Happy Fathers day to these first time dads

It’s June 19th and the world is marking fathers day.

We want to appreciate all the first time das marking this special day.

!. Pasczal Tokodi

Selina actor Pascal Tokodi and daughter Instagram 2022

Actor Pascal’s wife Grace Ekirapa told of her joy and delight at chosing him to be her children’s father.

She captioned a video in the delivery room

“On this Fathers Day, it gives me soo much Joy to Celebrate My love @pascaltokodi because it happens to be his First Fathers Day. Every part of this video brings tears to my eyes. He stood outside the theatre extremely anxious that between the minutes I was in there, he changed clothes three times. He kept pacing outside the door peeping to see if baby was already out. He cried tears of joy and for a moment he dint find jokes or humor to cover his emotions, instead, he allowed himself to feel the joy as he heard his baby’s first cry.. Baby, I love the person you have become. Jasmine is blessed to call you Dad because I know your would lay down your life to protect her. I love how you love our baby, how you wake up in the night and feed her, change her diaper, sing for her till she sleeps again, you are her super hero and I will be here to tell her that when she is old enough to understand. HAPPY FIRST FATHERS DAY BABA AJ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️”

. Blessing Lungalo

Actor Blessing Lungalo and children 2022

Actor Blessing is a first time dad. He and wife Jackie Matubia have a neborn son.

Jackie dedicated a message appreciating him for the role he has played in their life.

“Happy Father’s Day @blessinglungaho
We love you and appreciate you ❤️❤️❤️”

  1. Agunda Bweni
    The husband of Gosprel singer Evelyn Wanjiru told of his joy at being a dad after ten years of trying to conceive.
Gosperl artiste Evelyn Wanjiru’s husband and son

“This is a special Father’s Day to me, i thank God for the gift of baby Mshindi . Happy Father’s Day! I celebrate all father figures, it is not just a title to be called a father but it is also a stewardship position entrusted to every man by God”

Evelyn responded and Thanked him for staying by her side “Verified
Why I am crying 😭😭😭 😍❤️now ….this is beautiful love …. that title suits you….baba Mshindi @agundabweni ❤️”

  1. Rotimi

Nigerian born singer Rotimi is a first tiem dad to son Seven, with Vanessa Mdee.

A cute video of Rotimi cuddling Seven was shared by Vanesaa who captioned it

“What a divine joy, honor and pleasure it is to experience you as Dad. Baby you checked ☑️ yet another box this past year and my love you do it so effortlessly. Baba Seven you’re an incredible Father 😍, hands down the best of the best, Seven and I are so blessed to have you. Happy First Father’s Day to you my love 😘 GOD bless you and fill you with the wisdom you need daily 🤍😘💕💫”

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Grace Ekirapa’s sisters give her thoughtful motherhood gift

Grace Ekirapa and Pascal Tokodi have released part two of their baby thanksgiving ceremony video.

Pascal on his youtube told ‘This day was beautiful in every way. we chose to have a very intimate gathering because we needed to share that beautiful day with people who have in one way or another held our hands through this journey.’

In part two, Grace’s sisters make her cry after unveiling their gift for her journey into motherhood.

The three sisters had made a portrait of their late mum, who they said would have loved to be a grandmother dearly.

‘there is one person who would have loved to be here, but she isn’t so we thought this moment angekuwa hapa angekuwa very proud of you and so we thought of making for you this. This is our mum who passed and what this signifies is as much as she is not with us today, she is always with us, to remind you just before you give birth mama was with you’

They added

‘Gracie this is to remind you it may be almost 22 years, but I know she lives in all of us and we will be here to suport you ‘

They advised Pascal to ‘brace yourself tuna kuja na ubaya’ meaning they will always be in their home holding the baby.

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Pregnant Nadia Mukami holds thanksgiving ahead of birth

Nadia Mukami and bae Arrowbwoy held a thanksgiving for their unborn son.

