A list of the most ridiculous things pastors have asked followers to do



The number of bizarre videos going viral of Pastor Nganga doing the most have caught our attention. We all have opinions about why he would touch a womans titties, or blast another for having cheap shoes.

So let us take a look back at all the most ridiculous things Pastors in Africa have asked congregants to do in the name of a miracle.

Richest pastor resurrects dead man in coffin (Photos)

In recent years, the media has been awash with stories of prophets who have been leading their congregants into weird acts in pursuit of miracles.

A South African pastor used insect-killing spray — Doom — on a female congregant for “healing”.


‘Handsome’ Pastor Ng’ang’a describes himself as the ‘best’

Another prophet fed his congregants live snakes in an attempt to test their faith.

A prophet from across the Limpopo made people eat grass and drink petrol. Congregants claimed the petrol had been turned into apple juice.
pastor makes man swallo snake

Down South  a pastor Paul Sanyangore claimed to have walked on water. Photographs and a video of him performing this stunt circulated on social media.

The same guy also prayed for condoms brought by a church member who had reunited with her estranged husband and needed affirmation on whether to use them or not.


I have been dumped 3 times and have a new fiancée – Pastor Deya

This caused a stampede for the product from fellow female congregants as they regarded them as anointed after the prophet’s prayer.

In 2018 a man named Prophet Sham Hungwe caused a stir after selling anointed pens that were supposedly meant to assist students who were about to sit for their end of year examinations.

pastor in tanzania

He pulled another shocker when he sold anointed soil to congregants during a church service. The price of the soil ranged from $5 to $25.

‘My wife slept with our pastor so I got another girl pregnant’ Brags city man

Prophet Lazarus Mashavave prayed for alcoholics and drug addicts as a way to demonstrate his deliverance powers.

We could go on and on, but let’s stop here. I bet some of you are annoyed. Blame the gullible citizens.

I slept on the floor for months after giving my pastor my bed, alleges woman

sa pastor feeds dog meat


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Niache! Pastor Ng’ang’a tells off Snufu Dogg…Sniff Dog…Snoop Dogg

Pastor James Ng’ang’a has taken the mantle as the most controversial and at the same time charismatic pastors in Kenya. And his infamy seems to grow by the day.

This past weekend Snoop Dogg used one of pastor’s Ng’ang’a’s healing videos on his Instagram page as a meme to demonstrate how pastors treat their congregants when they want money from them.


The video got a lot of views and many of Snoop’s over 35 million followers were in agreement with the gist of his message, all at the expense of poor Pastor Ng’ang’a.

‘Handsome’ Pastor Ng’ang’a describes himself as the ‘best’

But now the pastor has now decided to respond to the besmirching of his good name and told the American megastar to keep him off his lips. He did so while speaking to his congregants during one of his live spiritual clinics. He said during the service

Naskia nimetajwa na Watch doggi…Snufu Dog, Sniff Dog, ni mtu mmoja kama Michael Jackson. Naskia aliweka hiyo akapata comment more than 1 million, akatoa. We Snoop Dogg imba nyimbo zako za kimataifa, wachana na Ng’ang’a. Wakamba wanasema oka manya.

Watch the video below;

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Pastor Nganga remains undefeated😂😂😂 #nganga

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The comments to his response by many Kenyans were hilarious with many noting that the enterprising pastor couldn’t even say his bitter rivals name.

leeburnn Ifikie snufu dog
minaj_aidah smirnof dong😅😂
scottdent_orthodontics Bad publicity equals increased ratings…..he will get more tithings

What do you think about his clap back to Snoop?

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 Pastor Ngang’a’s rich neighbors don’t ‘sumbua’ him like you do


Those James Ng’ang’a videos on social media are shared by demon-possessed people trying to bring down his church, the preacher has said.

The videos of Ng’ang’a in church, which usually depict him in a bad light, have been circulating on social media in recent weeks, but the preacher told Word Is they are fake and malicious.

“I do a lot of good things. I feed people, lakini hao wakata tu ile nimeongea vibaya kwa sababu ni watu wana mapepo. They want to put the ministry down,” he said.

Ng’ang’a also dismissed claims that he was contemplating suicide.

