She is the only one I wanted! Grace Ekirapa responds to Pascal Tokodi’s high praise

I spoke to Grace Ekirapa this week.

The Crossover101 host spoke about various areas in her life. One of them was her recent guest appearance as a video model in Pascal Tokodi & King Kaka music video, “You”.

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Her appearance had surprised me and I had to ask her about it? I related to her what Tokodi had told me about her appearance on the music video. He had said, “She the first choice for the model in the video. I am the one who thought of having her in the video. She was the only person I considered.”

Adding, “She is very good at what she does. It was a pleasure having her.”

What did she think about his sentiments? “After you have heard the song, do you think that is something I can say no to?  It was a pleasure doing it,” she responded.

And when did she discover that she could act? “I discovered my acting chops after I left school,” she told me.

Did that mean that she would feature in more music videos in the future? “It depends,” she said. “It’s not every video you jump into. It’s being very careful,” she explained.

Would Grace ever consider diversifying in the entertainment industry like Pascal was doing? The happy-go-lucky host was guarded in her answer saying that she didn’t know what God had in store for her and she would wait on him as anything was possible.

Check out their music video below:


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‘He became very hostile,’ Pascal Tokodi on being conned by a house agent

Pascal Tokodi has revealed how a house agent conned him of his hard earned money after he got an agent online who claimed to be in Karen.

“The guy told me there was a house ready but it had already been booked, although the person had not moved in for one week. So I asked how much more I could pay to get the house,” he said.

Although he had not met the agent, Tokodi sent the cash as he felt the “agent” was “very nice”.

“The agent told me to go to Karen and someone would pick me up,” he recalled.

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Upon reaching there, he called the “agent”, who changed the story, saying the guy who had booked the house earlier sent more cash to get it.

“Since I wanted the house, I said I would send more. He tells me the wife is coming to pick me. I call him again and the wife picks and asks who I was.

I introduced myself and hang up and tried to reverse the money but they had withdrawn the cash.

I decided to call him again but I soon found out that it was a person from Umoja. He became hostile towards me afterward.” 

Pascal Tokodi
Pascal Tokodi

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It is at that point it dawned on Tokodi that he had been conned of his cash.

“I hope the money helped him. Experience is the best thing and I learnt my lesson,” he said.

Having a conversation about the deeply entrenched con culture in Nairobi is long overdue, and the more we continue to stay silent, the more the conmen and women are winning. So, it’s time to speak out.”

The highly anticipated new web series, Janjaruka (Wisen Up), will launch at Pawa 254 and online on Wednesday. It is produced by Flick 7 Pictures.

Janjaruka is an entertaining series but with a serious message: Should we accept that conmanship is a part of life in Nairobi and, bigger than that, why do those paid to protect us often take advantage of us when we seek their help?

“Our aim with Janjaruka is to begin a conversation about being conned in Nairobi. And to ask the question, is there anything we can do about it?” Flick 7 director Aggie Nyagari told Word Is .

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‘I’ll remember your loyalty and caring heart,’ Actor Kone’s ‘brother’ pens last words

Famous actor Kone Nouhoum famously known as Reagan in the famous Kenyan Tv series Selina, was laid to rest Friday afternoon.

Kone had been on life support for almost 6 months after a horrific accident. Friends had hoped he would recover from the injuries because he was considered ‘a fighter’.

Pascal Tokodi, who refers to him as a brother, could not hold back his emotions after hearing the passing of his colleague Kone.

He wrote his final message to Kone saying:

Last week, my uncle, this week, my brother 🙏😔
I pray that you cherish every moment and every person in your life, you never know when it’s the last time you’ll see them 🙏💔
Rest Kone, I’ll remember your loyalty, intelligence and most of all, your caring heart 🙏
Rest brother

It will be hard to find another idiot like Kone 😂
Remember this man

In a previous post, Pascal thanked everyone who stood by the late actor and his family since September until the sad moment Kone took his last breathe.

May Kone rest in peace and may his friends and family be strong during this tough time.