Captioning the moment #thanksgivingsunday, Nadia added ‘Mama Boi na Baba Boi.
This phase of my life is beautiful♥️ I have dedicated this Sunday to thanksgiving: I cant believe my prayers have changed to God protect my Boys. (Boi & Baba Boi)😉🙈♥️I am loving & appreciating it. When you let God align, you just smile everyday♥️’

The Africanpopstr gushed over her two boys and looking forward to their first child.

Nadia revealed she was pregnant on March 8 International womens day in a beautiful moment at Safari Park.

Nadia also revealed that they miscarried after media personality Jalango told that she is hiding a pregnancy.

She sadly opened up about it saying ‘we have an angel in heaven’

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Grace Ekirapa’s prayer for women to experience joys of motherhood

In his time, god will hear your prayer for a child

Tv host Grace Ekirapa has opened up about her long held desire to be pregnant and how the long wait made her feel.

The heavily pregnant Gospel TV host told that ‘thanksgiving opens doors that whining and complaining won’t’ adding she did this alot before being blessed.

She penned

‘The many times I have caught myself staring at little clothes online and the ones at home are countless. Not to mention the kicks that keep me up long into the nights because I can’t stop giggling at the waves my tummy makes as my little one kicks, Iam short of words. Today my heart goes out to that woman out there who is trusting God for the fruit of their womb. God works in ways we cannot understand and sometimes our hearts may grow weary because we have time as a limit but please remind your heart that God is not a respect or of time or man. He will do it at His time and when He does it, it will be magnificent. Meanwhile as you wait for your miracle, celebrate those who are celebrating and believe me, Thanksgiving opens doors that whining and complaining won’t, (I have been there I know) May the God of Hannah and Sarah visit you who is waiting in Jesus Name.’

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Almost here! Grace Ekirapa and Pascal Tokodi in the Coast for a baby moon

Grace Ekirapa and husband Pascal Tokodi are int he Coast for a babymoon.

The celebrity couple shared a cute video telling their fans that the babymoon is much needed as they prepare to usher in their bundle of joy.

She captioned a video walking on the beach ‘Day 1 of our #Babymoon😍😍 with my boo @pascaltokodi’

Adding ‘We are @malindidreamgarden courtesy of @spotonvacations and ooh how we love it already😍😍😍
. My maternity biker shorts from @everythingmaternitykenya and the cover up from @shazi_afrika’

Four weeks ago, Grace and Pascal revealed they were expecting in a cute photo. They captioned it ‘The Lord continues to Perfect all that concerns our lives and it is beautiful in our eyes. This is a story we shall tell one day. Happy New Year from our growing Family’

Kenyans received the new year news with warmth, congratulating them.

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Congratulations! Grace Ekirapa and Pascal Tokodi announce pregnancy

Media personality Grace Ekirapa and her actor husband Pascal Tokodi have announced they are expecting their first child together.

The cute couple blew away their fans witht he surprise news.

Grace wrote ‘The Lord continues to Perfect all that concerns our lives and it is beautiful in our eyes. This is a story we shall tell one day. Happy New Year from our growing Family’

And Pascal added ‘A place in my heart that I never knew was empty, has been filled.’

We wish Grace a fulfiling journey. Mother hood is great.

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Grace Ekirapa and Pascal Tokodi celebrate their 1st wedding anniversary


Award winning actor Pascal Tokodi and his beautiful wife Grace marked their first wedding anniversary on September 24.

The couple were on a weekend getaway in Naivasha and shared their cute moments.

Grace captioned “To many more babie #onedownforevertogo.”

Pascal wrote “Happy Anniversary to the one I want to annoy for the rest of my day. One year down”

Grace has signed on to be a brand ambassador for crown paints and has shared with fans her home makeover to turn their home into a beautiful space.

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“I was speechless that day!” Pascal Tokodi narrates first time he met wife Grace Ekirapa

Actor-cum-musician Pascal Tokodi and Grace Ekirapa surprised many Kenyans when they announced out of the blue last year that they had tied the knot.

