Living large! Check out Pastor Ng’ang’as Kajiado mansion (Photo)

Neno Evangelist Pastor James Ng’ang’a is among the Kenyans who are living large.

Well, despite the controversies, the preacher is among the wealthiest men of God in Nairobi.

Since March this year after the first corona virus cases was reported in Kenya, the man of God together with his wife moved away from Nairobi to Kajiado where he has a mansion.

In a past interview, Ng’ang’a said he does not rely on gifts and offerings from members of his church to survive.

“One thing you should know is that I am a very rich pastor. I had many shops before starting my ministry which I gave away,” said Ng’ang’a.

Pastor Ng'ang'a

Speaking to Classic 105, Pastor Ng’ang’a says he is building a church there.

“I have been in Kajiado since corona itangazwe na sina haraka kurudi,” he said.

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Pastor Nga’ng’a is said to own a second-hand car selling business in Nairobi.

He also owns the multi-million luxurious hotel located along the Nairobi-Nakuru highway.

Nganga also owns two multi-million palatial homes in Karen. One is located along the Kipevu road in Karen.

Check out exclusive photo of his latest mansion in Kajiado;



Maina Kageni wonders how congregants are okay with Pastor Nganga’s rants

Maina Kageni has confessed he would have peed on himself if he was in Pastor Nganga’s church during the service where he was ranting and calling his bishops names.

Maina added that he was shocked how people have normalised this type of behaviour from their church leaders.

Which other pastor talks like this? When did things change? Someone told me, that is how we are talked to by our pastors.

Some ladies were telling me they even fearing looking at Pastor Nganga. If I was in that congregation, I would have peed on myself.

I was very shocked by the reaction to this video

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Maina adds,

I am not an adent church goer. I go to church on very few Sundays since kitambo so all this is shocking.

Maina Kageni
Maina and Kingangi today had a vigorous conversation about the power a mother-in-law has over her son’s decisions in life. Maina referenced

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In the viral video Pastor Nganga warned,

I hear people are talking a lot. If you climb a tree I will cut it down and make you fall .

I want to talk to bishops in my church if you do not respect my wife I wont care who you are I will kick you out of my ministry even if we were born together.

To women if you do not respect my wife you can leave my church and go open yours and change the name,Fools.

You found me in this church with my wife and it is in my church that you got rich stupid,arrogant.

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Nganga continued his rant,

You met me while I was riding a mkokoteni when your wives had knots in their heads and you were in rags ,useless people,trash.

The devil is fighting me.You think you can come with your wife and circumcise me.I want full respect.When I cough I want you to respond.

Listen more on the audio below

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Celebs married to spouses younger/older than them by almost 10 years

They say age is just a number and the phrase seems true for the couples below who are married to spouses younger or older than them by more than 5 years.

Below is the list.

1. French President Emmanuel Macron and wife Brigitte

Macron and wife Brigitte first met in high school, where Emmanuel was a 15 year old high school student and Brigitte was a drama teacher.

It is commonly believed they started dating when Emmanuel was only 16 years old.

The late Wambui Otieno’s husband weds again 8 years after her death

President Macron alongside his wife Bridgette
President Macron alongside his wife Bridgette


Brigitte has a son who is two years older than Emmanuel.

The couple has a 10 year age gap.

2. Pastor Nganga

The  controversial man of God held his wedding at the Windsor Golf Club in Nairobi. It was an invite only affair.

The bride, Murugi Ngaita was a 27 year old member of his congregation.

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Pastor Ng'ang'a
Pastor Ng’ang’a abnd his wife on their wedding day

The apostle is believed to be in his 40’s.

3. Allan Namu and Makena

The hunk is married to a woman older than him but that has never been an issue for them. They are happy and for them that is what matters.

In a past interview they spoke about their age difference .

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Namu says



Age is just a number and Makena explained that:


4. Bahati and Diana Marua

The gospel artiste is married to a woman who is older than him with a few years.

This has always been a topic of debate on social media but the couple is unshaken by haters and critics who have nothing good to say about their union.

Though theirs is not a 10 age difference the fact is that Diana is older than Bahati.

‘I am a slaying ‘shosho’/grandma’ Diana Marua tells critics

Bahati Diana

5. Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade

This star studded couple starting dating in 2009 after each of them had recently been through a divorce. The couple welcomed a baby girl in November.

They have a 10 age difference.

Gabrielle Union with her husband and daughter.
Gabrielle Union with her husband and daughter.

