‘Divorced or a single father…’, Betty Bayo gives the qualities of a husband she wants

Gospel singer Betty Bayo says her inbox is full of marriage proposals from different men who want to date and even marry her.

Betty, who was previously married to Pastor Kanyari, says she will only date men who have characteristics which she listed in a post on her social media accounts.

My inbox is full of proposal to cut the list short here are.

One of the characteristics is that the man should be divorced and a single father.

Well, Betty says they both have to have that similarity.

Another one is the man should be a peaceful person and one who is not violent.

Here are the other characteristics,

apart from being born again and God fearing below is the list of quality of my future husband (mundu wa Ngai ni Kwiyaria) A Godly person is one who speaks the truth)
1 divorcee/single father ( bird of the same feathers )
2 high self esteem staki mtu hajaovercome past yet I have Mimi nsha overcome no crying babies
3 not mamas boy no no noo

‘I moved in with Pastor Kanyari three weeks after we met’, Betty Bayo shares past mistakes

The singer
The singer

4 be a tither in his church , no heavenly thief
5 know English, we can’t both talk broken English my fans must see the different
6 love my kids
7 vaccinated to cyberbully kama hana i will give him a dose huku tunaservive by fire by force
8 no shouting or violent I love peace
9 no too serious I don’t want a boring life
10 statement and original id😎
For those men in boxing me now you know,” she wrote.

Betty has been giving details about her life and in one post, she said that she moved in with Pastor Kanyari few weeks after they met and she did not even know his official names.



‘I stayed in an abusive relationship,’ Betty Bayo speaks about fear

Gospel singer Betty Bayo says having fear cost her so much in the past.

In a long post on social media, the ex-wife to Pastor Kanyari says she persevered so much as she feared what people would say about her.

Among the things she persevered in was staying in an abusive relationship.

Betty who was married to Kanyari and together had children did not however disclose which relationship she was that was with an abusive partner.

Bodyguard wa Rihanna! Kenyans react after seeing Jowie’s photo

she wrote;

“Few years ago I used to live in fear I was afraid of almost everything… I feared being gossiped about I was naive, many people took advantage of me I would say sorry even when ni mimi nmekosewa, I didn’t know how to say no and speak for myself, Job 3.25 for the thing I feared has overtaken me,” she wrote.

The singer
The singer

She went on;

“I feared being gossiped negatively I stayed in abusive relationships because of fear, I would stomach open humilation because I was afraid of what people will say, I got into depression was losing my mind but God picked me up again. Today I am gossiped about in all corners of the world. Everyone has something to say about me, some true, some lies ..Am no longer live in fear. MY faith percertage % is higher than the fear. Sometimes I sit down read some of your comments and smile and I am like why all this anger and emotions? Do I know you?
Today many are living in fear. They rather lose their life than face reality

This comes a few days after she celebrated her ex during fathers day.

Betty Bayo
Betty Bayo

Check out some comments;

Comfort Wahito Winnie: After all fear you are the only one who suffer whether u do good or bad their is same people who cnt see anything good from you and mostly it start even with family members relatives church members name them list is very long.
Nyakio NdunguI just love you gal. Do you know many people who gossip, they see nothing good in other people’s lives are miserable!
Lydiah MainaYou are heading somewhere, powerful woman of most high God.may God bless yo
Mercy WangariTHIS is evident by what people comment n yu are not afraid this is overcoming faith thats victory. great courage this is what christians want to keep hiding to avoid negativity but they are suffering inside for fear of being judged. whether yu ve good or bad they still talk.
Nyamu Mwangi When u know the truth it is always set one free.After being set free u connect to your destiny.devotion to destiny mean being honourest by self.Then hv God ahead to break iron doors.

‘My emotions just died’ Betty Bayo on divorcing pastor Kanyari

Three years after Betty Bayo and her ex husband Victor Kanyari went separate ways, Betty says she wanted a marriage that would last and make her family.

She adds that she did all she could to make tings work all in vain.

I had tried my best to save our marriage, but it got a point where emotions died because of what they are making you go through.

‘She is my kids mother and will always be’ Kanyari praises Betty Bayo

betty bayo

In a recent interview Betty Bayo’s ex husband Pastor Kanyari stated that despite the two being divorced Betty is a good woman.

Betty is not a bad woman… She is a good person.She is the mother of my two kids and she will always be.

He was however reluctant to talk about whether he has moved on or not.

I don’t want to talk about if I have moved on or not, but if Betty has moved on, I don’t know, but I have nothing to tell her.