Many wondered whether it was all a publicity stunt as the two hadn’t let on that they were dating, keeping their affair under wraps.

But as time goes by one can see that the two were not pulling our legs and that they did indeed get married. This week, Grace has been celebrating her birthday and Pascal decided to share intimate details of how he had met the Crossover101 host.

In a post seen by Classic105, Mr. Tokodi revealed that their first encounter happened at a Java House and he was a bit shy to make the first move.

Grace is everything that I have been looking for – Pascal Tokodi gushes (Exclusive)

He added that he was also speechless, not knowing the best way to approach her (Grace) until she smiled at him. He went on to confess his love for Ms. Ekirapa, stating that he can’t wait to make her a mother.

“On a certain 4th, You walked in a certain Java, 😌, it was my first time seeing you in person and I remember staring at you as you looked for a place to sit. You should have seen how wide my smile was when you chose the seat next to me.😄.”


“You ordered Pancakes, pulled out your laptop and started working, I on the other hand sat there looking at you wondering how I was going to make the first move, for a guy who usually has a lot to say, I was speechless that day, you must have noticed cause you looked up and smiled at me, I smiled back and that was the beginning of everything for me.😌”

He finished off with his promise to make her a mum. “As you turn a year older, I want you to know that you are cared for and loved, You’ll make a wonderful mother and I can’t wait to make you one.😉 You are my person. This is Always and Forever , For People Like Us!!! Would you look at that. Enjoy your Day baby, I love you.❤️ @graceekirapa.”

Upon seeing the message, Grace wrote back saying that that the day is still fresh in her heart and she is grateful for the forever after.

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Grace is everything that I have been looking for – Pascal Tokodi gushes (Exclusive)

Pascal Tokodi confirmed some widely suspected news late last year when he revealed to Kenyans in a video that has since gone viral, that he and TV presenter Grace Ekirapa were an item.

She is the only one I wanted! Grace Ekirapa responds to Pascal Tokodi’s high praise

I recently called Pascal about the wonderful news and asked him whether the video was part of a celebrity stunt or there was something real between he and the Crossover101 host.

The actor and musician said that indeed he and Grace were together but was cagey on the intimate details. He said, “She is my lady, she is my one.”

And how long had the couple been dating? He said that he preferred to keep that a secret but was more forthright about what he found so special about Grace telling me,

“She’s everything that I have been looking for. I started loving the idea of her from a long time ago, even before I met her.”

And had he been praying to get a spouse? Yes was his simple answer with Pascal telling me that it had been a prayer item for him for a while.

Where they married or dating? “I won’t specify and put a name on it but just know that she is the one for me. I am content and I am happy. I am done with this stage, it’s the next chapter.”

Known for his good looks, I asked the singer whether he had decided to settle down after the assumption that a man like him is a player? “Have you ever heard my stories(scandals) online? I have never put a lady on my social media. This is the first time I have done it publicly,” he answered.

And would their different ethnic backgrounds affect them in the long-term? “I am Samburu and she is Teso, with some Indian blood. As I said, before, ‘She is the one!’ It’s that simple,” he re-iterated.

“My prayer is things will work out as God intended,” he concluded.

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Pascal Tokodi and Grace Ekirapa celebrate wedding anniversary in never-before-seen photo

Pascal Tokodi and his wife Grace Ekirapa know how to keep a secret. The two would have thrived spectacularly during the cold war era where couples made a name for themselves spying for their mother countries while risking life and limb were they to be caught.

I use that introduction to write about the shocker that most Kenyans had when the couple disclosed that they had gotten married.

That revelation occurred a few months ago. At the time I thought that it was a publicity stunt to promote Pascal’s new song but through the months the two have shown that they were indeed married.

But here’s the thing, Pascal and Ekirapa actually got married much earlier than we were led to believe. Yep, you read that right!

