A list of the most ridiculous things pastors have asked followers to do

The number of bizarre videos going viral of Pastor Nganga doing the most have caught our attention. We all have opinions about why he would touch a womans titties, or blast another for having cheap shoes.

So let us take a look back at all the most ridiculous things Pastors in Africa have asked congregants to do in the name of a miracle.

Richest pastor resurrects dead man in coffin (Photos)

In recent years, the media has been awash with stories of prophets who have been leading their congregants into weird acts in pursuit of miracles.

A South African pastor used insect-killing spray — Doom — on a female congregant for “healing”.


‘Handsome’ Pastor Ng’ang’a describes himself as the ‘best’

Another prophet fed his congregants live snakes in an attempt to test their faith.

A prophet from across the Limpopo made people eat grass and drink petrol. Congregants claimed the petrol had been turned into apple juice.
pastor makes man swallo snake

Down South  a pastor Paul Sanyangore claimed to have walked on water. Photographs and a video of him performing this stunt circulated on social media.

The same guy also prayed for condoms brought by a church member who had reunited with her estranged husband and needed affirmation on whether to use them or not.


I have been dumped 3 times and have a new fiancée – Pastor Deya

This caused a stampede for the product from fellow female congregants as they regarded them as anointed after the prophet’s prayer.

In 2018 a man named Prophet Sham Hungwe caused a stir after selling anointed pens that were supposedly meant to assist students who were about to sit for their end of year examinations.

pastor in tanzania

He pulled another shocker when he sold anointed soil to congregants during a church service. The price of the soil ranged from $5 to $25.

‘My wife slept with our pastor so I got another girl pregnant’ Brags city man

Prophet Lazarus Mashavave prayed for alcoholics and drug addicts as a way to demonstrate his deliverance powers.

We could go on and on, but let’s stop here. I bet some of you are annoyed. Blame the gullible citizens.

I slept on the floor for months after giving my pastor my bed, alleges woman

sa pastor feeds dog meat


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I moved in with a man whose full names I barely knew – Betty Bayo speaks about Kanyari

Betty Bayo and Pastor Victor Kanyari had one of the most complicated relationships ever seen on the Kenyan landscape. Betty the uprising and loved gospel singer, Kanyari the charismatic and ambitious pastor with a secret to hide.

‘I stayed in an abusive relationship,’ Betty Bayo speaks about fear

Their relationship came tumbling down after Kanyari was outed for scamming his congregants. Years later it seems that the cleric has moved on and even recently announced that he is single and ready to mingle.

Betty Bayo headwrap
Betty Bayo headwrap

But it seems that Betty herself still bears the scars of that failed relationship that produced 2 beautiful kids. Betty has for long referred to the preacher as her estranged husband admitted this past weekend that the two never got married at any point in their lives.

Betty Bayo wearing headwrap
Betty Bayo wearing headwrap

In a long Instagram post, Betty said that she and Kanyari were living in sin but did not want to let the world know. That wasn’t all, Betty revealed that she moved in with him 3 weeks after knowing him and still didn’t know full names only knowing that she was in love.

“In my past relatioship i made mistake from day 1, Though I was still a Christian and still saved I moved in with a man 3 weeks after we met with no wedding or anything legal ata affidavit hakuna ,unlike the expectation of many ,nilienda come we stay sorry i mean come we fight 🤣🤣 I moved in with a man who I barely new he full mpesa names .everyday things were unfolding i dint keep the social distance I got pregnant kidogo kidogo .pregnant aaagain🤣🤣 . the rest is history i was forced to say i did a wedding then was naive .. nani hapa alikula mchele ya harusi yangu,??? ” Betty narrated.

Betty Bayo

This year Betty has a lot more about Kanyari and even wrote a Father’s day message that can best be described as a backhanded compliment. In it, she praised him for being a present dad but a useless husband. No chills…

Victor Kanyari with her two sons
Victor Kanyari with her two sons

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‘I stayed in an abusive relationship,’ Betty Bayo speaks about fear

Gospel singer Betty Bayo says having fear cost her so much in the past.