“I also heard that some were saying that they saw me driving a V8 looking stressed, like I would commit suicide.

“Let us be realistic, why would I want to commit suicide? Look at the beautiful wife I have. Who will I leave her with if I commit suicide?

“Who will I leave my cars with and my home? In case you did not know, my neighbours are wazungus. We just say ‘hi’ to each other, hakuna mambo ya kushinda tukibishania mlango.”

He warned his haters to stop spreading fake information about his preaching.

“I am from the wilderness and I preach for people who are from the wilderness, the rest can look for their churches,” Ng’ang’a said.

“These learned people do not want to see we illiterate people driving big cars. When I say I am driving a good car, they don’t want to put the part I am talking about me pulling a Mkokoteni because they want people to think I am bragging,” he said.

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If it doesn’t make sense, it’s rubbish – Maina on pastors’ miracles


The Star newspaper has obtained audio clips from women claiming the second most powerful man in Prophet Owours church has had indecent sinful acts with them.

Bishop Joseph Gitonga was excommunicated after several women confessed publicly in church.

Prophet David Owuor preaches at Kisumu’s Moi stadium where he performed miracles. PHOTO/JUSTUS OCHIENG

Prophet David Owuor preaches at Kisumu’s Moi stadium where he performed miracles. PHOTO/JUSTUS OCHIENG

How I unknowingly became my pastor’s mpango wa kando


Classic host Maina Kageni opened up discussion of this topic to his audience.

ladies tell me how some of these churches thrive, here are some churches that tell worshipers that god doesn’t accept tithe for less than sh200, I have had of some churches that tells women to remove underwear to welcome the holy spirit, there is abuse, humiliation and you keep going back there, why?

Why do you still go there, why do you believe these guys, you can tell this is absolute nonsense as e is feeling you up, titties and all!

If it doesn’t make sense it’s possible it’s rubbish 99.9% of times.He concluded

Here are some responses to the question of gullible female congregants

charles maina…
There is a holy book called Bible. We follow the Bible not the pastor..Not everything the pastor says is to be followed he is a man just like you and me #mainaandkingangi .

Benson kipla_254..
#MainaAndKingangi Nowdays I have lost confidence with churches in kenya ,everywhere there is scandal all this churches must be formatted and settings restored😂😂😂😂

Reactions to Pastor Ng’ang’a shamefully humiliating a female congregant

wangari kanamugire..

Its very easy to prey on desperate women with low esteem,they will follow,trust and do what they are told we need to learn to think for ourselves coz those pastors are quoting the same bible we have
Its a matter of choice

It’s high time ladies should wake up and stop this nonsense! Where have u seen men being harassed by female preachers? If there’s one invite me 😂

Athman Melly..
@Classic105Kenya @ItsMainaKageni Some women sell everything they have and give it out to that church, including bed, beddings and electronics in the name of helping the church and waiting for more blessings. Stupidity #MainaAndKingangi

‘Do I sleep with our pastor to end my marital problems?’ asks city woman

Purity Ng’ethe..
#MainaAndKingangi why are you blaming the pastors?? Blame these women who worships these pastors like their God are they forced to do somethings? can’t they say no and quit that church?They are just cheap women

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‘Handsome’ Pastor Ng’ang’a describes himself as the ‘best’

Pastor Ng’ang’a is one man who has some huuuuge cojones! Should I use that word when describing a pastor? The man has had controversy after controversy the past 3 years and it seems to just roll off off him.

His recent scandals notwithstanding the man has been seen in a new video that shows that the ‘Man of God’ has no chills about what Kenyans might be thinking about him.

Pastor Ng'ang'a
Pastor Ng’ang’a while he was at Radio Jambo

In the video that recently surfaced on Facebook, the preacher is seen speaking about himself and manze he brags with excellence! In the video, he is heard speaking about how he has become the talk of the town among Kenyans.

He is also heard saying that he is rich enough to buy vehicles at will. Ng’ang’a who was preaching to a congregation in his church said he was the best and most blessed preacher in the country with the ability to buy vehicles and exchange them like pairs of shoes.

Pastor-James-Ng’ang’a with one of his cars

He is heard saying,

I buy vehicles like shoes, I buy vehicles when I want and don’t tell it is because of the church. If that is the case you can go and open yours too. Do all pastors buy vehicles that way? Those are blessings from God.