Pascal and Grace marked one year in marriage on Saturday, March 7. The couple had a party in their backyard and welcomed their friends and family to help them feast and make merry.

“Never!” Defiant Pascal Tokodi on whether he would change what he said to Uhuru (Exclusive)

The happy couple had a huge placard with their names written on it and covered it with heavenly balloons. Pascal and his wife Grace were every bit excited and thanked God for a year filled with happiness and peace.

Grace also marked the occasion with an Instagram post of her own. Her caption read, “4.3.21😍😍😍 ONE down, 99 more to go❤️❤️❤️ @pascaltokodi 🥂 to Forever.”

What fascinates me about this story is that Pascal and his wife were able to keep the fact that they were married away from the media spotlight many months after they exchanged vows.

Not only that, the couple were so secretive that most people didn’t even know that they were dating! Not even one photo of the two was seen of them together when they were courting.

That’s what you call keeping your business away from streets. Many up-and-coming celebs should take notes from this “spy” couple.

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“Never!” Defiant Pascal Tokodi on whether he would change what he said to Uhuru (Exclusive)

Pascal Tokodi was trending yesterday after a clip of him speaking to President Uhuru Kenyatta appeared on his Instagram page.

The 15-second clip went viral with the actor becoming the source of memes, conversation, and contention on Twitter.

One area Kenyans were split on was whether the thespian had done the right thing in promoting his show, “Selina” instead of speaking about issues affecting the whole country?

I called the man who is married to Crossover host Grace Ekirapa about his new-found fame or infamy-depending on who you ask.

Grace Ekirapa and Pascal Tokodi
Grace Ekirapa and Pascal Tokodi

“Everyone is entitled to their opinion,” he started off. “I said what I had to say in 10 seconds or less and I drove off,” he added.

Many were wondering how the President could be strolling on a public road in broad daylight like that? Other questions like, which road was the President walking on and whether he had any bodyguards present bothered some Kenyans, questions I put to him.

“Of course, he had bodyguards, they were few and gave him space.” And on what road had he met him? “Sikuambi! he retorted playfully adding, “He will get me there today evening. It will be a secret rendevous.”

Who was in the car with him at that moment? “A friend of mine called Philbert who is my designer.”

I told him some Kenyans had opined that his meeting with Uhuru had been stage-managed. Was there any truth to that?

“How? If someone asks me if it is stage-managed I will just say, ‘You know me and Mr. Uhuru meet up every single morning and we have breakfast, then we decide on things to do,'” he said facetiously.

And what did the entertainer think of meeting the President? “Oh! Yes. First of all meeting him, just seeing him walking then having a one on one conversation with him, that was something else, that’s a first. I am happy!”

Has his social media presence and profile grown since then? “Yes, It has. I just did it genuinely. It wasn’t like there was an end goal but seeing that it has promoted my show, I am happy!”

Would he change anything from the encounter? “Never!” was his emphatic response. “Ningeuliza yeye kama ana Oppo?” he said with jocularity.

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Pascal Tokodi comes clean on why he doesn’t speak about his religious beliefs(exclusive)

This week I spoke to Pascal Tokodi. The man spoke about his 2020 and reminisced on the best and most difficult moments in the crazy year that had passed.

He said that his highlight for the year was winning an award last year for best supporting actor at an international awards show.

“I have a couple but in terms of career, it was winning the Africa Magic best-supporting actor in Nigeria. Remember that it was right before, right before! My flight was the day before the airlines were closed due to Covid-19.”

And in his personal life, did he also have a high? Yes, he did. The actor told me being with his base Grace Ekirapa was his personal high.

Grace is everything that I have been looking for – Pascal Tokodi gushes (Exclusive)

And what about the lows. Obviously, Covid-19 has affected most Kenyans and Pascal was quick to point that out, telling me, “Every musician is been affected by the curfew. There is a huge percentage of earning for creatives that comes from nightlife.”