In conclusion she says

As a celebrity, your fans expect too much from you, and you may want to make them happy because there is no one who wants their weakness to show in public.

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Urembo galore!!Is this the new woman who has won Pastor Kanyari’s heart after break up from Betty Bayo?

When pastor Kanyari got exposed by John Allan Namu performing false miracles many thought that his career had died but it did not.

The expose saw him being dumped by his now ex wife Betty Bayo with whom they had  a daughter,well lady luck seems to have smiled on him,it seems like he has finally found love.

Looking for a wife?Betty Kyallo’s sister is up for grabs,see details below

 While Kanyari might be loud and proud in his religious convictions, he has been a bit covert with what looks to be his new woman. He keeps on liking her images on Instagram at a rapid clip. Check her out below:


28765138_412771895812834_7676536442759151616_n 29414632_342397979605700_8023260377947045888_n



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‘I don’t miss Kanyari’, Betty Bayo opens up about their failed marriage

Renowned gospel singer Betty Bayo has termed her ex-husband Victor Kanyari a “stingy man” who does not fully pay bills for the two children he sired with her.

 “We are neither enemies nor friends, but we coordinate where it is possible. He is a stingy man who only provides little for his children.”

Betty said in a recent interview

Gospel Artist Betty Bayo Talks About Her Relationship With Her Ex Hubby Pastor Kanyari



 “Don’t think he is that man you wake up and ask him for everything. He helps kidogo but I believe as a woman you are not supposed to depend fully on men, so I provide for them. With an attitude like mine, unaumia coz not all men can provide without being reminded.”

‘Ongea Mbaya Nikublock,’ Controversial Pastor Victor Kanyari Threatens His Followers

The two apparently separated three years ago, after Betty realised that her husband had been running a false ministry. Asked if she misses her ex-husband, Betty said:

 “I don’t miss Kanyari. I am so occupied with life and I even don’t follow up on what he does. I am enjoying the freedom of being single. Every marriage has issues. There are those you can stand but others you can’t.”


Lessons from her former marriage?

“It is every woman’s dream to have a family, but I learnt that it is good to never cover up for the wrong things just because of love. If it is not working, walk out. Don’t die because of what people will say after you walk out,”she said.

“I persevered so much because of fear, thinking it would work.

But it didn’t seem to work, and I thank God I came out alive,” Betty said.

She dismissed rumours that one of her children was not from her former marriage.

 “It has been three years since I left and when the time comes, I will get married again to a good person, because I don’t want to find myself in a similar situation,” she said.

Betty Bayo's children

“I wish there was something I would have done to save the marriage, but I tried my best. All my kids are his but everyone has a right to say what they want. You can’t be affected if you know your truth.”

Too Cute! Check Out Betty Bayo And Kanyari’s Adorable Children (Photos)

Gospel singer Betty Bayo is a proud mother of two. The estranged wife of controversial pastor Victor Kanyari is doing great careerwise after parting ways with him.

Betty Bayo

In a recent interview, Betty Bayo declared that she would never go back to self proclaimed prophet Dr. Kanyari, after all she went through while they were still together.

“You know what? I can’t really tell what life with him was like. We were both very busy people. Technically, we lived together for three years, but in reality that could be just one year. I was always at my mum’s place having ran away for one thing or the other. When it all blew up, we were living separately but hadn’t decided to end it,” she narrated.

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Kanyari’s Estranged Wife Betty Bayo Looking Better Than Before, Check Out Her Latest Photos

The 11th Hour singer confessed she was in love with someone else though she co-parents with Kanyari.

“Yes, I am seeing someone. I am happy. If it works out or not, I will still be happy. I will still be Betty. I am wiser now. I do not cling to relationships. It is only that I am too beautiful to be single,” she explained adding that:

“We do co-parent. But I haven’t seen him for the last two years. But our children, aged two and five, have a good relationship with him. We have an arrangement that works for us. While I have my personal feelings about him and what our relationship was like, his children don’t have to know or be affected by that.”

Pastor Kanyari playing with his son
Pastor Kanyari playing with his son

Here are latest of Kanyari and Betty Bayo’s all grown children


Betty Bayo's children


Betty Bayo's children


Betty Bayo's son


Betty Bayo


Betty Bayo's daughter


Betty Bayo's children


Betty Bayo

Betty Bayo's daughter

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‘Anger is such a wasted emotion’, declares Gospel singer Betty Bayo

 Photos courtesy of Bless Photography


‘Anger is such a wasted emotion’, declares Gospel singer Betty Bayo


To say Gospel singer Betty Bayo has been through challenges is an understatement.

