I have been dumped 3 times and have a new fiancée – Pastor Deya

Controversial miracle baby Pastor Deya is a man many have questions about.

Deya revealed in an interview heard by Classic 105, that his wife of 15 years divorced him, but in that time had dated several women with the full knowledge of his wife. They all dumped him, but all is well now, he assures Kenyans. He has a new lover and is deeply and madly in love.

His wife who stood by him in tough times left him as the long distance relationship proved too much for their marriage. He is not bitter, and actually is glad she moved on.

What I know is me and my wife we are divorced. 

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My wife is the one who divorced me and I am accepting her decision and I have no problem.

I need to come clear with this that, Gilbert Deya is a divorcee and I will still remarry again.

When I was living abroad for 15 years, my wife was living in Kenya and while there I took on a relationship with another woman and it does not mean I was cheating just like the media portrayed it.


His tell all interview revealed his struggle with temptations and how lust drove him into the arms  of yet another woman.

My wife and I had already separated through immigration and after 5 years of not being together I could not continue staying by myself lusting over women hence why I went and told the church members and my wife also knew about it.

Well after taking this other woman in, things did not end well and as I was about to come back to Kenya, she refused claiming that I needed to marry her which ended up having a rape case after refusal to marry. 


He continued to narrate his experience blaming his failed relationship on distance and jail time that he experienced.

He repeatedly insisted he is not one to stay single and even after being dumped by three women he is open to remarrying, and as for now he has no limitations.

Deya cheekily confessed he is engaged to a young 26-year-old lady whom he is set to marry. The age gap is 50 years, something he insisted he likes.

I cannot stay single, I want to remarry and the lady that I decided to re-marry is a young lady who is 50 years younger than me which is in the line of my liking.


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