Adding that,

“It has disturbed a lot of stuff but at the same time, there is the issue of safety, like with the new strain of Corona. We are living in dangerous times. I hope that we can still make a living and still keep safe.”

I also asked the entertainer what his plans were for 2021? He said that he has made it a habit of keeping that close to his chest until he has achieved it.

“I will speak about it in 2022. I want to be able to proclaim that a target that I set in 2021 had been achieved. You first dig the shamba and plant the seeds. You never know how many of those seeds will germinate and fruit. So you have to take a wait and see approach.”

One area in his life that Pascal doesn’t touch on is his spiritual beliefs. I asked him whether he was a born-again Christian especially as he dating Ekirapa who has been quite open about her religious beliefs.

On that, he was also said it was a personal thing that he didn’t want to speak on. “About being born-again. I don’t speak about religion. Too many people’s opinions, let me stay with my own,” he said.

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I would marry Dr. King’ori – Azziad Nasenya tells Nyce Wanjeri

Unlike most Kenyans, 20-year old Azziad Nasenya will look back on 2020 with nostalgia and longing. The entertainer who came onto the scene as probably the first Kenyan Tik Tok star, is now one of the most well-known influencers in the country.

As such her personal life has become a source of interest for the many Kenyans who follow her eagerly and watch her lip-synching videos.

She was recently interviewed on Nyce Wanjeri’s YouTube vlog, where she revealed that she was dating an undisclosed guy.

The happy-go-lucky lady spoke about many topics including; getting cyberbullied after fame, her rate card, her fashion, and acting aspirations.

‘The world was so cruel to an innocent soul like me’ Azziad reveals struggle after fame

But the part of the interview though that carried the cake was when Nyce asked Azziad the big question about dating several hot local male celebrities.

The question that has become a theme in many humourous interviews goes as such, “Marry, Smash and Show Off”. And who were the celebs that were attached to the question? Pascal Tokodi, Nick Mutuma and Sauti Sol’s Savara.

Miss Nasenya was at first uneasy with the question making Nyce have to calm her down by telling her unknown boyfriend that the question was purely hypothetical.

Miss Nasenya said that she,  Pascal and Nick Mutuma were like brothers to her and it would not feel nice, thinking about them beyond that.

View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Azziad Nasenya 😍❤😘 (@azz_iad) on

So she instead put up her own question putting comedian YY, Dr. King’ori and Savara. Her answer then went like this, “I’d smash and pass YY, marry Dr. King’ ori and show off with Savara.”

Check out the video below;

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Pascal Tokodi gives very fascinating answer on how his 2020 has been (exclusive)

Pascal Tokodi is one of the most recognisable of actors in the Kenyan media fraternity. The man whose official names are Pascalino Lpesinoi Lenguro Tokodi, is a Kenyan musician, actor, comedian and song writer.

I recently spoke to the multi-talented celebrity who spoke about his experiences this year dealing with Covid-29. Pascal unlike most entertainers I have spoken to said that he had had a good 2020!

“The year has been good,” he said. And his reason for such a contrary statement?  “Despite Corona, I am still alive.” His answer aroused my curiosity as to how he viewed life. Was it because he was spiritual or just believed in positive thinking?

“Me, I believe in God. I have a very strong background through my family. I was an altar servant when I was a kid. My faith has really been important for me,” he finished off.

The handsome actor started out as a professional actor in 2012 when he featured in Citizen Tv’s popular Makutano Junction, just a few months after completing high school, taking the role of Thomas.

His rise and rise would continue as he then went on to appear in shows such as Groove Theory (Africa’s first TV Musical drama), Pray and Prey, Machachari and Wrath and Selina (2018).

Meet Pascal Tokodi’s Cool Parents! [Video]

His music debut was in 2016, with singles, “Sitaki” and “Mama”.  In 2018, he made his big break that would make a household name in Kenya when he appeared on Maisha Magic East’s riveting Swahili Telenovela dubbed Selina, where he played Nelson.


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