionable pastor and inspirational speaker Robert ‘Israel’ Burale recognizes the huge role his mother played in his life:

“TIME FLIES …..When I was a young child she was faithful …in my grown stage she is my intercessor…. My great Mum. don’t even try to say I was not a good looking boy..Good looks and I have been on first name terms 🤣🤣🤣🤣 #UsisubiriNihubiri#
#HapaNiKujiChocha#” Burale posted on his facebook.

Burale opened up and revealed some information about his family’s past.

“Let me celebrate the great Lady who gave birth to me….MY MUM..My intercessor….I am still not used to her calling me RB 😂,” Burale wrote, “A strong woman she is ..She buried her husband and two sons …but Gods Grace has kept her.”

Kenyans reacted to the posts and the photo of Burale’s mom and how graceful and ageless she looks.

Joseph Obwanda: Hey Bro hair for her and silver for you ..and indeed a dash of swag for both..that is a the verdict of time on YOU.

Staicy Mukonyo: She’s refused to age! Mum and style look good on her. And she can call you anything she likes my dear. So just get with the program! 😉😝😎We celebrate her! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🙌🏼

Exaltinteriordecor Emmanuel: One of the humble women of God ave had the privilege to meet, she made us feel so much at home while working in your home, she has a big heart may the good lord keep her smile for long my brother, ur blessed to have her.

Aymar Royal: Can í ask u smtn?? B honest is she ur sister, your aunt or mum??? Tek care Cz if í compare u look older man. Kudos to her. Proud of our African woken, soö strong despite of all the challenges.

Joseph Kamugi Sherrif: Let me admit u look like the elder brother😂😂😂😂😂😂

Prudence Wangare: She looks like your sister.. she is beautiful…

Lilian Kwamboka: Mumy got swag yoh!lovely

Tamara Mung’asia: Nani Kama Mama…

True Felly: She looks younger than you!

Lydia Ayieko: Your mum is so young and looking lovely!

Elizabeth Mmbonedavis: Pole sana May God give you strength to undergo that have faith

Monica Yvonne:  May God continue make her stronger an stronger..

Bella Bella: Wow!say hi to her-my workmate .she is ever supu!

Watch As Zimbabwean Pastor Calls ‘God’ On Phone In A Church Service

A video showing a Zimbabwean pastor claiming to call God on phone in a church service has surfaced and is already spreading like wildfire in the interwebs.

Pastor Paul Sanyangore of Victory World International, who claims he has God’s phone number and a direct line to heaven, is seen in the video having a conversation with God.

Pastor Sanyangore, who is in the middle of an intercession, is seen pacing up and down with a woman kneeling with her hands lifted up at the altar. He suddenly reaches for his phone appearing to make a call to heaven.

“Hello‚ is this heaven? I have a woman here‚ what do you have to say about her?” he asks on his cellphone.

“I should ask her who is Sibo‚ he says out loud.

God is telling me to ask you why he is showing a heart” He continues, leaving the congregation confused and in disbelief before adding; “heaven is online”

Watch the bizarre video below.

Quotes by timeslive

Voi Pastor Rapes Two Teenagers

A clergy in Voi, Taita Taveta has allegedly raped two secondary school girls aged 16-years-old and impregnated them. The man of the cloth is said to have sexually assaulted one of the girls in October last year.

The clergyman has however denied the allegations and was released on a 200,000 shillings cash bail and the case will be heard on Monday.

ACK’s Chairmann,Taita Taveta branch Liverson Mg’onda says the church has suspended the clergy to allow police carry out investigations.

“The Anglican Church of Kenya will not entertain neither will it work with clergies who do not abide by the laws of the church,” Said Liverson.

Liverson also said they will work with the church to ensure investigations are complete before the case is heard in court on Monday.

Currently investigations on one of the girls are ongoing as the other girl’s case is being heard after police gathered enough evidence on the girl.