Celebrities we wish were dating FOR REAL

They are our favorite celebs, who are pals, but would look so darn good together if they were dating in real life.

Here are some celebrities we would like to see dating,

1. Nyashinski and Avril

in a post on instagram, Nyash sent tongues wagging after the photo below was shared. He wrote

Avril outchea looking like financial stability and 16 glasses of water a day! 😂 tag her 3 times if you’re not a hater.

Bravo!!Here is the lucrative role Avril has landed with Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

2. Larry Madowo and Edith Kimani

These two have been friends for the longest and are among few celebrities who are not scared to show it.

Earlier, Larry Madowo posted,

‘Living our best lives now in Paris with one of my realest, smartest friends. But Edith Kimani is also one of the silliest. I keep her around because she teaches me fancy things and she’s a general riot’

3. Paskal Tokodi and Celestine Gachuhi

Their on screen chemistry in their series ‘Selina’ which airs on Maisha magic just makes us want them to date in real life.

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4. Ian Mugoya and Huddah Monroe

Have you seen these two? They are just too beautiful and would make such a cute and to die for couple.

5. Wiz Kid and Tiwa Savage

I mean come on guys! These two are just showing us how much they should be in each others lives and we are here for it especially after Wiz Kid’s song called ‘fever’.

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Meet Pascal Tokodi’s Cool Parents! [Video]

Kenyan singer and actor Pascal Tokodi is one of the coolest peeps in the entertainment industry. It seems he got all that from his parents, who come across as a funny, warm and cool pair.

Tokodi has supportive parents. They don’t mind him being in the limelight.

In my recent interview with him, he said that Kenyan artistes should indeed show each other love.

“I am not here to compete though. You know, when people say, ‘co-ompetition’? We are helping each other but we are growing at the same time. We need to have a sound. Like when you hear Bongo, you know it’s from Tanzania. Same for Kwaito, it takes you to South Africa,” he said.

Fast forward to this week, Tokodi posted a throwback video of his mother serenading his dad. The hilarious video was a birthday wish for the dad.

Check it out:

#tbt Coolest parents 😂 Happy birthday dad! #sitakimwingine

A post shared by pascal TOKODI (@pascaltokodi) on

Here are the fan reactions:

itswambuimwangi Awww😍
dtsalwa09 👏👏👏nice
kemboy_music I really wish my relatives would support my talent….. you got awesome parents 😭😂😂
zinahjolie Looool
sharifaalmaawy Aww too cute. Happy birthday to Dad. Xx
mallisa_kenya Oh maaa gaaaad!
t_wegesa Now if these are your parents,, DNA is real, u all have great voice
annsony67 Omg😂😂😂😂😂 the way dad alikua amekazia iyo kicheko.. ooh wow I want such dear lord🙏🏻🙏🏻😍
coco_vanveen This is soooooo beautiful 😭😭😭😭😭♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
gracembula_9 Wueh😂😂😂😂that’s so cool
goddess_unraveled Awwwww

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Exclusive Interview: Pascal Tokodi Weighs In On “Fakeness” In The Kenyan Gospel Industry

The Kenyan gospel industry has seen some of the most controversial moments in the past few years, from Bahati marrying a woman older by far to Willy Paul’s lavish living tendencies.

“For me, I think as artistes, you need to be authentic in anything you do. Wajua, artistes ndio kioo cha jamii. For me, I like sending a positive message,” he revealed.

On the fakeness in the gospel industry — artistes masquerading as spreading the word of God whereas they are in for business — Pascal Tokodi had something interesting to say.

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“I don’t mind if they sing about love…or if they sing about God. As long as you’re sending a positive message out there, I am happy about that,” he added.

On the state of the Kenyan music industry, he urged his fellow artistes to support each other instead of racing for success while beefing.

“I am not here to compete though. You know, when people say, ‘co-ompetition’? We are helping each other but we are growing at the same time. We need to have a sound. Like when you hear Bongo, you know it’s from Tanzania. Same for Kwaito, it takes you to South Africa,” he shared his sentiments.

Check out his latest song, “Songa”


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