6. Mary Wambui and Peter Mbugua

The couple wedded 15 years ago. Mbugua was 25 years old at the time while Wambui Otieno was  67.

The couple lived happily till the death of Wambui in 2011.

They had a 42  years age difference.

Wambui Otieno and Peter Mbugua during their wedding
Wambui Otieno and Peter Mbugua during their wedding


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‘We are ten demons, we have said she will not sing again ‘Disturbing video of Rose Muhando being exorcised of demons emerges online ,Watch it below

A very disturbing video of 10 demons talking about how they destroyed gospel star Rose Muhando’s career has surfaced online.

Rose has been down on her luck and hasn’t released any singles for years now. The last time she was seen in public was months ago.

She looked like a shadow of her former self with bruises on her feet and a bandaged left hand.

In the exorcism, Rose is called to the alter by controversial Pastor James Ng’ang’a

“Rose, I asked you to come here. Why are they [demons] breaking your arms?” asked Ng’ang’a.”

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She approached meekly ready to be prayed for.

Pastor Ng’ang’a starts praying fr her and she falls down in a heap of tears.

“Run and go. Remove your baggage from her,” Ng’ang’a commands the demons. He then asks then how many they are and what they want.

We are ten demons. We have said she will not sing again. If she does, she spoils for all of us,” the demons say, using Rose Muhando’s voice.

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After the demon run out of her body screaming, Rose wakes up and narrates that her life had been held hostage by the demons.

“I was tired, for three months they took everything, I couldn’t even pay my children’s school fees. My manager told me, if I go back home, I will die. They dug a hole in my house and buried charms there”

Pastor Ng’ang’a finishes off the exorcism by spraying her with something misty. Rose falls back down again and the pastor commands her to sleep. He then narrates how he has helped her.

“I did not know why you called me, but when she walked into my office I knew that she is not herself.

Don’t forget this is Rose Muhando, the popular and famous gospel star. [The demons] have burnt her hands and spoilt her face, she walked into my office and I couldn’t believe it is her.

I gave her Ksh 5,000 and asked her to come to the service to be delivered.”Pastor Ng’ang’a told the congregation.

pastor james nganga

Social media users have raised eyebrows over the video claiming that the controversial pastor may have staged the entire exercise for publicity.

Watch the bizarre video here:

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Pastor Ng’ang’a’s Karen Home Raided Friday Morning

Televangelist James Ng’ang’a’s Karen home was Friday morning broken into and valuables and cash over Sh500,000 stolen.

Nairobi CID chief Ireri Kamwende confirmed the 3am incident to The Star Newspaper saying the burglars gained access by breaking the grills on windows. Ng’ang’a’s wife reported the incident to police and investigations are underway.

Pastor James Ng’ang’a spent his second night in custody after Limuru Senior Resident Magistrate Timothy ole Tanchu denied his bail request after he was arraigned in court Thursday morning.

The televangelist had spent the night at Gilgil police station to answer for 3 counts of crime where he is accused of causing a road accident on July 26th that left one woman dead. He denied all charges levelled against them. His case will be heard today (Friday) at 11am.

Two senior Police officers Christopher Nzioka and Patrick Baya were also charged with conspiracy to defeat justice alongside Mr Simon Maina, the man who presented himself as the driver of the Range Rover that caused the accident.

Pastor James Ng’ang’a Pleads Not Guilty In Fatal Limuru Accident Case

Televangelist James  Ng’ang’a has this morning pleaded not guilty to all charges leveled against relating to the fatal road accident that happened on 26 July at  in Limuru that left one woman dead.

The Neno Evangelism Pastor who spent the night at Gigiri police station after police declined to grant him cash bail appeared before Limuru Principal magistrate to answer to the following charges:

1. Failing to report an accident as stated by the traffic act CAP 403.

2. Dangerous driving causing death.

3. Giving false/misleading information to a person employed in the public service.

He pleaded not guilty to all charges and will be remanded at Gigiri Police Station until Friday when his application to be released on bond will be heard. Two senior Police officers Christopher Nzioka  and Patrick Baya were also charged with conspiracy to defeat justice alongside  Mr Simon Maina, the man who presented himself as the driver of the Range Rover that caused the accident.  

There was heavy police presence outside the courts with followers of Neno Evangelism camping outside holding placards written ‘Apostle We Love’



Police outside the courts


Pastor Ng’ang’as followers outside the courts