After Leaving Our TV Screens, Tero Mdee Is Now A Pastor

 Over the years, we’ve had great news presenters who graced out TV screens with the likes of Esther Arunga and Namtero Mdee popularly who is known as Tero Mdee who later on left the media scene.
We all remember what happened to Esther Arunga, whose life drastically changed and took a turn for the worst. Everyone was concerned about her but there’s not much one can do when it comes to such situations.
Then came Tero Mdee – sister to Vanessa Mdee – & Mafisi Sacco drooled upon seeing her and she was a role model to many youngsters. She, however, left the scene abruptly, leaving unanswered questions.
Over the years, there were snippets of news about her whereabouts. Apparently, she moved back to her home, Tanzania, where she got married to a pastor. The news shocked everyone as she was an entertainment guru and all of a sudden she was a pastor’s wife; not that there’s anything wrong with that.
Well, her younger sister Marion Mdee better known as Mimi Mars has finally confirmed that indeed Tero was married to a pastor and she is … wait for it…. also a PASTOR. She said this via Whatsapp as seen on the screenshot below;

Zimbabwean Pastor Buys His Wife A Lamborghini For Valentine’s

A pastor in Zimbabwe has left tongues wagging after the gift that he bought for his wife was posted on social media. Despite worldwide condemnation, many pastors are known for their flashy lifestyles, but that doesn’t seem to stop them from going harder, if anything I think it motivates them.

Uebert Angel, who also happens to be a multi-millionaire, bought his wife Beverly Angel a Lamborghini, as a present for Valentine’s.

According to, Uebert who is the pastor of Spirit Embassy The Good News Church, has managed to reach many parts around the world spreading and teaching the gospel.

The man of the cloth is also said to have various businesses around the world and also runs various charity organizations. A Lamborghini was probably the simplest expression of his love.


The rise of street preacher James Ng’ang’a to popular televangelist- photos

Pastor James Ng’ang’a’s life has not alaways been so prestigious. The Neno Evangelism televangelist rose from humble beginnings as a street preacher in Mombasa after being released from jail in late 1990s.

Ng’ang’a who served an 8-year jail term at Shimo la Tewa prison began preaching in the streets and cycling from place to place selling bible merchandise and preaching in open air crusades. He had been arrested for robbery with violence and had previously served time at Kamiti and Naivasha prison.

Pastor Ng’ang’a has not kept it a secret to his congregation that he served 21-years in jail cumulatively. He relocated from Mombasa to Nairobi where he preached from rental houses before acquiring the land where he put up a structure becoming a regular preacher and acquiring prime time preaching slots on national TV channels.

Pastor James Ng’ang’a has been linked to an accident on July 26th that left one woman dead and her husband seriously injured. He was released Friday evening on Sh500,000 bail after spending two nights in police custody.

Check out the photos below courtesy of The Star Newspaper

James Ng’ang’a selling vegetables.
Pastor Ng’ang’a pitching to a prospective client
Pastor Ng’ang’a (R) in his days as a street preacher.
Pastor James Ng’ang’a hawking Bibles and gospel music CDs in this undated photo
Pastor Ng’ang’a’s Karen home on Kipevu Road. It was raided by thugs before dawn Friday

-Additional information from

Pastor arrested for his wife’s murder

A pregnant British pastor was found dead in a hotel bathroom in Ghana – and her Christian leader husband has reportedly been arrested for murder.

Charmaine Adusah, 41, and her husband Eric Isaiah Adusah, 28, the head pastor at the Tottenham, north London, branch of Global Light Revival Ministries, had attended a church programme in the West African nation’s city of Koforidua.

According to the Daily Guide Ghana report, the couple had a disagreement about how long they should stay in Ghana – Charmaine wanted to spend a month there, while her husband argued that was far too long.

The couple checked into the Royal Mac Dic Hotel five days, according to police.

The next day, Adusah claimed he had other engagements back in the UK and left the hotel at the dawn.

He reportedly told the front desk that his wife, originally from Arbroath in Scotland, did not want to be disturbed and staff should only respond to her if she requested something.

After three days hotel staff became worried and used a spare key to get in the room.

There they found the three months pregnant woman, allegedly in the bathtub, who was described as lying prostrate with a white towel wrapped around her, almost in a decomposed state.

It was claimed Adusah was arrested on suspicion of murder, but this has yet to be confirmed.

Pastor jailed for 16 years for defiling minor

A pastor who defiled a minor at his children’s home and sired a child with her in Githunguri was Friday sentenced to serve 16 years in jail.

Stephen Njau was convicted for defiling the minor who was by then 14 years at his El Shaddai children’s home in Githunguri in 2012. The pastor’s wife later abandoned the minor at Pumwani maternity hospital in Nairobi after she discovered she was pregnant.

While delivering her ruling, area senior resident magistrate Jacinta Kwena noted that it was absurd that the accused was a proprietor of a home expected to give refuge to destitute children but betrayed the trust bestowed to him and defiled the girl who later delivered a baby boy.

She said the prosecution put forth a strong case against the accused who took advantage of the innocent child that looked upon him as a father.

Njau had been charged that on diverse dates from February to August 2012 at El Shaddai children’s home in Githunguri, he intentionally and unlawfully defiled the 14 year old minor contrary to the law.