He even postulated that the reason for his infamy around the country is a testimony that he is the best evangelist! Hahaha! Not only that, he also claimed that he was also the most handsome man of God.

Reactions to Pastor Ng’ang’a shamefully humiliating a female congregant

‘They talk negative things about me and I am not bothered because it gives me publicity. Some meet me and say ooh this is the famous Ng’ang’a, he is such a handsome guy.’ he said.

Pastor Ng'ang'a
Pastor Ng’ang’a in yellow

Pastor Ng’ang’a also described his journey from the prison cells to heading Neno Evangelism.

‘I was released from prison in 1992 and I was given a mkokoteni (hand cart) which I used to carry luggage for people as I preached. I was later gifted a bicycle which I used to move from one point to another preaching the gospel.’ The cleric said.

Watch the hilarious video below;

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Reactions to Pastor Ng’ang’a shamefully humiliating a female congregant

Pastor Ng’ang’a has been on the lips of many these past few weeks, what with his linguistic and mathematical errors last week.

The man of God had a hard time doing basic subtractions. Not only that, his pronunciation of the word, ‘Mathematics’ was so bad I think that word is still in the ICU.

Pastor James Ng'ang'a
Pastor James Ng’ang’a

The pastor is in the news again. Why? The comments he made to a female congregant that had attended his church service.

In a widely circulating viral video, the man is seen ridiculing the female congregant for the manner of her dressing and the bag she had carried.

The painful video is below;

The video elicited a lot of heartfelt reactions from Kenyans who saw it. Some of the reactions are below;

Maria This was soo rude for a whole pastor to do what he did…Jesus said that he is not concerned with our physical appearance but our hearts..
James Muriithi the government should come in na kanisa kama neno zifungwe
Martini I have no pity on this lady. How, for heavens sake does any sane person attend Pastor Ng’ang’a’s “church”?. How?. And some dudes in the name of men are there watching in submission. I give up.
FREDERICK NABICHENJE Ati you lecture me hadi bags nabeba CRAP!!! ningemwachanisha hapo.. How are people still going to that church.
pishnjoroge It a disgrace 😱very sad and shock to see this.
Gashogoo🐓 He doesn’t belong to the pulpit.
chocoheart How can one afford to get mad at this? They are acting as always. Now that woman will get donations and give the pastor his cut. Everybody wins.
duncan makama🇰🇪 Is it that they have preached the whole bible and he has nothing else to preach or what.

What do you think of the video?

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Pastor Nganga body shames women in church with a big tush


Girls if you have a big posterior like Kim Kardashians, try and wrap your heads around this one.

You are probably walking into church with a dress that fits snug around your hips.

Stop it, according to Pastor Nganga, who says it’s causing mental anguish.

In a message delivered to a silent congregation, Nganga was of the view that it’s tempting men who are weak.

Neno Evangelism Ministries Pastor James Ng’ang’a appear is brought to Limuru law/ Courtesy The Star

The sermon controversial Pastor Nganga can be heard delivering to his congregants was captured in a video shared on social media.

Pastor Nganga berates women who have big derriers’, and more so the fake ones.

Mafisi: Check out these latest photos of Pastor Ng’anga’s wife

He argued that:

watu wamekosa sheria thabihu, these women dress the way they want, and even on Facebook you can see, unaona wanawake wanaenda wanajichora chora, 

You see fake padded panties being sold, and their backside is so big it’s not real ask her to remove her clothes and show you if it’s real, they are buying padded underwear (at this point he is gesturing at the backside)

He continued his rant,

The size of the waist and the hips don’t make sense, kwanini huku (backside) ni kubwa 

How do you go and buy such clothes, what is in your mind, even churchgoers and saved people go buy these clothes and come to church with them, wewe ni malaya ya kiroho,

Nganga also added that its tempting and causes mental anguish to men:

You are an agent of Satan, you will kill people in church, you come here to take the microphone (gesturing at church podium) and you have gone to inject your bum with injections, and people in church are staring at you saying, heeee….how does this one have such a big bum, where did she get such a big butt from?