In a long post on social media, the ex-wife to Pastor Kanyari says she persevered so much as she feared what people would say about her.

Among the things she persevered in was staying in an abusive relationship.

Betty who was married to Kanyari and together had children did not however disclose which relationship she was that was with an abusive partner.

Bodyguard wa Rihanna! Kenyans react after seeing Jowie’s photo

she wrote;

“Few years ago I used to live in fear I was afraid of almost everything… I feared being gossiped about I was naive, many people took advantage of me I would say sorry even when ni mimi nmekosewa, I didn’t know how to say no and speak for myself, Job 3.25 for the thing I feared has overtaken me,” she wrote.

The singer
The singer

She went on;

“I feared being gossiped negatively I stayed in abusive relationships because of fear, I would stomach open humilation because I was afraid of what people will say, I got into depression was losing my mind but God picked me up again. Today I am gossiped about in all corners of the world. Everyone has something to say about me, some true, some lies ..Am no longer live in fear. MY faith percertage % is higher than the fear. Sometimes I sit down read some of your comments and smile and I am like why all this anger and emotions? Do I know you?
Today many are living in fear. They rather lose their life than face reality

This comes a few days after she celebrated her ex during fathers day.

Betty Bayo
Betty Bayo

Check out some comments;

Comfort Wahito Winnie: After all fear you are the only one who suffer whether u do good or bad their is same people who cnt see anything good from you and mostly it start even with family members relatives church members name them list is very long.
Nyakio NdunguI just love you gal. Do you know many people who gossip, they see nothing good in other people’s lives are miserable!
Lydiah MainaYou are heading somewhere, powerful woman of most high God.may God bless yo
Mercy WangariTHIS is evident by what people comment n yu are not afraid this is overcoming faith thats victory. great courage this is what christians want to keep hiding to avoid negativity but they are suffering inside for fear of being judged. whether yu ve good or bad they still talk.
Nyamu Mwangi When u know the truth it is always set one free.After being set free u connect to your destiny.devotion to destiny mean being honourest by self.Then hv God ahead to break iron doors.

How immaturity cost Pastor Kanyari’s marriage to Betty Bayo

The reason that led to the end of pastor Victor Kanyari’s marriage to Betty Bayo has been made public.

Speaking to Word Is on Saturday, Kanyari said that they married while very young and immature.

“Betty was the best woman I have ever met but I think when we met we were both still childish, I was only 31 years.”

It is the main reason the marriage did not work because Betty was not a bad lady. She could have her perspective but the age contributed to the breakup.

Kanyari said they were not strong and grown enough to handle marriage life, but now they are mature and able to decide the best for themselves.

Many believe that the two separated after Betty realised that her husband had been running a false ministry.

“She was overcome by Pastor Kanyari’s scandalous life. The TV expose was not the main reason because she stood by me.

Kanyari would not listen to anything she told him.

“Like when she wants me to come home early, it was always a problem for me.” He says Betty was the best woman he has ever met.

Asked if he still loves Betty, Kanyari said, he cannot say yes or no.

“You cannot force love to anyone. Na ukiachwa achika. I would say, if she loves me, I love her too but if she does not, then why should I force myself to her? If you are mature enough you let things unfold themselves without forcing them to happen because it could affect both of us.” Love is a journey, and I loved her then but for now, I don’t know what her heart has.

Pastor Kanyari

Betty has finally moved on and is set to wed. Kanyari said,

“The time will for me to move on and the whole world will know but for now no hurry in Africa. I will move on when I want, let me have my good time and continue serving God,” he said.

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‘I went to a wedding in slippers’ Betty Bayo reveals about depression battle

Betty Bayo is among the latest line of celebrities to speak about the tough battle with depression. The Kenyan gospel artiste opened up on her battle with depression and had some counselling words for Kenyans who might be undergoing it.