Pastor arrested for faking miracles in Ghana

Jonas Abedi had apparently made contact with Reverend Ewurama Annan, claiming to be a pastor based in New York. Annan invited him to her church, the Founder of Power Explosion Chapel at Tantra Hills in Accra, when he claimed to be going to Ghana as part of a programme.

When he arrived he started performing miracles, healing a crippled woman who had been brought there by her sister, calling out a young man for using charms to seduce women, and revealing the phone number and personal details of another.

Annan became suspicious however, after she noticed that none of the people involved were actually members of her church. She got the elders of the church to watch the group.

The jig was up when the ‘cripple’, her sister and the two men met up at a petrol station, where a man walked up to them and gave them money.The men bolted, but were arrested along with the pastor later at their hotel.

Both women confessed that they had put up the charade at the church for money.

‘Man of God’ faces arrest for no-show

Lawyers for Nigerian preacher TB Joshua have mounted a legal challenge against a coroner who has ordered Joshua to testify about the building collapse at his Lagos megachurch.

The televangelist has been summonsed twice to give evidence at an inquest examining the circumstances of the September 12 tragedy in which 116 people were killed, but failed to appear on both occasions.

The latest no-show yesterday angered coroner Oyetade Komolafe, who said he would order Joshua’s arrest.

But the pastor’s lawyer Olalekan Ojo told reporters after the hearing: “We have gone to the high court to challenge the jurisdiction of the coroner to issue a witness summons.

Joshua, who counts presidents and powerful politicians from across Africa among his flock, has claimed the collapse of the building was caused by a mysterious aircraft seen “hovering” overhead at the time.

The self-styled miracle worker and seer has also suggested it was a deliberate attack.


Pastor tries to walk on water and drowns

Unfortunately for one pastor in the West Coast of Africa, his attempt to become the second man to make this impossible feat a reality cost him his life.

Pastor Franck Kabele, 35, told his congregation that he was capable of reenacting the very miracles of Jesus Christ.  He decided to make it clear through way of demonstration on Gabon’s beach in the capital city of Libreville.

Referencing Matthew 14:22-33, Kabele said that he received a revelation which told him that with enough faith he could achieve what Jesus was able to.

According to an eyewitness, Kabele took his congregation out to the beach.  He told them that he would cross the Kombo estuary by foot, which is normally a 20 minute boat ride.

Sadly by the second step into the water Kabele found himself completely submerged.  He never returned.

This is not the first incident of this nature in Africa.  At Ibadon zoo in south-west Nigeria, a self-proclaimed Prophet claimed to be able to do what the Daniel of the bible did by walking into a den full of lions.

Though he was warned numerous times by zoo keepers, according to NG Newspapers, the Prophet thought of them as nothing more than enemies of progress.  The Prophet, with a crowd of people watching, put on a long red robe and proceeded to enter the cage full of lions.

Within seconds of opening the door, the lions ripped the Prophet from flesh to bone.  The bible should come with a warning label, “Don’t try this at home.

Source : AllChristianNews

Street preacher beheaded in Murang’a

A street preacher in Weithaga, Kahuro subcounty in Murang’a was on Tuesday hacked to death at his home by unknown assailants who cut his head off.

The body of 58 year-old Bedan Mwangi Chege was found at around 9pm by Naphtaly Ngire, a neighbour who had gone to collect a phone he had left charging at Mwangi’s home.

Ngire informed the police who visited the scene.

Kahuro deputy commissioner Patrick Muli said nothing was stolen from Mwangi’s home.

He said a man-hunt has been launched to arrest the suspects and establish their motive, noting that they possibly held a grudge against Mwangi.


Mugabe is a ‘pastor’ anointed by God, says Grace

Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe is a “pastor” who constantly prays for his country, according to his wife Grace.

The First Lady made the stunning claim while addressing about 300 pastors and their wives who had visited her children’s home in Mazowe to pray for her.

Grace claimed she therefore considered herself as a “Mai Mufundisi” because her husband is a “man of God endowed with wisdom” who had been anointed from heaven.

“President Mugabe is a pastor; when he speaks, I think when you hear him speak, you can hear that he is ordained by God,” she said.

“He is a pastor. Ana Mai Mufundisi muri pano, I am one of you.”

Mugabe is a devoted Catholic. Reports say he still attends weekly Mass in Harare.

But this is the first time that he has been granted the title “pastor”.

Grace told the church leaders that Zimbabwe was extremely fortunate to have Mugabe as president.