Maina Kageni wonders how congregants are okay with Pastor Nganga’s rants

Dear Classic 105 fam, do you agree with Nganga berating young women and is it un christian like?

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Pastor Nganga’s former employee opens new church as wife lavishes praise on him

Pastor Robert Wafula, who ministered at Apostle Ng’ang’a’s Neno Evangelism church Mombasa branch has started his own church.

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This comes barely a month after he resigned as a pastor from Neno Evangelism Center. While giving his last speech at the Mombasa based church, Bishop Wafula said



This followed by controversial city pastor James Ng’ang’a lashing out at servants of his church calling them ‘idiots, arrogant and rubbish.’

Well, last weekend Bishop Wafula launched his new church Shalom Miracle Church. He held a crusade at Tononoka Grounds in Mombasa, which was attended by hundreds of worshippers.

Dj Soxxy’s 8th wedding anniversary is what dreams are made of

Taking to his official Facebook page, he shared a verse from the book of Job 42:2 – I know that you can do all things; no purpose of yours can be thwarted.’


His wife congratulated him on his new move and her message read,

Oh yes, what a powerful message we had from ye servant of God Bishop Robert Eliyah Wafula of Shalom Miracle Church Mombasa. Hakika makusudi ya Mungu hayawezi kuzuilika, my friend With God it Works, Watapigana na wewe lakini hawatakuweza!

Here are photos from the crusade, that is still the talk of the town.




‘Who talks like that?’ Maina Kageni responds to abusive Pastor Nganga viral video

A clip of controversial Pastor James Nganga abusing people went viral.

An angry Nganga speaks terribly to the congregation, and KOT can’t handle it.

Classic 105’s Maina Kageni responded saying it’s shocking, but was even more perplexed by peoples somewhat relaxed reaction saying it’s a normal thing from Pastors to talk to the congregation like that.

Nganga in the clip is heard saying

if you are not going to respect my wife I will kick you out of my church

‘I think back to how unhappy I was,’ croons Maureen Kunga on weight loss journey

In the six-minute clip widely shared online, an upset Pastor Ng’ang’a insults and threatens un-named individuals for disrespecting his wife.

“If you are not going to respect my wife I will kick you out of my Ministry it doesn’t matter who you are. This time I will show you my power. If you don’t respect her, leave my Church and go start your own wajinga hawa,” he yells in front of his congregation listen.

“You have become rich in my Church; stupid, arrogant, useless people, taka taka, rubbish. There is nothing you can tell me.”

Bahati reveals secret of how he keeps Diana Marua happy

“I want full respect when I cough you answer, just the same way you did when you came here with torn clothes, and you’re rich because of me.”

nime sema kama hamtaheshimu mke wangu  I will not serve with you, he finishes.

A shocked Maina Kageni revealed what he would do if he were in the congregation.

let me first confess I’m not the most avid of church goers and I was looking at the reactions on social media, me I’m thinking kwani pastors talk like this?

Haya do you mean that’s how we are talked to , who talks like that?

alot of ladies were telling me they fear him. so if I was in that congregation I would have peed on myself.

James Ng’ang’a to be arraigned in court today for threatening Linus Kaikai

If your pastor speaks like this or if you understand where he comes from talk to me, Maina pleaded with Classic listeners.

Is this normal where you go to church? does you pastor talk like this, are you okay with this? Let’s talk.

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Rose Muhando breaks silence to tell fans ‘all is well’

Rose Muhando has taken upon her to thank her fans who were always with her and supported her in her ministry even when she was un-well.

The Tanzanian Gospel singer who had been unwell and admitted for four months said,

God has revealed himself in my life again because He has good plans for me. You have fought for my life with your prayers and I want to just ask God to bless you

Rose Muhando

The Gospel artist Rose Muhando is now finally back and feeling better.

Many times Ladasha Belle has proved she is a stylish celebrity baby!

The gospel singer caused anxiety after  a video surfaced not too long ago, allegedly of 10 demons talking about how they destroyed the gospel star’s career.

She shared photos of herself looking much better and healed after the illness.

Check out photos of the beautiful daughters of African Presidents

Rose Muhando
Rose Muhando

She is set to release a new song featuring  gospel artiste Stephen Kasolo, who took to his social media to share the good news to the world.