Back in January she declared she would never go back to hubby Kanyari, after all the drama the gospel couple underwent following revelations he was ‘conning’ his flock.

Speaking to a US based TV, she narrated the whole story.



Gospel singer Betty Bayo

Fast forward to March, and she confessed she was in love with someone else.


In a heart-warming message, she seems to be addressing these challenges once again, declaring;

Anger is such a wasted Emotion.
Half of the people you are angry with don’t know it and the other half don’t care about it.


So if you’re tempted to scream or rant at someone, we hope this piece of advice from the popular singer will sort you out.



Has Betty Bayo moved on two years after dumping Kanyari?

A self-proclaimed prophet and healer Victor Kanyari hit headlines after he was exposed as a rogue man of God back in 2014.


In an interesting investigative piece that ran on KTN, Kanyari was exposed for allegedly conning innocent Kenyans in the name of performing miracles.

He trended for days leaving his family embarrassed but more than three years later, his wife by then, In a recent media interview, Betty  Bayo revealed that she never watched the exposé, attributing it to a power blackout at her place when it was aired.

“There was a power blackout in my home on that day. And I did not watch it. Still haven’t,” said the 11th-hour singer.

Adding that:

“I deserve to save my data bundles for things that entertain me. And this is in the least bit not entertaining. Why would I watch it? I already know what was on it because everyone told me about it. And it is a sad story.”

Betty Bayo has moved on and when asked if she broke up with Kanyari immediately after the exposé, she said:

“I did not leave him immediately. It didn’’t feel right to me to leave him in the mess. So I held on a little longer. And I had to forgive him. When I saw he was stable enough, I decided to leave. He had changed and become a better person but in my heart, nothing would stop me from leaving.”

Bayo went ahead to talk about her relationship with Kanyari, which she said was complicated.

“You know what? I can’t really tell what life with him was like. We were both very busy people. Technically, we lived together for three years, but in reality that could be just one year.

I was always at my mum’s place having ran away for one thing or the other. When it all blew up, we were living separately but hadn’t decided to end it,” she narrated.


Betty Bayo also opened up about them co-parenting, adding that she hasn’t seen the controversial pastor for quite a while.

“Yes we do co-parent. But I haven’t seen him for the last two years. But our children, aged two and five, have a good relationship with him. We have an arrangement that works for us. While I have my personal feelings about him and what our relationship was like, his children don’t have to know or be affected by that,” she revealed.

Pastor Kanyari
Pastor Kanyari playing with his son

The mother of two talked about going back to shool soon to finish her psychology degree and she made it clear tha she’s seing someone.

“Yes I am seeing someone. I am happy. If it works out or not, I will still be happy. I will still be Betty. I am wiser now. I do not cling to relationships. It is only that I am too beautiful to be single.”

Betty has grown into a strong woman and she revealed that after Kanyari’s exposé, many thought her music career would end but she’s still strong.

“People thought that the fiasco would be the end of my career, but my fans never left me. They stood by me throughout the whole ordeal and I thank them because I emerged stronger. Before the incident, I never used to have musicians as friends, but after it happened the music fraternity came together to support me without judging me and now they are my closest friends. I have been slow to release songs because I had to take care of my child, but I am now in a position to focus more on producing and I will be releasing music soon.”

She said the whole drama taught her a lot of things and today she doesn’t live in regrets.

“Today, I don’t live in regrets. The information and the experience that I have can help somebody else. Sometimes you go through something for the sake of others. I thank God I did not learn my mistake when I was old. Some people realise that they made a mistake when they are 60. Can you imagine realising that you have been living with the wrong person for the last 40 years?.”


Pesa Otas! Kanyari’s sister flaunts multi-million shilling villa (photos)

While her age mates are busy chasing sponsors to take them on exotic trips, buy for them latest phones and pay for their bedsitter rent in the city’s suburbs, Kanyari’s sister, Starlet Wahu is a smart one.

The daughter of controversial self-proclaimed prophetess Lucy Nduta is living life on the first lane. Unlike many children from Christian families, who live a conservative life, Kanyari’s sister is different. Hapana tambua wokovu!

‘Ongea Mbaya Nikublock,’ Controversial Pastor Victor Kanyari Threatens His Followers

Well, the petite figured lass shared photos of a mansion under construction on social media and it’s clear that she invests her money well compared to her fellow slay queens. The project named ‘Starlet Villas’ does not indicate whether it is for rent or it will be her residence.