The singer
The singer

The lady who was married to controversial Pastor, Victor Kanyari explained her struggles on her YouTube channel. She said;

‘Someone might ask if I have ever been depressed and I would say, yes I have. I knew I was depressed after I attended a wedding only to realize that I had worn slippers. I had not combed my hair nor had I applied lotion on myself.
in my mind, I knew that before I left home I had planned on attending a wedding but I did not plan on attending while looking unkempt.’

Betty-Bayo-Pastor in a file photo
Betty-Bayo-Pastor in a file photo

But thankfully the singer had some great news to share with her fans and followers. She added;

‘Thankfully I overcame my depression, with time I will open up on what drove me there in the first place and how I overcame that phase.’

Betty Bayo
Betty Bayo

Other Kenyan celebs who have also said that they have suffered depression are;

Annitah Raey – The Hot 96 presenter sunk into depression after a rape ordeal at Jevanjee Gardens after she ran away from home due to the harsh nature of her mother

Joey Muthengi – The Voice of America correspondent has battled depression and anxiety since the age of 14.

Joey Muthengi
Joey Muthengi

Mejja – The Kansoul member Mejja battled depression after his wife left with his child while he was away on a business meeting.

Pierra Makena – The ‘Beat Box Live’ DJ went through depression at the worst time ever, during her pregnancy.

They Crossed the Line: Pierra Makena gets emotional about battling depression after cyberbullying

Grace Ekirapa – The Crossover 101 TV host tried committing suicide in Class 8 and once again in Form 3 after suffering from depression.

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If it doesn’t make sense, it’s rubbish – Maina on pastors’ miracles


The Star newspaper has obtained audio clips from women claiming the second most powerful man in Prophet Owours church has had indecent sinful acts with them.

Bishop Joseph Gitonga was excommunicated after several women confessed publicly in church.

Prophet David Owuor preaches at Kisumu’s Moi stadium where he performed miracles. PHOTO/JUSTUS OCHIENG

Prophet David Owuor preaches at Kisumu’s Moi stadium where he performed miracles. PHOTO/JUSTUS OCHIENG

How I unknowingly became my pastor’s mpango wa kando


Classic host Maina Kageni opened up discussion of this topic to his audience.

ladies tell me how some of these churches thrive, here are some churches that tell worshipers that god doesn’t accept tithe for less than sh200, I have had of some churches that tells women to remove underwear to welcome the holy spirit, there is abuse, humiliation and you keep going back there, why?

Why do you still go there, why do you believe these guys, you can tell this is absolute nonsense as e is feeling you up, titties and all!

If it doesn’t make sense it’s possible it’s rubbish 99.9% of times.He concluded

Here are some responses to the question of gullible female congregants

charles maina…
There is a holy book called Bible. We follow the Bible not the pastor..Not everything the pastor says is to be followed he is a man just like you and me #mainaandkingangi .

Benson kipla_254..
#MainaAndKingangi Nowdays I have lost confidence with churches in kenya ,everywhere there is scandal all this churches must be formatted and settings restored😂😂😂😂

Reactions to Pastor Ng’ang’a shamefully humiliating a female congregant

wangari kanamugire..

Its very easy to prey on desperate women with low esteem,they will follow,trust and do what they are told we need to learn to think for ourselves coz those pastors are quoting the same bible we have
Its a matter of choice

It’s high time ladies should wake up and stop this nonsense! Where have u seen men being harassed by female preachers? If there’s one invite me 😂

Athman Melly..
@Classic105Kenya @ItsMainaKageni Some women sell everything they have and give it out to that church, including bed, beddings and electronics in the name of helping the church and waiting for more blessings. Stupidity #MainaAndKingangi

‘Do I sleep with our pastor to end my marital problems?’ asks city woman

Purity Ng’ethe..
#MainaAndKingangi why are you blaming the pastors?? Blame these women who worships these pastors like their God are they forced to do somethings? can’t they say no and quit that church?They are just cheap women

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