 Her fans were not left behind as they said as she confirmed the new hit.

They went to her social media saying,

praygasper11 :Asante Mungu…..kukuona tena katika kiwando chako kilekile Mama Etu….Mungu azidi kukuinua

fulvanny :👏👏👏👏👏afya tele kushukuru

marymichael686 :Great

y.janeth: 🙏❤

ellysteve100 :Amen

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Kamba gospel singer denies introducing Rose Muhando to drugs

Rose Muhando has been making headlines ever since a video went viral of her getting exorcised at Pastor Nganga’s church.



Pastor Ng’ang’a later claimed that Rose Muhando did not go through an exorcism but rather a spiritual healing process.

If anything, I wasn’t casting demons out of the musician,” Pastor Ng’ang’a.

Now, Rose did a song with a Kamba gospel artiste, Stephen Kasolo, called ‘Hautasumbuka Tena’

So the story doing rounds is that Kasolo is the one who hooked her up to some influential personalities. It even said that he is the one who took her to Pastor Ng’ang’a’s church.

His move did not go well with other gospel artistes who accused him of pushing her to do drugs.

But Kasolo has come out to deny the claims and speaking to The Nairobian, he made it clear that he did not introduce her to drugs or even having an intimate relationship with her.

“I’ve never introduced Muhando to drugs or had any intimate relationship with her. If anyone has evidence of that, they should come out and prove it. Some people claim that I’ve been hiding her. That’s not true. As a matter of fact, Rose’s relatives came for her to help her get further treatment and she left the country,” he told The Nairobian.

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Hue and cry follow Pastor James Ng’ang’a’s innocent verdict

James Ng’ang’a might have come out from winning the biggest case of his life but it may be a Pyrrhic victory. The clamour that has ensued after he was set free was loud.

The move by the High Court to acquit televangelist James Maina Ng’ang’a in a case in which he was charged with killing through dangerous driving angered many who took to the streets to protest over the collapse of the case. The demonstrators staged a walk to the Supreme Court in Nairobi demanding justice for the late Mercy Njeri who died in the road accident involving the televangelist.

According to a tweet by Sir Ezer and seen by TUKO.co.ke, they first made a stop at Ng’ang’a’s Neno Evangelism church on Haile Selassie Avenue before heading to the Supreme Court.
Holding placards written “Justice for Mercy Njeri”, the protesters accused the judiciary of failing to deliver justice for the deceased.


“We want to tell Chief Justice David Maraga, we don’t have confidence in him… we are tired of all these stories, We only here Maraga when he is defending and protecting his judges after they have done shoddy jobs or have taken money to rule in favour of some rich guys in this country. Now we want Maraga to quit that position,” said one of the demonstrators.
Ng’ang’a was charged in 2015 but his case was postponed for a record eight times until May 4, when the courts pronounced him, Simon Maina, Police Inspector Christopher Nzioka and James NgangaPolice Inspector Patrick Baya free men. Police Inspector Nzioka had been charged with giving false information while Inspector Baya was charged with neglecting official duty.
The pastor firmly insisted the Range Rover which caused the accident did not belong to him and managed to convince the court that he wasn’t the one behind the wheel of the vehicle that claimed Njeri’s life. As TUKO.co.ke had formerly reported, prosecution said it had presented over 30 witnesses in the case.

Pastor Ng’ang’a’s Lawyer Cliff Ombeta Withdraws From Case

Pastor Ng’ang’a’s top Nairobi lawyer Cliff Ombeta has withdrawn from representing the televangelist in the case of the fatal Limuru accident that left one woman dead.

During the hearing at Limuru law courts Cliff withdrew from the case citing lack of direction from the Neno Evangelism pastor.

The court ruled that police would not compel James Ng’ang’a to submit the DNA samples as requested by prosecutors Alloys Kemo and Catherine Mwaniki. Senior resident magistrate Timothy Tanchu declined the request Wednesday morning saying that all the evidence involving the fatal accident should have been gathered before the case.

Ng’ang’a was also ordered not to issue any statements to police or any other people after Catherine Mwaniki alleged that he made some disturbing statements during the Sunday service at his church.

The case will be mentioned on September 10, and heard on November 3 and 4.