Starlet, who has been rolling like a queen thanks to her moneyed boyfriend, is following in the footsteps of her brother, Victor Kanyari, whose palatial home along Kangundo road left the nation in shock

Here are photos of Starlet Wahu’s upcoming palace, check out.


Kanyaris sister's villa


Kanyaris sister's villa


Kanyaris sister's villa


Kanyaris sister's villa

Controversial Pastor Kanyari shows off bundles of cash

Controversial city pastor Victor Kanyari is a special case. Unlike many men of the cloth, who hide under the name of God but are sinners, the self-proclaimed prophet is never afraid of showing us his true colours.

pastor Kanyari

From touching his female congregants’ breasts in public to flaunting what he owns, Kanyari is always making controversial headlines.


The estranged husband of gospel singer Betty Bayo owns a multi-million mansion along Kangundo road, thanks to his generous followers

A photo of the Salvation and Healing Ministry founder showing off thousands of shillings has surfaced igniting mixed reactions amongst Kenyans.

Here is the photo

Pastor Kanyari

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Gospel singer Betty Bayo shows off her son for the first time since giving birth

Award-winning gospel singer Betty Bayo is a happy mother of two children. The estranged wife of controversial pastor Victo Kanyari, has introduced her second born child, a son, to the online community.

In November 2015, news went viral that Betty Bayo, who was on a music tour in the USA was pregnant after parting ways with Kanyari. The baby shower took place at the Well of Worship Centre in Massachusetts.

“Let us support our sister, daughter, friend and favourite gospel artiste. God bless you and enlarge your territory as you plan to come. Everyone is invited,” Read the wordings on Betty Bayo’s baby shower poster.

A few weeks later, the Siyabonga hitmaker gave birth to a bouncing baby boy and she took to social media to announce the great news. She wrote;


Since then, Betty Bayo has been keeping a low profile on social media an indication that she may be busy taking care of her children and recently, she finally unveiled her son’s face.

“First time on Instagram ..big up son …much love,” she posted.

Check out photos of Betty Bayo’s all grown children



Betty Bayo
Betty Bayo’s son


Betty Bayo
Betty Bayo’s daughter

WHEN LOVE TURNS TO HATE! 5 Of The Biggest And Nastiest Break Ups In The Kenyan GOSPEL Industry

There has been a noticeable increase in the number of celebrity break ups in the last couple of years in Kenya, and we can’t all help but wonder what’s going on and especially for couples who seemed like they wouldn’t part ways.

Dating while in the limelight must really be a hard task, what with all the prying eyes and scrutiny from the public judging your every move, which makes it hard for celebs to keep under wraps relationship challenges they’re facing.

THEIR TASTE IN WOMEN IS IMPECCABLE! Top 5 Kenyan Male Comedians With The Most Beautiful Lovers (PHOTOS)

In the Kenyan entertainment industry, particularly gospel artistes have grabbed the nation’s attention because of the frequent break-ups facing them.


So which gospel artistes have sadly called it quits? Check out some of the worst Kenyan gospel celebrity break-ups below.

1. Gloria Muliro and Pastor Omba
Gloria Muliro shocked Kenyans when she came out to reveal that she had walked out of her 5-year marriage. She accused her then husband Pastor Eric Omba of emotional abuse, cheating, and mismanagement of her money. The two have since moved on and Omba already has two kids from different women.


2. Eunice Njeri and Rapper Izzo
This was one of the biggest and most controversial celebrity break-ups this year. Eunice Njeri walked down the aisle in December 2016 and on February 2017, she announced that she had annulled the marriage the same day. The singer claimed that her heart was in Kenya and wasn’t ready to settle down in the US.


3. Dr Ofweneke and Nicah The Queen
This is the latest Kenyan celebrity break up with details emerging that comedian Dr Ofweneke broke up with his fiancée, Nicah. The two have had a rocky relationship and though they tried to keep it a secret, the two have called it quits. In a shocking revelation, Nicah shared a photo accusing the comedian of beating her.


4. Pastor Kanyari and Betty Bayo
These gospel bigwigs were a couple at some point bus sadly, it ended in a very nasty separation after Betty Bayo decided to walk away from the marriage. This came after someone accused the pastor of conning church members. Betty Bayo, later on, revealed that she was pregnant with another man’s baby and has since given birth.


5. Hey Z Da Brand and Mercy Njoki
The gospel singer broke up with former Tahidi High actress Mercy Njoki aka Izareeh after dating for 6 years. He accused her of cheating on him and after calling it quits, the lady moved on with another man just a few weeks after. Sad!